Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 22 No. 41 - Sanat Kumara - October 14, 1979


Seven Initiations of the Saints
Who Follow the Lamb


Beloved of the Lamb:

In the midst of unveiling the Word and opening the seven-sealed book, I have brought to you the message of the Lord Christ spoken unto ‘the eleven’ <1>just before “he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.”  This message, included in the sixteenth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, though indefinite in its human origin, is most certainly of the origin divine.

And lo, the Lord, the I AM THAT I AM incarnate in Jesus Christ, returned in the hour of his ascension to the great white throne, to the Court of the Sacred Fire midst the four and twenty elders, and to the seat of authority of the Ancient of Days. It is the seat of God-government of the galaxies. It is the seat whence the sons of God descend and ascend in their coursings and their missions to the children of God scattered throughout the galaxies.

Pinpointed in time and space, this seat of the hierarchical order of the sons of God and his heavenly hosts is the God Star Sirius. This star of great outer magnitude is but the sign of the inner Sun behind the sun and the coordinate in this sector of cosmos of the Great Central Sun of all suns.

Sirius, however, is a reference point. It is a point for your meditation upon the God consciousness of the spheres. For within the nuclei of star centers is a law of harmony that governs all of cosmos. Meditation upon this law and upon the physical representation of this law, specifically in the God Star Sirius, is a connecting point to souls of earth with inner threads of light and cords that bind the soul to higher dimensions of cosmic consciousness ensouled by Elohim.

Thus we counsel you, beloved of the Lamb, to move in your meditation from the outer manifestation of universal principles to the inner realization of the Void of which they are the sign and the symbol. The physical composition of Sirius and its binary star is like so many other stars. When we speak of the God Star, we speak of a plane of consciousness where life has accelerated to etheric perfection and to the octaves of light beyond the highest frequencies yet within the range of what is called Matter.

The planes of heaven beyond the planes of time and space are exalted in the God Star through the God consciousness of the vast being known as Surya. Surya, the Great Guru, and his chela, the Ascended Master Cuzco, are the ensouling divinities of these two points of light that move as one–as Alpha and Omega in a positive/negative polarity.

Within the spiral staircase of the planes of heaven ensouled by them, Enoch was shown the beauties and the mysteries of a life far, far beyond the earth earthy into which the children of Adam had descended. From the God Star, Enoch had descended and to it he ascended. It is the home star of the messengers and the avatars who have one and all come to earth bearing the light of the Mother Star (chakra) to fan the fires of Love on the hearts’ altars of earth’s evolutions.

Why do I speak to you of Sirius?  O my children, I speak to you for the awakening of your souls to the memory of the Ancient of Days and our togetherness in the vast millenniums and in the forever fastnesses of the Almighty. To put you in contact with the inner light of Sirius is my office. As the mediator of that light, I am the bearer of comfort to your souls who mourn the loss of the light of Mother and who are now ready to reestablish the tie to the great white throne, the seat of the Great White Brotherhood whence you descended so long ago.

This is the hour of the preparation for the ascent. Since last I wrote to you before the autumn equinox, one among your members was taken by God in the ritual of the ascension, neath the rod of Serapis Bey, to the Court of the Sacred Fire. Amen. A soul returned to the point of divine origin.

Her ascent is the weaving of a spiral staircase, a ladder of light from your heart to the heart of the God Star. And what do you see but numberless angels of the Nameless One ascending and descending this ladder of light. These angels carry your meditations of the Mother, your powerful prayers imploring the Lord for deliverance and salvation unto his people. And the angels descending carry the authority of the Word from the office of the Lamb who is worthy.

It is here in the Court of the Sacred Fire that I, the Ancient of Days, receive each son and daughter of God whose earthly record is stamped “Mission Accomplished.”  Thus I have received the Lord Jesus and each and every soul who has mastered the inner blueprint of life by acceleration into the God flame that is the center of the blueprint and the origin whence it came.

I speak to you of the ascension and of ascension’s power. For that very ascension and that very power are for your daily affirmation of the Word. And by and by, the perfection of that Word will return to you out of the Void of the God Star your own ascension in the light. And the power it confers is yours to transfer to the lesser lights of the universes.

Well should you acclaim the Ascended Lady Master Kristine, the new name given to Florence Jeannette Miller. For in acclaiming the name of the one chosen, you take a single step–the all-important step–toward the Nameless One. This One shall one day confer upon you, my beloved (in the not too distant future as the vast cycles of Life unfold), the new name “which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it,” written in the white stone, that issues from the fiery core of your own I AM Presence.

The sign of the ascendant son of God is the sign of your own soul’s return to the Mother flame in the fullness of time and space. And, my beloved, when all initiations of the Ruby Ray have been fulfilled, it becomes the signal for the opening of the seven-sealed Book of Life–your own life and life record. For in the final analysis, only you can open that seven-sealed book. It is the book which contains the law of your innermost being–you in the Son and in the Father and in the Holy Ghost–you fulfilling the gospel of all three and then tracing, by your soul’s comings and goings here and there and everywhere on earth, the gospel foursquare.

Your outpicturing of that gospel day by day is your Dharma–your duty to be yourself and the instrument of the Teacher and the teaching who is your Real Christ Self. This Dharma of Selfhood realized in the Teacher and the teaching is the cornerstone of each one’s divine plan, each one’s own building of the Great Pyramid of Life. What one initiate has done, all initiates must do. Thus the Great Pyramid of Life, your life lived in God, is founded upon the Threefold Flame of the threefold gospel of the Trinity which you, my beloved, demonstrate for the children of God with all of the ‘signs following’ of the foursquare gospel made manifest by the Mother and the Maitreya within you.

Pause then for a moment in your pilgrimage, you who are the bearers of the Rose Cross, and contemplate the mystery of the ascension of your co-worker and friend, a chela of El Morya whom I now defend as the example and forerunner on the Path of the Ruby Ray.

In the hours between her soul’s transition from the physical to the etheric planes on September 17 and her ascension on September 20, beloved Florence was received by Saint Germain with Lanello and magnificent seraphim standing by at the Royal Teton Retreat. From noon on Monday until Thursday at dawn, while the Mother and disciples kept the vigil at the Matter tomb, she was instructed by the Brotherhood in the role the Lord had called her to portray on the Path of the Ruby Ray, an example and a sign for chelas today and generations to come of the acceleration of light within the soul and its four outer vehicles.

Her path for many centuries had been that of surrender, self-sacrifice, service, and selflessness guided by the ascended masters under the four cosmic forces. Always living for the mission of the Guru and my messengers, she transcended earthly modes and manifestations. Her light filled the cups of consciousness to overflowing, creating new streams of immersion in Christ’s love for all following the breezes of her billowing bridal garment.

The Lady Kristine–‘twas the name given her by Saint Germain at La Tourelle–was then taken to the Cave of Symbols where, in the company of beloved Rex, Nada, Bob, and Pearl (ascended master youth who received the initiations for the ascension under the auspices of the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain, Lady Master Leto, and the messengers Godfre and Lotus in the 1930s), she (her soul in her etheric/mental/feeling vehicles while her physical vehicle lay unconscious in the hospital) was seated in the atomic accelerator known as the ascension chair. <2>

By means of this astounding apparatus invented by Saint Germain, the ascension flame spirals through atoms, cells, and molecules of sheath upon sheath of the outer and inner consciousness, preparing them for the ritual of consummate love whereby the soul is wed to Spirit in the actual ascension.

This light intensifying in the soul who is servant of the Most High–who has balanced at least fifty-one percent of her karma and concluded her round of earthly incarnations–is that grace of the Lord (the Christ who is Guru) whereby the words and works of the chela are stepped up, up, up beyond the earthly orbit and the laws of atomic weight, density, and gravitation until the soul is, as it were, ‘free floating’ in the octaves of Spirit. Thus, for those who have earned the ascension, the ascended masters provide this and other magnificent tools for the implementation of the victory.

If this sounds too fantastic, beloved, you had better know that the many mansions of the Father’s house, which include the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, contain even more fantastic inventions affecting every aspect of the evolution of life on earth and elsewhere. Is it not written:  “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him”?

When you hear of unconventional, unorthodox things of the Spirit, you must consider that even the pneumatika, spiritual gifts of the Holy Ghost, were at one time unknown and unheard of and are even today scoffed at. Then perhaps you can begin to see why the Lord has hid these things from the wise and prudent and has revealed them unto babes.

Such a rut of the astral plane and of concrete intellectualism are the dear people of this planet fallen into, that almost any new teaching as pertains to life after death and existence on the etheric plane between successive incarnations of the soul is considered by many to be spurious or synthetic–just because it is new. Just because they have never heard of it before. Just because “it isn’t in the Bible”!

Well, we thank God that we have a messenger who is not only an eyewitness to these events which take place on the etheric plane but who also has the courage to deliver to you our “far, far out” messages in the face of the fast and furious ridicule of the crows cawing on the fence. And we thank God that we have chelas who know the meaning of being the Lord’s vessel.

Our chelas are our cups. They contain our certain word of prophecy. Thus the torch that is passed is not dropped, and this generation is not about to lose the most precious gift of the avatars of the ages:  The Continuity of The Word.

With the ascension of the Lady Kristine, the saying that is written is come to pass:  “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”  And the one taken could not go on to the other shore of God’s consciousness unless the one left remained on this bank of the river of life. And the one left could not remain on this bank unless the one taken crossed over the river of life to the other shore.

And John Baptist was taken and Jesus Christ was left. <3> And by and by the Lord was taken and the apostles were left. And then they were taken and you, my beloved disciples, were left–lo, these two thousand years–to fulfill the gospel foursquare, to preach the living Word until the acceptable year of the Lord’s incarnation within you, bodily. Then, when he should come to you personally in the Second Advent and when, in the Person of the Christ, you should have accomplished the preaching of the gospel in all the world for a witness unto all nations–then and only then shall the end of the spiral of your own soul’s incarnations in the earth earthy come.

That hour is coming for all who worship the King of kings by words and works of love and only love. This is the accelerated Path of the Ruby Ray that promises to all the fullness of Life here and hereafter, the never-ending cycles of the Life lived universally and triumphantly forever and forever.

Yes, your beloved Florence ascended in the presence of our two witnesses and that company of angels from whose bands she had descended so long ago to go after the lost sheep of her Father’s house. She has returned gloriously gratified and beatified with many sheep in her arms. May you also, my beloved. Her garment may you touch for strength and hope in the essence of her holiness, and for nearness to your heavenly Spouse.

For this cause and to this end we take you by the hand and lead you step by step. This we did with the Lady Kristine. And now she, the patroness of Holland, will walk with you the very same steps for your victory. And the Body of the Lord as the body of believers above and below are one, fortifying souls and fasting earthly senses for one another’s victory.

Basking in the love of one who has become that Woman clothed with the sun <4>giving birth to the Christ consciousness with the World Mother in all of her children, let us return with all diligence to the subject at hand:

In order to define and refine for you the profound meaning of my Word spoken through the Lord Jesus Christ, I have already taken you through seven releases of light in the Pearls of Wisdom. This I have done not by way of digression from my subject, the opening of the seventh seal, but rather to enable you to fulfill the law of the Lamb who is worthy.

There are two commands of the Father and the Son and five signs of the Holy Spirit which follow the word and works of those who obey them. These seven initiations under the Mother flame are set forth [in Mark 16] within the final admonishment to the initiates of the Lamb given by the Lord Jesus prior to his ascension. The obedience of those disciples who were left while he was taken is noted by the promised signs which accompanied them as they preached everywhere.

Because they obeyed the command to preach the Word of the Ancient of Days, because they believed in the incarnate Word–the actual embodiment of the I AM THAT I AM as the Lord in Jesus Christ–and were baptized by the immersion of consciousness in the Father and the Son and by communion in the body and blood of Alpha and Omega–they were empowered by the Holy Ghost to cast out devils by the Sacred Name of the Father and the Son as I have taught you to do in the giving of The Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism.

Each of these seven points of the law of individual Christhood is yours to fulfill under the seven chohans of the rays. The chohans are anointed by me to administer these initiations to earth’s evolutions. Each of them is become the Lamb worthy to open the seven-sealed book and has indeed taken that book from my right hand, being thereby fully empowered as the Lord of the Ray–the embodiment of the Law of the Ray–unto you who are yet striving to enter into the fullness of the white-fire core of each of the seven rays.

To submit oneself to these seven servant-sons for training and testing in the laws of Christhood in preparation for the Second Advent is indeed a point of humility and earnestness which is never overlooked by the recording angels or the Lord Christ himself. Whereas to demand that the Lord of the vineyard come down to you when he has already sent both his servants and his Son is to ignore the hierarchical chain that functions as a coiled spring.

Coil by coil the light of the Godhead is transferred to you by emissaries of the Most High eminently qualified to occupy the spirals of the vast chain of hierarchical light, accelerating and decelerating to accommodate the varying needs of the evolutions of cosmos. Just as you, my beloved, represent me and my office and the entire lineage of the Ruby Ray to those who do not know of us–our name, our Word, our vibration–just as those who receive you, receive me–for I AM in you and you are in me–so it is a key initiation for all who would approach the throne of grace to receive the one sent by the Master–his messenger, his prophet, his witness.

The chohans are this. They represent the Christ in the capacity of forerunner. When you receive them in their name and office, you receive the reward of their name and office–an actual portion of the light of their Christ consciousness conferred upon them by the Lord. And through them and their proximity to Him on the coiled spring of cosmos, you are that much nearer your personal Saviour.

Thus under El Morya you submit to the exercise of the power of the Word–preaching the gospel to every creature. Under Lord Lanto, you trust and obey the Guru/chela relationship by believing and being baptized. And under Paul the Venetian, you learn to embody that measure of love whereby you cast out devils in the name of Christ’s love simply because the accelerated love of the Ruby Ray is intolerable to them.

Now this is a point of the Great Law which I must develop before taking up the initiation of the fourth ray:  The demons cannot assimilate the pure love of Christ as love; therefore, it assimilates them. This love is the all-consuming fire of the Holy Ghost which consumes all unlike itself. You see, the demons function under the law of consume or be consumed–destroy or be destroyed. Let me explain.

The only way that the demons can conquer love is by turning it into hatred which then manifests on the astral plane as floating grids and forcefields of hate and hate creation directed by the demons at those children of the light in whom dwell the Trinity and the Mother flame. This perfect love–which the demons would tempt you to misqualify by turning it to fear, anxiety, self-doubt and doubt of the Greater Self (and the ghosts of other hobgoblins)–is the liberating force and forcefield that the Almighty has set in motion for the deliverance of all life.

This love is the energy that flows from the Sacred Heart of the Christed ones. It is the vital essence of the light of the Son (mystically referred to as ‘the blood’ and actually present within the centrosome of the cells of the bloodstream). It is the crystal clear elixir of eternal life which the Christ confers upon his disciples in the ritual of communion.

This light is coveted by the demons of Death and Hell who must have it in order to sustain their existence beyond the circle of Life in the Father and the Son. Because they have nought of Christ’s love or light within them, they must vampirize it from his children.

This process is far more subtil than the popular Count Dracula/Frankenstein monster-type activity. It is rather the permeation of society by mechanized perversions of the love ray–from lust and sensuality, high-priced and high-fashioned, unnatural and unspiritual sex oozing from every advertisement and television commercial, motion pictures, and pornographic photography–all captivating the eye, the attention, hence the energy of the people–to the depressions of a self-centered existence and the art and music forms which violate the universal law of the God of Harmony, who is indeed the very God of Love.

I speak to you thus of Love. For unless you understand how desperate are the demons to convert the energy of Christ’s healing love to their own vibration of anti-Light, you will not appreciate the war that is being waged from astral shores upon every part of life–the animals, the plant life, and the earth itself.

This battle of Armageddon is engaged in by the demons and all adepts of the left-handed path who employ the devils to do their ‘dirty work’ for the express purpose of stealing the light/energy/consciousness of Christ (his blood) in his children and turning it against them in the ultimate defeat of the death of that soul which sinneth and repenteth not. And often, my beloved, the souls who do not repent are those who are held in the relentless death grip of the sinister force and have lost the will to live or fight or eat or breathe, so weakened are they by the heavy depression and density with which the demons weigh them down, down, down–spiritually, morally, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Such conditions as prevail among the youth and vast segments of the population, often through drug addiction, require nothing less than Christed liberators complete with helmet and shield and the whole armour of God, accompanied by the legions of light with their flaming swords.

Now do you see, dear ones, why I have stressed the casting out of demons in my name?  Earth has been invaded by the demons of the bottomless pit who have perverted the rhythm of Love in the mechanization of synthetic molecules and in the rocking of the beat of Life until it has become the rocked beat of death, perverting the Mother flame under the fallen angel Abaddon.

All of the myriad mechanizations of life that was once America the beautiful and the bountiful have for many who have no moorings in Christ’s love turned their joy in life and light to the ashes of self-disintegration. For them–God have mercy–the prophecy is come to pass:  “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.”

Therefore to you who are waging the warfare of The Word against the astral hordes of devils and discords polluting the mainstream of America’s life and love flame I say, guard the heart as the seat of Christ’s authority in you and guard the flow of Christ’s energy, lovingly:  God Harmony is the Sword and the Word by which we conquer. Guard the flow, guard the love, guard the light, and the earth will endure her dark night of the soul unto a glorious resurrection. And this truly is the sign of Christ’s love within you, that the devils and their hate and hate creation are utterly consumed in your Presence.

The five signs of the Holy Spirit, of which this is the first, are the signs of your self-mastery on the five secret rays as well as on the path of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh rays. Saints serving the great multitude on the west gate are undergoing these seven initiations on the seven gates simultaneously [noted on the charts included with this Pearl].

Thus the first initiation, preaching the gospel to every creature, is under the office of the Man through the Person of the Son Jesus Christ on the east gate. The second initiation of believing and being baptized is under the office of the Lion through the Person of the Father Lord Maitreya on the north gate. The third initiation, the first of the ‘signs following’, is under the office of the Calf through the Person of the Holy Spirit Gautama Buddha on the west gate.

This initiation of the Ruby Ray begins the unfoldment of the five-pointed star, the sign of the coming of the Son of man within you. It continues with the second sign on the south gate under the office of the flying Eagle through the Person of the Mother and unfolds the third sign on the east, the fourth on the north, and the fifth on the west gates of the City Foursquare (in the Matter sphere) as that city is the reflection of the New Jerusalem.

The numbers one to seven [noted on the charts] refer to the numbers of the seven rays and the chakras which the Lord within you accelerates by the grace of God as you pass through the initiations given. The initiation of the eighth ray is the return to the point of the Mother at the south gate. When the ritual of oneness with the embodied Lamb has been fulfilled by the chela of The Guru Ma, then the soul accelerates over the figure-eight spiral through the ritual of the ascension and is “received up into heaven” to sit upon the right hand of God. That Mother flame, realized in the Guru/chela relationship upon earth and in heaven, always leads to the God Star, to the great white throne, and to complete identification with the Great White Brotherhood.

The initiation of the ninth ray is the return of the ascended master to the point of the Son on the east gate (in Spirit) where he is now become the Lord working with his embodied disciples confirming the presence of his Word within them by means of the signs which follow them (in Matter) whithersoever they go with the Lamb.

Thus the Ascended Lady Master Kristine has completed the eighth and begun the ninth initiations of the Ruby Ray–whilst the two prophets held the balance for her, the Mother on this side of the bridge, the Father on the other. This bridge of Life is the narrow path of initiation whereby the soul crosses the wide chasm between the nonpermanent and permanent worlds.

The dispensation of the two witnesses who come in the hour of the great gathering of the elect unto the ascension is one of holding the bridge in suspension until the elect have crossed over. This is the balance that our messengers hold for you and for all on earth who follow the cycles of the Ruby Ray. And you, my beloved, are called upon by the Darjeeling Council to hold the balance for a world and its lifewaves, that the platform for every level of evolution might be preserved and the next in line approach the bridge.

Now you who wonder what the saints in heaven are doing who watch over you may reflect upon the ministrations of the Lady Kristine whose activities on the ninth ray are very much enmeshed with your own. Ascended masters on the ninth ray are the coordinates of the embodied servants of the Lamb. They work best and most ardently with those who understand this intimate interaction twixt heaven and earth through the initiates of the degrees and are the glad, free, willing vessel for the ‘holy water’ of their beloved brothers and sisters.

This mutual service of love that spans the octaves and the light-years is referred to as the meshing of the bridal veils. As the bride above tosses her bouquet to the bride-to-be below, it is the conferment of the fleur-de-lis–flower of the Sacred Heart–whereby the veil of the Cosmic Virgin shall be passed in due season to the ‘maid of honor’.

The seven initiations recorded in the Gospel of Mark [16:15-18], as they are revealed by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit to each devotee of the Ruby Ray, disclose an inner and an outer path, an Alpha and an Omega manifestation. The Alpha initiation is received in direct interchange with the chohan of the ray in his etheric retreat. The Omega is received directly or indirectly in the outer retreat of our mystery school through our messengers.

The three levels of experience which the soul undergoes in these initiations of the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind do not always register in the outer mind of the devotee engaged in study and service. The certainty of your initiation, my beloved, lies not in your outer knowing or in your outer memory, but in that self-knowledge which knows that it is engaged in the very process of life becoming Life through the Guru/chela relationship, that one is doing one’s best day by day and leaving the rest to God.

Your being is a sphere, yet you entertain linear awareness. The compartments of your thinking and feeling vehicles are not always adequate to contain all of the memories of your soul’s coming and goings in the octaves of light while you carry on your “role playing” on earth. Nor is it necessary that you examine every morsel of heavenly manna to be assimilated by consciousness where you are. Thus you rely upon the mediator of your Christ Self to guide and guard each outer footstep as a key to inner attainment. The ascended masters and their messengers reinforce the light of the Mediator in your life so long as you trust the living Word.

Many of our chelas are accelerating even now into an inner action of the law of their inner being beyond any level previously attained in this or past embodiments because you have studiously with great spiritual depth pondered my Word in these releases. And you have put it on as a garment to be worn daily. You see, it is our desire to bring you to the point of God-mastery on each of these seven points of the Law so that you are poised and ready on the west gate in Matter, fulfilling the Word midst the great multitude while accelerating the sacred fires of ascension’s flame that are reserved for those in line behind the Ruby Ray lineage to take the eighth-ray initiation.

In preparation for the initiation of the eighth ray, you may balance all but seven percent of your karma, as many avatars have done, and remain in the earth as a true shepherd of the people for decades and longer, even returning in a succeeding incarnation to fulfill to the uttermost the bodhisattva ideal.

Once you do take the initiation of the eighth ray, your assignment on the ninth ray prior to the tenth-ray initiation of the Lamb is to serve side by side with embodied devotees until your ascended master light body is so thoroughly meshed with their outer vehicles that they can truly say, “I and my Father are one, I and my Mother are one.”

Not until all of your flock who are called by the Law are chosen by the Lord to begin preparation for the eighth-ray initiation are you then invited to take the initiation of the Lamb before the great white throne. For you must be ‘in earth’ in your disciples simultaneously as you are ‘in heaven’ in your Guru to qualify for the office of Lamb who is the supreme mediator of both. And after you have attained to this level of mediatorship in the Cosmic Christ, there remain the eleventh through the fourteenth steps of initiation, which you will fulfill through continuous interaction with the lifewaves of the Spirit/Matter universes whom it is your Dharma to ensoul with the Teacher and the teaching.

My message on the opening of the seventh seal, then, is not intended to be another vicarious atonement whereby I or my seven chohans should open the Book of Life for you. Rather, all of our instruction is purposed by the Lord God Almighty to give to you a nucleus of light upon which to meditate and finally become so that you, my beloved, may also be with the sons of God on Sirius, the Lamb who is worthy to take the seven-sealed book from my hand and to open it.

Won’t you take now a seven-day cycle to review all that has gone before in these Pearls of Wisdom and to daily meditate upon the God Star, using the compelling call to beloved Surya in the Great Central Sun which I dictated to your Messenger Mark L. Prophet for this very moment when you should make the leap in consciousness into the fohatic light of Sirius?

I AM the Lord of Life and of the Ruby Ray unto the saints upon earth who stand and still stand as the coordinators of the saints in heaven and of the light from far-off worlds. In the seat of authority of the Great White Brotherhood, I sit upon the great white throne with the four and twenty elders and the councils of the sons of God who occupy the office of the Lamb.


Sanat Kumara

By the Threefold Flame in all Life
I AM judging the twelve tribes of Israel



 Read Mark 16; I Cor. 15:47; Rev. 5; 2:17; John 14:2; I Cor. 2; Matt. 11:25; 24:36-41; 24:14; 10:5, 6; 15:24; 18:12-14; 21:33-44; 10:40-42; John 6:29; Heb. 6:20; Eph. 6:10-20; Rev. 9:1-12; 14:1-5; John 10:30.

1. ‘The eleven’ is used in Mark 16:14 as a collective term–i.e., council–not necessarily implying that eleven persons were present.

2. For more information on Rex, Nada, Bob, and Pearl and on the atomic accelerator see Godfre Ray King, The Magic Presence (Chicago: Saint Germain Press, Inc., 1974), 2:2-16, 61-68, 83-88, 107-9, 122-24, 126-29, 292-94; The Ascended Masters, Ascended Master Discourses (Chicago: Saint Germain Press, 1937), 6:282-318.

3. John, instrument of Maitreya, the baptizer with water; Jesus, instrument of Maitreya, the anointer with fire (see chart.occupy).

4. The “Woman clothed with the sun”–the soul who, upon entering the flame of the Motherhod of God, is clothed with the light of the Great Central Sun of the I AM THAT I AM (Rev. 12:1).



Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Surya, legions of white fire and blue lightning from Sirius, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life--fire, air, water, and earth! In thy name, by and through the magnetic power of the immortal, victorious threefold flame of Truth within my heart and the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, I decree:


Out from the Sun flow thy dazzling bright
Blue-flame ribbons of flashing diamond Light!
Serene and pure is thy Love,
Holy radiance from God above!


Come, come, come, Surya dear,
By Thy Flame dissolve all fear;
Give to each one Security
In the bonds of Purity;
Flash and flash Thy Flame through me,
Make and keep me ever free!


Surya dear, beloved one
From the mighty Central Sun,
In God’s name to Thee we call:
Take dominion over all!


Out from the heart of God you come,
Serving to make us now all one--
Wisdom and Honor do you bring,
Making the very soul to sing!


Surya dear, beloved one,
From our Faith then now is spun
Victory’s garment of invincible gold,
Our soul’s great triumph to ever uphold!

           And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!