Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 19 No. 19 - Beloved Pelleur - May 9, 1976

The Burden upon the Earth Body

I AM in the heart of the earth. I AM in the heart of the mountain and the rock. And I AM in the white-fire core of Terra. I AM the awareness with Virgo of the planetary body groaning and travailing to give birth to the Christ Child of the heart. I AM the consciousness of elemental life serving in the planes of Mater. I AM the consciousness of the resurrection fires coming from the heart of the earth to rejuvenate life for the resurrection of the springtime.

I AM the awareness of cosmic currents from Cuzco’s retreat rippling through the dense Mater of the physical crust of earth, and I am aware of the changes that must take place and the adjustments in the planetary body. I come to you to report to you certain of the deliberations of the Council of Earth which meets in the white-fire core, the very center of life and created intelligence of Terra.

We have been aware of the burden that has been upon the physical bodies of the lightbearers; and we would tell you that the burden comes from the enormous burden that is even now upon the elementals who serve as the gnomes at the physical plane—those who serve to keep the balance of the flow of cosmic forces in check.

The burden upon the earth body is intensified by the misuse of that body, by the bombarding of the nucleus of atoms in nuclear fission, by the release of energies peaceful for the maintenance of the flow of cosmic energy, by the misuse of these energies, by the absence of the necessary safeguards of the sacred fire to which mankind have not attained. Mankind’s present level of attainment is not commensurate with the keeping of the flame of life at the levels of energies which they are releasing daily in the earth, through the earth, and at other levels in the plane of water and in the plane of the air.

We are concerned with the pollution of the body of the earth; we are concerned with the pollution of elemental life. Where elemental life and the earth body itself have not been able to bear the toxins, the waste materials, the chemical by-products and the nuclear by-products, so the bodies of mankind have had to bear that weight, and mankind as a whole, and especially the light­bearers, walk with the cross on the via dolorosa. They walk carrying that cross; and sometimes they fall beneath the weight of that cross as they bear it unknowingly, jointly with elemental life. We are concerned with all pollution and the pollution of the seas and the air and the pollution of the food; and we see that there are times when the lightbearers can scarcely lift their bodies, so charged are they with the negative charge that results from the imbalance that is being placed upon the ecosystem of Terra.

I come then to alert you to the fact that unless you direct your violet-flame invocations into the earth, the very physical body, and into elemental life, you will continue to bear a burden. And I project for you, as a graph on the graph that is very obvious to us who have met with the Council of Earth, that by and by it will come to pass that your physical bodies will no longer be able to bear this weight and mankind will suffer and they will fall by the thousands, the ten thousands, and the millions by the sheer weight of the imbalance which they are allowing the fallen ones to place in the very substance of the earth itself.

The sources are many, the defenses are many, and the project is Herculean—the project to arrest the spiral of the mad ones who fear not the pollution, who fear not the destruction of the body of earth—for theirs is not to preserve the earth or souls, but to destroy life in death. For they are already dead; they have nothing to lose.

Do not be so foolish as to continue to think that all who are at the heads of science and government have the good of the people in mind. I tell you, this is sheer naiveté!  The pawns of Lucifer are yet in positions of command; and you cannot gauge their actions or their decisions in an age of potential nuclear holocaust by what you think they will do based on sanity, the golden rule, good will, and the awareness of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. They do not operate according to these premises, but they act according to the luciferian philosophies and to the death consciousness.

Many of them are robots and they have not a mind of their own. Although they appear to be brilliant, their brilliance is the programming of Matter. Remember that Matter is Mater; it is Mother. And that energy, when controlled, computerized by the black magicians, can also have that quality of life and brilliance even though it is a very subtle perversion of the real Mother flame.

Therefore, take care that you do not assume all is well...all is well. For all is not well!  The earth is suffering under a tremendous weight of darkness, plotting and profiteering, and the plundering of her soil, even by those who come in their ships from other systems of worlds. They come to steal the light of the Mother flame of Terra; and because the children of the sun have not defended that light, so their energies, their substance, and their abundance is stolen from them right and left.

We are concerned with the attrition of life on Terra. Do you realize that there is less life as purity and power in the bodies of the children of God on earth than there was twenty years ago?  Less of the purity of the crystal flow of God. Such is the pollution of the human consciousness that is reflected at all levels. We applaud your efforts to give invocations and decrees for the ecology and the energy crises of Terra; but there are yet decrees to be written that must enlist the aid of the beings of the elements into all areas, especially the keeping of the balance in the four lower bodies as the earth is brought into alignment with the correct axis north and south that is established in the higher etheric body as blueprint for the golden age.

Each time the four lower bodies are brought into greater alignment with the sun of even pressure, there is the throwing-off of disturbances. There is the throwing-off of toxins and poisons and substance that is incompatible with the new level of alignment. Each time your four lower bodies are brought into alignment with your heart flame, there is a necessary adjustment on the surface which sometimes results in physical illness.

You have not to think that all illness is projection or karma. Sometimes it is an indication that by your decrees you have invoked the strength and the will and the God-determination that is reflected in your body elemental, that is executed by your Christ Self for your four lower bodies to approach a greater degree of perfection here in Mater. And therefore the little price you pay with an inconvenience of not being well for a day or a week is well worth the fruit; for the fruit results in the greater flow of light through your four lower bodies and your chakras because the magnificent orifices of being are in alignment in the many planes of consciousness in which you live, and thereby the light of the Sun can flow forth. This is true also when the physical body and the skeleton are in alignment and are in correct manifestation.

So then, I come with the message of these certain deliberations. There are many more which we will refer to the Darjeeling Council, and the ascended masters of that council will bring forth other aspects of the teaching which we have outlined in our recent meetings. I bring you greetings from all of elemental life. I bring you greetings from Oromasis and Diana, from Neptune and Luara, from Aries and Thor. I bring you salutations from all of elemental life who rejoice to receive even the crumbs from your table as drops of violet flame are felt by them as you give your invocations.

They are grateful for even the side effects of your invocations. They would be, I assure you, even more grateful if you were to give concentrated and direct calls for and on behalf of the gentle gnomes, the sylphs, the undines, and the salamanders. It would be very worth your while; for in this mighty action of release, you will find that your own burden is made light1 and that your cross can be borne on the path of victory and the way of joy, on the path of the light of the Buddha. You will find, then, the reestablishment of the flow of creativity as health and wealth; for these are the gifts of the Holy Spirit which the precious elementals bring to those who work with them, who serve with them, who are kind, compassionate, and understanding of their plight.

I look forward to saluting you on the day of the Wesak Festival,2 when the Lord of the World ministers unto the needs of all of the evolutions of Terra, including elemental life. I invite you to be there in Shamballa and with the Lord of the World as he spreads the canopy of his consciousness over India, the place where the teachings of the Buddha were brought forth into manifestation. All of elemental life rejoices, for they bow before the Lord of the World as their God and as their Saviour. You might say that the elementals are Buddhists by nature and Christians by training!

In the light of Venus, in the light of the World Mother, in the light of Omega, in the light of Virgo, I anchor within your heart my love for Terra.

“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance o’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

This dictation by Pelleur was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet Sunday, February 29, 1976, during the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral, held in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1. Matt. 11:30.

2. The Wesak Festival, celebrated annually during the full moon of Taurus (May 13 this year), is the time when Gautama Buddha appears over the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas to give his annual blessing to his devotees in the East and to initiates of the Great White Brotherhood throughout the world. As the flame of Gautama encompasses the earth, all of life receives his blessing, including angels, elementals, and souls walking the path of individual Christhood. The birthday of Gautama Buddha is also celebrated in the flame of Taurus on May 8.

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