Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 23 No. 8 - Beloved Kuan Yin - February 24, 1980


The Mutuality of Self-Transcendence in Mercy’s Flame


Delicate Hearts of God’s Desiring:

Mercy is a flame flower germinating in the heart of the earth and in the souls of God’s children. It is the fire in winter that kindles the hearth of home and chases the morning chill. Mercy is the flame of family and of filial piety wherein the cosmic honor flame, pure white, is ensconced. The tender, forgiving love that binds together the members of each family unit is the same love which binds up the wounds of the nations.

Mercy is self-transforming, for the self that generates this love is the very self that is transformed by it. Mercy is the love that allows the brokenhearted to pick up the pieces of shattered, battered lives and to begin again. So long as mercy’s immortelle is the floral offering extended hand to hand, heart to heart in love’s embrace, the burdens of all that’s unreal can be mended and transcended.

Garlands and bouquets of mercy’s immortelles from Peking are laid at the feet of the World Mother and her children by angelic bands and ministrants of mercy’s flame.

O how the heart yearns for mercy!  How great is the world need for this gentleness of tenderness, of caring—and of sharing in friendship the blessedness of the interaction of Life.

Lifestreams of God inhabiting earth, children of the sun, pilgrims of the far-flung worlds experience the profound need to understand and to be understood. And the merging of hearts as the twain become one fiery heart of love may be the search of a lifetime and the longing of the soul for identity and an identification with the mainstream of life through the sense of sharing.

Thus love as the essence of mercy toward one another fills the clay pots with the fragrant bowers of an eternal spring. And in the warmth of friendship the essential worth of the soul germinates and shows forth the blossoms which herald the fruit of life.

God would not take from you, my beloved, your heart’s longing to love and to be loved. For has he not created out of one great heart many hearts of light to mirror and reflect his perfect love, to magnify and allow that like which attracts like to function as the law of the Great Central Sun magnet within ye all?

And the blessed lifestreams coursing through the mainstream of his life, like billions of lines through the giant cable of cosmic consciousness, carry molecules of mercy’s flame in order that the mutuality of love and the interdependence of life might ripen individual selfhood through tolerance and compassion.

Sharing one another’s burdens is a way of life that enables each soul to sense his need and to sense his worth in being needed. No man is an island, thus he learns quickly that his independence must always be the interdependence of mutuality.

The fundamental principle of the interaction of Life begins and ends in the heart of God, my beloved. The mantra I and my Father are one is basic to every human relationship. The need for the communion of hearts as the source of the creative and recreative flow is both vertical and horizontal.

The soul must go to the altar of God and enter the unfed flame. It must be washed and watered by the Word. It must dance in its nakedness in the flame flower of its origin. It must feel the rhythm of life rippling o’er the interpenetrating temples of selfhood.

Yes, the soul must enter the vaulted cathedral of the heart and be at once the shafts of sunlight, the fluttering falcon, the intimacy of the incense and the votive light. Alone in the cathedral, the soul must know God and God alone. The soul must soar to where God is, there scale the heights and depths of being to enter in.

Yes, the heart that loves must merge with the Heart that loves.

O the soul that would soar to the sun is the soul that knows the trackless trackings of mercy’s flight strewn with precious petals—the tears of angels that have gone before, passing through the golden door unto the great throne room, there before the unfed flame to implore mercy!  mercy!  mercy!  for humanity in God’s name.

O the heart that cries out for the living God is the heart that will never be content to remain outside the golden door. Therefore the heart that would approach the throne of grace to intercede before Him for all the race is the heart that has found the key of love that opens the door to tender reality.

For when love becomes mercy as the foam that leaps beyond the wave, reaching for the highest sun, dancing in the winds that play—that love has entered the spiral of self-transcendence. And love that is fulfilled in love is now the alchemy of mercy’s flame wherein a god is born.

This need for mutuality in God, for a reciprocal intimacy, whereby the fire of the soul passes through the fire of the Spirit and the twain are one in a microsecond of blending—and lo, both soul and Spirit are self-transcended—is the inner experience of the very mystery of Life that is known by the soul and the Spirit alone as they enter the heart of the flame flower all one.

This sweet mystery of Life is the very source of lilting joy that fills the heart at dawn when first the soul renews its daily tryst with the dharma of the physical octave. And the memory of that sweet oneness is in the setting sun that sends the kiss of God to souls in meditation upon the light.

Thus the soul’s longing for the sun and to enter into the sun is ever kindled by the self-creative desiring of God within the soul to transcend the self by becoming more of the Self day by day, wave by wave.

This longing for fulfillment, this desiring for self-transcendence is fundamental in all human relationships. Those who make the daily trek into the treasure-house of Life return to the scene of active involvement in family and community with an investment of love and a vestiture of mercy’s flame.

These are the great givers of life that dot the earth with their ‘purple’ presence as flowers in the fields of tall grasses. Wherever they are, these souls become the center of organizations, community action, renaissance and revolution for God. Through their heart center aflame with mercy’s treasure, all other hearts experience the creative challenge and the alchemy of the creative interchange.

Thus the true friends of God become the truest friends of man. And the little ones whose wings are not strong enough to soar up, up with the shafts of light to cathedral’s heights enter the heart of the friend of God and find there renewal through renewed self-awareness in the friend.

Thus we position our pillars of sacred fire. Thus we define friendship as friendship with God or with the friend of God. Thus we warn of the pursuit of peer approval and of self-satisfaction in mere sensual union—whether of the flesh or of the intellect, whether of the emotions or in the memories of a past that cannot be recalled.

Seek God. Seek God, O my beloved. And with all thy desiring for union desire this to be:  a fountain of life, a friend of the ages, one through whom all the longings of the souls of humanity may be venerated and not vexed by the blindness of their selfishness and self-love.

You who have found the way, you who know the peace that passeth unders­tanding, <1>forget me not. Forget not the eye of God which dwells yet in the soul that is unfulfilled, that senses itself unloved and alone. How much more blessed to fill that soul with light than to enter into the sorry plight of self-pity.

Nay, seek love for those whose self-awareness does not include that love which enfolds you hour by hour. Seek not your own but another’s satisfaction in the Real. For the world is lost in self-seeking and self-gain, round and round the social whirl with all the energies of life dedicated to human acceptance, human approval, human love, human interdependencies that never, never give to drink the elixir of mercy’s light that will at last quench the thirst for self-transcendence.

To all hearts one with the great heart of the Giver of Life, I say, teach the little ones the path of fulfillment through entering into the secret chamber of the heart. Teach the way, the truth, and the life of a Christ and a Buddha whose reciprocity with all life in giving and receiving, receiving and giving is the fundamental law of every love relationship in earth and in heaven.

Teach my little ones the nonfulfillment of giving without receiving and of receiving without giving. Teach them of the fiery flow of figure eight that leads to self-integration in the Father and the Son, in the Mother and the Holy Spirit.

Teach the little ones to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing <2>who bleat for mercy by way of manipulating the tender flock. Teach them to give mercy to the merciful and to send the sword of judgment in the name of Christ unto those who have withheld mercy from every part of Life.

Let the unmerciful servant <3>receive in kind. For this, too, is the mercy of the law that always and always without flaw teaches the Law of the Circle. For those who send the non-mercy fumes to toxify the very air the little ones breathe will by themselves, in inbreathing their own toxicity, learn to long for mercy—and in their longing for that mercy flame magnetize the teacher of mercy who cometh in God’s name.

Those who thus learn to cry out for mercy because they themselves have never sent it forth must deepen their desire for that forgiveness flame until they see that that which they require is also a requirement of every part of Life. Thus when the need for forgiveness becomes so great and finally it is given to those who will watch and wait, their hearts will overflow with gratitude for mercy’s gift of life and they, too, will not spare the cup but in deed and in love share it with all life.

If suffering be the road to the understanding of my flame, then I say this, too, is mercy in its highest aim:  to bring the soul to God, a humble heart that can feel the pulsing love that beats and understands the need of the soul to be alone yet to understand and to be understood; to bring the soul to God who longs, O how he longs, for each soul of his longing to come Home.

Thus teach the little ones that my flame of mercy may manifest as opportunity or justice, as freedom or forgiveness, as the presence or the absence of the sunlight of love, and as the raindrops that may be the teardrops of heaven preparing earth for the rainbow and a greater nearness to the God of Harmony.

In appreciation for the gift of life and for Life aborning, quivering in the heart of humanity, the Karmic Board reaches out to intensify the Flame of Justice in the just and the unjust worlds of men.


Kuan Yin

Mother of Mercy’s Flame

Endower of Life with Gratitude for Beness


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2. Matt. 7:15.

3. Matt. 18:21-35.