Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 18 No. 37 - Archangel Jophiel - September 14, 1975


The Judgment of Mankind’s Perversion of the Wisdom of the Mother


Children of the One Pursuing the Way of Illumined Action:

I am the archangel of the dawn of illumination. I clear the way for illumined action and for the light of understanding. By my flame the author of Proverbs wrote:  “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom:  and with all thy getting get understanding. Exalt her, and she shall promote thee:  she shall bring thee to honour when thou dost embrace her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace:  a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee.” <1>

So is the raising-up of the rod of wisdom’s power the action of the second ray. And the angels of illumination do minister to mankind in this hour of judgment, that they might raise up the energies of the Divine Mother as she is known among us by the name of Wisdom. Therefore doth Wisdom teach her children the raising of the energies of the sacred fire to form the crown of glory that is the halo, the hallowed life-force, of the crown of the Buddha, the crown of the Christ, the crown of the kings and queens.

Sons and daughters of God born to rule by the rod of understanding, let the understanding of the Christ confute the philosophy and the psychicism of the fallen ones!  Let the illumined action of the lightbearers show forth the light of salvation!  Let the action of those who work the works of God with compassionate understanding be the great example by which the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood are made clear–clear as the sea of glass mingled with fire.

And the golden vial of the second angel is poured upon the sea, and the emotional bodies of mankind are agitated as the astral plane becomes as the blood of a dead man, and the souls of the living cannot survive in the sea of the astral plane. <2>  We walk through the valley of the shadow of death. <3>  We walk through the canyons of the astral; and our light, as the brilliance of the noonday sun, as the light of the causal bodies of the heavenly hosts, does expose the remnant of the Liar and his lie. <4>

And they recoil in the presence of the archangels. Where have they to go?  None can escape the Lord God in the hour of judgment. “Therefore for judgment I am come,” saith the Lord. And their recoiling is the driving-back of the energies of the fallen ones. And they are driven back into the white-fire core wherein the error of their wrong choosing is become the consuming of the white-fire yellow-fire sun.

And the consuming of the pollution of the waters of the living Word is the consummation of the Mother and the Holy Spirit. The understanding of the Mother is the wellspring of life <5> unto all who have retained the law of the Father. Let the wellspring of the Mother rising from the base-of-the-spine chakra be the focus of purity’s transmutation of all misunderstanding. For misunderstanding is the mist that went up from the earth as the maya, the veil of evil that watered the whole face of the ground. <6>

Now is the vial of mankind’s misuse of the Mother flow poured out upon the sea. And those who dwell in the sea must forge here and now that God-identity which is a fire infolding itself <7>–that God-identity that is able by the flame upon the altar of the heart to consume all mankind’s misuses of the sacred fire perverting the wisdom of the Divine Mother in the second ray of illumined action.

Yes, I am Jophiel. I consecrate places of learning where souls are yearning to be free through the mastery of the mind of God. Unfortunately, the fallen ones have usurped the seat of authority; and they sit in the philosopher’s chair instructing the children of the light in the ways of darkness. And discrimination is nowhere to be found, save in the teachings of the Mother.

I come wielding the sword of discrimination that by the flame of wisdom you might join my bands as they thrust home to the core of the luciferian creation to cleave asunder the real from the unreal, that the motives and intents of the heart of a planet and a people might be laid bare in this hour of the tenth station of the cross when those who take their stand for the Lord incarnate are stripped of their garments by the Roman soldiers. I say, let the fallen ones also submit to the stations of the cross!  Let them be stripped of their temporal power and of their authority in the governments of the nations.!

Let those who have led the children of God into captivity now go into the captivity of the Holy Spirit. And let the cloven tongues of fire <8> strip from them their carnality and their sensuality which they have put upon the children of God as a smothering cloak of unrighteousness. And let him that killeth with the sword be killed with the sword. <9>  This is the sword of the sacred Word of wisdom; this is the sword that consumes all that is unreal.

Therefore those who identify with unreality shall be no more in that day of the judgment of the Lord. And let the patience and the faith of the saints <10> keep the flame of life and light and illumination as darkness covers the land and the sea and the only light that shines is the light of the I AM Presence.

 Let the warning be sounded forth by the angels of Jophiel’s band that all those who have taken the word of God and the true teachings of the law and perverted the divine credo of the Holy Spirit shall face the judgment of the Almighty. And let the false prophets and the wolves in sheep’s clothing <11> who have usurped the pulpits of the world be stripped of their garments!  And let them stand naked before the children of God, who will then see the wickedness of their ways and the evil machinations which they have put upon this generation.

Let the clarity of the mind of Christ flow!  Let golden rivers of illumination flow from the throne of God!  Let rivers of light inundate conscious­ness and clear the way for the true teachings of the law!  I stand upon the earth this hour and I stand upon the sea, and I make way for the coming of the Lord and of the law of life. And I clear the consciousness of mankind that they might receive wisdom at the hand of the Mother.

In this hour of reckoning comes the angel of opportunity sent forth by Portia, the Goddess of Justice. This angel is the mercy of the law and of the karma of the seven last plagues. And opportunity is a scroll declaring the independence of the souls of Terra ratified by the saints above and below. This declaration is the open door for the wisdom teachings.

Let the holy Kumaras release the light of the seven rays in the minds of mankind. And let the quickening that was begun at Shasta by the Elohim of the Second Ray <12> be intensified even as darkness is intensified before the dawn of the Christ consciousness in mankind. This is that increment of light which is delivered once in ten thousand years by the holy Kumaras. It is a rod implanted in the minds of the children of God by the Solar Logoi for the elevation of mankind’s consciousness and the centering of that consciousness in the crown. So intensify!  So magnify!  So let the star be brilliant in its appearing and let mankind be polarized to that star of the light of wisdom!

Let the wise man and woman entering the Aquarian cycle hear the word of wisdom’s ray and increase learning and attain unto the wise counsels of the Four the Twenty Elders. Now let the fear of the Lord come upon mankind–that fear that is the beginning of knowledge. <13> For this is the age of opportunity, the age when the Lord giveth wisdom. And out of the mouth of his messengers cometh knowledge and understanding. This is the Lord who keepeth the paths of judgment and preserveth the way of his saints.

Let illumination’s fires be invoked for the consuming of all false doctrine and dogma, all misstatements and misunderstandings of the law. Let Wisdom crystallize the image of the Christ within you.

Yes, I am come with the golden vial of the second of the last plagues. But I come also with opportunity at my side. Let the children of the light run into the wave of wisdom’s light. Let them run into the great cosmic wave of illumination that breaks upon the shores of Mater and floods the consciousness with the refreshing waters purified by the Mother of life and love and liberation.

Run to greet the wave of light and see how the great wave will swallow up the pollutions of the river of life. <14> I am for oneness only if it be the oneness of the Christ mind. And those who defy that mind in my servants the prophets shall be scattered abroad:  for they are the proud, the rebellious, and the unrighteous generation.

I am at the door. Bidden by the Lord, I enter. And I come to overthrow the moneychangers in the temple of our God. <15>  I come to scourge the wicked generation. See then that you, the lightbearers, are allied with the light, lest when the judgment come it scorch the wings of an angel!



of the Flame


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