Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 22 No. 17 - Sanat Kumara - April 29, 1979


Possessors of the Person of God


Soldiers Who See Christ in the Calf Crucified:

Legions of light marching from out the Great Central Sun are the legions of Victory and of his Flaming One. They come for the binding of the beasts of self-indulgence, selfishness, the idolatry of the self, and the love of the self. These are the four beasts that would usurp the thrones of the four living creatures full of eyes before and behind who are in the midst of the throne and round about the throne. Their overcoming is by the flaming yod, for they are the overcomers of worlds and beyond.

They know the sacrifice of the lion, the unending service of the calf, the surrender of the image of the man, and the selflessness of the flying eagle. The ruby is the initiatic jewel of their diadem. They know the way of the Rose Cross. They come to address the children of Israel on behalf of the Four Cosmic Forces. They are the God-taught who have become the teaching. In them behold the law of purity face to face, and purify thy heart for the acceleration unto God.

They address the impure who are forbidden to worship God in Form lest they become idolaters. They address the impure who have not seen him face to face, who do not know him as he is, the Formless One. Therefore the legions say unto you, “Become unattached to the form. Be nonpossessive of the form. Stop believing that He is the form or that He is in the form. Let the age of superstition go down with its spell-binding, mind-bending altering of the way made plain by the I AM THAT I AM, the Lord of heaven and earth who dwelleth not in temples made with hands.” <1>

Those who worship form in flesh and blood, in money and the things they have fabricated out of fire, air, water, and earth, imprisoning elemental life as impostors of the Great Alchemist, have no cosmic conception of the Form of God. In their idolatry they would tear down the supreme Personality of the Godhead as though he himself were an idol, all the while pursuing their cults of idolatry and saying, “We have left behind the age of superstition. We are the sophisticated. We hold the intellectual keys to science and religion. We have wrested the secret formulae of the nucleus of life, and nothing is withheld from us. We are the gods of the twentieth century, the rightful leaders of souls into the new age. We have no Guru, we are God. We worship no other god save the God within. We need no master ascended or unascended, for we are the masters of life.”

Thus, in their pride and lust for power, these fallen ones by their magnetic personality are the impostors of the flying eagle. Unto them the Lord hath said:  “The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?  Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.” <2>

He who hath not known the known God both in his Form and in his Formlessness is not ready for the initiation of the worship of the Formed or the Unformed Self. And whosoever thinketh that he hath the Form, though he possess the mere idol of his own form, he will lie, he will cheat, he will steal, he will murder to retain the possession of that form.

Woe to the archdeceivers who think they possess the Form of God and would divide the world left and right into the haves and have-nots, even as they would divide the Personality of Good which they think they possess. This is the illusion of maya which the Mother of the World allows for the testing of souls. Let them think they possess the Form of God; then by their disposition to the compassionate Christ, the merciful Buddha, the beggar, the leper, the outcast, they shall be judged.

What would you do if you possessed the Person of God?  This is the opening question for those entering the Path of the Rose Cross.

Some would create a war of the worlds and be labeled the Terrible, the Destroyer. They are the wayward imitators of the wrathful deities. Beware, you who would imitate Shiva, for Shiva dances in the heart of the ruby cube. Shiva the lion, Shiva the calf, Shiva the image of the man, Shiva the flying eagle–Shiva will swallow you up!  He who puts on the airs of Shiva will find himself seized by the four winds of Shiva and stretched to the four corners of the ruby cube. Only he who has for certain the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit should put on the airs of Shiva!

And those who look no further than the form of the golden calf peering back at them curiously out of the mirror of self will never find Yahweh, not in the calf above or in the calf below. For them the calf has become the Canaanite symbol of the fertility of the subtil serpentine mind. So long ago was their degeneration, through the descent of light from the crown chakra to the base chakra, that they can no longer stand in the presence of the regenerate ones.

Let the brothers and sisters of the Rose Cross teach you, my child, the penetration of the Matter Form to the Spirit Form and the Matter Formless to the Spirit Formless. Let the Form be your key to the mystery of the Formless One. And let the Formless One standing before you in a blazing light of Christ radiance, whose violet eyes penetrate your soul, give to you the key to the mystery of Form.

Form is focus. Form is forcefield. Form is force. Form in Matter decelerates the energies of Spirit. Form in Spirit accelerates the energies of Matter. When the Form and the Formless One occupy the same space and time, it is said:  “Our God is All-in-all.”

The riddle you must solve on the Path of the Rose Cross is your own occupation simultaneously of the Form and the Formless One. The initiate of the ruby cube knows the Guru in Spirit, meets him/her on the inner planes from the first to the seventh heaven, walks and talks with the Guru in the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. The initiate knows the Guru in flesh and blood, is caught up in the mantle of the Guru, enters his/her bilocation, levitation, and stigmata.

The initiate is with the Guru in his Higher Self, in his lower self–in the self the Guru employs wherever and everywhere he is Guru. But the initiate is also with the Guru when he is present with the image and the likeness of the Guru whether fashioned like a lion by the fiery salamanders, with a face as a man by the sylphs, like a flying eagle by the undines, or like a calf by the gnomes.

No mask the Guru wears can fool the chela–the lover and the Beloved are one. To some the Guru has said, “Occupy till I come.” <3> Occupy my Form, the time and space thereof, its flesh and blood. Occupy till I come to see what mischief mankind have made of my Form, belittling, berailing, betraying you in my name. I will leave my Form here and there, occupied by my chelas. I will see what they will do who say, “Hah!  we now possess the Lord.”  In vain they have murdered the Form. They have gotten neither the Guru nor the chela who exit the Form and enter the Unformed Form at will with the bold challenge “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” <4>

They did not believe him, the Great Guru of the Piscean Age. They crucified the Form of the calf, but he is not there. He is risen. <5> He is accelerated into the dimensions of the higher Form of his higher Consciousness. And they have gotten neither the victory of the self nor of the Self but the judgment for their deed quickly done–they who thought they were the possessors of the Form of God having bought it (from a cooperative chela who knew his role-playing well) for thirty pieces of silver. <6> Oh, how the Great Dramatist outplays himself and, in so doing, outplays the hand of the Fallen One who clenched his fist and dared God to come down to earth and strike him dead!

Behold the little child who caresses her doll as tenderly as if it were the infant Messiah. Behold the little Mother of the World who in her innocence knows God in the inanimate form because she has seen him in his Formlessness. Behold the little child out of whose innocence all the mysteries of the Rose Cross come together in the simple, natural expressions of life. And each gesture is a jewel of love becoming another jewel of love. Behold the little child, ye hard-hearted, stiffnecked generation, and behold your God!  If you would but love her as she loves her doll, you would enter into God’s kingdom and there find that the little child is the Great Guru you have sought.


Sanat Kumara

I will come to the uninitiated in many disguises until they see the emerald and the rainbow round about the throne and the jasper and the sardine and the one who sitteth in the center of the I AM THAT I AM.


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