Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 23 No. 19 - Beloved Archangel Zadkiel - May 11, 1980


Feast of the Resurrection Flame
with the Lord Jesus Christ
A Dispensation for the Eighties to Alter the Course
of Human History by the Flame of Freedom

The Electronic Presence of the Heart of the Violet Planet
Centered in the Earth—the God-Government of the Galaxies
Transmitted from Sirius through the Sons and Daughters of God


O light, I AM come!  and I stand on the side of the west. I AM here and Amethyst with me, and legions of violet flame have determined this day to raise the level of the violet flame upon the planetary body.

This, my beloved, is accomplished by the action of Omri-Tas who has this very hour centered in the earth the electronic forcefield, the Electronic Presence, of the very heart of the violet planet itself, which now does become a magnet and a blueprint of the sun to magnify and to intensify the action of the violet flame called forth by the Lord of the World to implement the ten-year plan <1>and to stay the hand of world cataclysm.

By the very light invoked by the children of the light and that which they shall invoke, the dispensation has come forth from the Cosmic Council. For they have actually computed what you would invoke, based on your past performance, and therefore multiplied past, present, and future invocations of the violet flame to deliver a dispensation of the eighties that will surely, surely as I live, alter the course of human history by the flame of freedom!

I AM Zadkiel of the light, priest of the sacred fire and of the Order of Melchizedek. I AM the sponsor of priests and priestesses of the seventh ray. I initiate the cycles of life, of freedom, and I come to accelerate that violet flame in the very presence of world tyranny and the tyrants themselves—into the very teeth I come with that blazing violet flame that does transmute death and the momentums of death which the fallen ones would put upon this planetary body.

My beloved hearts, this is the seventh age. It is the age of the coming of the soul, the soul of light, the spirit of Maitreya, and the flame of Mother—these three invincible, lo, I AM!  And these are the three dots of Morya. And by that flame and by that light, so are worlds conquered!

We, the seven archangels, lead the hosts of heaven with Archangel Michael, with Saint Germain, with the Lord Christ. By the mighty bubbling fountain of the violet flame, there is amplified every other flame of the spectrum of God. And the resurrection flame itself pulses higher this day by the gift of the God of Freedom to the Earth.

How we bless his name!  How we salute his name!  How we honor his sacred Word!  Why, in the very presence of Saint Germain, I say, stand upon your feet and give reverence to life!  For the very life which beats your heart passes through the Purple Fiery Heart of Saint Germain, and therefore every crystal cord is tinged with mercy’s light.

I AM Zadkiel. I raise my hands and with a thrust and with a roll, with a ho!  ho!  ho!  I roll back the darkness across this land and I expose the Virgin wilderness, the promised land, the holy innocents, and the original divine blueprint of Saint Germain!

I AM rolling back the overlay of two centuries of development of this nation, its industrialization and the manipulation of life. I roll it into the violet flame!  And by the confirmation of the word of Keepers of the Flame who invoke the sacred fire, so that rolling back will produce, in the fullness of the cycles of time and space, a mighty alchemy and a change for light.

Beware, I tell you, of the coming year and the coming elections, for the fallen ones have contrived to see to it that none who are offered have the fullness of that light which is necessary as the instrument of Almighty God for the saving of America. It matters little, then, who is elected. What matters is this—that I AM Zadkiel and I AM running with a dispensation given to me by the Fourteen Ascended Masters who govern the destiny of this nation, America.

As I left the Royal Teton Retreat to come here to Camelot this day, they gave to me this which I read to you:


Most noble hearts, salutations in the light of Saint Germain whose light we adore, in whose service we remain in the fourteen stations of the cross. For we are the devotees of the Cosmic Virgin. We are the Fourteen.

We come, then, with our urgent message concerning the coming elections.

Whereas, in the dire need of the hour, this land of America requires the stalwart sons of God for direction, for God-government, and most importantly for the diamond-heart transmission of the fire of God’s will, and whereas those candidates who have presented themselves are the rivals of the serpents <2>within their ranks and we therefore can recommend none of them, we come before you and we offer this dispensation of light:  that the government shall not be upon the shoulders of these mere mortals but that the government of these United States of America, of the promised land of all that is real shall be governed by that Christ who is raised up within you.

For lo, he said, “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” <3>Therefore, unto you who raise up the mighty sacred fire as the Mother flame, raising that sacred fire of light—you who raise up the Person of the Christ, upon that Christ and upon that mantle shall be the government of this nation.

And we, therefore, have received from the Cosmic Council and the Solar Logoi this dispensation whereby the God-government of the galaxies transmitted from the God Star Sirius will be transmitted through the sons and daughters of God, and all that transpires in the government of this nation shall pass through the sacred heart of our sons and daughters who have raised up the living Word. And therefore, you have but to speak your dynamic decrees, your recommendations, and your word and there will be the alteration that should come unto those who indeed wear the sacred mantle of the office of the President of the United States of America, which is indeed an office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood.

Beloved hearts of light, many have come in these two hundred years unworthy of that mantle, yet that mantle has been placed upon them as upon a hollow reed as though the mantle itself, without a person, were the government of the nation.

Now with the raising up of the light of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and all that has come to pass through the dedication of your noble hearts as chelas of the flame, we therefore, the Sacred Fourteen, come to the fore and dedicate these hearts of light as the true governing authority of this nation. And we admonish you to prepare for the descent of that mantle as you will feel it when the one who is elected to office—the highest office of the land—will give the inaugural address.

Beloved ones, unto those who take seriously this calling and understand that at inner levels those who have the highest attainment and the highest light are always the authority for planetary evolutions will then come that awareness of just how much dedication is necessary as you apply yourselves to the wearing of the mantle jointly, cooperatively, one for all and all for one in the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

As you execute, then, the duties of that office, it becomes necessary that you be informed, that you increase in the majesty of the Holy Spirit and in the gift of knowledge <4>of the matters of this world—that which is given through Mother’s manifestos <5>and all forms of research that you yourselves conduct. If you are to make recommendations to the Karmic Board, to the Sacred Fourteen, to the Cosmic Council, you must know whereof you speak.

It is important to say to yourself, If I were God, what would I do?  If I were Jesus Christ, what would I do?  If I were the President of the United States, what decision would I make?  The irresponsible have always made their statements and their demonstrations—partisan, shortsighted—as to what God ought to be doing, what the Lord Christ ought to be doing, and what the president of this nation ought to be doing. But I tell you, beloved ones, when you wear the boots, when you wear the mantle, when you hear the swishing of the mantle and the clinking of the sword at your side—then you feel the burden of the Lord!

The burden of the Lord is the cosmic responsibility for right decision on behalf of a lifewave. Therefore I say to you, this is not simply saying, I think that the president ought to do so-and-so. It is going to the very heart of God with all of the facts and figures that you can garner together and then deliberating what will be the outcome, to all individuals upon the planetary body, of your decision.

Beloved ones, I trust you will see that only such a dispensation of light could bring to America that necessary grace, that biding time, that space in heaven for the turning around of the imminent course of history and the downward spiral of events.

You realize that crisis is precipitated and the augmentation of darkness does not allow for the children of the light to rise and be prepared and be elected. The machines of national politics are such that it is well nigh to impossible for a son of God to enter that machine and win.

That which is remarkable in recent history is the victory itself of John F. Kennedy whose soul, as a soul of God, went forth conquering and to conquer. <6>And thus he came and thus he won by light and by the support of the Brotherhood. And you can well understand that that support is given by the inner light, and not necessarily by outer actions, but by the love of the heart; and the love of the heart of that blessed son exceeded all others.

Now, my beloved, as the cycles turn and so many who have fallen on the field of battle have returned to the screen of life and are the blessed children and youth who are emerging once again to take their place. I trust that you will see that this dispensation is given to you to keep the flame for America as best you can by the love of your heart until this next lifewave is firmly in position, educated, and able to take the reins of authority nation by nation.

I AM Zadkiel and I have read to you a dispensation of light showing the care and the concern of cosmic councils for this lifewave, showing the sensitivity of Almighty God to timetables on earth and to current events. This brooding concern of Almighty God through the World Mother, through Lord Gautama, through the Holy Spirit, through the avatars Lord Jesus and Lord Saint Germain is manifest to you day by day in a very practical awareness of those necessary steps that must be taken in order for the light to accomplish its perfect work.

There is no time to lose. The signs of the times and the handwriting on the wall are moving on, and nation by nation the fallen ones gain ground and the bearers of the light lose time and space. But it is not so at inner levels, for the fires of the hearts of God’s children are being banked even by the holy angels as they come in the service of Christ the King.

And therefore, as the fires of the heart increase, there is the pushing out to the surface of all darkness; and thus there is turbulence and terrorism and international upheaval, and yet it is because the fire is expanding, the sun of even pressure is expanding. And all elemental life stands poised to direct the living violet flame into those very conditions that come to the surface, even as a pot that boils brings to the surface the soup that is made.

Beloved ones, the rolling boil of the pot is the action of the sacred fire in the very heart of the earth. And therefore, surfacing in men’s lives and in their worlds are their ancient rebellions, their turning away from the Path, their betrayal of the Mother and her children, and all of this war and infamy—and so it comes to the surface.

Let not the little ones be dismayed, for God is in command and God has released the light in order that all might see and choose those elements of the subconscious that must be put into the violet flame. And if they choose not to put them into that violet flame but to enter in once again to a conspiracy against the light, to an alliance against the Guru, then I say, bid them farewell and move on in the flame of victory.

For you must understand that the age of freedom is the age of choice!  The Aquarian age is the age of supreme free will when the Guru and the chela must make the choice as to how to be more and more of God.

The evolution of the Godhead becomes a greater and greater challenge even as you give greater and greater surrender saying, “Not my will, but thine, be done!”7 For the will of God expects that you shall forge the will of God.

Can you understand that you must enter into the role of the will of God itself and not simply surrender to the cookie cutter held in the hand of the Maha Chohan, stamping out your will?  It is never thus. And therefore evolution is the law of the hour. And evolution must evolve right choice in freedom!

Do you hear the fervor of Saint Germain?  Well, I should think so!  For, after all, he came to our retreat to be tutored of the law tens of thousands of years ago and he stands with me in this hour on this platform, charging my address by the mighty Purple Fiery Heart of freedom!  And therefore, with all of the angels who have gathered on the entire west coast of the Pacific, will you not honor him with a mighty salutation:  Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!  Hail, Saint Germain!  [Audience joins.]

Teeming multitudes and millions of elementals, angels, and children of God throughout the planetary body have raised their arms in this mighty tribute. For at inner levels there are millions upon millions who adore him as the God of Freedom—though they know him not, yet indeed they know him.

O my beloved, his heart pulsates in the heart of the Mother. His love is an unending love, the spiral that accelerates to include all of earth, all of elemental life. And therefore, despite all outer appearances and the clamor and the clenching of the fists and the trembling of those who fear the coming of the judgment of Almighty God, at inner levels there is an expansion taking place, there is a surfeiting of the earth in the violet flame of freedom as there has never been before since the release of this dispensation from the heart of beloved Saint Germain. And therefore, by way of balancing that mighty act of freedom, there comes the Goddess of Truth, Pallas Athena, wielding the crystal sword and sending truth, piercing truth, the light of truth, that when men know and feel the joy of freedom they may make right choices for truth.

So often the children of the light feel that freedom; but they do not know the way to go, and therefore they reinforce old momentums and old habit patterns simply because truth and error are not distinguished in their consciousness and they do not have any sense of the dire conditions of evil or what is evil in the earth. They do not understand the principles of absolute Good and absolute Evil and the necessary action of making the right choice. Thus, be grateful and bow before the feminine being of light, her feminine majesty of light that also stands before you clearing the way for the precipitation of the God flame of mighty Portia whose flame of opportunity shall be all the more clear by the manifestation of living truth.

Thus I AM here. Thus we are here. Thus by the Holy Spirit we have sent forth the light. And every heart upon earth is touched by our message. And I tell you, this is the living Word that you have heard, and it does come forth from Almighty God in the very heart of the Central Sun, and it is transmitted through cosmic beings and hierarchies of the sun, through my heart, through the messenger and to your own—to all humanity.

Understand that this living Word is the power of creation. It is no ordinary manifestation, but it is the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the fullness of the Trinity of God. And therefore, when I say that every heart upon earth is touched, I want you to understand it!  I want you to know it!  I want you to believe it!  because you understand that God himself holds the science of the Word and that when the Word is spoken that Word goeth forth into the farthest reaches of time and space to touch the hearts of God’s children and to touch the hearts of the seed of the wicked that they might be called to the judgment.

Therefore I AM Zadkiel, transmitter of the light of the Godhead. And that Word is heard and it is known as the sound of harmony, as the sound of the AUM, as the sound of the ascension—and as the sound of the judgment.

God be praised!  For the judgment is the mercy unto every part of life. Therefore know that when mercy is come, so it is the moment when Christ the Lord declared upon that cosmic cross of white fire, “It is finished. It is finished. It is finished.” <8>

Thus the rising of the violet flame spells an end to certain momentums of darkness which have pitted themselves against the Mother and her children and the community of Camelot. They are no more. Their specters are bound!  Their records are consumed!  For the sacred fire descends. And I AM Zadkiel. I keep my Word that is the Word of Almighty God, and that Word does not return unto me void.9

I AM Zadkiel of the seventh ray!  Hear my name!  Hear my call!  For I AM real and I AM in ye all.

Call unto me in the name of the Lord and see what miracles we can bring to the altar of the heart of Saint Germain, Pallas Athena, and all the hosts of the Lord.

I bow before the Cosmic Council, the Lord of the World, the Karmic Board, and the Fourteen Ascended Masters. I bow before the Light that Almighty God has sealed in your heart!  Adore it. Become it. Know it as thy very Self and the very God of very gods—and be free.


1. “...It must be heard by the people of God on earth that the hour is at hand and that the Lord Buddha has extended to you as people of God one decade for the turning of the tide—one decade from this hour for the spreading abroad of the teachings, for the contacting of hundreds of thousands of souls who will take the teaching and the science of the spoken Word and use it for the salvation of earth. After the decade has passed from this hour there is no guarantee forthcoming from the Lords of Karma or from the Keeper of the Scrolls that the tide can any longer be turned from the fate that has been plotted by the dark ones.”  Gautama Buddha, “One Decade for the Turning of the Tide: The Great Central Sun Messengers, the Cosmic Christs, and the Buddhas Come Forth,” in Pearls of Wisdom (1979), vol. 21, p. 148.

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5. The call for “Mother’s Manifesto” was sent forth by Jesus and Gautama on July 4, 1976, in Washington, D.C., to counter the lies put forth in the Communist Manifesto and other documents. Since then, Elizabeth Clare Prophet has delivered this Manifesto in her penetrating analyses of current events, available on cassette albums.

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