Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 17 No. 48 - Beloved Djwal Kul - December 1, 1974


14   The Ritual of the Alchemical Union


Thirty-three centuries ago, one Ikhnaton <1>beheld the sun as the focal point for God’s consciousness and adored the light radiating forth from the great sun disc. The pharaoh of Egypt described the universe as a giant egg, a great cell of being in which he conceived the nucleus as the source of that creative force which he acknowledged as the life energy of God.

Long before Jesus came to grace the earth with the flame of the Christ, Ikhnaton proclaimed himself a son of God and affirmed the presence of that God within his heart. Not only was Ikhnaton among the first of the monotheists to come to the fore in the history of the Fertile Crescent following the sinking of Atlantis, but he was also among the first of the joint-heirs with Christ to proclaim himself in the identity of the Flaming One, which he acknowledged as sonship.

Perceiving God in nature and in every form of life, Ikhnaton was of the lineage of the ancient priesthood of the order of Melchizedek, which included in its descent Enoch, Elijah, Zarathustra, John the Baptist, Jesus, and many others. These priests of the sacred fire were one and all filled with the Holy Spirit and the fire of the I AM THAT I AM, which prepares the way for the coming of the Sun King and the Sun Queen.

Ikhnaton was among the first of the great prophets of the Middle East to acknowledge that God was a part of all that he had created, to affirm the great mystery of the Word incarnate. In truth he proclaimed the integration of the spirals of Spirit with the cycles of Mater. Indeed, he understood the light as the flow of energy, of love and truth and law, in and out of material form and consciousness as the very flow of God himself, God the Spirit who dwelt in the Sun behind the sun and in the mystical center of the Cosmic Egg.

All of these revelations, which went against the mainstream of current religious thought and practice, including his development of culture and the arts in the realism of a living flame—these came to the fore in Ikhnaton because of the purity of his heart and mind and soul, the clarity of the crystal stream of water of life flowing through his chakras, and above all, through his deep devotion to the Mother flame whom he honored in his consort, the beautiful Queen Nefertiti, and in their seven daughters outpicturing the seven rays of the Christ consciousness in the Mother flame.

We bow, then, before the flame of one who was true to his Real Self, who was indeed living truth, and who left a mark of truth upon the sands of time. And we call to your attention that the measure of this man or of any man who would be the Christ is the measure of purity and of the flow of purity in being and consciousness.

By the flow of purity, the soul can bring forth the full complement of that which otherwise remains sealed in the causal body, the spheres within spheres of pulsating life energy surrounding the Divine Monad of the Higher Self. The soul that swims in the sunlight of God, content to absorb the energies of the higher sphere, the causal body of life, is the soul that comes forth in Mater with attainment, with mastery, and with the gifts of the Spirit to impart to a world impoverished, darkened, and disjointed.

Ikhnaton knew God by the impulse of the soul, even as his soul, adorned in the veil of innocence, was the bride of his Spirit prepared for the alchemical union, for the merger of the pearl of the lower self with the crystal of the Higher Self. And so the alchemical marriage which the priest (the Christ Self) officiating at the altar of the heart is prepared to perform—that is, the wedding of the soul to Spirit—will take place in the tabernacle of being in the hour of the ascension. But along life’s way there is indeed opportunity for the precelebration of the ritual of the return.

Each day as you come before your God and before the Son that is the light of the heart, your soul, with the layers of consciousness that make up the fragile pearl, can don the wedding garment in the communion ritual commemorating the hour of the transfiguration and of the crystallization of energies in Spirit when that soul, veiled in Mater energies, will rise from the plane of being through all of the centers, gathering unto itself, as the fire infolding itself, <2>the net gain of the rounds of rebirth.

You see, precious hearts yearning also for soul freedom, the soul is the feminine potential, the negative polarity, of Spirit that went forth from the center of being to increase the awareness, the aura of creativity. And by the very nature of its nonpermanence, the soul must fulfill a certain cycling and recycling of energies as layer upon layer its id-entity is formed through experience and experimentation with free will in the dimensions of time and space.

Deep within the conscious knowing, that point of awareness which is in the nucleus of the pearl, the soul is aware of its tenuousness and of the temporal nature of all aspects of selfhood that is realized in the planes of Mater. And thus the yearning of the soul for freedom—freedom to create, freedom to express, freedom to be the truth—reaches a mounting crescendo, an orchestrated movement wherein all of the energies of life vested in that soul potential move with the primal spiritual urge. For the soul knows that the preservation of its life can occur only in the union of the soul with the Spirit, the I AM Presence.

The quest for God on earth is the quest of the soul in search of that permanent identity that can be realized only in the presence of the living God. Through the alchemical marriage the soul becomes a permanent atom in the body of God. And the laws of decay and death and the disintegration of the soul itself no longer apply; for the soul that was corruptible has put on incorruption, <3>and immortality is the sealing of mortality as the place where evil dwells.

The first step in the alchemical marriage is the rising of the primal essence of Mother life from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the level of the seat of the soul. In this action the soul, as the negative polarity of being, increases its awareness of self to the level of awareness of being as Mother.


And thus the way back Home is found
As the soul listens to the call of the Mother—
To her song and her whistle,
Her lullaby and her discipline.
Having descended to the farthest descent
In the densification of God’s energy,
The soul experiences God as Mother,
And the twain rise to the center
Where God’s energy in motion
Is the victory of peace and a flaming sword.
Here in the solar plexus
God’s desiring to be creator and creativity
Is found to be the impetus of striving.

And with a mighty heave and a ho
And a laughter and “Here I go,”
Soul in the mantle of the Mother
Reaches the plane of the Christ,
Adoring the flame of God as threefold wonder
Anchored in the hidden chamber–
Mother and Son and a new dimension of life begun.

Whereas it is written,
“The soul that sinneth, it shall die,” <4>
It is also written,
“The soul that winneth, it shall fly.”
Soaring sunward to the fiery core
Of the heart’s universal store,
The pearled one is attired
In all-transforming fires.

And the transfiguration is the mark
Of the rising of the soul
Clothed upon with the raiment of the Mother
To the plane of the heart
Where the fire of earth and the fire of heaven meet.
Here the union of the triangles
Of all of the chakras
Is found to be the twenty-four
As each star of victory
Reveals a point of identity
On the cosmic clock of Alpha and Omega.

In the transfiguration
The whirling stars
Of victory, reality, fulfillment, vision, and peace
Release the energy
For the transformation
Of every particle of selfhood,
Every nook and cranny of the four lower bodies;
And life below is imbued with life above.
At last the soul has found
The plane of oneness.
No more to go the round
Of the toilers and the spoilers,
The soul confirms the equality
Of Christ-conformity.

Now the Mother Goddess, Flame of Life,
With threefold essence of the Son,
Escorts the bride, the glowing one,
To the upper planes of Spirit;
And the fire infolding itself
Draws into the pearl and into the sacred whirl
The weavings of the Word
And of every word
That proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Rising to the vision of the whole of creation,
The procession becomes the ritual of the sphere
Reentering the seed and the molecule of life.
And all at once freedom from all strife!
Mother, Son, and soul
Find the oneness of the whole
In the thousand-petaled lotus of the mind of God.
Our Father, our Father, we are one
In the petaled rays of flaming yod!

Now the trinity of Holy Family,
Father, Mother, and sacred Son,
Merges with the soul to make it whole:
This is the promise and the goal.
At this very moment, the moment of the homing,
The Holy Spirit sparked in the union of Father-Mother
Attends the temple and the altar,
And a flame rises in the heart
To ignite the whole
With the afflatus of the Oversoul.


I have painted for you with words and the frequencies of my love the image of the ritual of the rising of the Mother in the soul and the upward flow of caduceus spirals. At the conclusion of this sacred ritual—which you can accomplish by visualization, invocation, and meditation on the thoughtforms I have given—the energies recede to the plane of the heart where they are anchored. And there in the inner inn of being, the Virgin Mother rocks the Christ Child, the soul held in arms, tutored by the Mother during the tarrying in time and space until the soul becomes the fullness of the grace of the only begotten Son, the Christed One of the incarnation.

The ritual of the alchemical union as it is reenacted on earth takes place in the manner described. But the ultimate release of the soul from the mortal coil occurs when the soul as the full complement of God-realized being takes flight and the jewel in the heart of the lotus is released unto the everlasting arms of the I AM Presence. And all of the modes of identity, aspects of selfhood, vehicles for the soul’s expression in the various dimensions of Matter and of Spirit, converge at the point of spiritual cognition that we have termed the I AM Presence.

And at the moment when in ceremonial rite the Christ Self gives the bride of the soul to the bridegroom of the Spirit, the words are spoken, “They are no more twain, but One.” <5> This is being androgynous, being fulfilled, being God-willed in the wholeness of the union of twin flames that converge as the I AM Presence of each of the souls that have issued forth from the Divine Monad.

Those who are students of the ascended masters need not practice the traditional forms of yoga to attain the immortal reunion. Nevertheless, they will find in these sciences the presaging of the higher way of fulfillment through the energies of the Holy Spirit invoked as the fires of transmutation and liberation.

When your aura becomes filled with the fire of God through daily invocations made in the name of the I AM Presence, fiats of the Word, and decrees of definition, there is a pressure that is brought to bear upon the soul and consciousness whereby its true identity, its individuality, is literally catapulted into the Holy of Holies, the secret place of the Most High God that is the I AM Presence.

Pursue, then, your decrees with all diligence. And know that when decrees are merged with effective meditation, such as that which has been given in the eightfold exercise of the sacred fire breath and other specifics released from the ascended-master octave, including visualization and affirmation of the immaculate concept, you have within your hand the most effective means of securing permanent selfhood at the close of this embodiment.

And for the daily balancing of karma and the transmutation of decadent energies of the past, for the spiritual irrigation of the chakras with the flowing Word of Life, for the filling of the aura with light, for the expansion and the holding of the expansion of the aura, there is no system, ancient or modern, that can replace the science of the spoken Word <6>revealed by Lord Maitreya, demonstrated by the messengers, and prescribed by the chohans of the rays for their chelas who would make the most rapid advances on the path to self-mastery.

The statement “Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee” <7>from the Book of Job is corollary to the law “The call compels the answer.”  You, then, who are advancing in these studies of the human aura, understand that the purpose of this intermediate series has been to acquaint you with the specifics of the application of the law and the light for the surrender of the lesser self, for the sacrifice of all forms of self-indulgence, and for the affirmation of true being here and now in the very plane of awareness where you find yourself a son or a daughter of God.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, O aspirant on the path, hear my word!  Take my hand—but not only my hand. My heart also I extend in love and in that divine friendship which is grounded in the life that is not afraid to lay down itself for the Friend. <8>

Consider the calling and the cause that we share. Consider that in the simple act of compelling light to flow and to glow in the aura and in the centers that God has provided as anchoring points for his consciousness evolving in man, you can contribute to the universal scheme, to cosmic purpose.

And by the application of the law—whatever the cost, whatever the price in the giving-up of the little self—the Higher Self can be won, and omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience can reign in the temple of the heart. And then the cell of life that you are as a microcosmic world can blend with and become the cell of God that is the Macrocosmic Egg. Think on this awhile.


As I take my leave of you,
I quote the ancient bard,
Now the hierarch of the age:
“But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
All losses are restor’d and sorrows end.” <9>
Think then upon a friend
Who walked the earth thirty-three rounds ago—
Ikhnaton, a pharaoh of pharaohs,
A prophet of the future and the ancient past,
The seer of a cosmos vast,
Artist and architect of reality,
God’s overman who wielded power
For peace and energy, for enlightenment.

For this friend, as the ascended messenger of the gods, stands ready with the invisible yet visible hosts of the Lord to take your hand, to walk and talk with you, and to bequeath to you innocence of soul, purity of flow, and the integration of the stars of your chakras for the creation of the permanent aura of being, the mansion of God-being, the house of the Lord in which is centered the permanent atom of selfhood—the soul that is truly free.


I walk with him along life’s way.
I am also yours to have.
And to you I say,
Won’t you come our way?
For our way is his way;
And because he has made it his own,
You, too, can make it your own.


I am for the victory of life everlasting in the aura of the cosmos.


1. Ikhnaton:  I acknowledge the at-one-ness of God. Ikhnaton (Amenhotep IV) was pharaoh of Egypt c. 1375-1358 B.C. Ikhnaton introduced a revolutionary monotheism based on the worship of the one God, whom he called Aton. He represented Aton in the symbol of a sun disc or orb with diverging rays, each of which ended in a hand bestowing blessings upon all life.

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[Taken from book version, The Human Aura]