Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 22 No. 45 - Sanat Kumara - November 11, 1979


The Vow to Save the Woman and Her Seed



          Now Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

          And the woman said unto Serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

           But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

          And Serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

          For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.


Genesis 3

To the Saints Who Remember Horeb and My Voice
  Which Spake Out of the Midst of the Sacred Fire
  and Declared unto You My Covenant:

The first faint gleams of the violet fire are as flickering lamps in the land of Erin. To the British Isles let the pilgrims of the Mission Amethyst Jewel wander!  For I AM the burning lamp in the midst of my people, rekindling the covenant which I have made with Abram and unto the Christic seed.

I AM the seven lamps burning on the altar of being and in the midst of my people Israel. And I appoint the priesthood of Melchizedek to light the lamps, the seven lamps that are for the going and the coming of the saints into the Holy of Holies, thence to bear my message unto the people of God scattered abroad in the nations of the earth.

I AM the golden candlestick of the fifth vision of Zechariah, and the bowl upon the top of it is my vessel containing the oil of wisdom’s chakra. And the seven lamps thereon are my seven servants, the seven chohans of the rays who initiate my children in lighting the lamps of their seven chakras. And the two olive trees which stand upon the right side and upon the left side of the candlestick and of the bowl are my messengers, the two anointed ones who deliver the Word of the seven servants as they stand before the Lord of the whole earth, Gautama Buddha.

By the burning light of the seven chohans, I send my disciples empowered by the Holy Spirit of the Ruby Ray with the message of the two witnesses to England, to Scotland, to Ireland, and to Wales. For it is here that I desire to deliver the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel from the face of the Serpent.

I AM the Ancient of Days, the Restorer of the Light of my people. I call my servants who have come for the restoration of the covenant whereby the Lord God does transfer the light of the seven lamps to all who are of the Christic seed. The transfer of this light, when completed within your temple which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, my beloved, is for the opening of the seven seals of the seven chakras whereby the BRANCH shall manifest himself in the Lord’s temple. This is my initiation through the two olive branches who empty the golden oil of my wisdom out of themselves for the burning of the seven lamps in the earth.

Within thy temple, my beloved, the BRANCH who should come to the Christic seed in the Second Advent is Christ, the Lord of the temple of the children of God. This BRANCH of the Tree of Life is the extension of the Father’s Person unto his children through the Person of the Son. The BRANCH is the personified Light of the I AM THAT I AM. It is the descent out of the Holy of Holies of the radiant Word who comes in the Person of the blessed Christ Self unto the children of God who have consecrated their temples to be his dwelling place.

Ministering unto the souls of the great multitude of God’s children are the seven chohans made worthy to receive the initiation of the Lamb. As their messengers deliver the Word of the BRANCH on each of the seven rays whose law they embody, the chohans through the embodied saints prepare the children of God for the opening of the seven chakras. For it is by the opening of these seven seals that the soul dwelling in the temple not made with hands is ‘married’ to the Light of the BRANCH and his Person, the Christ Self. As day by day your soul gains self-mastery, expanding the flames of the seven holy Kumaras within the seven chakras, you are preparing for that marriagemarriage which is the fusion of your soul with your real counterpart, the BRANCH.

It is toward this appointed goal that the initiate of the Ruby Ray joyously submits himself to the initiations of the four cosmic forces in the Spirit and Matter vessels of his consciousness. Truly the sign of the figure eight is the symbol of your Being, my beloved–above in the Great Causal Body of God, whose electronic fire rings surround your own individual I AM Presence, and below in the spheres of your solar awareness, manifesting the manifold expressions of your free will throughout your incarnations on earth.

It is the fiery destiny of your soul, symbolized by the dot in the lower sphere, to become one with the fiery ovoid, symbolized by the dot in the upper sphere. [See chart]chart The figure eight consists of the two spheres of being–the one permanent, the one nonpermanent. The alchemical marriagemarriage of the above and the below is through the blessed Mediator, the BRANCH, symbolized by the dot at the nexus of the figure eight.

The nexus is the point of your initiation on the fourth ray and the eighth ray where the south gates of the upper and lower spheres are one. [See chart.]initiationsb These initiations are the key to the integration of the whole through the Ruby Ray. This is the dispensation to earth’s evolutions in the decade of the 1980s. Thus I have come in the closing months of 1979 with my message of the Path that you might prepare yourselves for the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will come to those who have made themselves ready to be the bride of the Lamb.

The bride is the soul who hath made herself ready, emptying the lower spheres of soul awareness that they might be filled with the light of the electronic fire rings. The self-emptying process is achieved through the flushing out of the chakras by the crystal clear waters of the river of life flowing from the fount of the Trinity and the Mother.

The throne of my Presence in the heart of the God Star is the Mother chakra in Spirit which corresponds with and holds the positive polarity for the Sun of Even Pressure in the heart of the planets that serve the present evolutionary chain of life. All who are preparing themselves for this alchemical marriage are called upon to meditate upon the blue fire sun of the God Star that contains the Mother lode of the universes.

It is by this Mother lode–the white-fire core of the blue fire sun–that the base-of-the-spine chakras are activated in the saints. And the raising up of that Mother light is for the weaving of the wedding garment which Serapis Bey has revealed to you as the Deathless Solar Body.

The Deathless Solar Body is the Matter coordinate of the Great Causal Body. It is woven by your instrumentation of the Word–you, the instrument of the Word, reciting the Mother mantras, singing the devotional songs unto the Trinity of the East and the West, delivering the dynamic decree, and offering with the fiery fervor of love the prayers of the BRANCH as he delivers through you the power of the Word that penetrates the night of human despair and despondency.

The Word is the Mediator. The Word is the BRANCH. The Word is your Christ Self. And the release of that Word as the Lord’s judgment that divides within your own members the Real and the unreal is the foundation of the ascension coil.

The coil consists of the seven initiations of the saints who follow the Lamb, preparing them for the eighth-ray integration of the spheres of being. This ascension is the soul’s birth within the Spirit ovoid. It is the soul’s reception into heaven to “sit on the right hand of God.”  When the soul–which is the feminine potential of Selfhood–is received into heaven, she comes as the wife of the Lamb. The bride of the Lamb is truly that soul who has entered into the marriage of the Christ Self.

But the soul who is received into heaven is already the wife of the Lamb. The marriage ceremony has taken place in the Matter spheres. The Christ, who is the Lord of the soul, has taken his bride unto himself and the twain have become one ‘flesh’, one substance, one Selfhood. The soul, wearing the bridal gown of its solar awareness, has been assumed unto the Christ consciousness. This assumption is the ritual of the ascent of the virgin (the soul) by the living Christ.

This Second Person of the Trinity of Being represents the positive polarity of the Spirit sphere, whence it has descended to the point of the Mediator to receive unto himself the soul who has gone out of the way of the Tree of Life. Stationed at the point of the nexus, he is accessible to all who dwell in ‘the earth’ (the Matter sphere). From that point of his precipitation of the Christ consciousness on behalf of his bride, the Beloved sings the song of love unto the soul:  “Draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you.”

The Mediatorship of the Christ Self is the open door whereby the soul passes from its nonpermanent existence in Matter to the permanent atom of being, the I AM THAT I AM, in Spirit. Only that which is purified and perfected may pass through the door held open by the Bridegroom. Thus it is given to the Lamb’s wife to be arrayed in that fine linen, clean and white, which is the righteousness of saints. And the righteousness of saints is their righteous use of the laws of God through the science of the Word that becomes first their auric forcefield and then their wedding garment.

The Christ Self is the Lamb of God whose Person within the soul Serpent and his seed have sought to slay since the foundation of the Word in Matter. The soul must then become the champion of the Christ incarnate, slaying all dragons and beasts of the fallen ones who would destroy the image of the Christ within itself–and within the souls of the holy innocents. Only the soul who is willing to slay every manifestation of Antichrist can become the bride of the living Christ. Only the soul who becomes the faithful bride of the living Christ can walk on the arm of the Bridegroom into the heavenly reception.

The saints who follow the Lamb are those who are becoming the Lamb’s honored wife through the seven initiations I have outlined. And when the soul and the Christ Self are no longer twain, but one, even as I and my Father are one, then that one who is now called ‘the Christed One’ ascends to God. This ascension is the merging of the lower sphere with the upper sphere and was mystically noted by the Lord Jesus to his disciples in the upper room as “sitting on the right hand of God.”

The seat of authority on the right hand of God is the seat of the Lamb, and all who thus ascend to him in the glory of the virgin light occupy that office at his ‘right hand’. In this initiation, the two dots, the soul and the Spirit, are in the center of the upper sphere in the Alpha/Omega polarity. Thus the son of God who is ascended manifests the personality of the Son in relationship to the impersonality of the Father. And this plus/minus factor of Universal Being provides the rotation of light for the turning of worlds both within and without the Spirit sphere.

The ministry of John the Baptizer and of Jesus the Christed One began with the initiation which I now set squarely before you, my beloved:  the taking up of serpents. Both gave a spectacular and stupendous demonstration of the Lord who is Christ denouncing he who is Antichrist. Before all other considerations, my sons John and Jesus gave themselves to the exposure of the truth concerning the generation of vipers, the seed of Serpent, the wicked ones whose corrupt consciousness (fruit) reveals the corrupt source (tree).

John and Jesus came to save the Woman and her seed from the seed of the Wicked One. Who, then, is Serpent?  And who are his generation?

In the Great Rebellion against the Lord God Almighty and the hosts of his heavenly hierarchy, Lucifer seduced no small number of angelic bands led by his cohorts. Their names are mentioned in the Book of Enoch, and in other books of the Apocrypha, and in the codified scriptures of East and West.

More notable are the names Satan, Beelzebub, Belial, Baal, etc. One such name, that of the more shrewd and subtil leader of a band of fallen ones, has come to be lowercased in the lexicon of sacred scripture and it has taken on a symbolic rather than personal connotation. It is that of Serpent.

Whereas the term “great dragon” refers to the conglomerate of the entire Luciferian false hierarchy arrayed against the Great White Brotherhood, its individual members and hierarchs specialize in certain phases of the ‘dragon’s’ persecution of the Woman and in the war waged by the Luciferian false hierarchy against the remnant of the Woman’s seed.

Whereas Satan is known as the original Murderer using the murder of the lightbearers to thwart the divine plan of God in the earth, Serpent, who is also “called the Devil and Satan,” is the Archdeceiver, the original Liar and the father of lies whose philosophy of deception, based on fear and doubt, is his modus operandi in his warfare against the true Christs and the true prophets.

Serpent is the Wicked One whose seed, along with Satan’s, is sown as tares among the good wheat of the Christic seed. It is this seed who are called the offspring of the vipers. “Viper” is from the Greek translation of the proper name “Serpent” who, together with the fallen ones of his band, was cast out of heaven and took embodiment on earth where they have continued to reincarnate since the Great Rebellion.

When John the Baptist saw the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he knew who they were:  not only the offspring of that original band of fallen ones, but the very wicked ones themselves reembodied. When he denounced them as the “generation of vipers,” he was speaking of them collectively as the original band who had followed Serpent, the cohort of Satan and Lucifer. When he exposed their real motive in coming to his baptism as “fleeing from the wrath to come,” he spoke of the wrath of God as the white fire of his judgment that should come upon Serpent and his seed in the last days. Therefore he demanded that they bring forth fruits meet for repentance (evidence of humility, love, and obeisance before the Lord’s Christ) whereby they might yet repent of their sworn enmity with the Woman and her Manchild.

So great was the zeal of the Lord upon John the Baptist that he not only denounced the seed of Serpent in the false hierarchy of Israel but he attacked the false hierarchy of Rome itself–Herod, the tetrarch, whose father had sought to take the life of the Saviour as soon as he was born. John the Baptist denounced Herod for taking unto himself Herodias, the wife of his brother Philip, and for all the evils which the Herods had done in defamation of the Word and in desecration of the little child. For this, John was shut up in prison and ultimately beheaded, whereupon he was received into heaven and sat upon the right hand of God–but not before he had fulfilled his mission to prepare the way of the Lord’s coming, to make straight his Path of the Ruby Ray whereby Christ’s followers might follow him through the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins to the coming baptism by the sacred fire of the Holy Ghost through Christ the Lord, whose herald he was.

When the Lord Jesus was led up of the Holy Spirit to challenge and be challenged by the false hierarch Satan, he first fasted forty days and forty nights. This followed his water baptism by John in Jordan and his fire baptism by the sacred fire of the Holy Ghost which descended upon him in the form of a dove. Whereas his herald had confronted the serpents, the seed of the original Liar and his lie, Jesus confronted the original Murderer and his murder, the force of Death and Hell itself personified in Satan and his electronic forcefield.

The three temptations which Satan gave to him were the same with which Serpent had beguiled his mother, Eve. The Son Jesus Christ came for the redemption of Mother and the Mother flame. The Serpent who spoke to the woman in the garden of Eden was the leader of a band of fallen angels who fell from the second ray of the Lord’s wisdom. Before their fall, their understanding of God and his laws governing the path of initiation and of individual Christhood was more complete (subtil) than that of any other angels (beasts) of the field of God’s consciousness which the Lord God had made in the beginning.

This fallen one was selected from the Luciferian councils as the one most able to turn the woman away from her first love in God who had come to her in the person of the Great Initiator, Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Christ, as well as from her second love, that of her beloved twin flame.

The seeds of doubt and fear formed the foundation of Serpent’s questioning of the Lawgiver and his Law. Impugning the motive of Maitreya, Serpent set himself up as the false hierarch and impostor of the Cosmic Christ. And ever since, he has, with his seed, maintained the foundations of the false hierarchy’s philosophy of Antichrist in economics, politics, the social sciences, and the culture of civilization–all on the basis that his way is better than God’s way, that he knows what God knows and knows it better, and what’s more, that he knows what is best for His offspring on earth.

While the tactic of this fallen one is to destroy the Word of God by detracting from it, carefully removing the sacred-fire mysteries of the Holy Grail from the codified scriptures of East and West, his temptation of Eve was based on his distortion of the Word. Thus he perverts the Trinity by false initiation–giving to the woman the fruit of Light that is forbidden except through the initiation of the Christ; by false teaching–“Ye shall not surely die”; and by false comfort–“Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

The fallen ones have continued to prate their lie, assuring their own seed that there is no Devil, no final judgment, and no second death. Having almost convinced their own seed that it is possible to circumvent the true path of individual Christhood, replacing it with the vicarious atonement, they have in them willing instruments of the lie and the Liar who promote their false doctrine and dogma, making their version of religion and God-government compatible with the pleasure cult whereby the seed of the Woman are led to their own apparently ‘freewill’ destruction of the Word.

The same temptations to distort the flame of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost were presented by the Antichrist, Satan himself, to the Lord Jesus. But he who had vowed to destroy the works of the Devil knew of the enmity which the Lord God had placed between Serpent and the Woman and between Serpent’s seed and the Christic seed of the Mother.

He knew that Serpent’s head (his intellectual philosophy, his scientific humanism, his deification of the carnal mind and of the godless materialism and mechanization of the Watchers and their soulless creation) would be bruised and ultimately destroyed by the God-mastery of the Son of God in the Piscean dispensation. He also knew that until the final judgment when this chaff creation should be consumed by the unquenchable sacred fire of the Holy Ghost, it would not relent in its attempt to bruise the heel (the self-mastery in Pisces) of the Christic seed of the Woman.

Jesus the Christ, whose soul had been embodied as righteous Abel and had suffered death by the hand of the unrighteous Cain, knew firsthand the sorrows of Adam and Eve following their unsuccessful bout with Serpent, the representative of the entire Luciferian false hierarchy. Thus he vowed to me the vow which he fulfilled 6,666 cycles following the fall of his parents. Prepared on the Path of the Ruby Ray with Joseph and Mary from his birth to his twelfth year and then in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood until the age of thirty, he came to John in the prearranged meeting for the initiation of the baptism. He was ready in the fullest manifestation of the Word to take on Satan and through him Serpent and his lie, denying the lawful path of initiation–which was the original sin.

Rightly called the “last Adam” (the last incarnation of the son of “the first man Adam”), the Son of God went forth boldly to expose the entire Satanic false hierarchy as having no power, no wisdom, and no love to thwart the mighty Threefold Flame of Life in the hearts of God’s children. In the wilderness of the astral plane, the citadel of the fallen ones, he stood and still stands for the descendants of the Adamic race who were henceforth to be called the I AM Race. These are the sons and daughters of Alpha and Omega who will restore the divinity of the Father/Mother God in Adam and Eve and in all twin flames who will reenter with them the Path of the Ruby Ray–this time to win.

Thus I AM the Restorer of the Light of these twin flames and their descendants. And through the Saviour of that race–the son of the man, Adam, who has become the Son of God, Christ Jesus–Satan and every fallen one was, is, and can be summarily dismissed with the Word of God spoken through you:  “Get thee hence, Satan:  for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

This is the true religion of the Lord God who appeared to Adam and Eve in the ‘first’ (the Alpha) mystery school, and it remains the true religion of those who, as their descendants, have come to the ‘last’ (the Omega) mystery school to restore the grace of God in the name of their Son, Jesus.

I AM with you, my beloved, in the first and the last (the Alpha and the Omega) Guru, Lord Maitreya. And I AM Alpha and Omega in the beginning and the ending of the cycles of your karma in the Matter sphere.

Now together let us accelerate as we–I through you and you through me–take up these serpents and cast them out by the Word of God, by the Son Jesus Christ and by the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood whom he represents in the lineage of the Ruby Ray. Let the woman of Genesis be redeemed through the Woman of Revelation. For that Woman represents the soul of every child of God who has descended into the Matter sphere and who will ascend through the open door of the righteous BRANCH.

I AM the Ancient of Days reminding you, my beloved, of your vow made with righteous Abel to destroy the works of the Devil and to redeem the Woman and her seed throughout all the earth.

By the four cosmic forces and by the Lord’s living Presence in the Community of the Holy Spirit, I AM the open door which no serpent disguised as the Son of man can shut!

Sanat Kumara

Mantra for Meditation of the Word
on the Blue Fire Sun of Sirius
Light will overcome,
Light will make us one.
Light from blue fire sun,
Command us now all free!

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