Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 22 No. 48 - Sanat Kumara - December 2, 1979


The Mystery of the White Cube



            He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.


Revelation 2

My Beloved Who Would Pursue the Mysteries
  Given unto the Saints of God Serving in the White Cube
  of the Church Universal and Triumphant:

The mystery of the white cube, my beloved, is that it is the geometrical matrix in Mater wherein the Threefold Flame of the Trinity is hermetically sealed. The white cube is the symbol of the Mother and of the one who has become the lively stone in the temple of the Mother. The lively stone is the soul enlivened by the indwelling Trinity. Therefore the Lord God has sealed the spark of life within the Matter cube as a veritable sign of the coming of the Lord and of the goal of the path of initiation on the Ruby Ray–the incarnation of the Word.

The white cube is the symbol of Matter filled with Mother light. In multiples of four, its geometry radiates the sign of the cross in all directions as each side of the cube emits a shaft of white light signifying the blending of the tricolor Trinity unto the light of the one true God. The omnidirectional cross of white fire that is seen from every side of the white cube is a reminder to the sons and daughters of God that where ere they go in the Matter spheres, north, south, east, and west–no matter what the angle of their karma or their dharma, they cannot escape the convergence within the Temple Beautiful of the vertical and horizontal lines of Alpha and Omega.

Lo, I AM born to be the Son of God in earth and in heaven!  Thus proclaim your fiery destiny and behold its mystery revealed in the white cube:  You cannot go anywhere where God is not, as the Psalmist said, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?  If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there:  if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.”  From the heights unto the depths, in all planes of consciousness, fire, air, water, and earth, behold your God and behold that God travailing to give birth to the cosmic cross of white fire within you.

Now place your hand in the hand of your own beloved Christ Self and let the Son of God lead you into the eighth-ray chakra, the secret chamber of the heart. The sixth-ray initiations of the saints, preparatory to the initiation of the eighth ray, the ascension into the light of the God Self, are entered into by the saints who stand with Maitreya and Mother on the north gate of the City Foursquare. This is the entering in to the eightfold path of the Buddha and the bodhisattvas which culminates on the north gate in the eighth-ray integration of the lower and higher Self through the figure eight of the Lamb.

You will notice, my beloved, that the number six is an incomplete figure eight. Thus the initiations of the sixth ray are preparatory to the culminating experiences of the life of the saint, always consummated in pure devotion to the Mother, pure chelaship to the Guru Ma. The saints of the inner Church have always been devotees of the Mother, for they have understood that the one who is able to magnetize the garment of the Cosmic Virgin establishes within himself the white cube, even as he is established by the Guru Ma as the white cube.

That which the devotee first discovers in the secret chamber of the heart, the alabaster cube glowing with the inner light of the Threefold Flame, is the corner stone of the Temple Beautiful that he must build, line upon line, precept uon precept, under the close supervision of the wise masterbuilder, the beloved Christ Self. Thus by devotion to the Mother, the adoring chela becomes the Mother; and that which has become Mother, through the one who is Mother, is the magnet incomparable that is capable of magnetizing the Threefold Flame of the Trinity.

Thus, my dears, if you would become the Word incarnate, become the Mother and she will give birth to the Manchild within you. If you would enter into a direct relationship with God the Father, become the Omega light and she will polarize the Alpha presence for the fusion of worlds. If you would know the Comforter as the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit, then clear the bridal chambers [chakras] of consciousness, level by level, that upon your altars there might burn those cloven tongues of fire that are the sign of the indwelling Spirit who has come to fetch his waiting bride.

Where your God-mastery of time and space becomes the precipitation of the cosmic cube, there will the Mother be. Where there is Mother in the person of the Blessed Virgin, there is the Mother flame; and that white flame is the nucleus of the nonpermanent, or negative, atom of being sealed within the base-of-the-spine chakra. This atom is the negative polarity of the Permanent Atom, the white fire sun at the center of the I AM THAT I AM in your great Causal Body.

When the presence of the Mother within you becomes personal through devotion to the feminine personality of the Godhead, then the white fire sun of the nonpermanent atom will rise to the secret chamber of the heart where it will merge with the white cube. The white cube and the white fire sun of the Mother combined as one are the necessary ingredients for the birth of your individual Christ consciousness experienced by John the Revelator as he beheld the vision of the birth of the Manchild. Thus the white cube is there as the repository of the grace of the Trinity. But the soul by free will must exercise God-dominion of the Mother light in order to unlock the potential of being.

The dominion that is given and the dominion that is taken is through adoration. Let us examine this manifold Path of adoration. God the Father, who holds the polarity of heavenly spheres, adores the flame of his beloved Son sealed in the white cube. God the Mother, who holds the polarity of earthly spheres, likewise adores the flame of the Son sealed in the white cube. Thus both Father and Mother adore the Person of the beloved Son, Christ the Lamb. By their Light He Is What He Is. By their Light the Son is in perpetual adoration of the seed of Alpha-Omega sealed in the heart of the whole creation.

Now the soul who as a child of the light exercises his option to enter into the joint-heirship of the living Christ Self enters the path of adoration of that Christ Self. By this he becomes not only the one adoring the Christ; but, through self-identification with the Christ, he is become the one adored. Through adoration sublime, sweet, and pure the soul who would be bride enters into the dominion of the Lamb. For through his adoration of Christ, the soul merges with the stream of His adoring of the Father/Mother Light throughout Creator and creation and is fused and infused with their universal flame of adoration.

Many desire to exercise power over the Lamb. They are ruled by personal pride in their self-sufficiency on the Path and by the spiritual ambition to be the Lamb before they have become the Lamb. These have not the qualifications of adoration distilled through the path of karma yoga: the sorrow of the soul who sincerely repents of his misdeeds and manipulations of the Beloved; the mourning of every moment of His absence; the pestilence and pain brought about by the soul’s self-imposed separation from the Beloved; the loss of loved ones and the subsequent longing for that oneness in the Body of God in heaven and on earth which only the Beloved can fill–all of this, the suffering of the soul within the crisscross of life’s experiences, becomes the joy of the resurrection and the life through the perpetual adoration of the Beloved.

The adoration which opens the portals of the seven petaled chakras is from the heart of the soul who waits upon her Beloved. At the midnight watch she watches for the coming of the Bridegroom, and in the predawn hours of prayer she attends his rising within her soul.

Blessed ones, the path of devotion, known in the East as bhakti yoga, is the path of the saints serving on the sixth ray at the north gate. The mystical union of the soul with God through the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ devotion to the Father is the revelation of the Mother’s mantra, Drink me while I AM drinking thee. This path is the only path that brings the ebb and flow of the tide of the chakras to the fullest consummation of love.

The chakras are wheels of the law that spin as crystalline discs of sacred fire and suns breathing in and breathing out the sweet distillations of the light of the Son of God within you. They are crystal cups for the drinking in of the nectar of the Threefold Flame and for the sharing of that nectar as you give to all life the same sweet nectar that life has given you. Such are the functions that God has sealed within the seven temples of man.

Where there is a vacuum of devotion, where the soul does not enter into the closet to pray to the Father in secret, then the spiritual functions of the chakras are not present in the lower vehicles–the mental, emotional, and physical bodies–but rather remain a function of the soul’s interaction with the light in the etheric temple. Where the soul does not interact with the light through the etheric body, then all spiritual activity of the seven chakras ceases except in the body of the Lamb himself at the level of the individual Christ Self.

Those who are not the lively stones, those whose temples have not been quickened by the Holy Spirit, those who acknowledge neither the Father nor the Mother nor the Manchild have no light in them; and indeed any light that is in them is darkness. That which remains of the activity of the spiritual chakras is the transfer of the impulses of life to the corresponding nerve and glandular systems conducting the energies of life necessary for the cerebral, sensorial, motor, and autonomic functions of the physical body.

The function of the chakras of individuals who give no personal adoration to the personal God is at the level of the astral plane. Their chakras are cesspools. Taking in the entire gamut of the mass consciousness, they experience it, take part in it, and release it, with their own added momentum, back to the astral sea.

The misuse of the chakras is thus the source of pollution on a planetary scale as each of the four lower bodies takes in and gives forth the putrefied substance which mankind have dumped into the four quadrants of Matter as the by-product of their misuses of the light of the Holy Spirit. Unless the devotee learn to seal his chakras, he will suffer the same fate as the unenlightened. For the Law is no respecter of persons.

Therefore he who calls himself a devotee, if he have all intellectual knowledge of the ascended masters’ teachings and yet have not the adoration of the Persons of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the lamps of his chakras are gone out; for they must be trimmed with the oil of gladness in the Lord which is pure devotion, ever waiting upon the Light in the joy of perpetual service and self-sacrificing love.

The oil in the lamps of the chakras of the virgin souls of both men and women is the return current of the adoration unto God. God in the Person of your individual beloved I AM Presence distills your devotion, my precious ones; and drop by drop, measure for measure, the golden oil of gladness descends to fill the chakras that the Flame of Life might burn on. That flame within you is as unquenchable as your adoration. Thus it is the unquenchable adoration of the devotee that magnetizes the unquenchable light of the Deity.

O Flame of Adoration, what strength in thy loftiness–what love enduring and ennobling unto the life of the devotee!  Through abundance, adversity, or affliction the mantra of Job be upon the lips of the lover of God:  “Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither:  the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

My beloved, the path of devotion is the path of love. A love that is self-disciplined and wise in the understanding of the Law. The devotee must have in his devotion a supreme God-control which is willing not only to enter the closet but to shut the door. This shutting of the door is the silencing of all waves of agitation in the emotional and mental planes. These waves bombard the citadel of being as they rise from one’s own subconscious momentums and even from the vast unconscious of any and all entities in the Matter spheres who may be unaligned with God or uncommitted to the path of light.

One cannot wait forever and a day, my beloved, for the tides of astral aggression to cease pounding the castle walls. Let the soul retreat into the interior castle, there to greet the King of kings and Lord of lords. His light will shut out the dark, if you let it. And if you let him, he will draw a circle of fire around the outer wall–a ring-pass-not where neither friend nor foe dare enter uninvited.

He is the invited Guest, and you are the host welcoming your liege Lord into the innermost sanctuary of being. He has waited long to be received by you. He bears a gift. ‘Tis the vision of the God that I AM in full view.

If you tarry without the castle wall, you see, you will engage in and be engaged by every manner and matter of consciousness that passes by. Some would rather be there where free will is to experience every manner of life’s polluters and their pollutants. To others freedom is the chain that binds the soul as the prisoner of the Rock, safe and sound within the castle walls while roaring tempest and turbulent seas ram the fortress of the immovable Rock, unnoticed by the soul who waits upon the Lord.

Yes, the water level of devotion is another measure of the levels of desire. How much do you desire to love God?  Enough to withdraw from some of the preoccupations of earthly existence?  And when all other loves fail, do you look to him as the Eternal Lover of your soul or do you yet seek another human love outside the castle walls?  Every love you share on earth is intended to be a transparency for the divine love and the Divine Lover who often stands just outside the frosted windows of possessive love that excludes the Greater Self for the lesser self.

My beloved, I will be very frank with you. The desire to know God through the path of love takes tremendous determination. It requires the diamond will that is determined to have God and no other. It is a determination to fly straight to God, straight as an arrow clean that parteth the air, that will not be deterred or distracted here or there. Teach your children to set goals in life and to fulfill them, for they are all in spring training for the winning team of overcomers who overcome by a devotion that shuts out every force and forcefield of anti-devotion.

Now you can test yourself, my beloved, with this simple test. Set aside an hour when you will give ten minutes of pure devotion to God through uninterrupted meditation with your Lord in the interior castle. Let it be the meditation upon the white fire sun of your I AM Presence and upon the blue fire sun of Sirius. This will be a meditation on the polarity of Alpha and Omega in heaven and in earth, as the white fire sun is in Spirit and the blue fire sun is in Matter. Discipline your mind’s eye to ‘see’ through your third-eye chakra and to behold only the white fire sun and then only the blue fire sun. Next behold the twain engaged in the cosmic interchange of the cosmic T’ai chi.

Behold the white fire sun whirling in clockwise motion, transferring the energies of Life to the blue fire sun as it whirls in counterclockwise motion, returning to the Great Central Sun the blue fire momentum of the Blue Mother of Sirius. This is a very natural visualization inasmuch as your soul has already beheld the twin spheres of Alpha and Omega as the archetypal sphere of the Father/Mother God sealed in your own Causal Body.

This is also the visualization for the union of the white fire bodies of twin flames and one with which you are also familiar, for it is an exercise given to you and your beloved twin flame in the meditation room of the Royal Teton Retreat. This meditation seals the oneness of souls who must be separated in time and space to fulfill their mutual service to life before reuniting in the fiery ovoid.

Take joy in commanding all of your energies to flow in one concentrated experience of meditation in God. And measure your own self-discipline as you exclude from your third-eye consecration all other thought forms or mere mortal distractions. Let the flow of the heart for this ten-minute interval be undivided in its acceleration of pure love unto the being of the white fire/blue fire suns.

Let the attention of your soul within the chakra of solar awareness be thoroughly engaged in entering in to the twin vortices of the Holy Spirit. For by and by, your soul’s penetration of these orbs of light will be very real and you will step inside first one and then the other as though exploring your own figure-eight repository of the Spirit/Matter spheres.

Yes, it is time that you test the level of desire within the solar plexus. Is your desire to enter God consciousness endowed with sufficient unselfed love to generate an undivided devotion to the supreme will of Alpha and to the supreme wisdom of Omega?  This will and this wisdom and your devotion thereto must become, if it is not already, the heart of the ten-petaled chakra at the solar plexus. For all pure desire rotates from the Trinity in motion at the center of the chakra where the test of the ten is the mark of the men and women who are preparing to enter in to the heart and the secret chamber thereof.

You can also experience the twin suns by devotion to the mind of God through the crown chakra. This devotion is experienced as the entering in to the very heart of the Knower and all that is known:  In the center of that Flaming One, you become aware of the immensity of the white fire sun which contains universes of light teeming with individual ideations of God. And swimming in the sea of the blue fire sun of Omega are souls seeking and finding the Mother light as they glow and glow with iridescent blue, turquoise, indigo, and aquamarine. From the depths of the midnight blue of the Maha Kali to the heights of the piercing pastels emitted by crystals of the blue spectrum, the worlds whirling within the blue fire sun offer their endless self-expression upon the altar of the Universal Mother.

One-pointed is your meditation, and by its very one-pointedness it opens the door to the all-inclusiveness of Life. And every star that you discover in the inn of being, each sun a cosmos all your own, is a point of self-discovery and the discovery of a Self greater than your own. That Self is one who has loved enough to atone for karma, above and below, and to hold the light of love as devotion to all worlds aborning and to those that are yet unborn. These worlds are waiting in the womb of the Mother’s blue fire sun to pass through the nexus unto the everlasting life of the Sun behind her sun. They are attended by that retinue of stars who love enough to be the I AM THAT I AM.

I have given to you clues for a meditation that leads to a penetration of the inner spheres of God. If you will prepare yourself properly (through fervent, fiery prayer and God Self-determined decrees) for your ten-minute interval when you are held in the embrace of the Lamb and in his consciousness of love, both you and the evolutions of earth will benefit immensely from the uninterrupted descent of the maxim light. If you can imagine a Niagara, an Iguassu, or a Victoria Falls, you will get the idea of a teeming torrent of light that is available to all who approach the pure stream of God, of the crystal cord, with utmost devotion unqualified by any human condition of time or space or the desire for self-gain or even self-fulfillment.

It is my express desire that you limit your meditation to ten minutes in order that you shall master the science of concentration simultaneously with the religion of consecration. Your experience in God is designed by the World Teachers who will lead you in the paths of higher consciousness to teach you that there is no time and space.

Ten minutes in God is truly a timeless, spaceless eternity. Because you have but ‘ten minutes’, you will learn the God-mastery of accelerating into the spheres of light and of assimilating extraordinary momentums of the Great Central Sun Magnet, which is the dazzling sun-fire center of each orb.

Finally, your mentors of the Ruby Ray would have you learn the be-attitude of nonattachment to the bliss of God–rather to love him for the sake of loving him and neither for the sheer enjoyment or entertainment of the experience nor for the ego’s self-inflicted penance of flagellation that soothes a guilty conscience but does not remove the stain of sin. Think of your meditation, my beloved, as a service to God whereby you, in putting on God consciousness, render the entire cosmos an expanded opportunity to know him as he is. For he is light, and through your manifestation of his white fire/blue fire light, all may see and know and therefore become that light.

Through this meditation practiced by the saints of the Ruby Ray, the seven holy Kumaras have desired to concentrate more light, more love, and more wisdom in the true body of believers on earth during the decade of the 1980s. And in the process of rendering this service, it is our intent, as God has willed it so, that the sixth-ray initiates shall learn to recharge their four lower bodies and their chakras in the very midst of the accelerating spirals of service which Opportunity brings at the turn of the decade.

Let those who adore God, then, through the fervor of fiery, fohatic prayer–let those who adore him in the joyousness and the boundlessness of his divine decree which they deliver as the Word of the Lord into the consciousness of relative good and evil–let those who go to the mount Sion to adore him in the meditation of their hearts’ light upon the light of God’s heart–therefore learn to seal their chakras from all vibrations less than the Christ light registering in the Matter spheres.

The closing of the petals of the seven lotus flowers is accomplished through the conscious determination of the will of man reinforced by the will of God. It is the thrust, ho! of light flashing forth in the I-AM-the-guard consciousness. It is the right hand of the Christ or the Buddha stretched forth in the irreversible initiatic light which releases the command, “They shall not pass!”  It is the creation of a cosmic forcefield of light radiating forth in all directions from the center of the white cube within the heart.

With equal intensity, the cosmic command to preserve the forcefield of soul identity–reinforced by the God-determination to be free to be the manifestation of God–will always draw forth from the Godhead the cosmic cross of white fire as the mark of your soul identity where you stand. And where you stand for the light of God, there I stand with you. And the center of the cosmic cross is at the spiritual heart center of your temple where your heart is a flaming sun center of devotion unto God. In the fiery vortex of the cosmic cross, there do I place my heart center that we may be one for the elevation of worlds.

This exercise is also accomplished with the speed of light in the midst of Armageddon for the soul’s arduous aspiring to the Word and Work of the Lord on behalf of his little ones. When, therefore, your attention must be directed into a multitude of matters demanding your watchful eye and skill of the hand, and by and by you feel the encroachment of random particles of effluvia pressing against your wall of light, remember even the policeman directing traffic makes use of the ancient mudra which universally communicates the cosmic vibration STOP!

This mental thrust of the Word is reinforced by certain physical postures during meditation and by others when one is in the active mode. Simultaneously, the fire and water energies of the etheric and emotional bodies are mentally and spiritually sealed by the acceleration of the figure-eight flow between the soul (suspended in the ‘water’) and the Christ Self (suspended in the ‘fire’). This reaffirmation of the Word, once again drawing the lines of one’s forcefield, may be accompanied by a strong breathing out and then a deep breathing in, holding the inbreath while visualizing the seven chakras and the eighth each sealed by the Lord Buddha extending the fearlessness flame in the abhaya mudra. <1>

Another measure used by the adepts who must manifest their presence midst the throngs of the large cities of the world in order to hold the balance of light is the spiritual/mental drawing of the ring-pass-not around one’s forcefield. Just think of a child on a playground drawing a chalk circle around himself and then standing in the center. Then mentally draw your circle of white light, nine feet in diameter, as the pattern and the reinforcement of your tube of light, which itself is always visualized as nine feet in diameter. The ring-pass-not is also called the circle of identity. Actually, it is the sealing of the soul’s integrity–its integral relationship with the beloved I AM Presence.

This ‘inner circle’ is one’s own ‘Holy of Holies’, if you will, one’s auric forcefield and the guaranteed time and space of one’s experimental mission to earth. It is the place prepared and the energy field for one’s experiments in the scientific application of the laws of energy (as love) and free will (as love) conducted in the laboratory of selfhood. It is this unit of God’s Selfhood called individuality which the wicked would erode and thereby distort or destroy the options of free will.

You will learn under the World Teachers, if you have not already done so, that the study of psychology and the path that leads to the healing of the mind and the emotions and their conscious and subconscious expressions begins with the drawing of the circle of Selfhood. But it does not end until the psyche has mastered the spiritual science and the matter visualization of maintaining the perfect circle of self-integration.

Let us learn the components of the circle of the One. There is a vertical and a horizontal application of this circle. The one forms the circle of light which, as it turns, rises in infinite spirals, turning to form the connecting links in the chain of being, linking the psyche to its Christ Self and the I AM Presence. The other forms the foundational platform which, as it turns, rises to reinforce, in cylindrical motion, the tube of light.

The vertical, or upright, circle is elongated by the pull of the Great Central Sun Magnet within the heart of the I AM THAT I AM, thus forming an upward spiraling ellipse. Within the ellipse the figure eight rotates, forming and reforming itself by the ascending light of the soul’s devotion unto the Lord and by the Lord’s descending devotion unto the soul. This will provide you with another dimension of the mystery, Drink me while I AM drinking thee.

The ascending and descending light provides the integrity of Selfhood–or the integral ladder of light. Through this continuum of circles forming ellipses, the north/south integration of being is maintained. It is the vertical line (spiral) between the lower self and the Greater Self, the outer and the inner manifestation of God. It is the vertical integration of the soul with every part of Life in the Spirit spheres.

This integration can be maintained only through the I AM THAT I AM, the foundation of true being incorruptibly manifest in the octaves of light. In other words, the only lawful contact which the soul may entertain with the angelic host, the ascended masters, and the saints robed in white is through the individualized God Self. Any other attempt to contact the higher intelligences beyond the veil–psychic, mediumistic, by hallucinogenics, black magic or variance or even a rote mechanical performance of sacred rituals–will only entangle the psyche which engages in it further and further into the substrata of unreality.

This karma of unlawful attainment by unlawful means is of all states most undesirable, for it results in an anti-Spirit forcefield that may be termed an absolute energy veil, or an absolute Evil–the antithesis of Spirit and absolute Good. The delineations and definitions of these two absolutes are scarcely realized by mortals–and even children of the light can hardly identify Satan, who by such malpractice transforms himself into an angel of light. The ability to perceive the absolutes of God and anti-God is conferred upon the initiate of the Ruby Ray through the fruit of the Tree of Life. By it one lives forever through Self-knowledge in and as God.

Now, through the cylindrical formation of circles shimmering like interconnecting silvery discs of light, the east/west integration of being is maintained. It is the horizontal integration of the soul of light with every other soul of light dwelling in the Matter spheres. This east/west integration of being should be lawfully sustained through the blessed Mediator, the Universal Christ manifest in the Christ Self of each soul of light.

The Christ Self is the foundation of true being in the Matter spheres, the Rock whose incorruptible manifestation is maintained at the doorway of cosmic consciousness (the nexus of the figure eight). In other words, the ony lawful contact which the soul of light may maintain with other souls of light, in the just and true spirit of friendship with Christ, is through the blessed Mediator of each one.

Any interaction with fallen lifewaves or laggard evolutions must likewise be through one’s Christ Self and the Universal Christ, who forms a canopy of light over the wayward generations of earth to ‘seal the forcefield where evil dwells’, effectively stopping the flow of their impure stream into the chakras of the Lord’s chosen and faithful. Those who commune at the level of the outer self without making the call to the blessed Christ Self to act as mediator and interpreter of their relationship enter into an energy exchange of any and all random momentums of relative good and evil.

The many interpersonal relationships of both a casual and an intimate nature which people entertain result in a continuous interflow of energy, waking and sleeping, whereby they give and take the gamut of human emotions and emanations of the intellect. Spanning the entire range of human vibrations, conscious and subconscious, these energies engage the chakras of tens of thousands of unsuspecting souls of light, severely hampering their world service under the World Teachers.

The devotee who would be chela of the Guru Ma on the eighth ray on the south side of the City Foursquare preparatory to the Mother’s initiations of her sons and daughters in the glorious ritual of the ascension must be prepared to separate themselves, spiritually and bodily, mentally and emotionally, from all who are not partakers of the blood of the new covenant.

It is this subject of the blood of the new covenant which I will take up in my concluding letter on the vital interchange–Drink Me While I AM Drinking Thee.

Ever mindful of the ‘dead’ and the ‘deadly thing’ they would give unto the living to drink, I AM increasing the capacity of the lightbearer to bear that light within the cells of body consciousness that shall neutralize both the psychic and the physical poisons of this world.

Drink me while I AM drinking thee–and they and their deadly thing shall not hurt thee.

I AM always in the center of the Divine Exchange

Sanat Kumara


1. Gesture of fearlessness, right arm upraised, palm forward.

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