Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 40 - Archeia Charity - October 5, 1975


The Fire of Love Descending to Implement the Judgment


Children of the One
Who Would Learn to Love and to Love and to Love:

I am Charity of the light, adornment of the sacred union of the Father-Mother God. I come to deliver mankind from the toils of selfish love. I come to deliver man and woman from the agony of self-centered love and of that which seeks to possess and is thereby possessed of the not-self.

See how the discarnates penetrate that which ought to be the hallowed circle of the love of the Father-Mother God sealed in the union of every son and daughter who have come before the altar of the Most High to consecrate their marriage vows!  See how the envious ones lurk to steal the energies of the sacred fire that belong to you and to you alone!

I stand on the threshold of the circle of the oneness of twin flames. I am Charity, and I come to draw the hallowed circle of your union. I come as the patroness of the Holy Family in the Aquarian age. I come in the service of Saint Germain and Mary and the Lord Christ. For I have been bidden to come forth from the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony of the Logos to protect the love of devotees serving in the planes of Mater.

O my children, the demons of the night are jealous of your love. They would claw the very body of the Mother if they could. They come as vultures to devour the flesh and blood of the children of God before the hour of the consecra­tion of the body and the blood by the Sacred Eucharist of our Lord. They are not the eagles who gather together at the place of the corpus Christi. <1> They are not the sons and daughters of God who follow the flame of the Mother enshrined in the tower of the lighthouse–a beacon to guide the souls to victory–but they are the discarnates sent by the dragon to devour the child as soon as it is born. <2>

Cradle the child of your love. Wrap the child in the swaddling garments of the Holy Spirit. Let honor and reverence for one another be the pivot of a cosmic love unfolding in Mater to the glory of the eternal Christos. Remember the story of Sleeping Beauty. Each time the innocence of love is veiled in flesh, each time the Mother flame is born anew in Mater preparing to unite with the knight champion of the Holy Spirit, there appears on the scene, lurking in the shadows, the representative of the great whore <3> who comes to poison that rosy-cheeked innocence.

O my children, let your love be the commemoration of the fusion of the cloven tongues of the Spirit. Now then, take the ritual which the archangels practice at the rising and the setting of the sun when the torch of love is passed by angels of the dawn and angels of the dusk. Take the ritual of the archangels and make it all your own, and prove thereby the victory of love on Terra. Prove that your love is the holy habitation of the Lord God of hosts and that this love, by your will firmed in the fire of God-determination, will not be defiled by the hordes of the night.

Stand together facing the chart of the I AM Presence and make your inner attunement with the star of your divinity. Meditate upon your heart and the flame therein and behold the arc ascend into the center of the Divine Monad. Now take your right hand and dip it into the fires of your heart and draw the circle of our oneness around yourselves as you stand in adoration of the One. Visualize this circle, twelve feet in diameter, as a line of sacred fire. It is your ring-pass-not. Within that circle of oneness is the forcefield of Alpha and Omega; and you focus the T’ai chi, the plus and minus of cosmic energies, where you are.

Let the flow of your love be not in imitation of the idolatrous generation. Let it not be the mechanization of sex as the Luciferians have popularized their sordid and sadistic ways. The flow of the Holy Spirit twixt father and mother is for the birth of the Divine Manchild, first within each heart and then in the Bethlehem babe. Seek not the thrills of sensuality or the titillation of mind or body, but seek the bliss of mutual reunion in the Presence.

Let your love be the reenactment of the alchemical marriage. Let your love be consecrated for the soul’s ultimate reunion with the I AM Presence. So is the marriage ritual intended to be the rehearsal for the great drama of your soul’s assumption into the flame of love for the rolling-up of the scroll of identity into the Great Silence of your own I AM THAT I AM and for the fusion of those twin flames of the Godhead when the I AM Presence of each half of the Divine Whole merges in the hallowed circle of God.

Seek the bliss of the raising of the Mother light–of sushumna, ida, and pingala <4>–as these form the caduceus energies that reveal your real identity in Christ. Let your bliss transcend the earthly senses, and let your light flow from all of the chakras to reinforce the divine polarity of the Father-Mother God in every level of consciousness to be outpictured in the seven major chakras and the five chakras of the secret rays.

Your marriage is made in heaven and you are wed to God. Daughters of the flame:  Behold, thy Maker is thine husband. <5>  So be, with Mary, the handmaid of the Lord. <6> Sons of the flame:  The golden band you wear is the halo of the Cosmic Virgin, the bride descending out of heaven <7> to consummate your love on earth.

As above, so below, the cosmic flow of Father-Mother God is intended to be shared in the sanctuary of the Holy Family. And it is intended to be sealed with the blessing of the true ministers of the Logos and to be guarded by purity in the holy of holies. The ark of the covenant <8> is also a matrix of the protection of twin flames joined together in holy matrimony for a life of service to God and man. And the covering cherubim <9> must be invoked daily, for they are the guardians of love in the planes of Mater.

Understand, O wise ones pursuing the law of the Logos, that if the fallen ones can destroy love, they can destroy all. For love is the foundation and the fountain of life. Love is the essence of creation. Without love, life is desolate and the skies are dreary and elemental life is despondent.

Where the love of father, mother, and child is broken, as in the totali­tarian state, there is a depression that hangs over the land. And to compensate therefor, the people engage in a fierce rationalization of dialectical materialism. Without love the justifications of unreality are piled upon justification, and the impenetrable wall of self-deception that is erected, stone upon stone, of the hardness of their hearts is sealed with the mortar of their rejection of the God of love.

And so the superstate is built as the tower of Babel was built. <10>  And men and women are saturated with an enormous pride in the ego and its accomplish­ments–all of this to stifle the aching in the soul, the aching for the tenderness of love, the caress of father, of mother, a humble home–a hearth kindled in the fires of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, an abode we can call our own, a creativity won by the work of our hands, the distillations of our minds, a sacred labor perfected by striving and surrender unto love.

Let them build their towers to the sky!  Let them erect a monolith to the ego!  Let them train their armies, forge their weapon, plan their destructions!  They are on a collision course with cosmic destiny, and the end of their rational­ization of unreality is self-destruction. The intensification of the fire of love will consume all of this. As surely as the rod of heaven is thrust into the ground of Terra, as surely as judgment is come, as surely as the golden vial of the wrath of mankind’s misuse of love is poured out among the nations, so will come the undoing of all mankind’s wrongdoing.

It was the release of the intense action of our love that confounded the language of those who sought to build a monument to mammon. And the Lord God, through the Archangel and Archeia of the Third Ray, “scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth,” and they left off the building of their city and their tower. And it was called Babel, for their rationalization became as the babbling of voices who have not the understanding of the heart.

Love begins at home. Love must be enshrined in the home and at the altar of the true Church. Love must be ensouled in the nation and in the world community. For if love is not raised up by the children of the One to consume all evil on Terra, then love will descend out of heaven as the chastening fires of the Holy Ghost; and none shall escape the cataclysm that will ensue.

This is the choice which Saint Germain has set before you. Choose love this day, and live in love and live peacefully in the land that the Lord God has given unto you. Choose love, and you will prosper and all will go well. Choose the hallowed circle of the Father-Mother God and find there succor from the crassness of the world and surcease from all struggle.

Choose love this day and live, for the fire of love descending out of the heavens will surely come to implement the judgment ere the cycles of the century have turned. And those who are in the circle of oneness will receive those fires as the gentle rain of the Spirit, but those who are outside will experience love as the fire descending as brimstone from the mountain of the Lord.

By love civilizations have risen; by love they have fallen. In love is the all-power of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva–the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer. See, then, that you have respect for love; for love in its omnipotence is the fulfilling of the law of sacred being.



in the veil of the Cosmic Virgin



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