Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 23 No. 32 - Beloved Saint Germain - August 10, 1980


On the Occasion of the Feast of the Holy Trinity


Ho!  let the Light flow. Ho!  let the Light manifest here below in the hearts of my own. For I come to address you on this day wherein there is celebrated the universal mystery of the Trinity. <1>

This indwelling Light is the purpose of our coming, for the indwelling Light does not expand as it should expand for want of the understanding of true Life. For true Life cometh of the Father and is in the Son and is expanded by that Holy Spirit.

Meditate upon these three and ponder the universal destiny which we bear. We bear it as a chalice, as a sword, and as a banner. We bear it as the mighty torch of the Woman of the age.

Lo, I AM come. I AM come into your midst with the coming of the messenger who goes before my face <2>east and west into the nations, bearing my Purple Fiery Heart for the staying action of the Almighty in the very moments when it would appear that cataclysm is prepared to precipitate and to be catapulted out of the astral into the physical plane.

There is more than one form of cataclysm, as you have seen. And so often it is that in the physical absence of the messenger those dimensions of the human consciousness that are kept at bay do come forth, and that by our will. For it is the desire of the Great White Brotherhood to show the people of America and the Keepers of the Flame what is lurking at the very threshold of consciousness and beneath the surface of the earth that must be transmuted, must be challenged, and must be faced.

Therefore elemental life, by the order of the Lords of Karma, bringing to the surface then the turbulence in the heart of the earth, makes plain to all those who read the handwriting in the rock itself that this planetary body contains a residue of karma of molten lava and ash spewing forth that must be there and must precipitate for redemption. <3>

Those who are no longer so superstitious as to take from nature the judgments of the Almighty do err. For this indeed is not superstition but the communication of the Lord’s hosts through nature itself when all other communications fail because their ears are waxed dull and their hearts are hardened unto the very presence of the Lord.

Thus the beings of the elements react in the fury and the fire from on high. And there comes out of the earth the message and the warning that is already come to Keepers of the Flame that unless sufficient quantity of violet flame be invoked, elemental life will no longer bear the burden of the cross of planetary karma and there will be in this decade significant changes in the very surface of the earth.

I had supposed that a greater response would be forthcoming from all of you to this message of Virgo and Pelleur in the Pearls of Wisdom. <4>  But it did not evoke immediately that sufficiency of light to stay the hand of this catastrophe but rather allowed it to manifest for all the world to see that coming upon them are those days which indeed ought to be feared by those who have not the fear of the Lord.

Now with the sounding of the rumblings in the earth <5>as added warning as the adjustments continue, Keepers of the Flame are quickened and vitalized to the realization that indeed it is the requirement of the hour to increase the gift upon the altar of the violet flame.

I AM Saint Germain. I have stood with you and many saints of the Church in many previous ages as we have given our life to lesser causes and hours of penance and all forms of self-inflicted punishment as atonement for sin when in fact the God-reality of the Holy Spirit descending is the necessity for the atonement on a planetary scale.

Therefore we bid you welcome to the path of sainthood and call upon you to realize that if in your heart you contain that love for a budding humanity almost ready to reach and pluck the bud of Christhood from the Tree of Life, <6>you will realize that much hangs in the balance and the thread of Life is indeed a thread and the daily holding of the balance becomes the paramount responsibility of the messenger and chelas throughout the earth.

With vigilance and with the giving of self there is forthcoming the dispensation of the Lords of Karma for a staying action of the Lord, as it was so stated. And these dispensations that have come forth and those which are at hand are all predicated upon the dedication and sincerity of those who understand once and for all that my Keepers of the Flame—minutemen and women and knights and ladies of the flame—are those upon whom all elemental life and the Great White Brotherhood depend for the infusion of the earth, hour by hour and moment by moment, of the sacred fire that does consume the momentums of death and dissidence and the abomination of desolation <7>—namely of the abortion of Life in the womb and the abortion of the cycles of Life everywhere appearing. Thus, my beloved, these calls becoming the perpetual prayer of the heart are the very lifeblood whereby the present system is sustained.

These pilgrimages of our bands and of youth itself <8>constitute a demonstration to Lords of Life and the Lords of Karma that there are in the earth hearts mighty indeed, hearts magnanimous and expanding that can hold the light, that will hold the light. Extraordinary cosmic beings behold this cosmic purpose and this dedication and this purity and therefore offer by the testimony of a single disciple, no matter how young in years, the immense light of their causal bodies. They come in search of those who are the holders of truth. Finding then in you these holders of the light, they add to that light.

Once and for all, then, let Keepers of the Flame know—as I stand before you the Knight Commander and the Father of the Church and the one in whom is entrusted the balance of this two-thousand-year cycle—know, I tell you, that every word of every child of my heart, every dynamic decree is of ultimate import in these most trying hours!

I assure you that to send our messenger to India and to the British Isles and across the earth in this very period of cycles turning is not without the greatest urgency. Lord Chananda and El Morya are gratified in the service of those who remain in India. But all of that nation cry out for the reinforcement of devotees to keep that flame. And therefore we call again for volunteers to go forth and hold that counterpoint of light balancing the light going forth from the chakras of America.

Indeed the necessity for the establishment of points of light in London and New York has been a most key action of this pilgrimage. As the children of the light have renewed the tie to ancient forcefields of Saint Patrick and Sanat Kumara, so there is a connection in the earth of ancient streams deeply imbedded in the very bedrock of the etheric body.

The connection, the reestablishment of ancient ties, is a strengthening to the world body of believers. Even as the fallen ones tie together the islands of darkness through the universal beat of rock music and through the waves being used to perpetuate and to communicate the culture of the fallen ones, so it is the determination of the Great White Brotherhood to tie again together that blessed arm of the cross of white fire—the very servants of God in the earth.

There is a magnet in the mountain of Croagh Patrick. You must understand that that very mountain—to walk upon it, to ascend it—is life-giving. And those who walk it have that tie to the blessed saint and to that light that now penetrates the earth. How blessed are the feet who have received the imprint of that magnet!

Understand that the mountains of God in the earth—key mountains, holy mountains, shrines and focuses of the retreats of our Brotherhood—are the places were the pilgrims go, there to renew and reestablish the inner balance of the body temple with Elohim, there to enter into cosmic cycles. Thus the very air itself, the sun, and the fire in the heart of the mountain contributes to the purging.

And thus that mountain known as a mountain of penance becomes in our understanding the mount of transmutation that leads to individual transfiguration. And what is the transfiguration but the acceleration of transmutation until there is an alignment of the magnet of Alpha and Omega within every living cell of your temple and you become on fire for the Lord and truly an electrode through which currents of Elohim descend—especially while the body temples are at rest at night when there can be the acceleration of the light anchoring through your forms because there is the stillness of the outer mind and the peace of inner communion with holy angels, who themselves place the angles of their consciousness within the very context of your lower vehicles so as to increase your potential for the anchoring of the light. This is why the placing of the body temple to rest undisturbed at the regular hours prescribed is a part of the ritual of your service and must be regarded as a portion of your holy office that is most important to us.

So then, beloved ones, where the body of the Lord is, there are the eagles gathered together <9>and there is the gathering of the eagles, as the ascended masters, from continent to continent as the body of the messenger and chelas form a ring of fire, a hallowed circle of oneness. And this has been our mission—to establish within the cities where they have traveled certain focal points on the etheric plane that might be used and activated specifically for the staying of that cataclysm which is imminent though not necessary if there be the rallying of the children of the sun.

Thus these electrodes established in these points from New Delhi to London, Dublin, New York, in Chicago, Los Angeles, in the very center of the Pacific in Honolulu—all of these points of light for an action to circle the earth and to establish the continuation and the continuity of light that travels now, travels on inner planes as the ascended master consciousness ringing the earth from point to point, from electrode to electrode in other various forcefields already established by the messengers. And therefore the antahkarana is activated, is accelerated, and all who have been a part of these pilgrimages become at inner levels yet the electrodes for the sustaining of that momentum of purity.

We come then to explain how necessary is the call, how necessary is the physical action and the physical pilgrimage itself. And we come to say, God-victory unto those who have accomplished this victory and gone forth!  Now let us see then what remains to be accomplished, for in the very absence there come to the surface conditions which must be faced.

Beloved ones, there is a mounting strife, a sense of injustice and yet prejudice betwixt the races in the United States and throughout the world. That sense of injustice and the frustration of nonfulfillment, nonunderstanding erupting in Miami (the very base chakra of the United States) should signify to all that the civil rights movement and all that has gone before has not solved the problem of this very question of the relationship of the races and of opportunity in society. <10>

Beloved hearts, you add to this that which could become a spark to ignite across America—the attempted assassination of Vernon Jordan <11>—and you realize why there is concern among leaders of the community in all races. And there indeed must be concern!—I am concerned, Portia is concerned, the Lords of Karma are concerned that this division in the body of America be the very wedge whereby the fallen ones overcome this civilization.

Hate and hate creation used against the children of the light, dividing and conquering the people along the lines of color instead of in the lines of Armageddon, bears no good omen for the light and the future of that light in America. Yet this is known, this is understood. And the present leaders are not adequate to the task because they identify with the flesh-and-blood consciousness instead of with the living Word. Therefore little progress has been made.

I come to you, then, with the urgent call of Portia. Portia herself, who is no longer content to stay on the sidelines until fall quarter Summit University, comes even in this hour joining Pallas Athena to multiply the light of Truth by the living action of Freedom.

It is Portia, then, who in my name convokes a conference of sons and daughters of Afra who are Keepers of the Flame from throughout the world to convene here at Camelot and to join the children of the light as we consider at this Fourth of July conference how those who are in America today can go forth with the Word, the liberating Word, into the large cities to bring that bread of life <12>to those who are in the ghettos yet who have the light and who ought to rise up in defense of the integrity and the unity of the I AM Race as it is universally established.

Beloved ones, there is only one activity that can resolve the crisis of division of the races in America and throughout the earth, and it is the violet flame. It is the action of the sacred fire. It is the teachings of the ascended masters.

There is no religious body who has succeeded in binding up this schism. There are no individuals this day who are offering adequate solutions. And therefore the fallen ones have a field day as they pursue their divide-and-conquer tactics and recognize this particular situation as a means to bring about riot, destruction—destruction of the very opportunity that ought to be accorded to the blessed sons and daughters of Afra in this very decade.

Therefore we seek the integration of the cosmic cross of white fire!  We seek action!  And we demand that Keepers of the Flame place their attention upon the preaching of the Word by those who are a part of this very people.

Let the Word be preached and let these messengers of the deliverance of the children of Afra go forth. Let it be heard. And let the teachers be raised up under the World Teachers who can communicate the true understanding. For I tell you that unless members of the black community itself will give the calls to the violet flame, unless there be established study groups that can apply the teaching to the particular problems which they face, there will come upon America increased tension and outburst because of the futility of life that is lived in many quarters—quarters that you have not seen or experienced and therefore cannot understand, my beloved.

Realize then that this nation is raised up, it is raised up to be the proving ground and the crossroads of life where the cosmic cross of white fire symbolizes the coming together of all peoples and nations, kindreds, tongues, races, and lifewaves of evolution.

In this very nation, by the raising up of the Universal Christ and the I AM Presence, the open door of salvation is given unto all. And the covenant of Sanat Kumara is that those who believe on the one sent, <13>those who believe on the ascended masters and their Word through our messenger and through our disciples, become those unto whom the quickening of the threefold flame can indeed come. And no one is excepted.

It is the hour of the call of Camelot!—and this call is to worship the Holy Trinity in the heart, to understand that spark of Life as the universal principle of harmony, of transmutation, and of exaltation of Almighty God. The call of Camelot is to come Home, to come into the presence of the Lord, to prepare that temple for the Incarnation.

This call is unto all people. And I tell you, beloved ones, there are places upon the surface of the earth, large bodies of land and areas of population in the millions, where not a single invocation is yet being offered unto the sacred fire and unto the violet flame. It is most difficult for elemental life to sustain the balance in these forcefields.

For example, the islands of Japan. Being without the necessary momentum of the violet flame, the people themselves tremble and fear in the predictions of their own scientists that there will be major cataclysm in these islands. They fear what is coming upon them by the very absence of devotion to Kuan Yin which, had it been given and established even two thousand years ago when her appearance was made manifest to two fishermen—even then had she been accepted as the Mother of mercy, there might have come forth a greater manifestation of that violet flame.

Indeed, I tell you, these islands are in jeopardy. Yet all is not lost. By the fire of two—two disciples of the Lord Christ going forth into the key cities of the earth—this ring of fire, this antahkarana can be increased.

I appeal then to all who savor the very Life of the Holy Spirit, who treasure each morsel of our Word, who treasure Life in the earth to realize that these are indeed perilous hours in the four quadrants of Life—perilous for the flame of freedom, for the future of America, and for the very cycles of Life and the balance of Life through the elemental kingdom. Thus the physical eruption of Mount St. Helens and the emotional eruption in Miami signify that all is not well in the earth.

The question is:  Can the sacred fire be so injected, can the enlightenment and the comfort of the Holy Spirit be so spread abroad by dedicated hearts that, indeed, further cataclysm at all levels of manifestation can be stayed?

This is yet a question. The dispensations hang in the balance. To pull them down is the work of the ages—pulling down the dispensations, the covenants, and the promises of the Lord. To pull these down you require a knowledge of the Word as that Word is become the law of the Lord.

So your manifestation of the Light has been indeed noteworthy. We come with praise. We come in thanksgiving. We come to approve and to say, that which has already been done has manifested a staying action in this very state against far greater cataclysm that could have occurred. Thus we are grateful for the levels sustained and we come with a mighty encouragement of our bands of light who themselves are encouraged because of the stature of Keepers of the Flame in the earth.

As we see what has been accomplished, we look again to greater accomplishments. We encourage students of the light to consider the career of being sons and daughters of God—the career that places in perspective education and the profession of life in context with that which is the greatest requirement of the hour.

When you search to know the divine plan, beloved ones, know that in your causal body is a great moment of truth, a moment that is a sphere of consciousness, attainment already won that can be drawn down as a gift from the Son, a gift from the Father, a gift through the Christed One within you. Placing this gift of attainment upon the altar of humanity, you can fulfill your life’s calling. You can fulfill your education, your family, and a service incomparable and indispensable to me.

I AM Saint Germain. I speak to every one of you. And across the nations let my call go forth.

I have need of career sons and daughters of God who understand themselves as instruments of the law of Love, who will realize that we would place you here and there holding the finger in the dike until there can be the multiplication of cosmic forces and that in each and every case your volunteering to be our instruments will result in the fulfillment of your own joy and God-happiness and divine plan unto the victory of the ascension.

And therefore not in deprivation of the fullness of joy but in its crystallization is the divine talent made known and does that talent appear as the very work of the ages which your soul has forged and won for Sanat Kumara.

By the distribution of forces, by the very examination of the best use of time and space and talent, we see as we have studied the chelas of the light that there are enough who are talented and devoted to fill those key positions. And all working together for the glory of God can truly hold the balance against impending Dark Cycle spirals that hour by hour, day by day must be arrested and transmuted and rolled back.

I know that in the fullness of the light of Portia a new understanding of opportunity and justice, justice in the service of the Light, will come upon you. Equally well do I know of your devotion and your desire to be God-taught and to understand your role in this mighty work of the ages.

I know that I can count on you, you who have spoken to me in the midnight hours of your desire to hold the torch of the Goddess of Liberty.

Thus I appear at Camelot to welcome home the pilgrims and the messengers and to give a joyous acclamation of gratitude as I clap my hands for the faithful ones who keep that flame blazing in the heart of Los Angeles and in all of our teaching centers.

So, beloved ones, there is great good accomplished. And we come to set a new pace accelerated by the violet flame. Thus a half hour to the violet flame in invocation three times a day will result in—you know what?  A holding of the balance for the earth and your own balance of personal karma.

Some of you have come to me for many years in wonder and consternation that you make not further progress on the Path. And somehow you have overlooked the universal solvent of the violet flame.

You have found, then, the alchemist’s dream in this violet fire. Use it. Use it as the Elohim themselves scheme to bring forth the perfect man and the Manchild. <14>  Use the violet flame to go beyond yourself, to exceed yourself. It is the law of self-transcendence. See what it can do.

Beloved hearts, never, never do we desire to hear it spoken in this community, “It might have been.”  What might have been is that which is past and cannot be recalled. Therefore let us dwell on what is. And let us visualize the violet flame at the nexus of the hourglass. And therefore it transmutes time and Father Time and the cycles of time running out. It transmutes space. And at that point of the nexus, the Lamb and the Lamb’s wife, <15>every chela of Sanat Kumara, realize the precipitation of infinity.

Thus there is expansion of opportunity which means expansion of cycles which means transcending of time and space so that you are no longer bound by laws of mortality or limitation and therefore can, in the given life-span, accomplish all that you desire, all that the law requires. And this expansion of your days, this increasing of your days with joy has to do with the capacity of atoms, cells, and electrons and chakras and forcefields in your being that you know not of—the increase of the capacity to hold light.

It is ever our desire that you should come into a scientific understanding of how to increase that capacity. Let us begin with a visualization of the violet flame at the nexus. For Morya has said, “Time is not. Space is no more.”  Thus in this sense of infinity, you have indeed eternal Life here and now.

Keepers of the Flame and blessed ones of my heart, seize this flame of eternal Life!  In joy let it be manifest in all the worlds, in all the systems, and unto the sun of even pressure.

Let this evolution of lightbearers be eternal Life here and now. And let there be the staying action of the Lord God Almighty—as I have said it through the messenger—in these electrodes over the cities of the earth. Let there be the staying action of the Lord God Almighty unto the coming of my Portia beloved, unto the coming of my beloved disciples. Let there be that staying action!

Beloved ones, the Lord God Almighty has granted my prayer in this hour and that staying action is come predicated upon the faith, the hope, the mutuality of charity of the ascended and unascended saints of our Brotherhood.

Beloved ones, let that staying action and that staying hand of the Lord God be for thee opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. How I love thee, blessed Opportunity of my life! <16>

In the love of my heart, I seal you. In the love of our twin flames, we seal you. In the love of the Almighty, of freedom itself we seal you and encourage you to new summits of attainment.

O light, O light from the summits of the world, O light from the summit of Being—I call thee forth!  Now plummet into the very heart of the earth and let there be a mighty oscillation of the white fire core and of the mighty I AM Presence and of the magnets of the mountains.

So the earth itself from the within to the without receives the balancing action of our twin flames for the holding of the earth by the light of the four cosmic forces and the beings of the elements.

I AM Saint Germain. I stand in the heart of the earth. I stand in the heart of Los Angeles. I multiply my Electronic Presence in the cities of the nations.

Lo!  I AM here. Lo!  I AM come. Lo!  by my right hand—ho! the light of the violet flame is, ho! the light of the violet flame is that flame of freedom in every heart of light. Lo!  there is a washing and the bathing of the earth. There is a multiplication of that violet flame and of that Holy Spirit.

So this is the light of Pentecost. This is the light of the Holy Spirit. And it shall show forth its glory, its manifest perfection, and its multiplication of my Word in you.

This is the new day. This is the new day of days when I shall walk the earth arm in arm with my Lady Portia as she has not manifested herself heretofore.

Will you look for us as we come representing Lord Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, as we step down intensely the fires of freedom?  Will you then welcome us into your hearts, my beloved?  [Audience answers “Yes!”]


The above dictation by Saint Germain was dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Camelot, Malibu Canyon, California, on June 1, 1980 (1:53-2:30 p.m. PDT).

1. The Feast of the Holy Trinity (first Sunday after Pentectost).

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3. Mount St. Helens (Cascade Range, Washington) erupted Mary 18, 1980, killing over 20 people, with at least 71 reported missing and presumed dead. The massive explosion generated approximately 500 times the force of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, destroying 150 square miles of timber worth $200 million, damaging $222 million in crops, and burying 5,900 miles of roads. The extensive long-range effects of the volcanic blast, mud, silt and ash on the river systems, wildlife and ecological balance of the entire Pacific Northwest cnanot yet be calculated. Molten rock moving inside the mountain resulted in earthquakes and further eruptions May 25, June 12, July 22, and August 7.

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10. Multiple social pressures erupted into the “Miami race riot” May 17 through 19, 1980, in which at least 14 people were beaten or shot to death. Financial toll estimated at $200 million. The rampage began after the acquittal by an all-white jury of four white police officers accused of bludgeoning to death Arthur McDuffle, a black salesman who had sped through red lights on a motorcycle.

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