Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 37 - John the Beloved - September 12, 1976

The Foundation of the New Jerusalem

And I, John, beheld a new heaven and a new earth:  for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away.1 I stand upon the mount of attainment and I behold there the glory of the transfiguration, the glory of the law of love fulfilled in the Master Presence. I stand upon the mount of your own being. I stand level with your own I AM Presence and I behold the glory of the new day. I see how God will cycle, line by line, the geometry of the City Foursquare2 from your own I AM Presence into manifestation as the base of the pyramid of life.

I come in the fullness of love, a love which he passed to me as I kept the flame of the Holy Spirit and of the Comforter that should come among the disciples.3 And as we beheld him make that final walk to Bethany’s hill, our hearts throbbed with a great cosmic pulse, with a nearness of the I AM Presence ready to receive the Son of God as when the dove of the Spirit descended in the hour of the baptism and in the hour of the transfiguration and the voice of God was heard, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased.”4

So we who communed in love also heard the call to Home, the eternal homing that echoes from the heart of the I AM Presence as the soul prepares to enter the spiral of the new birth even as it descended in the birth canal to be born again in the heart of Matter. So the new birth at the hour of the ascension is a moment of glory for all who watch and wait for the reappearing of the Christ and his descent out of the fiery core of being. Therefore, the Lord God does preserve the coming and the going of the manifestation of God.

Those two men in white apparel who announced the return of Jesus the Christ in the same manner as we had seen him go,5 were ascended masters who came also to tutor us in the way of the ascension, to tell us of a future yet unborn, to tell us of a life to be lived triumphantly in another two-thou­sand-year cycle. And these witnesses of Almighty God tarried with the disciples, extending the Comforter and the flame; and they spoke of the age of Pisces and the travail of mankind aborning in the womb of the Divine Mother and that period of preparation following the conceptualization of the Christ in Jesus.

Conceived then he him. Our God conceived the Christ as the Real Image of every child that should be born of the Divine Mother; and therefore as the two thousand years have rolled, so comes the Cosmic Virgin as the Woman crowned with the Sun and the moon under her feet, clothed with that sun in all of righteousness and splendor and crowned with the crown of twelve stars.6 So comes the Divine Mother welcomed by mankind, for mankind yearn for the touch of the motherhood of God. And thus Christed ones come forth in this the hour of the birth of all who have been receiving identity in the womb of time and space.

Now is the hour for the Christ appearing!  Now is the hour to acknowledge the Christ in mankind. And so they foretold the day when mankind would come into the fusion of the Mother and recognize the common source and the common divinity and feel that flow of Mother love that should reunite all here below in the energies of Father through the conception of the Christ. We see then how the cycles roll; and we saw then through their ascended master consciousness that the foundation which we laid as the foundation of the City Foursquare would one day be fulfilled by sons and daughters of God who would come of age, who would seize the torch and be those lively stones in the city of our God.7 This was the foundation and the promise of the millennium. This was that which was vouchsafed to us as we stood there witnessing to the immaculate rebirth that is the ascension in the light for everyone.

How our hearts rejoiced!  And we remembered his words “Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem.”8 And so we tarried there, waiting upon the God conscious­ness to infuse us with the mission. And when it came as the Holy Spirit and each one received the calling to go forth to give testimony of the Word and the example of Jesus Christ in every land, so we felt that flame. And as we were compelled to go forth throughout Asia Minor and the Far and Near East and eventually throughout the world in succeeding incarnations, so that same flame of fire, compelling us to preach the Word and to witness to the Word, we knew as the fire which we greeted in the heart of all who would listen to the message, the good news of the rebirth of the Christ.

“How can a man be born again?”  So Nicodemus asked. “Should he enter his mother’s womb?”9 Yes!  Indeed, these are the things of the kingdom of heaven. These are the mysteries—how the soul can enter into the womb of the Cosmic Virgin and find there nourishment and life and understanding, preparation for the mission. This is the comfort of the Holy Spirit. This is the good news brought forth in the Church Universal and Triumphant. It is the news of the Cosmic Virgin, of the Mother of All Life, giving birth to sons and daughters. In this is the culmination of the Comforter—that all mankind are born of the Cosmic Virgin, immaculately conceived in the center of the Logos. In this good news is the wiping away of the stain of sin and the good news of Christ, the conqueror in you. There is so much to bring to mankind of joy and peace and so much of the discipline of the law and the science and the mathematics of the Word. There is so much to be applied.

The hour is indeed heavy as the fallen ones make their way to the judgment hall. And now it is their turn to be lined up as sheep for the slaughter. It is their turn to know the judgment of the great Judge of Life; for this is the cycling and the recycling of ages. As the vast cycles roll, so know, mankind, that the prophecy of the binding of the wicked and the fallen ones is fulfilled in part as some have been brought to judgment at the Court of the Sacred Fire—as it is written, before the Four and Twenty Elders.10

And I remember well when the angel of the Lord came to me on the isle of Patmos and I received the message of Jesus Christ to be sealed and signified by that angel, to remain untouched through these two thousand years.11 And therefore the authority of the Christ and of the Logos did seal that revelation as two-thirds of the initiatory spiral of the thirty-three. And in the twenty-two chapters of this proclamation of the Word, you will find the key for the trans­mutation of two-thirds of your own karma and of the balance of energies and of your debts to life. Listen well and hear well as you read the Holy Book, and see how you can perceive therein the unwinding of the coils of identity and the moving of energy into the flame cycle by cycle; for therein is contained the entire subconscious of the race.

Understand, then, how that collective subconscious must come to the fore, must come there to the moment of the appearing where the subconscious becomes the conscious. And therefore, to slay the dragon and the beast and the beast that riseth up out of the sea and the beast that cometh up out of the earth, the false prophet, the great whore, and the fallen ones and all these identities of the carnal mind,12 you must understand that the moment that they appear on the world scene, the moment that they appear from subconscious depths of your own psyche, you must stand as the victor, as the Christ, taking the sword of the one who comes with those eyes as pools of fire, one like unto the Son of God, your own Christed Self, and slay the action of the misuse of the sacred fire.

The sword is the sacred sword, the sacred Word. It must go forth. As the fire proceeds out of the mouth of the two witnesses and the sword comes out of the one who champions the cause of righteousness, so let the sword coming forth from the mouth of the Christ symbolize that which cleaves asunder the real from the unreal by the fiat of the Lord, by the power of the spoken Word manifest in you.13

This is my message for those who would bring forth the foundation of the New Jerusalem that is already laid in Christ Jesus14—to understand the microcosm and the Macrocosm, the fulfillment in you of the law of each, and your responsibility to prove where you are, the conquering Spirit of the Lord Christ. See then how these initiations are revealed chapter by chapter, and ask yourself:  “Have I made invocation to the law of my being this day to release the fire of God for the consuming of the last plagues of my own karma, for the consuming of all manner of deception and betrayal and of Babylon the Great and of Antichrist and of all that has gone against the fulfillment of the promise?”15

And for those of you who pass the tests line by line, verse by verse, of that which is recorded in the Book of Revelation, there is prepared for you the revelation of the mysteries whereby you can overcome the remaining third of your karma. The goal of life for total victory is wide open!  And you are invited by the Lord of hosts this day to balance 100 percent of your karma, to return to God as victors and champions proving the law of righteousness, proving the balance of harmony as that harmony equals, line by line, the mastery of the feminine ray and of the white-fire core of being. See then how God has already marked clearly within you and in akasha and in prophecy the path of salvation.

Now I say, let the interpretation of that book go forth from the pen of the Mother of the Flame that Sons and Daughters of Dominion might have that release and that understanding!  And I have given the key this day; and into her hand is that key secured to put it in the door and to turn the key, to unlock the door, to see there the risen Christ who proclaims, “I AM the open door which no man can shut!”16 This is the promise and the glory to those who are laboring in the fields of the Lord, those of you who toil and serve and love not your lives unto the death.17

I speak to every disciple of Christ who shall hear or read my words in all time and space. To you I affirm this day that your reward is secure in light and in the teaching. These are they which have the testimony of Jesus Christ. These are they which have the revelation of the revelations of God. These are they which receive the interpretation by the Lord’s Spirit of every word that he spoke and every word that is written. So let it be that you weary not in well doing.18

I open now your eyes that you might see how each task fulfilled, each sacrifice made for God and flame and country and community and planetary body and all life everywhere, has an immediate reward as fire springs forth in your own causal body. But as the testing of the ten is given, so this is shielded from your eyes that your reward might be in well doing and not in the promise of any other thing. Therefore “by grace are ye saved; not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.”19 Therefore, continue ye in my word and work the works of God;20 and see how effort made here below becomes a magnet of central sun also here below magnetizing the glory of the ascension, magnetizing to you the akashic records of Bethany’s hill so that you might stand in the footprints of the master and feel the impetus as a springboard springing from beneath your feet.

And in that moment of the return, you will feel the fiery momentum of the Son of God and all of those works worked in the law of being magnetizing grace for fulfillment in the law of love. And you will see how Mother, as the fiery core of earth, releases energy from the center of being to propel you into the arms of the Father. This is the push-pull action of the Holy Spirit. So then, receive the boost of the flame of the Cosmic Virgin!  Receive the pull of the Father as all of heaven stands this day to magnetize your hearts to fulfillment.

I AM John. I loved him as the person of Christ. I loved his being, his consciousness, his soul. I loved his flame; I love him still. And my love for the person of Jesus I transfer to all mankind. I love the body of Christ. I love the blood as essence of Spirit coursing through the veins of humanity. I release that love from my retreat in the etheric plane over your state of Arizona. I release that love to give hope to America, hope to the world, and to restore peace with honor, integrity, morality, and a divine economy.

I come bearing books in my arms, and those of you who can see will note that my arms are filled with the tomes of the law. And you will see that they are ancient manuscripts, their binding worn; and you will see how I carry from my retreat those books which must be written that the true law of life might be set forth, that these laws might be revealed to the citizens of the new age and to all who inhabit the City Foursquare and all who come to the Church Universal and Triumphant. So are these tomes delivered into the hands of the Christ of the Mother, that they might be written and set forth as sacred scripture for the new age.

And now behold and look up, O ye sons and daughters of the true Church!  And see how the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha, stands before you with Jesus the Christ. And hand in hand they come for the fusion of East and West and for the paths of initiation that lead unto the materialization of the God flame and unto the spiritualization of Mater. As above, so below, let paths of East and West converge in the new Church for the fiery caduceus that all mankind might be one in the flame of Christos!

Let none be denied the Sacred Communion!  Let none be denied the bread and the wine!  Let all who come to receive, to be fed of the Good Shepherd, also know that Buddha and Christ upon the hill merge in the transfiguring grace of the Christ consciousness of the heart, the God consciousness of the crown, and so together point the way to divinity for all mankind. Let all then receive that Sacred Communion. Let it be given forth for the balancing, for the receiving, of the Alpha and the Omega. Let none be denied, and let all recognize the true Church as that place where Communicants may receive these gifts of Spirit and of Mater.

So as I received the flame of the Comforter, another who came after me, also called John, the beloved of Christ, did fulfill the dispensation of that Church of Jesus. And therefore Pope John XXIII does seal your communion as your hearts are fired in purity and raised up as that pearl of great price,21 as the gift of noble selfhood unto humanity. And the sealing of the messenger and the sealing of the disciples is the offering of the love of John this day. We are one in love, and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood now merges in the flame of your own God Presence to prove here and now this day that our God is a consuming fire and that the Lord of Israel, of all that is real in you, is one Lord.22

I greet you in the flame of the early Christians and in the light of the caduceus which they marked by the sign of the fish. So let that be the sign of the appearing of the Father-Mother God within all. I AM the will to do, to be, to love, and to serve the Christ and the Buddha within you. Won’t you accept me into your heart this day and forevermore, that I might love him in you, through you, unto eternity?  I AM John, loving all life free as the Christ.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by John the Beloved was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Sunday, May 4, 1975 in Westwood, California.

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