Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 22 No. 36 - Sanat Kumara - September 9, 1979


Preachers of the Acceptable Year of the Lord



            And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

            Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils:  freely ye have received, freely give....

            What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light:  and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops....

            Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

            But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.


Matthew 10

To You Who Would Preach the Acceptable Year of the Lord:

Behold, now is the accepted cycle for the coming of the I AM THAT I AM face to face in the hearts of my people!  The saints who follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth, the saints who are with the Saviour in his fulfillment of both the written and the unwritten prophecy of the Word will take up the Book of Isaiah and give the dynamic decree that announces the coming of the Lord within this temple:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

The disciples of the Saviour Jesus Christ who live in him and he in them know that it is the hour of the Second Advent–the coming of THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, the Christ Self, into the hearts of the children of God by the intercession of Jesus Christ, whose First Advent opened the door in the earth–the door of grace.

Therefore they also preach the day of the vengeance of our God–the day of the descent of personal and planetary karma in the Dark Cycle, the day when every soul evolving in the Matter spheres is called to give an accounting before the Lords of Karma of words and works. Therefore they preach the understanding of the Law and the right use of the Law. And they comfort all that mourn the absence of Christ Jesus, preaching to them the exclamation of Elohim:  Behold, now is the accepted time, now is the day of the Lord’s salvation as Messiah comes into your temple!  And the mission of his Second Coming is to ignite your own Threefold Flame into the full expansion of the presence of your Christ Self dwelling in you bodily.

This is the good news of your Saviour that I, Sanat Kumara, call upon you to preach. But some of you have seemed to think over the years that you may choose to be or not to be the living preacher. But I say unto you, until you take up the mantle of your master, as Elisha took up the mantle of Elijah and smote the waters of the human consciousness, you will not receive from the Holy Ghost the signs that follow them that believe.

I would tell you of these signs conferred by the Holy Spirit. But first I must tell you why it is necessary to preach the good news to every creature. For there be some creatures who are created of God and who are the seed of Christ. They are “the wheat.”  And there are some creatures who are created of the Devil and who are the seed of the Wicked One. They are “the tares.”

I have not yet altogether unveiled the mystery of the two creations and the two creatures who dwell together in the earth until the day of the harvest; nor shall I do so at this writing except to confirm that, contrary to their own self-denial and their perpetuation of the philosophy that they do not exist, they do indeed exist as that spiritual wickedness in the high places of church and state. And if they did not exist, there would be no need for them to deny that they do exist. And so by the very presence of their anti-Devil and anti-evil philosophy and the virulence of the exposed vipers against the preachers, you know, my beloved, that they do exist.

There are souls in the earth, both in physical embodiment and between embodiments on the astral plane, who are in the “grave” of the death consciousness. And they are waiting for the voice of the living Word–waiting for the quickening–that is spoken through the preachers who are the disciples of the Lamb. With your speaking of his Word, empowered as the preacher, and with their hearing of his voice through your own, all shall come forth from their graves of unreality, materiality, and idolatry where they have been entombed. And they who are of the seed of Christ who have done good works shall be called by the power of the preacher unto the resurrection of life; and they who are the seed of the Wicked One whose works have been evil shall be resurrected unto damnation (the Last Judgment before the great white throne).

But whether their works are good or whether their works are evil, the judgment that comes to them through your preaching of the Everlasting Gospel is their own response to that gospel by the delivery of the Word of the Father unto the Son within you and within the creature. And by the quickening love of the Holy Ghost, sinners are called to repentance; and even the laggards and the fallen angels may bend the knee and confess that Christ is Lord and enter the path of loving, illumined obedience to the Lamb. This is the mission of the preacher. For he has the power to reach the souls of both good and evil and to call them forth from the grave that they may be judged by the living Spirit of the Resurrection.

Both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ moved among the Sadducees and Pharisees and were even accused either of having a devil or of being a friend of publicans and sinners. Thus when Jesus was in the house of Simon the Pharisee who had desired that he should eat with him, there came a woman of the city who was a sinner, anointing Jesus’ feet with ointment. And the Pharisee reasoned within himself, saying, “This man, if he were a prophet, would have known who and what manner of woman this is that toucheth him:  for she is a sinner.”  Thus Jesus, by his very presence at table with Simon, was the instrument for the exposure of Simon’s hardness of heart toward the sinner whose sins Jesus forgave, saying, “Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace,” while those others that sat with him at meat also challenged his authority to forgive sin.

The Pharisee was the rebel against God who might have been saved had he given the devotion to Christ that was given by the woman. And in the same hour, by the same flame of the living Word, all who were with him were judged–some to eternal life, and some to self-damnation (self-judgment) by their individual reaction to the Word of the Son and his Work in the Holy Spirit.

Now consider the example of your messengers and their mission to Ghana, West Africa. Three times I have sent them there:  first, in the name of the Father, before the ascension of Mark; then in the name of the Son, after his ascension; and the last journey, in the name of the Holy Spirit. On each occasion they preached the Word to all who were in the grave of ignorance concerning the mighty I AM Presence and the Christ Self. They effectively presented the incomparable teachings of the ascended masters. Had these teachings been followed by greater numbers of the people, and especially the leaders, with honor and integrity, they would have averted, by the science of the Word and the love of the Holy Spirit, the great karma that has descended upon that nation.

The messengers preached the Word to every creature from the least unto the greatest–the mighty in their seats, the lowly in their huts. And even the betrayers of the people, fearing the wrath to come, sought the messengers’ blessing (initiation). But they did not bring forth fruits meet for repentance. They did not forsake their old ways but instead sought to hide from the Lord their wrongdoings against the light and the nation. They even sought the seal of approval of the messengers upon their form of government. But the messengers steadfastly proclaimed the way of righteousness and were no respecters of their human persons but gave to each and every one equally of the light and of the Word.

Thus it has come to pass that the Word itself is become their judge. For those who rejected my messengers and received not their words have stood, following their executions, before the Court of the Sacred Fire and before the four and twenty elders. And the Word that I spoke through my messenger, the same was the judge in their last day, the day of their final judgment. Let none think that those who ordered their executions were their judges; rather, by their actions they are self-judged. (Yet they, too, must come to the judgment, whether here or hereafter.)

You see, had these men been men of God, their physical death would not have altered their souls’ evolution; but from the moment of their rejection of the Mother and her admonishment toward moral integrity and self-sacrifice for the people, they stood self-judged before the Word. Therefore, whether in life or in death, in this world or the next, the rejection of the Word brings forth the judgment. And there are many who remain in life in Ghana who have rejected that Word and who by the grace of God have the opportunity to yet pay the price of their karma in this embodiment.

Elements in politics and religion sought to ensnare the messenger and then condemned her for her response. But her vote for “union government” was cast not for a man but for God whose community of the Holy Spirit she has preached year in, year out as Ghana’s destiny to search out, define, and refine. It is the divine plan of self-government of the people, well represented under a multifaceted council of professionally qualified, Holy Spirit endued, duly elected men and women working selflessly as the servants of all.

This is the vision we hold for the nations of Africa, for it is the archetype of self-rule of the Israelites (in the absence of leadership under the prophet or his anointed king or priest) wherever they take up their abode to take dominion in the earth. And let the ideal public servant follow the example of Mohandas Gandhi, true Son of man and servant of the Lord–not that of the interlopers, the hirelings, whom the people have allowed to rule in the stead of THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, the individual Christ Self. And the people have no one to blame but themselves–least of all the true servants of God.

Behold the rise and fall of tyrants and their idolaters throughout Africa. Behold the manipulation of party politics by agents of the internationalists seeking to mold governments and economies for motives impure. Let us close the circle of nationhood by enlisting noncompetitive agents of the Holy Ghost who will lay down their selfish lives and live their lives henceforth for the saving of the unity of the African states.

I, the Ancient of Days, give solemn warning to all on the continent of Afra:  Cease your love of money, pleasure, self-gain, and self-glory and unite to serve the people. For if you do not, you will be devoured and enslaved by the forces of greed from within that are easy prey to the Watchers. They who lust after world power, if unchecked, will rape and ravage Africa until they get what they want–the resources of the Mother and the light (money and manpower) of her children. Yet all of this was sealed by the Father in the beginning for the abundant life of his own. Now in the ending of the Mother when the harvest is nigh, will you let them unseal it and take the Lord’s bounty?

Let none be dismayed. For when the Great White Brotherhood sends its emissaries to the nations, the judgment is come. Therefore let the Word that is sent forth lovingly be received lovingly and all will go well. Ghana is an ascended master nation. Until its people take the proffered gift and follow the Path that they have known of old, yet rebelled against time and time again, she will not fulfill her destiny as a community of the Holy Spirit or as the heart of Afra.

Our faithful servants in Ghana are known by name. Their light is the light of a nation and a continent. And the unfaithful servants who deny their Lord in the hour of his crucifixion are also known. One and all may pick up the dropped torch of the flame of freedom and the star of Ghana to support all God-fearing men and women of goodwill. And one and all must see in the science of the spoken Word the sword, the living sword, whereby the enemies within and without the community of the Holy Spirit may be lawfully conquered. But he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.

Let the students of Ghana who desire to see their nation free from the manipulators of both World Communism and World Capitalism, as well as the betrayers of the people in their midst, demand that the teachings of the ascended masters be distributed without bribe and without compromise of the Holy Spirit. And let them tear the masks from the wolves in sheep’s clothing in church and state who deny the Word. For only when the people willingly surrender their deception and dishonesty will the Holy Spirit once again enter the mainstream of Ghanaian life through the children of the light.

Let all nations be forewarned that when the Everlasting Gospel is preached unto you by the saints, it is the coming of the judgment. And from the least unto the greatest none shall be hid, neither they nor their deeds, and all must forsake their disloyalty to the Mother flame of the nation and their abuses of her economy and her government.

O Ghana, thou once noble light of Afra and the hope of millions for freedom, rise to thy high calling and to thy destiny!  Hearken unto the Word of the Lord and live forever within the counsels of the Lord’s hosts from on high delivered to you through the two witnesses and your very own people who are our devotees.

Let all know that when we send our messengers, we do not necessarily reveal to them beforehand who is of the light and who is of the darkness, lest this foreknowledge preclude the free, fair, and honest deliverance of the Word to all, even as the sun shines on the just and the unjust. Though endued with the gift of discernment, the Mother keeps our counsel within her heart while steadfastly holding the immaculate concept (meditating upon the Light of the soul) for every creature. Truly she comes in the footsteps of Jesus Christ who said, “And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not:  for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.”

It is the deep desire of the Mother and has been since the earliest years of her embodiment to bring light to the Ghana that she loves. She preached to the nation and to the government, and all who had light within them knew that the light was in her. And all who had not the light within them were judged by her presence.

The same table that she offered then, I offer today:  Ghana, take the teachings of the ascended masters and live. Do not depend on saviours, church or state, but let the Word itself–the true teachers, the ascended masters, and their true teaching–be thy salvation. And blessed are they who are not offended in me. For I AM WHO I AM and I will use whom I will use and speak through whom I will speak to edify my children, exalt the humble, and put down the proud from their positions of self-proclaimed authority in church and state.

But know this, O world:  Neither the light nor its messenger is dishonored by the dishonor of the people to whom it is sent. Nor is the vessel contaminated by those who contaminate the crystal clear water which I give freely to all.

Let us begin at the beginning. Moral integrity for the sake of God and for the sake of the people is the requirement of the hour. Let all nations of Africa take heed and be warned. For the light of the Holy Ghost must be in you, from the little children to their parents to all. And if the Holy Ghost be not in you, then you will be devoured by the enemies within and without. The messenger brings the teaching in honor. It is up to you to receive it in honor, to apply it, to live by it, to exercise the Word, and to honor the Word person to person. Do this, do this! and see how Ghana and every nation of Africa will fulfill its destiny and be a model of freedom and industriousness to the world.

Now, saints of the Church, study the example of the Mother and note well the reaction to the messenger and the message. For this, too, will be thy initiation on the west gate. But be of good cheer, for I have walked the continent of Africa before you, long, long ago in the days of Lemuria. And there is nowhere that you can go, on that or any continent where I have not already walked, placing my footprints for you to follow in–in this the hour of the bestowal of the mantle of the preacher upon you.


Sanat Kumara
I go before you, all the way Home.
Follow me.

Read Matt. 10; Isa. 61:1-3; Luke 4:14-32; Jer. 23:5, 6; Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43; Eph. 6:10-20; John 5:17-31; Rev. 20:11-15; Matt. 9:10-13; Luke 7; Matt. 3:1-12; Acts 10:34, 35; John 12:44-50; Rev. 13; Matt. 5:43-48; 11:1-6.