Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 22 No. 31 - Sanat Kumara - August 5, 1979


The Gospel of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost


            And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

            Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

            Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:  and, lo, I AM with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


Matthew 28

Servants of the Lamb Who Would Preach the Gospel of God:

I AM come in the fullness of the Light to deliver unto you the message of the mysteries of the gospel that you might be initiated into the path of the prophecy of the two witnesses.

What is the gospel <1>that is preached by the servants of the Lamb?  It is the sevenfold statement of the law of Elohim as that law is applied by the sons and daughters of God to the sevenfold path of initiation made manifest within the Matter spheres foursquare.

The first gospel is the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, his consciousness come in Spirit and in Matter through the fusion of the Light of Alpha and Omega in the Son of God. This is the gospel of the one God whose Selfhood contains the Father/Mother polarity, as above so below. It is the gospel of the eternal Spirit (masculine) ever one with the eternal Mater (feminine) manifest in cloven tongues of sacred fire in heaven and in earth. It is the gospel of the Divine Us (Elohim) ever individualized in the Person and the Principle of the Lord. The good news of this Lord, who declares I AM WHO I AM, is that Elohim is individualized within the creation in the I AM Presence of every living soul.

This is the story of God consciousness and of the covenants made between the I AM Presence and the soul. It also contains the record for all to read and run with of the interaction of souls with the I AM Presence down through the vast millenniums of earth’s recorded and unrecorded history. Whether by virtue and patience or by trial and error, this outpicturing of the Law and the Lawgiver by the evolutions of earth is written in the layers of akasha as proof of the Everlasting Covenant of our Maker unto his offspring that those who keep his commandments will one day eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life and live forever, and those who do not obey his commandments, because they love not, shall not live forever but perish by their faithlessness and their unbelief.

This is the gospel of the first Guru, Maitreya, who walked and talked with Adam and Eve, twin flames in the garden. Verily he was my God Presence personified. He personified the Law and gave to them the covenant of first love–obedience to the Guru as the open door to grace. But they were immediately challenged by the Serpent, and the woman entered into a dialogue with the false Guru who disputed the Law and made himself Lawgiver. Thus by a free will manipulated, first the woman and then the man abandoned their first love and entered into unlawful means to gain a lawful end. And this is ever the falsity of the false teachings of the false teachers.

Now they and their offspring would wait, lo, 6,666 cycles, crying, “How long, O Lord!” until the people who walked in the darkness of untold generations of the Serpent’s philosophy should see the Light as the Word made flesh and dwelling among them in the Person of the Son. For though the Light would shine in the darkness, the darkness would comprehend it not; for without the Presence of the Father (whose eternal Self contains the Mother), the Great Guru in the living Guru, the eternal Lamb in the embodied Lamb, the world would not know Him even as they knew Him not–neither the children of Lemuria nor the chosen twin flames. And the woman, though well-intended, accepted the initiation of this false Guru as a means to an “end.”  In her mind the end was acceleration under Maitreya. But in Serpent’s mind the end was the destruction of the souls of twin flames through the destruction of the path of initiation under the Great Guru.

For though the Light be the Light of every child of God–sealed in the secret chamber of the heart as the pulsating Threefold Flame (Power/Wisdom/Love of Father/Son/Holy Ghost)–and though that Light be the Creator of the world who is in the world, yet outside of the Garden of Eden, where he reveals himself in the hallowed circle of the Guru/chela relationship, he cometh to his own in the blessedness of the Christ Self but his own receive him not because they, by the edict of their karma, are yet dwelling in outer darkness.

Not until the only begotten Son incarnates in flesh and blood do they once again behold the glory (the light) of the Father (the I AM Presence) and of his Person in Lord Maitreya. Thus the children of Lemuria followed in the way of the fallen angels who were called the Watchers. And those twin flames, called to the initiations of the Ruby Ray given by Lord Maitreya in the ancient mystery school, likewise accepted the lie, albeit in the name of Good, of the embodied agent of Lucifer whose name was Serpent. And they were condemned (judged) by their acts of disobedience to God the Father, and their condemnation (judgment) was just. And the Personal/Personality of the Father withdrew from personal interaction with his children in the earth. And God the Father became the Impersonal/Impersonality who sent his Word by his prophets and by his messengers until the fullness of the time and the space of the cycles of personal and planetary karma should be fulfilled.

Then was the coming of the Word, and the Son Jesus appeared as the representative of the Impersonal God (Guru) who chose to manifest himself personally in the Personality of the Son (chela), preaching the gospel of Maitreya, saying, “Repent:  for the kingdom of heaven [the God consciousness of Lord Maitreya] is at hand....And this gospel of the kingdom [of the Person of the Father, Sanat Kumara, come in the Light of Lord Maitreya] shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

This is the story of the first gospel come again in the second gospel. And for those who received him not in the first instance, this gospel is become, in the second instance, the first door that is opened. It is the door opened in earth that the soul may once again receive the initiations of the living Mediator and pass through to the Godhead. It is the gospel of believing on the one sent as the open door to the Christed One, to the Higher Self of each soul. Unto all who belived not on the Father in the beginning, it is the opportunity to believe on the Son in the ending.

Therefore the second gospel is the gospel of the great grace of Jehovah, the personal God of the Israelites, who had walked and talked with them in the Person of the Lord, the I AM Presence who first appeared out of Horeb and Sinai and then out of the flame of the ark of the covenant. This Lord who is the Godhead, who is Elohim, is now personified in the Word incarnate within the Son begotten only of God, the Christ Self. It is the reestablishing of this contact with the Christ Self that enables souls to enter once again into the intimate relationship with the Father and the one whom the Father sends to initiate the saints on the north gate, the Great Initiator, Lord Maitreya.

By the initiation of Sonship, Jesus Christ transfers the original contact with the “Lord” Maitreya which was lost by the evolutions of the fourth root race through disobedience to the first covenant. And this is the work of the Son:  to be the example, yea, the incarnation of the Christ Self that each child of God is intended to embody. For the child cannot embody the Christ Self except he see that Real Self in the Son–face to face.

This gospel of the grace of the Father manifest in the Son is the gospel of the Emmanuel, “God with us” in the hosts of the Lord–ascended masters, hierarchies of angelic beings whose offices of heavenly/earthly intercession culminate in the Person of the Son Jesus Christ, Great Guru of Grace in the Piscean Age. And through him the mantle of Sonship is transferred by the path of initiation to all who behold in him the Word incarnate and the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

The gospel of the grace of the Father, the Mighty I AM individualized within the Son, is the essence of the one who declares, “I and my Father are one.”  This is the gospel of the lifting up of the Light of the Son of man within the temple of the individual–as Moses lifted up the sacred fire of the serpent force (called the Kundalini) in the wilderness of the materialistic, sensualistic, ritualistic consciousness of laggard generations. Through these the Israelites would be required to pass in succeeding incarnations until the prophesyings of the eaters of the little book should be fulfilled.

This is the good news of believing on the one sent by the Ancient of Days, of believing on the hierarchy of the only begotten Son whose Light, which proceeds out of the throne of God and of the Lamb, is the pure river of water of life, clear as crystal. This river moving through the individual chalices of the sons and daughters of God is the Christ consciousness–the only Son begotten of God.

This is the Light begotten only of God. This is the Light that is given by grace unto his servants who see his face in the I AM Presence and have the geometry of his name, I AM THAT I AM, in their foreheads (third eye). This Light is in each child of God as the Person of Christ–the Christ Self. And this is the gospel of the love of God who gave his only begotten Son to be the Light, the Mediator, the Teacher, the Counsellor unto each soul who should believe in Him. The good news of this gospel is that the gift of Sonship is the gift of the Father unto every child who confirms the Person of the Light in the embodied Lamb Jesus Christ and in all who hold the office of the Lamb in heaven and in earth.

“And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.”  By the gospel of the Son is the true path of the ascension established. For by the grace of this Son–the Christ Self–and only by this grace does the soul who is the Son of man come down from heaven and ascend up to heaven. This is the path of the embodied Lamb and his servants. It is the gospel of the Guru and his chelas.

The gospel of grace is the good news of opportunity to all of earth’s evolutions of salvation (soul-elevation)–the soul’s acceleration into its native Light–by the Son through repentance from sin. And what is sin?  It is the soul’s willful separation from the I AM THAT I AM and from the law of the Light’s incarnation within the soul as the soul traverses the Matter spheres. Sin is the soul’s original rebellion against the Godhead and its subsequent separation from the One. Sin is the resultant density of the soul’s dense consciousness of the “earth, earthy,” the energy veil created out of its own misqualified energy that obscures the Holy of Holies and the entire heavenly hierarchy.

The actions which sustain the separation of the soul outside of the circle of oneness–the oneness of the Father and the Son who focus the Guru/chela relationship through the Lamb–can be categorized as levels of sin and the consciousness of sin, i.e., separation from the flame of eternal Life. The Gospel of Great Grace preached through the only begotten Son of God as he is manifest as the Light and the Real Self of every child of God is the gospel of mercy and forgiveness–of the soul’s return to oneness through salvation by the Person of the Lamb (Guru).

The third gospel preached by the saints is the Gospel of the Promised Comforter who transfers the love of Alpha and Omega to the initiates of the Ruby Ray as the baptism of sacred fire. By this gospel, the true teachings of Jesus Christ and every avatar (incarnation of God) who has come forth since the foundation of the worlds are brought to the remembrance of the children of God. And by this teaching and the personal presence of the Comforter, souls experience the fiery trials of love and the soul testings as the Lord God himself prepares the temple of the disciple to be his dwelling place forevermore.

Those who receive his Spirit without compromise but only with the promise of love are friend and follower of the Holy Ghost, who appears to them in his manifold expressions in the ascended sons of God. One by one these archetypes of the paths of the sevenfold flame of the Holy Spirit initiate unascended devotees of the Lamb in the nine steps of initiation on the Path of the Ruby Ray leading to the conferment of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

These gifts are (1) the word of wisdom, (2) the word of knowledge, (3) faith, (4) gifts of healing, (5) the working of miracles, (6) prophecy, (7) discerning of spirits, (8) divers kinds of tongues, (9) the interpretation of tongues. The examination of these gifts of the Holy Spirit and the initiations on the Path of the Ruby Ray leading to their conferment is an essential portion of the message of Love, the living gospel of the Holy Ghost. Therefore we will in due course expound upon them as the seven seals of the seven-sealed book are opened to the Keepers of the Flame and opened again.

The gospel of the Holy Ghost is delivered first in the descent of the sacred-fire baptism on Pentecost and then, following this dispensation, in the Word and the Work of the Lord manifest in the chosen and ordained disciples and apostles. Paul, the archetype of apostleship, illustrates the full flowering of discipleship unto a oneness with the ascended master Jesus Christ which he testifies has come about through his direct confrontation with the Saviour and a one-on-one conversion whereby the Saviour, that living Guru, has entered the temple of his disciple to live, and move, and have being on earth through him. Thus, though he be ascended, the Ever-Present Guru is embodied in the anointed apostle whose gospel of the grace of God then becomes the accounting of his interaction with the Lord, with the saints, and with the great multitude to whom he preaches in the full Spirit of his Lord’s Holy Ghost (the Sacred Presence of His Lord’s Spirit).

And every ascended master who has passed the initiation of the Lamb, whereby all power in heaven and in earth is given unto him, may, at will, transfer to his unascended chela his “Holy Spirit”–the replica of his Godhood called the Electronic Presence. This overshadowing Presence of the ascended master is the mantle transferred to the chela in increments by initiation on the Ruby Ray until the multiplication of the ascended master’s consciousness within his chela becomes the fullness of his Spirit.

Now the ascended master’s attainment of God consciousness meshes with the soul of the chela and the chela is empowered by the “Holy Ghost” of his Guru. It was thus the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ which filled all the apostles on that day of “one accord” in “one place.”  Their “one accord” was their agreement in the Law of God Harmony. Their “one place” is the place prepared at the nexus of the cosmic cross of white fire where God becomes man and man becomes God in the Person of the Son and the Son’s Holy Spirit. Thus by taking up this cross daily, the saints are continually empowered by the Holy Spirit of his Word.

This gospel of the grace of God unto the apostles is the good news being written by them today, a testimony of their Word and Work in their Lord. It has been written from the hour of the ascension of Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and other avatars as the gospel of deeds on the path of personal divinity. Always it is written by the ones closest to the heart’s light (attainment) of the embodied Word who take up the mantle of their “Lord”–the one who holds the office, i.e., the authority in the earth, of the Ancient of Days. Thus the Lord’s apostles are those who magnify his name. Their life on earth expands and expands into a living witness of the very personal Flame of the Life of the Lord which they now demonstrate and make their own.

The gospel of the Holy Ghost, the message of comfort and enlightenment, also comes by the revelation of the Son of God given to Saint John the Divine and to other saints of the Holy Church, East and West, as the unfolding revelations of the dispensations of the centuries. It includes the messages of angelic ministrants and ascended masters to souls ascending the seven-tiered spiral within the white cube in Matter. These are set forth cryptically in the Book of Revelation itself as the messages to the seven “churches.”  These are the initiations of the seven chakras and those undergoing the initiations of the seven rays within the seven bodies of man on the paths of righteousness. These paths of the seven holy Kumaras uttered by the seven mighty Elohim have been brought by the avatars I have sent to found the religions of the worlds.

The first three gospels are the gospels of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These are already written in the heaven and the earth of the far-flung worlds where the evolutions of God do work out their salvation with the fear of the Lord and the trembling before the majesty of his throne. Elements of these have been transferred to this world through great seers and scribes who have served under the avatars, Kumaras, and Manus since Atlantis, Lemuria, and beyond. Other elements I AM releasing in the Eternal Now through the ever-appearing twin flames called upon to witness of me.

They testify of the Lamb and the Lamb’s wife until they become the Lamb and the Lamb’s wife. And those who occupy the office of “these two prophets,” whose light is a torment unto the anti-Light dwellers on the earth, always set forth the law and the love of the Father/Mother God. The traditions of the scriptures of East and West (Alpha and Omega) provide a firm foundation of this law, yet one that must be interpreted by the living Word, embodied and set forth and expounded by the Christed messengers who make them relevant to each succeeding generation and dispensation. This is the essence of the ongoing gospel of the Holy Ghost.

May it become thy soul essence. And thy essence be ignited by the Holy Ghost. And thy flame be the Light inextinguishable in Israel.

I AM in the Holy of Holies
keeping the flame of the Gospel for my people

Sanat Kumara


 Read Matt. 28; John 1:1-14; Matt. 4:17; 24:14; John 6:29; Rev. 13:8; Rev. 22:1; John 3:13; I Cor. 15:38-50; Matt. 28:18; Acts 2:1-4; Rev. 1-3; Phil. 2:12; Rev. 11:3-12.

1. “Gospel”: from the Anglo-Saxon godspel, or “God’s story”; from the Greek euggelion “good news, good tidings, good word,” hence the “God word.”  The Gospel is the story of God.  It is God’s word delivered by his Son and his servants. It is the good news of salvation, the elevation of the soul to the state of grace through the incarnation of God’s Word. The evangel, or evangelist, from the Latin evangelium, is one who goes before the angels (i.e., ascended masters) as the bearer (messenger) of the good tidings of God’s Word. It is the message of grace through the incarnation of the Son in Jesus Christ and in all whom he anoints with his light of Sonship, joint-heirship.