Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 24 No. 23 - Beloved Chananda - June 7, 1981


Feast of the Resurrection Flame


India in Her Darkest Hour

A Dossier on the Problems of India Today
Mohandas Gandhi:  One Candle in the Dark


And so, my beloved, I have journeyed from India this night, bringing with me the breezes of the Himalayas, the silken waters of the Ganges.

Bearing the lotus of God’s will, I come representing the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood and representing hearts afire with God-determination to find and implement the God-solutions to the problems of India, which problems are about to affect all of Asia less they be resolved out of the heart of the Maha Chohan and the masters who guard the white-columned citadels of our subcontinent—stronghold of the Buddha and the Mother, here where we have chosen to come forth with the ancient wisdom—a land graced by avatars yet perpetually overrun with wars stemming from the petulance and perverseness of her children.

Whether from within or from without, strife has been prevalent in India on and off and on again, century upon century—save for those brief golden ages where certain sons of Light established eras of peace and the fruit of the culture of the Mother by devotion to the heart of one of her sons.

Now we live in an era when, from within and from without, corroborating forces of the fallen ones seek to make India an outpost of World Communism, as the march of the Soviets in Afghanistan goes unchecked by the world forces of freedom to the shame of all!  Because there is disunity and lingering animosities within Pakistan, there is the open door to the marching on and on to claim the holy land of the Far East.

Blessed ones, Communists, Marxists, Maoists in India are more united than the forces of Light who have not followed the ancient ones or their ancient words of wisdom or their most recent emissary in the person of Mohandas Gandhi. The disunity in those parties (which ought to be the defeat of Indira Gandhi and all of those forces of anti-God which she represents!) can scarcely muster enough light to maintain their own smug and separatist attitudes regarding what should or should not be done.

They have not the eye of the eagle to perceive the oncoming threat to wholeness, but rather stand on person or petty principle of pride rather than upon the unity that is always required for the victory!  Therefore, I carry in my hand this night a dossier containing an outline of the problems of India today.

There are hearts within India pure and desirous of the God-solution. But there is a momentum of bureaucracy, the burden of karma, weather conditions, political strife, upheaval, drought, blackmail, buying of votes, mishandling of commodities—until, if it were not for the brothers in white and the true saints and our ashram in New Delhi, you would have already seen the disintegration accelerating.

I come to tell you that if it accelerate beyond a certain point, it will be as the avalanche descending the Himalayas. It will not be turned back.

We are not desirous and it is not the will of God to see a dark cycle come upon this nation. Others have fallen. Soviet influence moves into Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand. We see that since the withdrawal of the United States from Vietnam, there is almost a carte blanche in Asia. Therefore, I appeal to the devotees of the West to assist us in transferring the flame of the practical application of the law of the Word to the immediate solutions to certain problems of India which cannot be delayed.

 I point to the fingers in the dike in New Delhi—our devotees who have taken their stand for victory and for Light. If ever there was a missionary calling to any of you who can perceive the threat to the entire balance of world power, it is in this hour!  And the mission is not to darkest Africa, but to darkest India. For it could be said that India is in her darkest hour in modern time.

Not even so dark was the hour in the coming of Gandhi. For I tell you, beloved hearts, he was the Light in the darkness and the instrument of our deliverance.

Therefore perceive:  There is no Gandhi on the scene in India this day. And I will tell you why!  Because they have not honored us in his person. He is an embarrassment to the leaders of today. Worshiped as a saint by the ignorant masses, his way is not the way of power politics. Though the name be the same in the present prime minister, never the twain shall meet. For it is Light and dark-ness in the absolute sense in these two individuals juxtaposed.

Realize, then, that because a nation has rejected our emissary, that nation must reap the karma of neglect. Therefore, beloved, cometh Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, visiting me personally as I have prayed to the Lord God Almighty for mercy on behalf of my people.

Blessed Kuan Yin has comforted me in my hour of crucifixion for my nation as the comfort of the Divine Mother. And she has said to me, representing the Karmic Board:  “My son Chananda, though it be the karma of India to be bowed down by her rejection of the saints and prophets and avatars and kings of Light of the past, may we not together in prayer summon the Lord’s mercy that there might be intercession between this people and the descending karma that is due upon their leaders—chiefly the Nephilim themselves <1>—though it is yet the burden of the people and their own karma for having allowed these leaders to remain, for having voted them in office and tolerated their infamy?”

Thus together we have prayed for the solution to the problem of India. Thus I stand before you.

As in every age when the great law of God itself withholds mercy— because the law is the law—then that mercy which is forthcoming must come from the heart of God as God himself has placed his heart within his servant-sons and daughters embodied upon earth. This is the hour when the masters look to their chelas and implore mercy on behalf of India.

Most blessed hearts of Light, three and five chelas may hold the finger in the dike in New Delhi and for all of India—but it is not enough. We require reinforcements. Reinforcements are necessary. The violet flame from the heart of Saint Germain flows freely when it is invoked by stalwart hearts. We see results when the dynamic decrees are given—and we see increasing chaos when they do not inject the power of the Godhead into the cause and core of the condition.

I salute the brave heart of Mohandas who has determined with me to solve the problems of India by embodying in the West, thereby reaching to the very heart of the Mother and the teachings of the violet flame—to come again and to give life and love again for those who will hear and those who will listen. It is the West who has acclaimed Gandhi as their own, while the leaders of the East scarcely note the key of love that he brought.

When you think about the effect of one life upon millions— one candle in the dark—you ought to realize the choice you make when you choose to withhold the fullness of your flame on behalf of the cause of the Great White Brotherhood. I speak not words of intimidation—I speak truth! Let any man deny it and he will deny the truth of his own immortal being!

We have lived in ages past and we have conquered by God’s grace and by the love of the Divine Mother. This is the hour of the walk of those incarnated souls of Light who have indeed seen the burdens of the final decades of this century and who have said, “We will not remain in the etheric octaves.”  And, one and all, those of us who must stand as coaches in the wings have said, “Go to, beloved!  Go to! We will be with you all the way!”

I have overheard, as you may have overheard, the messenger say that the mighty miracle of God that speaks through her and teaches and preaches the Word is all God’s and only God’s. And the only effort, according to her, is that she should be so fortunate as to be at the right place in the right time for God’s work to appear. Would that you all might understand this truth.

When you follow the intimations of the heart, when you follow the inner calling without human questioning and fear and doubt dissipating the spiral of cosmic purpose—when you put all that aside and walk with the Galilean Master upon the sea of life, then you are found where the ray of the sun converges in your heart. And you speak the truth and millions hear!  The line is held!  They shall not pass! And love defeats hate and prejudice and division and religious strife unto the death.

A religious fanatic assassinated Mohandas Gandhi!  Let it go down in the annals of the Brotherhood that more of our sons have passed from the screen of life for the cause of blasted religion—which is no religion at all when it can justify the killing of innocent hearts. More than any other cause, it has been the fallen ones and their denial of the God-man by their spiritual pride and their hatred that is an unmitigated hatred for the Light in ye all.

Do not underestimate it, you who have come so recently from beyond the veil!  Recognize that one and all—sometime, somewhere—you have fallen in battle by the arrow of hatred. Recognize that this hatred is never understood by the sons of God, but it must be known by them even as you are admonished to know the enemy. When you know the Self and you do not know the enemy, you do not understand the anti-Self and therefore you are vulnerable.

This is the condition of the vast majority of the people of India today!  They do not know the self as the Great God Self. Though they call him Brahma or Vishnu or Shiva or Krishna or Allah or Christ or Buddha, they have not understood!  They have not identified the interior God who dwells in the interior castle.

The only castle that is fortified as a fortress of Light is the castle in whom dwells the knight who knows his God dwelleth with him. Only that knight can defend that castle in the king’s name who knows that God is—God is the inner being who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent!  Therefore we long for the true Light-bearers of India to come into direct contact with our teaching released through our messengers—with the Chart of the Divine Self, with the decrees of the violet flame, with all of theteachings which El Morya and Lanello and Saint Germain have given to Mother for her stumping and the stumping of her chelas.

Some have come to our ashram. Some have been drawn by the playing and playing again of the videotapes of the dictations of the archangels <2> and lectures and others. Some have been transformed immediately. And lo, the smoking lamp of Abraham <3> is manifest in the rising incense of the violet-flame mantras that they have begun to repeat—all in their own Indian accents that would warm your hearts, precious ones, as they warm my own.

Now we make fervent call to Maximus for the multiplication of the flame of Kuan Yin—for the multiplication of devotees!  If there is one or three or ten, can there not be one hundred, a thousand, and ten thousand?  It is the principle of the squaring of the circle. It is the principle that the Life that beats your heart begets more Life.

Blessed ones of our band, I take my finger and I draw a line of fire around the border of India. It is a fohatic line. I draw it for the alchemy of the sealing! of our nation under God.

As I perform this ritual of the sacred fire, elementals and angel devas and hosts of the archangels assist in establishing the white-fire line for the holding of the borders of India against the astral hordes, the demons, and the fallen ones who would—surely if they could—destroy every shrine, every holy place, every opportunity for every newborn Light-bearer to reach the fulfillment of the divine plan. We will not have it so!  We will not allow it, if our Word has any say in the physical octave and if chelas of the West can understand this predicament.

We of the Indian Council have said to beloved El Morya and the august body of the Darjeeling Council that if the military forces of the United States could not keep Communism out of Southeast Asia, out of Vietnam, out of the mainland China, then can we look to these forces to defend India when her prime minister has gone against the United States and openly courted Brezhnev and the Soviet regime, only using the United States when it suits her ulterior motives?  In any case, could we expect performance from America when there has been none that should have been forthcoming to stand with El Morya on the line where Light meets darkness and swallows it up?

I tell you, the Great White Brotherhood is not in retreat!  We are not about to accept defeat, nation by nation! We have not even asked for armies and tanks and planes and nuclear weapons!  We merely ask for a few devotees who will hold the line of Light in truth and honor and give the invocations and be at the strategic point in time and space—in New Delhi, in Rome, in London and a belt around the earth that Saint Germain will reveal to you as Orion’s belt that he has desired to gird the earth with a circle of victory!

India was won through nonviolence. We shun violence and exude the peace of the Buddha which is the all-power of God. But we would have our chelas understand that when you depend uponpeace of the Buddha as the ultimate power, then it would be well for you to study assiduously the terms of that peace. For you must make peace with your God if you expect your God to provide that power in the hour when peace is challenged by absolute war.

The sword of the Spirit is thy sufficiency—if thou wilt wield it as Excalibur, as a holy science, as a religion pure and undefiled, as the affirmation of God and the erasing of the self that God might be the All-in-all.

I know whereof I speak. I remember in a previous incarnation as the battle raged all around me and I stood holding the balance in the midst of thousands and ten thousand. Blessed hearts, I stood in their midst holding the focus of the sacred fire. And do you know—they saw me not!  I was not visible in the physical spectrum, though I was in physical embodiment. And thereby I became, by my unswerving allegiance to the Light which I owe to the Almighty and to him alone—I was that pillar!  I was that fire!  And thus they could not continue the battle. And they retreated on both sides, leaving me standing alone in the midst of the plain of the battle itself.

By these acts is the ascension won!  Jesus Christ dared stand in the synagogue, knowing they would put him out and out of the city and even attempt to hurl him over the cliff—because he knew the science of sacred fire whereby he disappeared from their midst in the tube of light and in the fiery cloud. <4>  This is a necessity if you would do battle as nonviolent resisters of all that is anti-Light.

To this end Saint Germain has given to you the teaching on The Creation of the Cloud.   <5>  It is a teaching that has been all too neglected—to the hurt of the individual chela and sometimes, alas, to the organization itself. It was given many a year ago because its use is an absolute necessity in your life.

Therefore Saint Germain came at the fall conference to this altar and dictated through the messenger his commentary on his own work in alchemy— Studies number two. <6>  He gave a meditation and released the light in the very spoken Word of his own causal body and momentum on the creation of the cloud, which you may tap each time you play this recording of the teaching and the meditation and the powerful release, sealing entire areas of the globe or a forcefield as small as the room where one beloved lies sick and dying.

The creation of the cloud is like the magician’s trick—ever available up the sleeve of the chela, ready to be drawn forth when all the world arrays itself against the truth for which you stand. Every noble knight exercises his sword and spends weeks preparing for the lists, hoping to be the champion of Light over darkness, hoping to be chosen by the king or the queen to go forth and to deliver a town or a family from some marauders or intruders or an act of injustice.

Wherefore the courage of Arthur. How did he defeat, as legend goes, twelve kings—Nephilim kings—establishing their citadels against the twelve solar hierarchies throughout the British Isles?  All twelve of them and their armies had to be defeated before he could even take up his throne, seating himself in the center of the cosmic clock, there to hold the balance for Britain and to plant the fleur-de-lis that would expand to include the entire British Empire. Yes!  Out of the heart of El Morya I will say it, though he desires not the praise.

And out of the heart of his chela Launcelot there came hearts afire for the expansion of a new world order. And we will not gainsay the Light of the continuing Mother that passed through Camelot from the heart of Mary to the heart of Elizabeth unto the great victory of the ages. We will not gainsay our best servants who have not been content to lay down their life once but have returned again and again.

Thus it is my hope, by giving to you the mural of a painting that spans the ages of our lives together, that you might realize—to well choose, to well defend Life and Light on the battlefield where that Life and Light meets its greatest challenge can be for you and for an evolution the greatest victory and the victory of greatest necessity.

I represent not only India, for my heart is with Light-bearers of every nation. But India is my assignment—and you have yours! And, first and foremost, the light of America must be resurrected. First things first!  Yes, first and foremost, the light of America must be resurrected. Thus, we have convened our retreat into the resurrection flame here at Camelot.

But if perchance you, in commemoration of the path of the wise men who came out of the East to attend His birth, might determine to be the wise ones of the twentieth century, to make the journey to India where Christ might be born because you come—then I should be eternally grateful.

I place my heart upon the altar of God and upon the altar of the Mother here. And I know, in the faith that hath made me whole, that neither God nor Mother will withhold from me the comfort for my people and all people who wait for their deliverers.

I bow before the Light within you which God has ennobled. I kiss you with my heart’s love that you might have a touch of India and Chananda’s retreat this night.

Farewell, my brethren and my sisters. May we meet again in New Delhi.


NOTE: The above dictation by Chananda was delivered to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet during the Feast of the Resurrection Flame, April 18, 1981, at Camelot.

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