Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 24 No. 26 - Beloved Lord Maitreya - June 28, 1981


Feast of the Resurrection Flame
The Dilemma of the Soul in the Evolutionary Cosmos
A Message on the Dark Cycle and the Light Cycle in Capricorn from the Eternal Chain of Hierarchy


From out the heart of love, I come.

My love is a concern for your very soul, for the perfecting of your path, and for your awareness of those reaches of the mind of God that are just beyond your present awareness.

How can one sense what one knows not, when one knows it not?  How can one sense one’s need to push back the barriers of the mind or sheaths of consciousness outworn?  How can one know the way to go when one does not perceive the need to go any way?

Our Lord Gautama, and Sanat Kumara before him, and so on in the vast hierarchical chain—each in his own way has considered this dilemma of the soul that is in the evolutionary cosmos. The answer that has come forth is the eternal chain of hierarchy.

If you do not know that sensitivity that you ought to have but you do not—I can assure you, the one who is above you in the chain of hierarchy knows it!  Therefore, listen to that one. Follow that one. Acknowledge that one as teacher, even if it be but in a single field of human endeavor.

Those who think they know it all (and, oddly enough, there are many on this ship of fools called planet Earth)—they end up knowing nothing. For they know less and less, not perceiving that which they know not.

Thus, the obvious conclusion is that without the Guru, one recedes. There is no maintaining even of one’s present position. For what is “present position”?  There is none, since life is the law of self-transcendence, ever unfolding in the law of cycles. Therefore, you see, if you are expected to be something you are not now in a moment from now, because the law of cycles governs all—how will you move with that spiral if you cannot take the hem of another’s garment and follow or be swept up in the draft of that one’s attainment?  This is a predicament that is upon mankind. And they know it not!  For the very lesson I teach is already beyond their present awareness.

The Great Divine Director has addressed himself to this dilemma. And he has spoken of it to you in this hall. I come to give you an understanding of why the bodhisattvas have chosen to be bodhisattvas, tarrying with an evolution blinded and increasingly more blind by its own blindedness.

Blessed hearts, you can see the condition of a planet as we see it. You understand that, instead of moving forward, the products of the educational systems of this nation have less and less capacity to express the Word—as language skills, as mathematics, or as other subjects. Consequently, standards are lowered. The tests becomemore and more easy as educators (who ought not to have the name) are not willing to face the fact that they are failing in the transfer of the light of the heart, which is the only true illumination of any soul.

Without the flow of love/wisdom of Helios and Vesta through the teacher, the pupil will not mount a spiral—for the spiral is nonexistent. And if the teacher be not a part of the chain of hierarchy, then that teacher cannot attach his pupils to the chain to which he himself is not attached!  Therefore, the bodhisattvas—maintaining the flame of hierarchy in the many dimensions and planes of consciousness—have come, placing themselves very near to those whom they would push up the ladder of Life.

O you thought you were being pulled! Well, blessed hearts, we are beneath you, pushing you up—for the very simple reason that some do not even know the way that is up from the way that is down, simply because they have lost the inner compass of Life.

Some think heaven to be hell—and hell, heaven!  There are those who enjoy being in the astral realm and would be most uncomfortable in the etheric plane. Why, there are those who are not even comfortable to be seated next to one of you. Have you ever noted how they have moved themselves from your side in public places?  Blessed hearts, do not take it personally. It is their demons who cannot get along with your angels. Since the angels are most fearsome to the demons, it is they who move. But sometimes you also remove yourselves from those places where your soul would imbibe an unhealthy atmosphere. And so it is wise.

Well, then, Serapis has come to apprise you of a love that is pure and perfect—of a spiral that is now released, of a ruby ray that you will only come to understand on the battlefield of life. <1>

How can we explain and explain again?  We do our best. We send you out. We let world karma do the rest. And you come back all the wiser for your experiencing of the Path.

There is no substitute for experience. There is no substitute for the teacher who can interpret experience for you and therefore give you the eyes to see—seeing through the veils of maya, seeing through the illusion, the smoke screen of the fallen ones.

Some have said they never understood what is in the daily newspaper until they heard the word of Mother’s manifestos or the messengers’ releases for many years. Some have said they had never understood light and darkness or the conspiracy or the path of initiation. Thus, you see, the Word has a way of communicating itself to you despite the discrepancy between the teacher and the pupil.

This is a miracle on the face of it, when you come to think of it. It is a result of interpenetration of magnetic fields and electromagnetic currents. It is a meshing of teacher and pupil.

There are some who will never be convinced that the Shroud of Turin is the image of the Lord Christ!  These so-called scientists are filled with doubt. They are like water bags of doubt. When punctured, it would all come out and they would be no more. For their total identity is doubt, more doubt, and self-doubt!  And then they make their pronouncements of doubt as though they were the empirical method of science itself.

Well, beloved hearts, there are some who can never see beyond or feel beyond the physical person—whether of the messenger, whether of a loved one, whether of anything from a blade of grass to a star. How can you expect them to mesh with the Word or desire the Guru, who obviously is taking you into spirals passing through your own nonphysical matrix leading to universes of light that are still a part of your very own Being?  Thus, those who assemble to hear our Word are those not content with the physical grid of Life they use to navigate in the physical octave. They are probers of the mysteries of the octaves above and below and through the sound ray to the soundless sound.

The hierarchy of light, the Buddhas, bodhisattvas, and masters of the wisdom ray are pleased with the expanded capacity of the mind of Christ within the chelas of the Great White Brotherhood that has occurred in this fourteen-month cycle. We see that you are wiser for our teaching, wiser for your experiences in testing the teaching, challenging and then proving the Law—as the Law will prove itself to you, as the Law will never be offended if you challenge it and say, “Show me, Lord!  I believe. Help thou mine unbelief!  Show me the proof of thy Word.”

When you ask for proof, be not surprised how it come. Come it will. And if you are objective and free, nonprejudiced, you will have to go where proof leads you. But if you are narrow-minded and bigoted and close your eyes to blatant reality, fearing what will be required of you and your compromise of Life—then, blessed hearts, beware. For the karma of closing your eyes to the proof of Truth which stands before you is spiritual blindness followed by physical blindness in this or a succeeding incarnation.

Karma is instantaneous. Take care, then. Be honest in your interaction with the ascended masters and we will be honest with you. Above all, do not trifle with the Great Law. Do not play with fire—as your mothers have already taught you. The same rules apply. Yet we are in ongoing dimensions of Life.

Thus, I come as I concern myself with your awareness of the oncoming Dark Cycle which will begin April 23. <2> Entering the hierarchy of the initiations of Capricorn, planet Earth and her evolutions will receive the return of their misqualified energies misqualifying the light of the Person of the Father, of his Principle, his Power, his Omnipresence—indeed, the misuses of the All-Power of God.

Here in the Person of the Father, here in the Presence of Alpha who has come to grace the earth, <3> is the Presence of all-power in heaven and earth. It is that light of Alpha and Alpha’s current that has been misqualified. Inasmuch as it is absolute power, absolute God in manifestation as Brahma, you will be dealing with the perversion of the Absolute as the presence of absolute evil—personified in the anti-God manifestations of the Nephilim, their mechani- zation man, their Cain civilization, and all that has been built upon this planetary body in the successive spirals going back for millions of years.

It will be a year for serious consideration. It will be a year when your tie to the God Star Sirius will be of utmost importance. For the momentum of the God Star Sirius is the very balance of all misuses of the light of God the Father on planet Earth and in this system of worlds.

The misuses of power on this planet by the Nephilim are connected with their misuses of power on other planets and systems. Therefore, opening Pandora’s box of this cycle of karma leads to other boxes. And they are as interconnected as interconnecting computers of the fallen ones. They are as interconnected as the connectedness of all life in the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

I urge you to tarry at Camelot in the morning to assemble to decree for the sealing of the Inner Retreat and all that concerns it. This we desire to see completed before the mounting momentum of the next Dark Cycle takes hold.

You have already been warned of and experienced the lashback of the dragon’s tail under the hierarchy of Sagittarius. Do not underestimate it in these final hours before the turning of the cosmic clock!  There is, as well, the overlapping into the new cycle of the past cycle. Thus, there will be experienced (as there is now) the overlapping of the revenge of the fallen ones, moving with their momentum of the judgment of the children of the light—the mouthings of the Accuser of the Brethren, <4> their constant criticism, and the mode of their mind whereby whatever they look upon that is of the light they automatically condemn.

They are computerized to condemnation!  Thus, wherever the spring flowers peep through as the budding consciousness of the chela, at subconscious planetary levels there is the put-down of that burst of joy and freedom and light.

You will notice often when you express your joy midst people—ordinary people, neither good nor evil—that they will somehow disfigure that joy, discolor it, dampen it. And you go away feeling less joyous for having expressed your joy. Such is the carnal mind. Such is the mark of the presence on planet Earth of the Nephilim consciousness that affects many, though they be not of it.

Blessed hearts, the release of Alpha to you is stupendous. We must not underestimate the going forth of his light or the intense rejection of that light. Such light incites the very anger that produced originally the arrogance of the fallen ones who seized heaven by force in their perversion of the absolute power of the Almighty One.

You are Christed ones. And the office of Christ is the judgment of Antichrist. Let us put it there!  Let us stand there!  Let us seal it there!  Let the judgment descend! ere their judgment come as point/counterpoint.

The Dark Cycle is not the only cycle released!  There is always the Light Cycle in each year. The original momentum of attainment of all evolutions of this planetary body under the hierarchy of Capricorn, out of the Great Causal Body of the Great Divine Director, can be invoked by you daily as the antidote to the daily return of mankind’s karma. Use it!  There are millions of cosmic beings who have won, who have graduated from this system of worlds. All of their God/Good, all of their light, is accessible!

Therefore, the key in the arch is the call. Without the call, you enter into the spirals of the shrinking-man syndrome of which the Great Divine Director has spoken. If you do not expand hour by hour, you shrink. I wink as I say this!  And I trust that in the wink you will not be shorter than you were before.

Do you see, blessed hearts?  I counsel you on the upward way. We are mountain climbers all!  Our exercise in running is uphill. Then when we are on level ground, we are at ease and well trained.

It is the upward spiral. It does require striving. But there is rest and there is rhythm to Life.

You are not machines. You must discover the law of the seven and the seven steps to the precipitation of the flame of your own God-mastery. If you do not observe them, you will find that though you think you are striving you may have reached a plateau and are entering into levels of mediocrity that you know not. The full capacity of your God flame and your continuing in this segment of the spiral of the victory of earth depends upon your pacing of yourselves as runners in the race.

The law of the rest is the law of the relief—even in music. Take a lesson from the music of the spheres. Rest in absolute peace within the heart at regular intervals. Learn by the discipline of the mind to go within—swiftly!  Learn to hurl the strength of your mind to the eye of God, to the heart of your I AM Presence—to make instantaneous contact and to discover the rest-in-motion that is the mark of Mercurians and Maitreyans, which I trust you shall all be very soon.

The race is to the swift and the strong. And they have a science to their swiftness and their strength. Learn it!  Watch them!  “Watch me. I can fly!”

Blessed hearts, think how long the ascended masters have been going. They do not chart their course by a mere embodiment but by golden cycles—golden cycles of Life.

Let us take first things first. The hour approaches and the new day is at hand. Let us seal the Inner Retreat by our love! Let us seal this conference by not neglecting this most necessary and most sacred of the Brotherhood’s endeavor. Let us look alert—and with courage greet the oncoming cycles.

In past ages, it has been the return karma of mankind’s misuse of the light in some cycle of Capricorn or Cancer that has triggered cataclysm. Let us pray that this cataclysm be neither personal nor planetary but that your liberal use of the violet flame will provide oil in the gears of life and cushion the shock waves of the confrontation of absolute God-power and absolute evil.

You will see come out of this year—as you approach it with Serapis Bey’s dispensation—great miracles, great acceleration. And, after all, it is for the opening of the crown chakra under that hierarchy—and perfect love is the way to raise up perfect wisdom through the resurrection flame. And perfect love is the only way the sons of God have ever defeated the Nephilim and their councils of war.

I AM Maitreya in the heart of the I where the cross of the t is the formation of a Mother’s heart. I AM the ray of the Mother’s light manifesting within you. <5>

I AM forever with the Mother on the cross of life. I hold her in the embrace of love—as I hold you, my very own most beloved.

In the name of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, I seal this retreat into the heart of the resurrection flame.

I seal you in the heart of God!

I seal the mystical body of God in the heart of Alpha!

Lo, He is come. Lo, He is come!

And it is done. It is sealed. It is finished.



NOTE:  The above dictation by Lord Maitreya was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet during the Feast of the Resurrection Flame, April 19, 1981, at Camelot; cassette B8132.

1. See Serapis Bey, April 19, 1981, “Love That Has the Courage to Be—A Fourteen-Month Spiral of Our Heart:  A Path of Initiation Whereby Love Is Perfected in Love.”  Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, pp. 265-72; cassette B8132.

2. For a definition of the Dark Cycle, see Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, p. 42, n. 26.

3. See Alpha, April 17, 1981, “The Time Is Short.”  Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 24, pp. 221-24; cassette B8127.

4. Rev. 12:10.

5. Maitreya:  Ma—the universal sound intoning the Mother Flame; i—the I or Eye signifying the Identity of the Guru as the individualization of the Mother Flame; t—the sign of the cross signifying the path of initiation of each disciple of the Cosmic Christ; rey—the ray of the Mother’s light manifesting in you; a—as you are the seed of Alpha (the alpha particle).