Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 48 - Archeia Holy Amethyst - November 30, 1975


The Initiation of the Judgment


Children of the One
Abiding in the Shadow of the Mercy of the Law:

I am the flame of Zadkiel and the jewel in the center of the flame. I am the point of the precipitation in Mater of the alchemy of the seventh ray. I am the Mother flame of the order of Melchizedek. <1>  I am the white-fire core of the seat-of-the-soul chakra. I am a keeper of the flame, keeping the flame of freedom for the seven root races destined to fulfill the cycles of life on Terra.

I stand at the south portico of our retreat over the island of Cuba. I face the children of the South, children of Mother Mary, those delicate ones who, in their humble lives and gentle adoration of the Mother, are the guardians of the light of the Christos in this hemisphere. And then I walk to the north portico where Zadkiel stands gazing upon the children of the North, who keep the flame of freedom for a planet and a people who have enshrined that flame in the name of Uncle Sam in the government and in the economy of a nation destined to be the Mother light come again.

And so in the masculine and feminine rays of the Godhead, we distribute the energies of freedom through the amethyst crystal on the altar of our retreat. And the flame that burns here, tended by legions of violet-flame angels, sparkles with the brilliance of every tone that is contained in the spectrum of the seventh ray. From the pink-violet to the fiery blue-purple mingling with white and crystal, there is opportunity for infinite expression of the Christ flame within these sacred fires of Aquarius. And so to creativity, to the new birth, to the science of the Mother, and to the ingenuity of her sons and daughters I dedicate my release to complete the spiral of the fourteen angels who stand in the Presence of the Lord.

I would speak to you of the initiation of the judgment for those who have prepared diligently for the coming of the Lord into the temple of being. Your own soul, clothed upon with the four lower bodies, is your focus of the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. It is the forcefield given unto you in time and space wherein you bear witness of the flame, where you become a keeper of the flame, where you dedicate God’s energy entrusted into your care to the fulfillment in Mater of the counterpart of your being in Spirit.

The initiation of the judgment comes to sons and daughters of God, to the children of God, and to the fallen ones simultaneously. And yet that initiation can be the necessary preparation for the resurrection and the ascension, for the birth of the soul unto immortal life; or it can be the necessary preparation for the final judgment at the Court of the Sacred Fire and the canceling-out of the soul’s identity in the ritual of the second death.

Judgment is the joy of the ritual of fulfillment because it releases the creations of the children of the One into the sacred fire. It is the trial by fire wherein every man’s work must be tried and man himself must be weighed in the great balance of life. <2>  To each individual soul there is given a certain epoch in time and space to fulfill the flame of the Christ in the seven rays. At the end of that era of evolution, sometimes spanning hundreds of thousands of years and thousands of incarnations, the soul must give an accounting to the Lord of Being and to the law of Selfhood, and rightly so.

The first seven chapters of the Book of Genesis are a poetic overview of the uses and misuses of the sacred fire in the seven rays. In the first chapter of the creation is the recording of the fiat of the Lord God and its implementation by the Elohim in the creation of the cosmos and of the early root races–man and woman created in the image and likeness of God, sent forth to be co-creators, to take dominion in the planes of Mater.

Interspersed with this accounting is the record of the creation of animal life and of all of the living creatures–an allegorical presentation of the creation of elemental life tainted by the fact that the authors of the Book of Genesis spoke from a point of reference in relativity; for the book was written after the fall of man and woman, after the descent of consciousness from the plane of absolute good to the plane of relative good and evil. Therefore the record of the misuses of the first ray on the mental and astral planes is also included in the account. But “God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” <3>  This is the etheric blueprint of the cosmos, the power of the first ray that undergirds the all of the creation.

In the second chapter of Genesis, there is the sealing of the creation in the mind of God through the second ray of illumined action. And immediately the factor of antichrist, as the mist that went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground, compromised the light of the Logos in man and woman. Now the counterpart, the material creation of the male and female formed of the dust of the ground, is given. Here evolution has reached the physical plane watered by the energies of Spirit; and out of the cloven tongues of the fire of wisdom, the counterpart of man is set before him as woman. Simultaneously the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is placed in the midst of the garden, that man and woman might exercise free will to obey or not to obey, to believe or not to believe, the word of the Lord.

Thus the Divine Us, as twin flames in the white-fire core who were created in the beginning, realize their oneness in Matter as a duality of expression. While they remain in the light of the Christ, their innocence is sealed. But the record in the third chapter of Genesis deals with the uses and misuses of the flame of love; and this is where the carnal mind, personified in the serpent who typifies the Fallen One tempting the members of the fourth root race on Lemuria, presents its carnal logic. Temptation is always presented as the lie that goes against the intuition of the heart and its natural inclination toward devotion to God.

The fall of man and woman came about as the result of their abandonment of the flame of love and the logic of the heart. The misuses of the sacred fire of love were grave indeed upon Lemuria, and they spread to every corner of the earth. The mechanization of creation caused man and woman to forfeit the holy communion of love shared in the Holy Spirit. The judgment of the men and women of the fourth root race was also the judgment of love. Outside the paradise of God’s consciousness, Adam and Eve are required to master the fourth ray–no longer by the alchemy of the sacred fire, but in sorrow and in shame. <4>

The white light of the Mother in the fourth ray is so intense that it arouses anger and jealousy in Cain eventuating in the desecration of the Mother. Unto Cain and Abel it was given to keep the flame of Alpha and Omega in the white chakra, and to that end they offered burnt offerings unto the Lord. The killing of righteous Abel by Cain was the beginning of the profanation of the flame of the Mother by the children of the Mother. <5>  And so the fires of the Mother were used for the multiplication of the consciousness of Cain in a degenerate humanity.

But with the coming of Seth, the Lord’s replacement for the seed of Abel, men and women began once again to call upon the name of the Lord. Through the application of the law of truth in the science of the fifth ray, the generations of Adam through Seth brought forth great lights in the history of the earth–Enos and Cainan and Mahalaleel and Jared and Enoch and Methuselah and Lamech and Noah. <6>  These men had the mastery of the fifth ray and therefore lived hundreds of years through its application in the science of Mater.

But the children of the fallen ones and the generations of Cain brought about the misuse of the light of the Christ in the sixth ray. Instead of service to that light and the mastery of the emotions, it is recorded in the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis that every imagination of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil continually. <7>  And in the antediluvian society there was a mingling of light and darkness, and the rebellious ones contaminated the whole earth with their laggard consciousness.  But the generations of Noah were perfect in the sight of God; and therefore he instructed Noah and his sons–Shem, Ham, and Japheth–to build the ark to prepare for the coming of the judgment. <8>  The sixth ray is the mastery of water, and Noah and his house kept that mastery. Therefore unto them the judgment was a blessing and the preparing of the way for a new order.

And thus the flood came as the action of the seventh ray–of the violet flame of transmutation, the ritual of the undoing of the perverted rituals of fallen man and fallen woman. And in that period of purification, of forty days, the four planes of Mater were washed by the waters of the living Word even as Jesus reenacted the period of purification during forty days of fasting in the wilderness. <9>  While the fallen ones experienced the judgment and the trial by fire as the great purging even unto the death of their four lower bodies, Noah and his family entered into the ritual of the ark whereby the energies of Spirit and Mater are and there is that perfect communion and that perfect flow between the heart of God and the heart of son and daughter incarnate as the living Word.

As you meditate upon these seven chapters in the presence of the Holy Spirit, you will see that in every century mankind have taken the seven rays of the Logos and qualified them according to their level of attainment in the Christ consciousness. And so it is that those who would keep the flame of life in the day of judgment that is at hand, those who would return to the center of God consciousness and be allowed to pass by the flaming sword and the cherubim who keep the way of the Tree of Life, must traverse the cycles of their own uses and misuses of the seven rays.

Step by step, line by line, karma must be balanced to the right and to the left. Each individual who reads my words must know that the responsibility to balance the energies of life is the meaning of the judgment. When you determine to get back to Eden, to return to the house of the Father-Mother God, you must be willing to retrace every footstep you have taken since the descent of your soul into the planes of Mater.

The road of return has two aspects:  the sorrowful way and the glorious way. It all depends upon your perspective; for the bliss of the divine reunion is experienced within–even in the moment of agony, through the dark night of the soul, and on the cross.

The sixty-ninth Psalm of David contains three cycles of twelve. In thirty-six verses David reveals the experiences of one who passed through the dark night of the soul to the full realization of the Christ consciousness. You who have determined to pass through the dark night of both the soul and the Spirit would do well to ponder the meditations of David and then to apply yourself diligently to the invocations of the sacred fire, especially to the violet flame that is the concentrated energy of the Holy Spirit in the forgiveness of sin, the righting of all wrong, and the bringing of the four lower bodies into alignment with the original blueprint of creation.

Now I seal the seven golden vials; for in the ritual of the feminine aspect of the seventh ray, it is given to me to take from the hand of the seven archangels the seven vials. They are empty now. I seal them and I return them to the cosmic being who gave them unto the seven archangels, and they shall remain in the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony until all be fulfilled through the judgments of the Lord.

Long ago in the hour of the fall of Lucifer when the son of the morning defied the Almighty One and dared him to come down from his throne to judge him in his fall, he made the sign of the clenched fist in defiance of the Lord; and this has been the sign of the rebellious generation and of the fallen angels since that hour. <10>  But the Almighty would not be moved; and unto the fallen ones he gave a dispensation of mercy–certain cycles in time and space as opportunity for repentance. But they would not. No, they would not.

Therefore this day in God’s own time, in God’s own space, judgment is meted out to the Fallen One and those who boasted to the children of God, saying:  “See, we have dared the Lord and he has not responded!  The Lord is silent; therefore he does not exist. Behold Lucifer and Satan; they are more powerful than the Lord God of hosts. They have dominion in the planes of Mater; fall down and worship them!”  And now the answer of the Lord has come. In his season and in his cycle, the Lord has released the judgment of the fallen ones. Let all the world know that the Lord God omnipotent reigneth! <11>  Let the angel choirs sing the alleluia!  Let the worlds rejoice!  Let the stars in the heavens rejoice!  Let the sons and daughters of God rejoice, for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth!

Let the Keepers of the Flame understand that the judgment of God is manifest in the four planes of Mater and in the four lower bodies of mankind. But ultimately that judgment must manifest in the soul. Thus the energies of the judgment meted out in the cycles of the years and in the fulfillment of the centuries may not always be visible or obvious to those who have followed a literal interpretation of Scripture. Although much of that which will come upon the earth will be unseen, it will be felt and heard and known by those who are close to the flame and also by those in whom the judgment is meted out. Therefore, judge not, lest ye be judged.

Now let there be rejoicing in the retreats of the ascended masters and in the focuses of their chelas!  And let the waltzes of the violet flame and the rhythm of three-quarter time be the keynote of victory. Let joy in the violet flame generate more joy for the regeneration of a planet and a people. And let the youth and the young in heart of every age come together for the waltz of the flame, for the release of joy to the four lower bodies and the four planes of Mater. And let the grand march and the waltz and the polka replace the desecration of the body of the Mother and of her children through the rhythms and the unholy dancing of the fallen ones.

In the heart of every keeper of the Flame I place a replica of the amethyst crystal of our retreat, that you might generate the joy of living and the joy of giving on Terra, that you might clear the way for the new day and the new order of the ages and for the coming of the seventh root race, that through you the archangels might charge the governments and the economies of the nations and all cultural and educational institutions with the momentum of the new birth of the Spirit and with the momentum of light that comes forth from the Great Central Sun.

It is time to light the torch of the age of freedom. The taper is in my hand. Will you light a taper of your own and ignite the hearts of mankind to the victory of the throne, the three-in-one, the grace of Faith and Hope and Charity in the balance of life’s energy?  The threefold flame is calling, calling mankind home!  To the victory of freedom in Terra I dedicate my flame and the release of the judgment at the hand of the seven archangels. Let judgment be for the victory of the souls of God in the dark night of the soul, for the victory of the sons and daughters of God in the initiations of the seven rays.

I set my seal upon the fire and upon the air, upon the waters and upon the earth. And I stand with Zadkiel on the west side of the city, waiting for the moment of the rolling-up of the darkness into the scroll. And when the hour is come that is signified by the Lord, the seven archangels will take that scroll of human consciousness and human creation and hand it to the Keeper of the Scrolls, who will place it in the sacred fire for the consuming of the cause, effect, record, and memory of the misuse of the sacred fire in the planes of Mater.

I AM your Mother of freedom forevermore,



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