Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 20 No. 10 - Lord Lanto - March 6, 1977


The Science of the Heart Must Be Known
by Those Who Would Accelerate Consciousness

Part I


Arriving at our retreat in this hour of cycles turning are angelic hosts of light serving the flame of illumination who have come from the Great Central Sun, the core of wisdom unto a cosmos. And they have come from that center hub of life to deliver to the evolutions of earth the intensification of the action of the increment of the sacred fire that is focalized by the presence of the Holy Kumaras.

The Seven Holy Kumaras are the spirits of God who sponsor the enlightenment of the lifewaves of earth and of this system of worlds and beyond. There is, then, the stepping-up of consciousness because once again mankind have begun to call upon the name of the Lord. <1> And some as the remnant have served as a ransom, paying the price by the giving up of the human consciousness for the divine that is necessary for the Mind of God to come into manifestation in this age–first in the few and then in the many who would bring themselves into the one Mind of God, the one Christ, and have not the idolatrous consciousness which has held sway far too long over these thousands of years on earth.

I AM Lanto, and I administer to lifestreams the great flame of the ark of the covenant <2>–lifestreams who come to the Royal Teton <3>who receive first the initiations of Saint Germain, of Lord Confucius, and of many sons and daughters of God who are teaching the American people how to make contact with the inner name–the name of God and the new name that no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it from the Lord God. <4> That new name that is the key to your own Christ-potential is a mantra of the Spirit transferred to the inner soul. It is a mantra that is already in the soul, that is unlocked by hierarchies of light in inner spheres of consciousness.

The Royal Teton Retreat, ancient focus of the coming of the early root races and of the coming of the archangels to earth, is the place enshrined in this day for the children of Israel and the people who have loved the Lord their God with all their hearts and souls and minds <5> to come to the newness of life and the new dispensations of the Spirit that are upon this land that those who are in this land might first be custodians of that Spirit and then couriers of the Spirit who will run with the Word and preach to all of the nations of the earth for a witness unto Him.

We find, then, that the amphitheater of the Royal Teton Retreat that is above the mountain in the atmosphere at the etheric intensity is filled with lightbearers who, on earth and in America today, are a part of the body of believers who are seeking the Lord God in the churches and not finding him in doctrine or dogma, but finding him in the very living presence of the Christ and of the Holy Spirit. Therefore the opening of the doors to the Royal Teton Retreat to many souls who have implored the Lord God for an understanding in this age has been effected, for the calls of the people are answered and the prayers are heard by the Listening Angel and the many angels who form a part of the retinue of the one whom you call Listening Angel.

We see, then, the spiraling to the center, the very heart center of America on the etheric plane that is the Royal Teton Retreat. This center does not correspond to the physical center of the heart chakra even as your own heart chakra at the etheric plane is not with the alignment of the chakra in the physical plane. You see, then, by the departure from the Law, mankind have gone out of the way and they no longer act in conformity to the inner matrices of energy, but they are apart and impoverished. Nevertheless, this, then, is a retreat in Spirit and Matter to which the souls of the children of God may retreat for succor, for nourishment, and for life.

There are many of the national parks and the places of refuge upon the North American continent that are ministered to by angel devas who daily make the cycle from the Royal Teton Retreat to anchor there an intensity of the sacred fire until, in these years, one finds that these parks and places of refuge are filled and overfilled by those souls who come during the summer months to be recharged in nature.

Let the children of the light also frequent these places of nature–not only to come and to receive, but to assist in the service of the angel devas. For you see, mankind have brought with them that from which they ought to desire escape. They have brought their auras of contamination, they have brought their television sets, they have brought all of their games and their entertainments and all of those things to which they are accustomed in the cities. They know not to leave these behind; and therefore when the hosts of the Lord come to minister unto them in these secret places of nature, they find that mankind have set up a barrier to the penetration of consciousness.

And therefore, we ask the children of God in the coming months and throughout the summers that are ahead to go to these places of nature to invoke the violet flame that they may be kept as chalices of light and not contaminated. For if mankind do not have this rest and repose in nature, where will they go for the recharging?  For many among them have not accelerated consciousness to the point where they can be recharged in the fires of their own heart, as it should be, or in our retreats. And therefore, this is the only surcease from the intensity of the karmic weight that is upon the cities.

Elemental life also have written to me this day a petition noting, of course, that I was scheduled to speak to you in the Lord’s Spirit this day. They have come and their representatives have come, and I have received them in my court as they are received in the grand ritual. For they are emissaries, indeed ambassadors of light representing all of nature and all of the beings of earth, air, fire, and water who serve the evolutions of earth.

They have come, then, and they have prepared a scroll which they have read to me. Included in this scroll is an expression of their gratitude for the children of God on earth who have come together to the conference Energy is God <6>and who have given of their energies to the solving of the problems of ecology and the balance of the four lower bodies of the earth.

Elemental life, then, wishes to express formally their gratitude today that some among mankind–those who have been quickened–are in the service of the flame of the Mother. They have come to express gratitude and to pledge themselves in the service of the Mother and her children in the building of the New Jerusalem, in the building of the temple–the temple that was Solomon’s temple, the temple that shall be the temple of the Lamb and the Lamb’s wife in this city. <7>

They come also, then, with a petition to the heart flames and to the souls of the devotees. The beings of fire, air, water, and earth have asked, then, that decrees might go forth for the balancing of misqualified energy which mankind are daily imposing upon the air, the earth, and the sea, and for the free- ing of the fire element that it might do its perfect work to fulfill in Mater that transmutation which is necessary–the freeing of the sacred fire by the fiat of the spoken Word, the freeing of the physical fire that there might be the burning of that debris which no longer serves a purpose on earth, that the electrons and the atoms might return to the Great Central Sun, that energy might be quickened, that all life might move in the grand rotation back to the Source of being.

This request, then, I read to you that you might not neglect your invocations. For truly, if earth is to become a star, and freedom’s star at that, then elemental life, as the chalice of the Holy Spirit, must also have the cleansing that is the washing of the body by the waters of the Word. <8>They seek the baptism and they come to you as the people of God went out into the wilderness seeking John the Baptist. <9> The elementals come to the children of God and to the sons and daughters of God asking for that baptism of the waters; for they know that it is the authority of God locked in the hearts of the sons and daughters on earth whereby they, too, might receive the energies of the Presence that flow as the crystal-clear waters of life, the River of Life <10> that truly is the way back to the Source.

Therefore, I come. For I have deliberated upon this petition this day with the Lords of Karma, and I come asking those of you who know the science of the spoken Word to give your invocations for the baptism of elemental life for they, too, would receive the salvation of Jesus Christ, they would know the meaning of everlasting Life which he has promised to those who believe. <11> And they pray, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” <12>


This dictation by Lord Lanto was dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Pasadena, California, on February 6, 1977 (1:10-1:33 p.m. PST). It will be concluded in next week’s Pearl of Wisdom.

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