Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 20 - Gautama Buddha - May 16, 1976

Be All of God!

The joy of the Buddha is looking into the eyes of the devotee and beholding the Buddha to be, to become. I AM the Buddha, and I have beheld the eyes of the one and of the many who have preceded me in this office in hierarchy. I have seen the look of sternness in the master’s eye. I have seen the tender regard of love. I have seen the look of hope in hierarchs of far-off worlds who hope for God to be realized in mankind because I AM the Buddha where I stand. I have seen also the hope in the eyes of mankind, and I have seen hope return to spring again, even out of the morasses of life. I have seen the lotus bloom as the hope of reunion, of regeneration, of redemption, of overcoming, attainment, enlightenment on the way.

 You see, as I see, the faces of mankind upturned to God imploring assistance; you see the little children in Vietnam; you see them wondering, “Where am I going? Where will I be?” Some of them have not known a permanent home since incarnation in this life. And they have been wanderers, and they have fled war. And they have known terror, and terror is in their eyes. And yet beyond the terror there is hope—the hope of being saved, the hope of life. And those beyond them in hierarchy are their only hope—embodied mankind who have the light, who could, if they would, extend the arm of friendship in freedom.

Hierarchy waits for mankind to make the decision to defend freedom upon Terra. Hierarchy waits for mankind to elect to take up the flame of life and to defend it in honor! Where is honor? When there is compromise and bargaining and conceding to the fallen ones, there is no honor, but tarnished souls, souls losing fast the opportunity for God-realization. When they have denied life, Life will deny them. So we see as mankind stand as their own judge in the judgment seat; and the judge is the action and the Word—not words, but the Word. It is the Logos; it is the eternal law made flesh. Unless the light that is in you as potential incarnate as action, then judgment falls upon the sin of omission. Without the Word incarnate in you, action fails to be victorious; for only the Christ is victorious.

I AM the Lord of the World. If I raise my hand as signal, the world will cease to be. In my hand is the authority for all who evolve on Terra, and cosmic councils have given into my keeping the determination of the evolutions of Terra. And yet not all is in my hand, for the fate of Terra is in the hands of those who are incarnate in this hour. And whether they incarnate the energy veil or the Word is according to free will. The choice is theirs. The choice is yours. And choices have been made and are being made day by day. Therefore, in the final assessment of the balance of karma, the raising or the lowering of the hand of the Lord of the World will be by the energy of mankind’s own karma.

Mankind know not how the balance scales of the Holy Spirit are now delicately balanced by the flames of the devotees of every faith and every calling, the sincere who are clear, whose auras are clear for the light to penetrate. These are they who are the electrodes of the Great White Brotherhood, of hierarchy. They stand upon every continent holding forth the light until their bodies receive so much light that the weight becomes a burden of light that can be felt tangibly.

The ascended masters are close to their chelas. And the parched earth soaks up the fire of the living Word almost before it is spoken by the chela. So the invocations and the calls go forth. Action is released, but there is counteraction; and the counteraction is the free will of mankind. You have the right and the authority in God, in the name of the I AM Presence, to challenge the misuse of freewill when that misuse encroaches upon planetary life and interferes with the freedom of mankind to follow the path of initiation, to make their way back to the center of God. I say, then, do not sleep this night ere you have spoken these words:

“In the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of Gautama the Buddha, I challenge all misguided use of free will and all misqualified energy that encroaches upon the freedom of the souls of Terra to choose the way of light, to choose the path of the ascension! I stand in God, I stand for God! I AM on earth as I AM in heaven! I AM a chela of the ascended masters! And I pray this prayer that mankind might have this night the light of vision and the enlightenment of the Buddha, the freedom flame of Saint Germain, and the protection of Archangel Michael for the victory, for the liberation of an entire lifewave. Let it be done in the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All this I AM.”

Now you may not have memorized those words; and if you have not, the simple prayer of the heart, the intent of the heart to intercede on behalf of mankind, will do. But speak the prayer with the authority of the I AM Presence! Speak it loud and clear! Let the fiat go forth! And let it resound across the heavens and across the earth that a noble generation of lightbearers has arisen in this age to proclaim the way of light, the way of the Buddha, the way of hierarchy, the way of freedom with honor. So let cosmic councils hear your call and your plea! Let them know that there are some here below whose hearts, like candles, glow with fervor and a fire and a compulsion to rise, to rise higher and higher into light, into God, into the center of the flaming yod.

I release my energies to this band of devotees as I shall also release them to the devotees of Buddha in the Himalayas, to the Tibetans, to all who follow Maitreya and Gautama, to all whose hearts are one with us though they know not the way and the path of hierarchy. I stand here and I place my Electronic Presence here for your vigil and your marathon1—my Electronic Presence to multiply your calls for the action of the all-seeing eye. I place my Electronic Presence here in devotion to the Mother flame within you, one and all. I place it here to arc the rays of light from Shamballa.

O Shamballa, starry abode of Buddhas, of holy Kumaras! O Shamballa, I would extol the glory of threefold flame of life that raises man from the sod, from animal life to Master Presence, from the nature of energy veil and the fall to self-worth, to be sons and daughters of God—and of the living God, for I proclaim him! He is not dead, as they have said! Behold, I AM alive forevermore! I AM more alive, more tangible, and more real; for I have claimed him as my own and I AM one in the flame of the living God!

God is alive on Terra! God walks the earth this night through ascended hosts of light, through embodied devotees, through little children, eyes glistening with love, with tenderness, with understanding for other souls being denied life at the portals of birth. So let the Divine Mother within you claim them, one and all—claim those souls and prepare the way! Let the avatars come forth! Let mankind be born again in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin! Let them come forth! Let them release that light, that energy, that creativity that shall indeed inundate the earth and swallow up the beast and the dragon and the false prophet.2

So let that light of avatars and Christed ones intensify, intensify, and draw forth the living sun from the center of life of each one! So let these little ones be received! And let those who oppose them, let those who injure and hinder their path know their fate is also sealed as those with a millstone about their neck.3 So will they plummet to the depths of the astral until they have paid every jot and tittle of the law.4 And therefore because they have denied the Christed ones, so their own opportunity to be the Christ will also be denied.

Let there be clear seeing, clear knowing! Let mankind rise to a new level of awareness because you shall have given forth the call to Cyclopea. And I tell you this night, the hosts of the Lord have heard the plan of the Mother even as they also have inspired upon her that plan. The hosts of Cyclopea, legions from the Great Central Sun, form a large ring about Terra high in the upper atmosphere, beyond that atmosphere—a ring of light waiting, waiting for the invocation and the call. And their plan of action is to encircle Terra twenty-four hours, holding the beam of the all-seeing eye in every nation, in every government, in every representative of the people, self-proclaimed or otherwise.

In every home, in every heart, there will be an increase of the light of God-vision as your calls are fulfilled in the power of the ten thousand-times-ten thousand and by the action of my own causal body of light. So let us see what holy thing can be done for the Lord and the law of love. And let us see by that holy thing how your souls can become also a winged thing of light and air, traversing now, here and there, beyond this plane, across the planes of Mater—souls aborning, souls taking flight in early morning to greet the Mother flame, to greet the dawn of Buddhic light, and to embrace the Christ in these little ones, in holy children, in man and woman sealed by the light of God’s own love.

I come in oneness. I draw you into oneness. I show you the fiery core and I teach you to love more and more and more. I teach you to love and then to love again, to love again and again and again, to forgive again and again and again. I teach you to let light flow. Let light glow, and you will know how to be the Buddha where you are.

Come, then, and sit at the feet of the Mother! Come and learn of me! Cherish her and have no other, and learn the law of life. Learn the way of Alpha! Learn the way of Omega! Learn the way of the cycling of cosmic energies in you and the mastery of those cycles. And then go forth two by two, thrust from the center and the flame of the Mother. And go forth to conquer! Conquering, be the conqueror!

Go forth! Go forth to conquer energy! Go forth to touch souls of fire! Go forth and touch them with a hand that has touched the Mother, with a hand that has touched the Buddha. So is the chain of hierarchy. So is light released, and so is the torch passed. And none can steal the torch or the teaching, but receive it only from the hand of the true teachers of mankind. See, then, that when you accept the teaching you accept the teacher also, for they go hand in hand as the personal and impersonal aspects of godhood.

Be all of God! Leave nothing aside! Be willing to assimilate him totally inside. Therefore, embrace every aspect of creation and let it be consumed in fiery heart flame. Be not afraid to take in! For there in the center of being, I AM the Buddhic light consuming all human consciousness, replacing it with the divine light!

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Gautama Buddha was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, April 25, 1975, at the Motherhouse in Santa Barbara, California.

1. Devotees of the masters kept an extended prayer vigil over the weekend.

2. Rev. 11-20.

3. Matt. 18:6.

4. Matt. 5:18.

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