Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 15 No. 19 - Beloved Cuzco - May 7, 1972


Cause-Effect Relationships


To Men Who Seek Peace:

Just as there is a physical envelope, or mantle, which mankind identify as the earth, just as there exist an atmosphere and the manifestations of water and fire, so there exists the fiery realm of cause. To this realm all mankind contribute their thoughts and energies; to this realm the Ascended Hosts also contribute the patterns of their creations. These are reflected in the realm of natural manifestation which reveals a series of cause-effect relationships, both harmful and beneficent, that, if perceived by mortal men, would be stunning, to say the least.

Now we would speak of the lightness of the natural manifestations of nature reflected in the elements from the realm of cause. Perceiving also the nightmarish effects of the kaleidoscopic impressions of the carnal mind and the overwhelming emotional torrents which stem from mankind’s acceptance and rejection of political or theological issues and even his mental and emotional involvement in technological and ecological turmoil, we are in a position to warn you of the dangers of misqualification.

If you were but able to envision the causative realm where there is a mingling of the benign and the most offensive of human nature, you would more easily perceive man’s need to return to the pristine beauty of his Source. For only by so doing can he extricate himself from the tendency to become so deeply enmeshed in the human maelstrom that he can no longer see what is really taking place in his world–what influences are affecting him more for evil than for good.

It is the wish of the cosmic Hierarchy to disseminate throughout the forcefield of the seekers’ consciousness the understanding that is so vital to their release from the cause-effect pressures that are often seen as effects but seldom as causes. The differences among humanity so apparent in the world arena–differences which involve racial conflict and tensions and strife between peoples–that are compounded by the influences of atheism and agnosticism and the attempts of various vested interest groups to influence others, have resulted in much suffering. From this we would set the seeker free. From this we would set the world free.

Yet we are aware of deep-seated and deep-dyed hatreds that have been perpetuated on a world scale and of mankind’s momentums that rekindle vendettas and ancestral thirsts for vengeance, such as those we now see in Ireland. These momentums, through the revival of age-old struggles in each decade or century, add to the weight of human misery. Often forgotten are the delicate manifestations of soul consciousness–of solar awareness–that, through a sense of the Firstborn from the Heart of God, does manifest those qualities which are of the nature of the eternal Spirit.

Those who are willing to be guided by The Brotherhood are ever able to understand with the mind of a child and the vision of a sage the life plan of the universe as it was intended from the beginning. Truly many that are first shall be last, and the last shall be first. <1>  Unless the seeker guards his precious crown treasure which focuses his divine birthright, the sweet sophistications that are so glamorous to the mortal mind will lock him up in the prison of his own false sense of Reality.

We would set the captives free <2> to enjoy the spume of the sea, the dancing of the air, the crackling blaze of consuming fires, and the solidity of earth itself as factors upon which man can depend. John said, “The whole world lieth in wickedness.” <3>  Today most of the world lies in the wickedness of the manipulators and their manipulative techniques. Those who manipulate others are often manipulated themselves by their peers; thus the banner of struggle is raised over the world, a symbol of the awful weight of oppression sustained by those committed to the insatiable desires of the ego.

He who said, “I AM come that they might have Life, and that they might have it more abundantly” <4> was an exponent of true freedom who served in order that man’s spiritual senses might be enlargened, that his understanding might be broadened and his devotion increased. He worked to see the fibers of man’s soul knit together and made whole so that it might be integrated at inner levels with the network of The Brotherhood which has ever sought to produce the fruit of spiritual abundance in all and whose language requires that man’s spiritual sense be developed and perfected.

Yet cosmic law cannot be altered:  “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” <5>  We are alerting many now, not to the alluring, mystical sense of a “mystery,” but to the true spiritual understanding that each man is a part of God and that he has a life plan, a central direction to his life. This we are doing so that the world order will not be unnecessarily chastened by the cataclysmic return of world karma.

Not apparent is the miracle behind the release of our sacred words, our instruction, and our watchful concern which we are giving to you now and which has been given in the past by many members of the Hierarchy. There is no intent on our part to confound mankind, but only to register our approval of universal Truth and our disapproval of those binding elements of the human consciousness which down through the centuries have prevented the manifestation of mankind’s spiritual progress.

Try to let register in your consciousness, O beloved mankind, that regardless of what era you live in, the same laws apply. You will find your freedom through obedience to these laws, through your understanding of these laws, and through your indomitable God-determination to allow nothing to interfere with your spiritual progress while you are embodied in a physical form.

The Christ Consciousness is a spiritual manifestation which functions through the chalice of the mind. The mind which you believe to be completely identified with your physical form is in reality separate therefrom and may roam the universe untethered. Yet it is wise for all mankind who embark on the spiritual Path to learn to enjoy the scenery in the foreground as that which is closer to the present moment rather than to wander afar in the horizons of time and space. The reason for this can be apparent, blessed ones, if you will try to understand that your fellow passengers on the ship of time, though they may manifest varying states of consciousness, are still functioning within the practicality of a moment–and so must you if you would deal effectively with them.

One of the great tragedies that has occurred in connection with mankind’s search for God is that religious men and women have allowed the unfortunate spirit of condemnation, criticism, and judgment to occupy the platform of their mind and emotions. Whereas they may seek to justify their denunciation of one another, saying that it is a matter of theological dogma, actually it is often a matter of spiritual pride; moreover, they are beset with that negative magnetism which allows spirits of diversity to use their consciousness rather than the one Spirit of God.

Quite frequently the charges they bring to bear upon one another involve the very things which they themselves are doing, while those whom they accuse may be wholly innocent. Judgment is never wise. Unfortunately, those who practice it are usually karmically guilty of attempting to destroy, either directly or indirectly, the reputation of those whom they fear or of those of whom they are jealous. Sometimes they act in good faith but in poor judgment.

Wise is the disciple at any point upon the spiritual Path who remains unmoved by those condemnation techniques which are actually extensions of the powers of darkness, moving at times even through those who have performed spiritual utterances or who have achieved a reputation as a spiritual teacher.

The enemy, in the process of separating man from God, utilizes the most devious methods. The human personality is always involved. Beware then of those who are quick to accuse; and remember that “the accuser of our brethren,” according to the ancient writings, “is cast down [into the earth plane], which accused them before our God day and night.” <6>

Spiritual discrimination is a natural faculty of the soul that is attuned to the Christ Consciousness and will eventually prove the way that leads to the abundant Life and cooperation with the cosmic Hierarchy. The spiritual Path is wonderful!  It is a manifestation of universal delight, the overflowing cup of God-happiness.

Instead of critically scanning those you meet and allowing yourself to have your happiness disturbed, seek to convey a blessing upon all. Greet all with the love of the God Flame that is within and proceed, if you can, to let that Flame work the change in mankind that is wholly constructive. If, however, the peace and the love which you send to others in the name of The Brotherhood is rejected by them, your energy will return to you and you will find that peace and love manifesting within your own soul as they proceed to set up the matrices of those tests which will one day show them the error of their ways.

Be not unduly concerned over those who seek to make you uncomfortable or to disturb the peace of your soul. Know that the laws of God are inexorable; they cannot be broken. Each violation must one day be adjusted. Just see to it, beloved ones, that the peace of a right attitude–not that of self-righteousness, but that of divine righteousness–remains upon your heart’s altar, a flame that no human emotion can quench, a spark of universal joy that spreads the panacea of cosmic healing everywhere throughout the universe.

I AM and I remain the advocate of that peace which governs the emotional tides of life and manifests the victory of the Christ,



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