Elohim and Their Retreats: Arcturus and Victoria


ARCTURUS AND VICTORIA–Elohim of the seventh ray (the violet ray) of freedom, ritual, invocation, transmutation, transcendence, mercy, and the desire to make all things new through the application of the laws of Alchemy. The pulsations of the violet flame from their hearts produce the rhythm and the ritual of application of the law through service and reverence for life. Arcturus uses the purple flame, focusing the scientific action of the law and the transmutative essence of freedom, while Victoria radiates the violet (orchid-colored) flame, representing the mercy and love of freedom.

The service of the Elohim of the seventh ray to this planet has been intensified during this century as the result of the dispensation given to Saint Germain in the 1930s to release to the outer world the teachings of the I AM. Formerly this instruction had been given only in retreats of the Brotherhood. Therefore, at the opening of the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago in 1933, Arcturus began the specific action of the freedom flame for the assistance of the Americas. During that decade, other cosmic beings came out of the Great Silence (nirvana) to assist Saint Germain in his tremendous undertaking on behalf of the evolutions of the planet. This assistance has been augmented and intensified in recent years, and the continuing sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood, ascended hosts, and cosmic beings is evident in the dispensations which have come forth.

On July 4, 1962, Arcturus came to earth “to charge into the atmosphere...the radiance of the violet fire,” calling to “Celestial Harmony” for angels to sing an “Ode to Celestial Unity” in the background while he spoke.

“To whom shall I compare the Most High?”  Arcturus exclaimed. “Receive, then, from the heart of an Elohim the feeling of adoration for the great Spirit of Unity eternal...from whence so much of our happiness cometh.”  Arcturus explained that the violet flame “is the vibratory action of freedom” that will release you from the “sense of struggle.”  When contemplating the violet flame, “you are contemplating God, the eternal mercy of his presence.”

Just as there are “symbols of human ideas,” so from the heart of Arcturus comes his “feeling of unity for the symbol of life, the words I AM. These words should speak to your consciousness of God,...of the continuum of life,...its endlessness, its bliss, its purity and fragrance.”  As one who has “served the light...in creating the elemental forms such as buttercups, daffodils, calla lilies, roses, and other fragrant flowers,” Arcturus recognizes “the energy that must be expended in creating and sustaining these fragrances.”  But because mankind have not shared the experiences of the Elohim, “it is impossible for them to envision every situation which takes place at inner levels and in the higher octaves of light.” Therefore, “you must acquire experience.” Arcturus warns, however, that “this must be in the safety of your Presence,” thus avoiding “the pitfalls of the psychic strata” and the ugly “crystallized discord” of human creation, even though the penetration of the violet fire will act to “free the imprisoned life within those forms.”

The Elohim explained that “when you imprison immortal life in a discordant thought form,...you are imprisoning God....So long as there is a manifestation of less than perfection anywhere in the universe, it is a portion of the flame of Life that is bound and it desires to break its bounds. A plant, a tender plant, beloved ones, draws through the stalk and the root the energy from the heart of the earth. And if it be near a rock, as it passes through a rock it will split the stone because of the pressures to escape to the sunlight, to the beauty, to the perfection, to the glory that is above, and it moves aside life, the tender plant does, in order to perceive the light of God that never fails. I charge you, then, in the holy name of God, as an Elohim, that you awake to the needs of the hour!...Let us regenerate the earth by divine thought forms!” The first step:  “The calling forth of those...spiritual experiences whereby you can commune with the angelic hosts” and eventually “with the Elohim,” thus entering “the full understanding of all of the magnificence of God’s own feelings.” Arcturus said that “the one consciousness that inhabits eternity will be known to you through the seven mighty Elohim.”

Arcturus then explained that in gratitude for having escaped from realms “where the God-life is imprisoned in ugliness,” mankind “draw forth more of the adoration flame.”  Therefore, although created “a little lower than the angels,...they are crowned with more glory and more honor. For the depth of the pathos and the suffering through which they have passed crowns their experiences with a greater adoration than we can draw, than the angels can draw, unless they have been embodied in human form.”  The Elohim pointed out that “the sinking of Atlantis, the downfall of Lemuria, the destruction of Rome, the destruction of civilizations...is because of the laggard civilization” from another planet. Yet “thy seed shall bruise the serpent’s head”–i.e., “the seed of God, the Christ of every man, the light of every man, the violet fire, shall triumph. The call and question before us is ‘How long, O Lord!’ And heaven waits....”

Arcturus emphasized that “it is a lack of intense feeling and devotion to those sacred treasures” which delays mankind’s victory. Why do mankind lack devotion?  “They do not lack it,” Arcturus says. “They pay devotion to the wrong gods” because “they do not know what true beauty is.”  Arcturus said that even as children we must be taught by “pure Christ example.” He promised that “we will sustain you” just as Jesus was sustained in his mission, for he was “a manifestation of God as you are.”

Then the Elohim described a most powerful dispensation of light. On a distant planet, “Omri-Tas, Ruler of the Violet Planet, stands before a great violet altar where pulsates the violet flame, rising high into the sky.”  The people of the violet planet, standing “in fields and forests,” gaze at the upsweep of violet flame which is “visible for thousands of miles.”  Arcturus called angels of his band to draw from the violet planet the radiance of the violet flame and “to focus it through a great burning glass, a crystalline light substance, held in the atmosphere of Earth...and saturate every atom upon this planet with the violet fire that is manifesting there upon the violet planet.”  Arcturus testified that there were over 144,000 priests of the sacred fire giving to Earth this “transfusion” of violet fire. He explained that “they have gathered together a special charge of violet fire for weeks and stored it within their auras and charged it into their bodies. They are conducting it, beloved ones, in much the same manner that electricity is conducted over wires. And it is being conveyed to this great central flame, called forth by Omri-Tas.”

Thus Arcturus enfolded the Earth in “the mercy forgiveness flame” and called for “a special agitation and action of the violet fire that shall shake loose from the atomic substance of mankind all the human recalcitrance which the Great Law will permit.”  The light released through the transmutation of “those discordant forms” can then be used by the Goddess of Light “to bring greater illumination” to mankind.

In conclusion, Arcturus asked “that the use of electricity may become more beneficial” by enabling mankind to share God’s abundance with the hungry “that the karma of mankind be lessened.”  The Elohim also explained that “behind the Constitution and the Liberty Bell and the sacred symbols of freedom for this great nation...there is a spiritual symbol and living light which can never be altered or changed because it is a representative of the pure perfection of God....The symbols of freedom that belong to the heart of America at inner levels shine with a glorious, golden light of the golden age.” And you “can carry that light wherever you go in this great nation to help make America great, to help keep America great, to help your president, the congress, and the people of this nation and of the world understand that greatness lives within them....Let that light shine, then!  It is the Christ light. Do not let it be hidden beneath the bushel of neglect...but accept it and be free–as free as the world freedom itself is at inner levels.”

As Arcturus took his leave, he charged “into your world my feeling of adoration for the mercy flame of God that shall change all distorted forms into the purity of their original divine conception.”

On May 26, 1963, in answer to “the silent calls of your heart,” the light and love of the Elohim Arcturus descended, producing “the great ease and peace in your feelings which is a result of the action of the violet fire.”  Arcturus explained that the four lower bodies of mankind are “intended to hold and sustain the vibratory action of higher octaves” so that “mankind should have a memory of all of the beauties of heaven”–the memory of those “moments of glory” when the soul joined angelic hosts in their “paeans of praise” before the descent “into mortal form.”

These four lower bodies “were designed to have a tremendous radiance of light pass through them and exalt them so that you might walk the earth as gods and not as mere human beings.”  Arcturus said that “there are in all mankind ‘splinters’ of all of the seven rays so that man is a multifaceted jewel of cosmic expression.”  Criticism, however, sent as “arrows of human creation,” actually causes wounds in the aura and “a loss of the vital energies of life which would otherwise have exalted in them the immaculate concept.”  By karmic law, this energy is returned to the one sending forth “the image of the unimmaculate arrow.”

In order to exalt the immaculate concept of each soul “which was held in its pristine purity in the beginning of each individual monad,” Arcturus poured out “a tumultuous and transcendent sense of cosmic joy.” The Elohim explained that each individual “came forth to ensoul some specific quality of the Godhead,” a quality which “existed in God before you yourselves were a part of that creation.”  The recognition of this individualization of the flame is the purpose of the utterance of the name of God, I AM. It is a blessing that is like “the explosion of an atom” as the “sunburst rays of the divine identity shine forth in myriad patterns of wonder.”  Arcturus emphasized that “if the supreme purpose be held by each splintered part of the divine identity, does not the whole manifest through that splintered part because it holds the immaculate concept for itself and for all others?  And if that individual part of the whole shall sustain within consciousness a distorted picture of another part, does it not successfully screen from the eyes of that individual the wondrous beholding of the immaculate concept of God in all of its many splendored shinings?”  Arcturus promised that in casting aside “human habits and desires of mortality,” the individual “shall be raised in consciousness toward the Christ image” and thereby ensoul those specific God-qualities and find “an invisible happiness.”

In their temple over the island of Cuba, Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst appealed to Arcturus “to release the transcendent current of the flashing violet flame to the world...in order to transmute those unwanted conditions and plots which mankind have hatched in order that they might continue in the unbroken tyranny of war and destructivity.” Arcturus was therefore determined “to descend toward the earth with the light of a thousand suns.”  The Elohim appealed to “the great cosmic hosts and angelic beings” who accompanied him to “bestow upon you each one some mark of cosmic progress that shall enable you to feel a greater identification with the Source of all, that the tangible light rays of our presence may connect you–waking and sleeping, each moment of each day now and for all eternity–with the eternal Presence of Life, and that you will no longer feel a sense of disconnection or lack.”

The dictation given on January 15, 1967, is entitled The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame:  The Fiat and the Tree (see p. 137). Here Arcturus emphasized that “the master pattern of this planetary body itself is so magnificent that if you could behold it, it would provide an inspiration which you would never forget.”  The “plan of perfection” for Earth is “the sole reason” that God has continued to send avatars to this planet, “because only divine love can evoke the response of Divine Love.”  Therefore, Arcturus encouraged lightbearers to “raise your consciousness out of the degradation of that state of beggary...created by human nonsense and foolishness.”

How?  “Fire does give birth to fire,” Arcturus said. “Spiritual fire then, regenerative fire, holy fire–which burns out of the consciousness of mankind the state of degradation and beggary and produces there the beauty of Cosmic Christ acceptance of the Father’s plan–is the masterful state of consciousness which evokes natural healing and produces perfection in the mind of man whereby he overcomes all unwanted conditions in his world.”  Thus, “the glory of spiritual accomplishment is always produced because the Son accepts the radiance of the Father as the natural expansion of the Father’s light within the Son himself.”  This light is the “master plan of perfection” which in turn evokes a response from God. “It is the love ray that is responding to the love ray.”

Continuing the dictation, Arcturus explained that “all punishment so called that is the chastening of God is for the betterment of mankind and for the upliftment of the Spirit in man that they may understand how the law operates.”  The Elohim said that “there is a basic difference between the return of an individual’s karmic acts and a specific chastisement which is done in order to produce better fruit even as a gardener prunes a tree.”  This pruning, or limiting, of mankind which comes by “cosmic edict” is so that “they may feel that limitation and, smarting under the lash of that, may seek emancipation and freedom from it by overcoming and by accepting the great cosmic responsibilities” attendant upon one whose purpose in life is “to express the grace of Almighty God in action and produce that master plan here below which is above.”

Speaking then of the violet transmuting flame, Arcturus explained that its use “entails an enormous responsibility on the part of the chela....Because the violet transmuting flame is a flame of mercy, it ought to stimulate...a recognition of the quality of mercy to every part of life. And therefore, hardness of heart toward other parts of life cannot be tolerated in those who use the violet transmuting flame.” Arcturus pointed out that, sooner or later, the violet flame will either “break in you that condition of hardness of heart” or else “break you yourself.”  Arcturus says that “when the students call for their ascension, they must understand what they are calling for.”  He emphasized “the need to live as an ascended being while here below,” not allowing “petty jealousy” and differences to interfere with the goal of the ascension.

Arcturus then explained the correct use of the violet flame, declaring that “it is a travesty before God and nature that individuals who claim they are seeking the ascension and their freedom in the light will continue year after year to make the same mistakes and enter into the same spirit of error–calling forth the violet transmuting flame to free themselves from the feeling of error and the feeling of darkness and the feeling of shadow without understanding and comprehending that the violet transmuting flame is intended to give them their freedom from the condition itself as well as the feeling about the condition.”

In conclusion, Arcturus called to Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, Kuan Yin and Saint Germain “to step here into this great triangle, the quadrant which I have caused to manifest”–positioning them at each corner, with Kuan Yin opposite Holy Amethyst and Saint Germain opposite Lord Zadkiel. Arcturus then said:  “I am standing now within the center of the quadrant, and I am invoking cosmic circles of light from the very heart of God–all qualified with the beautiful violet transmuting flame–to come out and with concentric rings of mercy engulf the square of mankind’s outer-world form with an understanding to utilize the gifts and graces now deposited upon the planetary body from all of the avatars of all ages,* from all of the wisdom dispensed in writing and speaking, and from all of the invocations and fiats made by the masters of wisdom for and on behalf of mankind,...a focalizing, as it were, to a point where mankind can use more of these vital energies as ingredients in all that they do.”

As Arcturus took his leave of earth, there remained “an orb, seventeen feet in diameter, of pulsating violet-flame substance which shall for a period of seventeen months continue to radiate out a tremendous power of transmutation directly surrounding the tree that is located in your front driveway”–an apple tree which still flourishes at the Colorado Springs retreat of La Tourelle. “This shall be done as an activity of purification for all who shall come here and for all who dwell here,” Arcturus explained. “But it is never a substitute for your own application.”

The dictation given on October 10, 1970, is entitled The Power to Create:  Our Responsibility to Humanity. Arcturus opened with a statement of purpose:  “Spoken or unspoken, the word create has gone forth into the universe and has accomplished its desire, for men are creators of my law–thus has the Lord said. I AM Arcturus the Elohim, and it is my desire to inspire you with a realization of both the power to create and the power to destroy that which you have created which is not of God. Transmute it!  Change it into light!  For the fiat has gone forth into the world, and it will accomplish the will of him who has sent it.”

Although every man is endowed by God with “the power to create, with the power to enforce his demands, some know it and some do not.”  Therefore, Arcturus comes to “bestow upon you a realization of your responsibility for humanity.”  For “with each endowment men are also expected to return to the Universal that which they have received from the Universal of value, of strength, of the very purposes of their life itself.”  Humanity “must learn to separate these barren threads from those that are productive; they must learn to separate the darkness from the light and not to lament the fact that they are distressed by those outer appearances that from time to time come to all but which have no power. For man is a creature of the ongoingness of God...and blest indeed is he with that power to create.

“Let him then understand the need to, from time to time, function as the Master Potter. The Master Potter creates. The Master Potter takes and places upon his wheel the clay, and the clay takes form and shape–dimension comes unto it. Then the great Master Potter perceives that the vessel of clay which he has formed is imperfectly formed, and so he returns it once again to the potter’s wheel for dissolution that it may become a plastic mass, a chaotic mass, a seeming nothing. Then once again he begins the process over to create and to re-create until at last the perfect vessel is formed and the individual understands that he was born to be a king, born to be a ruler over himself and his destinies....

“First the mind and heart are illumined by inspiration, and then comes the idea that the image formed is incomplete....Be not afraid to be changed from glory unto glory, be not afraid to take a lesser glory and conform it unto a greater glory....The vestments of God are yours when you claim them, but until that they remain a part of the Universal.”

Arcturus emphasized that “the God within you is not a flitting creature.” The indwelling God “will not allow you...to rest entirely content in your own outer delusions. He will come to you and say, Awake, my child!”  In that awakening you will realize “that you are not a creature of the earth, earthy, nor are you a creature of heaven, heavenly; but you are endowed with a duality that you might find the opportunity to more perfectly create.” Arcturus pointed out that it does not matter that that perfect divine image does not manifest fully here and now. It is because of “the residual accumulation of untransmuted substance” which “must be transmuted in God’s name.”

Continuing the dictation, Arcturus spoke of “the very supreme moment” when individuals recognize “the need to cut themselves free from outer desires and let their desires become the things of the Spirit.” It is then that they begin to weave the Deathless Solar Body. The Elohim said that “the desires they create are also the matrixes by which they are bound,...cords which keep them wedded to the concepts of the world.”  But the “divine energy” within you “possesses the power of transmutative effort like unto none.”

“Let us then begin that process by realizing our consummate identity. We are all a part of God, but in reality any part can claim the total manifestation. This becomes, then, a demand note upon the great bank of the cosmic Godhead, and so the individual lifestream can become the squeaky wheel that needs grease and therefore calls out to the immaculate powers of the Godhead to give him the attention which he feels he deserves.”  Arcturus then explained that the Karmic Board is first to examine your request for assistance; and when they “pass upon it, then you see it is given the blessing of heaven and so it is ready for the fiat to at last become manifest.”

Arcturus reminded us, however, that Solomon himself, although “vested with great glory,” first asked of God the gift of wisdom “that he might understand how to use wisdom.” Therefore, we must understand the need “to inquire of the Cosmic Universal Mind...to reveal the precious secret that is the secret of the Most High, the secret of his reality, the fabric of your identity.”  Thus “a communication from the Godhead comes to you, and with it the sacred fire to carry out the divine purposes. For the divine purposes are both a transfusion and a fusion of your identity into the Father’s universal plan....

“So a God is born. And truly each of you is intended to be, as the Word has gone forth, a ruler of a system of worlds, a consummate identity capable of attaining dominion over the earth, literally and actually.”

Arcturus then explained that this “ongoingness of God is one of gratitude and conferment whereby upon the child that at first seems so very limited in his scope there is at last given tremendous responsibility, and then suddenly he realizes at last that he can endow those creatures under his direction with his own responsibility and make them also responsible for a manifestation of a portion of himself. Thus there is made a dispersion of the Universal energy.” Arcturus pointed out, however, that even “as I endow you with a greater measure of your own solemn responsibility, I also endow you with the power to lift that responsibility on high.”

Arcturus told us that this dictation generated a “great cosmic forcefield” not only around the building but within each heart “as the impetus of cosmic movement,” bestowing not only a sense of purpose but “a certain freeing” from the burdens of both spirit and flesh, not only for personal benefit but to help and encourage “an affirmative response” when giving instruction on the ascended masters’ teachings. Arcturus explained that, by grace, God “has made it possible for you to assimilate the divine principles one by one. He has even arranged it so that they are not simply a pile of that which you call jackstraws,...they are precious endowments possessing the qualities of life that are most important to you at a given time.”

Arcturus said that “now you have come to that place where you can realize that you are ready...to actually receive the teaching of the great ascended master law....At first it comes to you and is borne as a cosmic heat, one sometimes of great uncomfortability because you possess within the forcefields of your identity certain accumulations which actually are darkened substance.”  But “once the cosmic fire has melted out of you the condition it seeks to melt out, then you will find a great lightness occurring in your precious forms.”

Arcturus then took his leave with this promise:  “I shall remain with you for twenty-four hours, establishing within the forcefield of your being a cooling action of the sacred fire, transmuting moment by moment wherever I can, wherever the Great Law will allow, and helping you to create those designs that are the consummation of freedom within yourself–the realization that you are a vibrant, endowed cosmic being in physical form.”

On November 22, 1970, Arcturus spoke of “the true law of mercy” inherent within the universe in contrast to the human deception by which mankind “are able to wink at themselves and the awful actions in which they engage.”  Arcturus explained that “this is not true mercy,...for the mercy of God will cause them to understand the reality of the law” by which “there is a balance even in nature that returns to them exactly that quality which they send out.”  This karmic edict “is the highest act of genuine mercy,” and “the power of transmutation is the highest gift of God to humanity.”

Arcturus said that without the true mercy of God, humanity “will feel very sorry because they have advanced no place except in the world of form where all things are broken according to cosmic law by the higher decree; for we must break the outer form that the beauty of the soul may finally and ultimately glow in all of its beauty.” Arcturus emphasized that “so long as humanity will not accept the power of eternal life, they will have the power of transgression active in their life in a physical way, destructively creating those conditions they are sending out to one another and creating a havoc as far as the divine plan is concerned upon earth.”

According to the Elohim, mankind “have had mercy again and again, but that mercy...shall not always exist; for it has been said that ‘I shall not always strive with flesh, for his days are as grass.’” Therefore mankind “should rejoice in the power of the violet transmuting flame,” for that flame “shall say to this mountain of human karma and error, ‘Be thou removed from the face of the earth!’ and it shall be done.”

In the dictation of July 2, 1971, The Magnification of the Glyph of Perfection, Arcturus came “like the billows of the ocean rolling in with violet transmuting flame” to bring cosmic mercy. The Elohim emphasized to humanity the need for understanding the nature of God “because through their understanding they will key in to that radiance which is the victory which I AM, which every ascended being is, and which you, if you will accept it, shall and can manifest.”  Those who do not understand remain content, complacent, satisfied and yet, “trembling within themselves before the awesome manifestation of Life even in the physical level, find themselves unable to cope with those situations which surround them.”

It is the wish of the Elohim, then, that you “should drink into this magnificent perfection which I AM....I AM bringing to you release from distress....Will you gather your known distress, that which is known to you, and will you take it in hand and heart and offer it to me?  Retain it no more within the physical folds of your consciousness, within your conscious mind. Offer it unto the light and the light will in return give you that freedom which your heart in reality craves....”

Arcturus urges us to uproot “those hidden weeds in the garden of the subconscious” so that certain “seed ideas” will no longer be able to dominate our lives by “impressions of darkness and failure.”  Instead, Arcturus promised “to teach you the hidden law of your own being by the simple process of the radiation of the violet transmuting flame.” The Elohim pointed out that that is why the ascended masters “strive hard to bring you together here into one place,” even while the “brothers of the shadow” conspire to prevent it.

Arcturus also explained that “some have not the compassion” to reach out or “the sense of values to recognize the power and the presence of heaven” and “to accept the conception that we are truly able from our level to speak to you.”  Therefore “we are not always able to transmit the full radiation and cosmic intent which we have simply because the limitations individuals impose upon themselves are the creation of a temporary superior density to our fiery intensity.”  And so Arcturus says:  “Give me your frustrations, your fears, your tumults within yourself–give them to me one and all, offer them up that I may give you the power to transmute them and change them by ascended master light into a forcefield of reality. For reality exists. You know within the depth of your heart that it exists. For if it did not, you would be but a figment of imagination, you would be nothing, you would have nothing, you would behold nothing. And, I tell you, in reality that is what the world is doing today.”

Therefore, Arcturus asked “those of you who are familiar with our purposes to respond to our purposes.” The Elohim explained that the ascended masters are not confined to one place but make themselves “available in all of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood.”  Thus Archangel Michael can be found in his retreat at Banff as well as in the Royal Teton or with Lord Zadkiel over the island of Cuba. Neither are they confined to one person but respond “to the humblest heart who will invoke their radiance....It is not enough that mankind have a Divine Presence. They must also exercise it....

“Humanity must take advantage of those tremendous opportunities which are given to them. But unless they are given the opportunity of knowing what exists from the standpoint of the cosmic brotherhoods, how can they be expected to truly respond?  Therefore we have ordained those outer branches of the Great White Brotherhood manifesting for example as Buddhist temples, as Christian temples, as viharas, mosques, and so forth throughout the world–focuses of holy prayer that bring about a specific response to individuals when they apply themselves to that specific level.”  Those with a greater knowledge of truth come to recognize that the ascended masters “work in a more than ordinary manner through our focuses such as this one.”

Arcturus prophesied that, by the power of the violet flame, life will come again as it was long ago on Lemuria and Atlantis. Man will understand himself not as purely materialistic but as a spiritual being with “a destiny of divine intent and delight.” Thus various “messages of freedom” go forth determinedly as the effort of the hierarchy “to acquaint you with those soul needs which in effect are ‘solar’ in range, multiplying the power of individual man so that he may accomplish a portion of the divine plan right where he is.”

By the power of the Elohim, Arcturus then called to the Angels of Transmutation to pour “the liquid violet transmuting flame into the chalice of these hearts..., violet-hued radiance flowing, bubbling, buoyant knowledge, changing all into the freedom of the light which I AM.” Arcturus invoked “this fruit of the Spirit in many hearts,...humble beings reaching up hopefully for a changed world....Let the changes be wrought in each one, let them be manifest there, and let them behold the potential, what prayer has wrought, what aspiration and love has taught them of the cosmic education of the inner spheres....Let the circles come in place. Let the inner globe of white fire unite with the electrode of white fire surrounding the forcefield of the room....Pour out now the power of infinite transmutation upon all.

“This is a moment, a pause of intoxicating refreshedness to all. Ours is the power to transmute. And oh, what darkness we find in the world as we probe to subterranean depths!  How needful is a concentrated effort of the violet transmuting flame. Will you call for that flame to be intensified in your own being? I find myself in many cases frustrated by my inability to penetrate beyond the depth of the will. Will you then yield and surrender your human wills and offer yourself and the so-called fruit of doings to all of us who understand the need to change it all–to make it divine holy substance?  Frozen and imperfect matrices in the subconscious domain of man need to come forth and be changed. Let it be done for all who will accept it.”

On November 7, 1971, Arcturus revealed “the great point of contact in the mind of individual man. For there is a divine seed within the heart of man and it is a seed of fire. But this fire is the power of God that transmutes itself from the consuming aspects of fire to the beautiful aspects of light proclaiming in the mind the identity and purpose of man’s being, the identity and purpose of God’s being, and proclaiming them as one. Out of this valiant idea springs forth a host of lesser ideas, all cascading radiantly into the vision of man from the foreground to the background that he may behold them arrayed as principles of divine truth made known by the Holy Spirit within the temple of his individualized being.”

Yes, we are destined to become one with God and to understand “the power of self-government as a means to the end of world governing....This means that each one of you in the due process of time may be asked to govern your own system of worlds, the objects of your own creativity.” Arcturus pointed out that even now man is endowed with the capacity to create, “to think and to fashion his life according to the heights which are made known unto him.”  And those who follow the spiritual path to its conclusion will find themselves in the understanding of all that God himself can apprehend of the divine nature.

“Will you accept, then, the great divine potential of your own being?  Will you accept this fire coming forth from God as the blessed energy of the Paraclete, twin flames of the Holy Ghost, manifesting the radiant and compulsive power whereby man is able to dump out of his life all vibrational patterns and situations which are acting as sycophants to drain his energy from the strength that God has already given him and placed as a focus of light within the very seed of light, within the very center of his being.”  Arcturus emphasized that “as you come to that place where you can yield your human opinions to your own spiritual self, you will find the true order of progress appearing before you.”

These human opinions are many times “astral tramps roaming the psychic world and the world of human thought....They seek to destroy all the beautiful God-ideas that are truly being formed within you....” Therefore the Elohim came and asked “that there be an outbreathing from the heart of God of the sacred fire that will consume on the instant and separate from you those aspects of mortal thought and feeling that are no part of your Divine Self.”

Arcturus explained that “in your consciousness is posited many gifts of God, but many are yet to come. Man then, as the recipient of the gifts of God, is acting as a steward of divine ideas and concepts leveled to him as a descending grace from on high....Divine grace is available–always remember that.”

Continuing the dictation, Arcturus also explained that just as there are “orders of angels, initiations, and hierarchical levels,” so humanity is by divine direction separated into classes according to their ability “to receive and to conceive” spiritual truth. “It is grace that deliberately has proscribed the bounds of man’s limitations and habitations,” the Elohim said. “Some individuals by reason of their own density and their own mental states are not yet worthy to receive these gifts and graces of God....Yet all may become worthy. I want to stress this, for the light of the Presence is indeed a consuming fire which may be instead directed to become the light of God that does not fail to nourish each part of Life that each part of Life may mature and come of age into that state of being where each person can recognize all of the fruit of heaven and the glorious delight of the appearing of the Christ in his individual being.”

In conclusion, Arcturus announced:  “I institute this day a beautiful focus of Holy Amethyst in this building and in this sanctuary. It shall blaze and blaze and blaze for hundreds of years and will cause to be brought forth into manifestation ultimately much of that which your heart today already desires of virtue and beauty for the glory of God and the illumination of mankind.”

On January 23, 1972, “Arcturus of the violet flame” came “to infuse you with a greater measure of divine awareness,” emphasizing the importance of attitudes in the development of “your own God-given grace.”  Arcturus said that mankind “have so often held themselves in such ill-repute that it literally belies the working of the divine power and Presence that is within them....Although this grace is resident within you each moment of every day, if you continue to believe yourself bereft of the grace of God, if you continue to think that you are far away from Divinity and separate in consciousness, you infuse yourself with that vibratory quality, beloved ones, which is a human quality and you leave yourselves so-called high and dry in a spirit that in no way can consummate that attunement with your Presence which is the requirement of every hour.”  Those who understand the importance of attitudes will, therefore, “recognize the efficiency of the violet transmuting flame in freeing you for all time from all conditions that are less than the perfection of your Divine Presence.”

The Elohim explained that there are certain times when constant application to the violet flame of forgiveness is necessary; but there are also cycles in which “man should stress the development in himself of spiritual qualifications and spiritual powers, spiritual graces, and the understanding that he is a beloved son of God. Man cannot always imbue himself with the concept of the sinner and of sin and expect to manifest the perfection of God....Let them recognize both now and at all times the perfection of God that abides within them. Then they will be able to give preeminence to the perfection of God in the universe, thus raising the fabric of all lives Godward.”

Arcturus emphasized that the conditions plaguing mankind today were not necessarily developed in this age but are “residual, coming down through the historical stream with all of mankind’s darkness and failures to develop those spiritual powers which he could long ago have developed if he would have let go of many of the archaic and absolutely erroneous concepts which he has held to throughout the centuries.”  Arcturus used the truth of reincarnation as an example. “Let men understand that the reason for the continuity of their lives is so that they can develop those spiritual powers and graces, spiritual fortitude, and the understanding of God’s laws that are the requirement of every hour.”

Arcturus’ desire for the perfectionment of mankind “is a desire that I had ten thousand years ago” and “that God has always held.”  The Elohim emphasized that “all conditions that are less than the perfection of God can be changed”–even those situations deemed hopeless. “Those who are able to understand the law of the violet transmuting flame understand how beautifully God has ordained all of life to come to its own individual maturity and perfection....

“Truly the universe itself would be all perfection if it were not for the interferences that mankind have made with natural order. By their thoughts and their feelings of viciousness toward one another, they have affected all manifestations in nature. Thorns and thistles have been brought forth where only roses and lilies of the valley were intended by God. Let men recognize, then, that the power of transmutative change is possible not only in man but also in nature. Let mankind realize that the perfection of God that dwells in them is the same perfection inherent within the universe. The time is now....Unless mankind accepts the fullness of their divine perfection, they may find themselves absorbing the imperfection from varying levels of world thought and thus...again we will see the repetition of the mistakes of past ages....

“Accept, then, the grace of God inherent within the violet flame. Accept, then, the grace of God inherent within the divine qualities of your life. See in nature and in your fellowmen the perfection you desire to see in yourself and it will be so.”

Arcturus appealed to mankind to “recognize the stream of life, light, and love that pours forth from their God Presence and see it inundate the world with the manifestation of the Universal Christ. For the Universal Christ brought forth all things in the beginning and now, with the turning of the Great Cosmic Wheel of the Law, continues to bring forth the designs of perfection.” The Elohim said, “It is up to you.”

From out the Great Central Sun, Arcturus and Victoria came on October 12, 1974, with Violet Flame for a Smooth Transition into the Age of Aquarius (see p. 83). The Elohim came “from cosmic councils...who are concerned with the pollution of a planet...to purge, then, all that is not of the geometry of the inner reality of life.”  They came “not only for transition but for transformation. For cosmic energies are released from the heart of Alpha and Omega for the stepping up of forcefields and awareness. And thus,...a pushing back of the barriers of knowledge.”

As mankind approaches “a cycle for a greater intensification of light,” they “must either come into the oneness of the harmony of cosmos else forfeit...a platform for Self-realization,” Arcturus and Victoria warned. “You cannot continue to pollute the planet Earth,” they said, even by imposing “a consciousness that is less than love. Aye, this is pollution also...and must be challenged and must be conquered and must be broken by the law of harmony.”  The golden age can happen “without strife, without war, without cataclysm, without corruption,” the Elohim affirmed. “To tap the resources of the soul, of the inner being–this is our call, this is our message. For right within the forcefield of the Sun Presence within is that energy for life, for fulfillment, for the expansion of consciousness, and for the penetration of spheres beyond spheres. Look up and live, O mankind!  Claim your inheritance!”

In conclusion, angels of the violet flame delivered “to Terra the vials of violet fire for the consuming of the last plagues.” Arcturus and Victoria explained that “it is enlightened self-interest that mankind should be obedient to the laws of Nature. Then that Nature will serve mankind....You have every right to conquer as long as you live and let live, as long as you do not impose your hatreds and your fears, your prides, and your prejudices in other systems of worlds. Contaminate not other forcefields but infiltrate with love. For love, all love, is the fulfillment of the law of being. So let that love deliver the mandate of cosmic councils:  ‘Be free in love and let light reign for the freedom of the Aquarian age.’”

Arcturus and Victoria came to Washington, D.C., on July 1, 1976, in celebration of America’s bicentennial. The title of the dictation is Stars and Stripes of Our Cosmic Consciousness. The Elohim came “in the light of far-off worlds” to define freedom. “Freedom is the freedom to create,” said Arcturus and Victoria, “the great discovery of Almighty God which in his love he has shared with his sons and daughters.”  It is “the sacred goal of evolution.”

Arcturus and Victoria explained that “these worlds were created by God, by the Elohim, in answer to the edict of God to provide a platform for evolution, for attainment and self-mastery. They were not created that an evolution and a lifewave might play with the energies of God for entertainment, for the pleasure cult and for the death cult....All of the striving and the overcoming in all of the rays has its culmination in the seventh-ray action of freedom.” The Elohim emphasized that “the purpose, the geometry, and the design of this very moment of the release of the Christ consciousness of the Elohim is the challenge to the evolutions of earth not only to define freedom but to defend freedom where freedom is lost,” for “there is no life without freedom.”

And therefore, “I AM come. I AM come only moments following the surrender of that land, the last remaining territory of freedom where there is an ascended master retreat of freedom. I anchor the light of freedom in the etheric plane in the chakra of the Elohim’s freedom of earth. I come from Angola, I come from that place where Cuban troops, pawns of the sinister force, pawns of World Communism, have entered. Do you suppose, do you suppose that there is any connection between the fact that the retreat of world freedom is there anchored in the etheric plane and the fact that World Communism has vied for that soil?  Do you suppose there is any connection?  or do you move with the intelligentsia?  Do you move with those who do not see cause and effect sequences?  Do you move with those who say there is no conspiracy, there are no fallen ones, there are no devils, there is no false hierarchy, there is no black brotherhood?  Carry on, I say. Carry on, fallen ones. The judgment is upon you. I AM with the children of God who refuse to believe the lie and to be condemned by that lie.”

Arcturus and Victoria warned that “if you will not recognize the enemy, then you...will leap into the jaws of that enemy.”  Those sincere in their love of freedom, then, must first of all “enter the path of initiation...and establish freedom within themselves,” the Elohim said. “You must define the enemy within yourself. You must define the consciousness that limits you, that binds you to the laws of mortality. You must see the enemy as sloth, self-indulgence, self-centeredness, pride and ambition, and all of the sins that have been clearly outlined by the great avatars of the ages....Then you will summon the forces of light of your own Christ potential and...swiftly put down the enemy of freedom.”

Once you have defined your own God-identity, “from that point of wholeness, then, you will examine the next mandala of your initiation, the mandala of your nation, and you will say, What is the enemy?”  You will see “the social consequences of the choice to amplify the carnal mind in the four lower bodies” and “in government, in education, in the economy, in the laws,...and you will begin to invoke the light of the Elohim to conquer that enemy within.”  Then you will look to the world scene and identify the enemy of freedom “within those who have aligned themselves as a power bloc of fallen ones both in and out of embodiment, both in and out of the governments of all of the nations–the infiltrators, the spoilers of mankind’s freedom.”

Arcturus and Victoria agreed that, yes, “there is a conspiracy” of the fallen ones. For “wherever there is a choice for darkness, for hatred, for annihilation, that consciousness is one–one as a mass, a forcefield of dark energy that now, in this hour, hangs over...Angola, usurping the flow of energy from our etheric retreat.”  Yet there is also “a conspiracy of light reflecting light” because “all who are in Christ, who have chosen the Real Self, all who are in the light of Buddha and of the Divine Mother are also one. And in this oneness is their strength, in this union is that light of overcoming.”  By this “law of equality,” then, “lightbearers are congruent with the mind of God and the ones who carry the darkness...are congruent with the minds of the self-deceived and the self-hypnotized.”

Herein lies the reason why World Communism has now seized Angola and already seized the landed areas corresponding to the violet flame retreat of Kuan Yin over Peking, of Saint Germain over Rumania, of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst over Cuba. “Why did the forces of World Communism select Cuba and not another nation in South America?”  the Elohim queried. “Was it strategically convenient? Physically, perhaps so. But far more strategically convenient from the standpoint of spiritual law.” Arcturus and Victoria reiterated that “the people who are born to be the defenders of freedom have not understood...that there exists an enemy.”  This comes as a result of “the philosophy of détente” which has effectively “accomplished its end...to brainwash the American people that they now believe the enemy does not exist.”

And so, on the two-hundredth birthday celebration of America–“the greatest focus of freedom the world has ever known in modern time”–Arcturus and Victoria asked the question:  “Will you allow the soul of America to rot by an immorality and a lack of honor and integrity when it comes to the path of initiation and to the flame of life on Terra?...You cannot see the earth in any other way but as a...unit of soul evolution.”  Arcturus and Victoria explained that “the wicked are not the Russians or the Chinese. The wicked are the fallen ones who are in positions of power in every nation.”

According to the Elohim, there are millions of souls who know the truth, but their power has been divested from them. “You have forgotten what the power of God is!  You have forgotten what his wisdom is, his promises, the covenant that he made with Abraham:  ‘I will make thy seed as the sands, innumerable.’ This is the seed of the lightbearers who are destined to conquer the earth by the flame of Christ, by the flame of God-mastery. And in the process of conquering the self...they must defend, defend, I say, the bastions of freedom on every continent at the expense, yes, the expense of the paltry pleasures, the temporary illusions, the temporary indulgences which Western society continues and continues to wallow in. Where is the dedication? I will tell you where the dedication is!  The dedication is with the fallen ones and with those of the children of light whom they have manipulated into believing that World Communism is the way of equality and freedom and justice for the masses.”

The Elohim see Saint Germain at the core of the nation America. America–“we speak the name with the same reverence that we speak the name Jesus the Christ,” Arcturus and Victoria said, “the individual Saviour now become the nation that is intended to be the Saviour of nations.” Therefore ask yourselves daily:  “Are all of your actions, all of your thoughts and feelings contributing to your own soul emancipation and to the emancipation of all peoples?”  If not, the Elohim advised that you simply “eliminate those actions and those thoughts and feelings. Stop your senseless indulgence and realize that when the earth is carved up and under world tyranny, there will not be an emergence from that tyranny for thousands of years.”  Let it be understood, then, that the Path “must be a selfless action whereby the freedom that you forge within your own soul is then applied to the planetary body.”

Acknowledging those in attendance as “souls who understand,” the Elohim explained that through these admonishments “I AM anchoring within the mental belt, the etheric plane, the emotional body, and the physical quadrant of the earth this message of freedom. I AM stirring the American people through you and through the chakras of this messenger.”

Arcturus and Victoria then explained the inner significance of the stars and stripes–“alternating stripes of Alpha and Omega, waves of energy that precipitate from out the Great Central Sun,...anchored in the hearts of millions of people by...the flow of the energies of the Elohim and the solar hierarchies. Wherever there is tyranny exercised over the people, there is a blocking of the flow and the people are severed from the stripes of cosmic consciousness. And what of the stars of cosmic consciousness?  Five-pointed stars marking...the initiation to enter the white-fire core of being. If a planet and a people does not qualify for that initiation, then it cannot go within to release the energies of the Christ that are for the liberation of the lifewave.”  Arcturus and Victoria went on to explain that the stripes are symbolic “of the original thirteen, of Christ and his apostles,...thirteen states of consciousness ratifying discipleship.”

There are twelve Elohim, “seven in outer manifestation, five in the white-fire core of the Great Central Sun.”  These mighty beings send forth “the momentum of the twelve aspects of God-mastery that must be forged and won in America.” In the center of the mandala of the twelve Elohim is the Cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya. In those “who will make any and every sacrifice for freedom,” the Elohim “will anchor the stars and stripes of our cosmic consciousness” and “in these Lord Maitreya will anchor the flame of initiation and to these the Mother will come to minister unto their souls in the hour of the victory.”

Arcturus and Victoria planted their flame in the city of Washington, D.C., “for the action of the will of God in the voice of the people.” To the fallen ones “who have usurped the places of the Christed ones” in the government of this nation, the Elohim say:  “Let them be bound!...Let them be stripped of their facade!”  Within the souls of sons and daughters of God, Arcturus and Victoria are the freedom of Terra. Therefore, “set hierarchy free to act, act, act through you!”

Dictations by Arcturus and Victoria:  7-4-62, 5-26-63, 1-15-67, 10-10-70, 11-22-70, 7-2-71, 11-7-71, 1-23-72, 10-12-74, 7-1-76.

Retreat of the Elohim of the Seventh Ray–The retreat of Arcturus and Victoria is in the etheric plane near Luanda, Angola, Africa. This retreat focuses the energies of the seat-of-the-soul chakra of the planet.

Approaching the retreat of these Elohim, we have the feeling that we are entering a mighty fortress. Occupying the space of approximately four city blocks, this massive four-story building reminds us of an ancient fortress built by one of the Mogul emperors. At the same time, the large towers at either of the front corners remind us of the Tower of London. These towers are large and round, with several tiers raised above the top story. The building is actually composed of a rough purple stone having the appearance of velvet. The personal flames of Arcturus and Victoria are anchored therein:  the purple of Arcturus to our left, the violet and pink of Victoria to our right.

We are led through the front entrance in the center, and we enter the great hall that is two stories high and is finished with a highly polished purple and white stone. There are twenty-four pillars evenly distributed in the hall. The ceiling is a darker shade of purple, and the floor a lighter shade. In the center is the magnificent focus of the violet-purple-pink flame. Intensely brilliant yet gentle in radiation, it permeates the entire hall. It is the “Welcome Home!”  of the Elohim–the AUM of their white-fire bodies which they have chosen to focus as the comfort of the mercy flame to their guests. At the second-story level of the hall is a balcony. Both above and below, one may enter chambers where council meetings are held under the direction of the Elohim. There is an audience room with thrones for Arcturus and Victoria composed of a purple crystalline substance, one darker than the other. The conference table and chairs, which nearly fill the room, are of a violet-colored marble.

The planetary focus of the purple flame is located over the etheric retreat, an intense and fiery emanation from the heart of the Elohim precipitated from the great house. Its influence extends over the entire planetary body and can be seen from a great distance, rising as a jet d’eau high into the sky, a literal pillar of fire by night and a cloud of witness by day.

The retreat of Arcturus and Victoria is dedicated to the freedom of all mankind through the alchemical action of the flame, the mercy of the great law, and the love of the Father/Mother God. Legions of violet, pink, and purple-flame angels serve from here; and there is an intense activity of elemental life, who come and go as though this were truly their home on earth. Other foci where Arcturus and Victoria have flames (but no retreats) are over Australia, the South Pole, the Pyrenees Mountains, Siberia, Victoria Island in northern Canada, and the southern tip of South America.