Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 15 No. 17 - Beloved Amaryllis - April 23, 1972


Nature, a Living Treatise


To All Who Are One in Heart with the Boundless Love of Nature:

How pure and perfect are the designs inherent within the field of natural manifestation!  How beautiful is the call in consciousness that evokes from all who are open to the purity of Life the flame of celestial gratitude captured in the joy of the flowers!  What spurs man’s joy in springtime if not the welcome he offers as a garland of hope to the renewal of each cycle?

Hope and peace often hide from embodied mankind while he allows his sense of Reality to become clouded with the delusions of contemporary life. Man does not always understand the potency of the human mind and feelings; he does not realize that there flows from his consciousness out into the world either a stream of Light, Life, and hope that renews in every part of Life the joy of cycles, or a stream of darkness that not only opaques the perfection of the eye but also produces the miasma of the appearance world.

Nature is a living treatise. The green bough waving in the gentle wind, exhibiting the miracle of its wonder in the splendor of the sun’s golden, mellow rays, fructifies by the resurrection radiance the essence of Life in man. The past is gone; the darkness is no more. In its place the dawn of celestial Reality supplants even the outer manifestation, and suddenly that dawn is recognized by the eyes of the soul as inherent within embodied mankind.

But who placed this celestial sense within the eyes of the soul?  Who gave to the inward man the ability to pass beyond the screen of appearances into that realm of thought and feeling where heavenly profundities are born and the soul is free at last to see the perfection already formed in the natural gardens of manifestation?  A flower is so. The renewal of cycles is so. The one nods its head in the breezes releasing its essential Light, and the other releases the radiated Light of the sun–all simultaneously. But how few realize that there is within the realm of nature the glorious wonder of God that is emitted even during the night hours from the heart of a flower chalice, shedding abroad the distilled consciousness of the angelic perfume of Life.

I AM Amaryllis, to whom is given by Heaven the glorious task of coordinating the manifestations of springtime and youth and of the fires of the Sun in the soul of man. It is my wish that darkness should vanish from the hearts, minds, and beings of humanity and that in its place the universal heritage of the pure consciousness of the Christ should permeate the awareness of all.

How pitiful it is that man does not always see clearly!  And how beautiful the power of perception in Reality is!  This is a God-quality that each may claim as his own as the first step in magnifying the virtues of pure perception out of which the realities of consciousness are born. And these in turn amplify the torch of Life that draws upon the fabric of the soul and kindles within the inner being of man the universal purpose that has always existed but has not appeared because of the opaquing substance of human thought and feeling.

Little do mankind realize how they momentarily give birth to and nourish forms of darkness when they permit the alien vibrations of fear, of suspicion and distrust to cloud the mind of self and the Spirit of pure love that so longs to manifest in all. Wise is the man or woman who will forsake quickly the merchants of darkness who sell in the bazaars of the world those instruments of human hatred and ill will which, while seeming to be based upon elements of human justice, in Reality are not.

Long ago the Beloved Disciple of the Master Jesus said so simply and so sweetly, “God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”  If only mankind today would recognize the great potential of Life that is within them and not seek to protest the action of the spiritual Hierarchy in drawing forth into the realm of contemporary man those strands of hope which need to be brought into view ere the Golden Age appear.

For the springtime of the Golden Age is at hand. It is to be seen in the magnificent pageantry of flowers, in the dance of the nature spirits which produce in the laboratories of nature the alchemical actions that manifest as the chalices of the angels. The colorations and vibratory rates of these matrices are a delight to the inner man, and on various occasions embodied mankind send them to one another as a thoughtful expression of their esteem and love.

How wonderful it would be if every man, recognizing his ability to be a conveyer of these cups of hope and promises of future victory, would perform the ritual of giving flowers as an act of universal love for the Christ personified in all. For by so doing they would eliminate those barriers of human thought and feeling which have been erected as individuals have accepted the dogmas that have been implanted in their consciousness supposedly as a thrust of devotion, but actually as a thrust of condemnation.

Now we seek to expand the natural senses in man in order to produce in him the Golden Age consciousness. Now we offer the flowers of our Brotherhood to all as an extravaganza of hope in the one Light of God that never fails and in the masterful presentation of the elements of a new age to be. And it is our hope that mankind will now feel free to garland the sacred relics of past and future ages. The wisdom of the ancients, the beauty and perfection of the glorious opportunity of today, and the fond hopes of a tomorrow that shall be born whether or not mankind wills it so–these are our floral offerings to each soul. And when time is no more, we shall behold in all that rendering of the Master Photographer’s art which is the picture of the paradise of God within the domain of each living soul.


Oh, find your way, blessed ones,
Upon this beauteous star!
Cease to ponder and to wonder
Who you really are.
Instead just accept
The blessing on your head
Of Christ within the soul.
Feel free to be as God is–
Ever prone to see
A starry spark, a fiery shell
Of Purity’s domain.

Thus each and all
Will heed the call
From darkness to refrain
And see at last within the self
Those elements divine
That claim for all the heritage:
“My Presence is all mine!”


In the sacred Name and Light of the living God, I AM the Mother of Spring,