Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 15 No. 7 - Beloved Paul the Venetian - February 13, 1972


The Matrix of Universal Love


To All Who Would Know the Meaning of Love:

We come to the subject of matrices. Just as Mater signifies Matter and the substance of the creation in the formed state, so do matrices, the molds of creation, reproduce in the world of Matter-form the designs impressed upon them by their creator man. The matrix of love is the matrix God has placed as the foundation of Cosmos and all that is contained therein. If man would derive the intended benefit from this original matrix, he must identify with the pulsations of love in nature and reattune the frequency of his consciousness in order to extract from the universe the essence of the Lord’s Spirit that is locked in the matrix of love.

“Though I understand all mysteries and all knowledge,” wrote Saint Paul to the church at Corinth, “and have not charity [love], I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal... Charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,” <1> he observed. But the proud talkers in every age say, “See me, here am I,” without ever becoming instruments for the magnificent gifts of love which God has placed in nature, in Matter, and, I might add, in man.

Matrices are important. Nowhere is this more evident than in mass production, where the demands are such that out of an original mold an assembly line of endless articles must be manufactured–all exactly alike. Now there are matrices of thought and there are matrices of feeling. Those which are perfect are from Above; those which are imperfect are from below. The latter are mass-produced by mankind out of the almost infinite variety of concepts, precepts, and diverse feelings which they hold about persons, places, conditions, and things. The effect of these matrices upon his life, his environment, and his future is seldom fully realized by man.

Perhaps it would be clearer for some if I were to refer to matrices as patterns, for this is exactly what they are. Patterns that are pure may be defined as those which faithfully duplicate the blueprint of some aspect of the creation; these originate in the Mind of God and are re-created in the consciousness of the undefiled among His children. Patterns that are impure are defined as those which do not faithfully reproduce the archetypes of the Creator’s thought; these originate in minds unperfected by the Mind which was in Christ Jesus. <2>  It can be said that some of each–the pure and the impure–occupy the consciousness of unascended man.

Now there are patterns in the subconscious as well as the conscious mind of man just as there are ideas both latent and active in the Universal Mind. Many ideas of which man is momentarily or fragmentarily conscious descend into the realm of the subconscious, where, forgotten, they lie as dormant seeds until the release of energy into the mold produces for good or for ill after its kind.

Where constancy is extolled as the highest virtue–constancy to the pure forms and ideas of the Christ Mind–in the creation of thought, feeling, and action patterns, these will yield marvelous results, reproducing after their kind over and over again. Like rubber stamps of perfection retained at conscious and subconscious levels, these automatically qualify the descending energies of the Presence with the patterns of beauty, righteousness, and truth originally set up by man himself through the correct use of free will. Those who are careful in the manufacture of the original mold, in the planning of their thoughts and feelings according to the highest patterns which God has given to the universe and man, receive the reward of a just steward. Even patterns of sunshine and shadow are creations of the God of Nature. But matrices of idleness and boredom are the creations of man, who thus fulfills the edicts of his own lack of response to the spark of God inherent in nature and himself.

It is a strange mystery, the mystery of Life. Akin to the mystery of Love, it is not understood by the average man or woman, who have not beheld either the purpose of Life or the purpose of Love. Let us consider, then, that the plan of Universal Love, in conveying the mystery of Life to each individual ideation of God, is to enable the individual to respond of his own accord to the vibratory qualities of love found in the first magnificent gift of God–the only begotten Son, the Universal Christ.

Yet the Universal Christ is not understood until it becomes personified in one such as the Lord Jesus. To some the universal aspect of the Christ seems remote and impersonal because they find it easier to identify with the embodiment of a principle than with the principle itself–with a person than with a pattern; for this they can relate to their own personality. In reality, this lack of understanding, this limited perspective, prevents them from seeing the universal nature of the man Jesus–the manifestation of the Universal Christ. For he who perfectly embodies the universal and impersonal God becomes that which he is the embodiment of.

Therefore, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, if we have the pure patterns already fixed in mind and heart, we will find in Jesus not only the personal Christ but also the impersonal God–not only the individual Christ but also the universal image of the Son of God. Seeing only the personal, man is deprived of the universal; thus he can know God only in part until he corrects his vision and his logic with perfected matrices. The personal image, although more relevant to the evolving monad at a certain stage of soul development, can express but a portion of the universal image.

It seems to me that in the matter of executing the symmetry of a perfect matrix, it would be helpful if man could understand the mystery of his own individuality and how that individuality relates to other individualities in the cosmic scheme. If he would gain this understanding, he must first be willing to relate to Love as the author and finisher of the creation. There is nothing wrong with a personal image if one sees it as the link to the universal image and as the open door to higher realms. Entering thereby into octaves of Light and the universal nature of the Christ, man experiences a greater manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness, a greater measure of the divine dispensation. And he finds that it is even possible for him to obey the admonishment of Paul “Let this [Universal] Mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”  Thus Paul, in explaining the Universal Christ made personal through the life and works of the Master, spoke of him in this wise:

“Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:  but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:  and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:  that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” <3>

The Father symbolizes the Progenitor, the Eternal Creator, the Supreme One. By the power of the Word, the Universal Christ, He made all things that comprise the spiritual-material creation–the Macrocosm, the microcosm, worlds for countless evolutions, bodies to house the souls of billions of cherished lifestreams, minds to receive the impressions of His own–all as a ministry of love.

Beloved ones, the carnal mind never has and never will be able to understand the concept of Jesus being a divine incarnation in a physical body. Men look at their own physical bodies and fail to see how this body could be sanctified by the Holy Spirit and made the temple of the living God. They do not relate their own being to the power of Love that originally sent forth the only begotten Son. <4>  When man understands the mystery of the Christ within Jesus, he is able to understand the mystery of the God within himself. And only then will he cease to create self-limiting matrices that cast him in the mold of mortality and prescribe the boundaries of his advancing thought or the cosmic progression of his being.

When God made man in the great image of His love, it was not His intent to confine man within a finite expression of Himself, but to give him the opportunity to master, and thus become, the limitless qualities of the Light itself in all of its ramifications. The Light denotes the Christ, and the Christ is the Light of the world, <5> the Light of man, the Light of Being; He is called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. <6>  It may help you to understand that whereas God made all things by releasing the power of the Word through cosmic matrices, pressing the creative energies through the molds of His perfect thought, He placed within man a master blueprint, the archetypal pattern of the Christ Consciousness, like unto the original design by which the whole of creation was brought forth.

Man lacks nothing, for God saw to it that the power of His love and grace infused each individual spirit-spark with those radiant virtues which are very much a part of Himself. He made all things by Christ–by the Word which conveyed Life to the uttermost depths of the void. The Christ, then, was first the universal manifestation of the Father-Mother God and then the individualization of that manifestation. Begotten of God, a Spirit, He also is Spirit cast in His Image. Thus, each individualization of the Christ, each fragment of the Universal One in physical embodiment, is a spirit, hence a joint heir with Christ, <7> having within himself the potential of imitating in all of his thoughts and feelings and actions the original creation of the Father.

In the divine manifestation called man, there can be no limitation whatsoever; for there is no limitation in God, who is the original matrix for every manifestation. This concept, when accepted as a matrix within the consciousness of man, becomes regenerative; for it re-creates the great recycling patterns of Universal Love. The desire to create, inherent within the Godhead Himself, was the basis for the original creation. This desire resulted not only in the creation of man made in the image of the Deity but also in the bequeathing to man of the selfsame desire and the means to implement it as a co-creator with God.

As he enters into the realization of his creative potential, man must develop the sense of limitless being, the sense of the abundant Life. He must replace the treacherous spirit of competition, which seized the heart of Cain and still dominates the mass consciousness, with the all-pervading sense of the abundant Love. Love has created him; he is made in the image of Love. Love will sustain him; Love will guide him every step of the way; Love will produce in him the regeneration of the Christ; and all of Heaven will bow to the Light within him because he has enthroned the Christ within his heart and developed an inner rapport with the universal Presence of Love.

The marvelous sense of freedom that comes to the individual when he begins to realize that he can create, that he is destined to be a co-creator with God, and that he is already creating, whether he works in darkness or in Light, begets not only a feeling of responsibility to all of Cosmos and to one’s fellowman but also the deep desire to successfully meet the challenges of that responsibility.

He concludes that the old familiar patterns which for centuries have generated sorrow and pain must now be cast aside; the totality of his individual creation must embrace, in a godlike manner, the patterns of the Infinite expressed through the Christ Mind. He knows that he is here for a reason–a grand and noble purpose–and he must assimilate the great lessons he is intended to learn in the planetary schoolroom and through his association with his classmates. Tenderness toward all Life and the balance of universal reason are become his master controls, and to these he readily consents; for now he understands that these controls are divine matrices, patterns of Universal Love outworking perfection in his life. He welcomes them not as chains of bondage, but as links of freedom; and he seeks to reestablish their divine hold in his consciousness and world.

It is up to man, then, at the great harvest of the seeds he has sown–at the great return of the matrices he has sent forth–to separate the sheep from the goats, <8> the Light from the darkness, the pure from the impure patterns he has created, and then to lift into the heaven world, into his own Causal Body where the gentle things of love abide, those permanent graces which he has outpictured and which the Creator desires to make a very real part of his consciousness.

Man must develop the heavenly consciousness in order to establish within himself a lodestone of infinite Love that will draw to him the fullness of the Godhead bodily that it might dwell in him <9> and that he might escape the errors of the past through the universal magnitude of the Cosmic Christ. Such attainment can in no way diminish the mission of Jesus or of any other avatar, but it only serves to prove that inherent within the gift of Life itself was the gift of free will whereby each man, in reestablishing the will of God for and within himself, becomes a replica of the selfsame grace–the Word by which the worlds were framed, <10> the Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us. <11>

It has never been the intent of God to create a slave creation, but one that would masterfully demonstrate the power of the beloved Son of God individualized in man. No higher honor can be paid to the Master Jesus than to become one with God and one with Christ. Unfortunately, down through the years men in their dogmas have promoted the idea that the man who establishes himself as a focus for Good is detracting from the goodness of God or of Jesus. But Divine Love reveals the fallacy of their reasoning and gives to those who would know the Truth the pure logic of the Law. The true devotee of God and Christ knows that he is obliged to establish a focus of Father and Son within himself; and he feels a similar obligation, as the result of his own attunement with the higher frequencies of Life, to perform, free of the competitive sense, those acts that pay the highest tribute to God and man:  the imitation of Christ.

To follow Him in the regeneration is to do the will of God–not only to name Him, not only to pray to Him, but also to establish Him in one’s life as a permanent focus of the Sacred Fire. Thus is the matrix of Universal Love–of the only begotten Son of the Father full of grace and truth <12>–openly welcomed into the life of each individual; and through Him alone is the original cosmic blueprint established.

Is this not the loveliest valentine that any man or woman could receive–the realization that the flame within his heart is one with the Flame in the Heart of God; that his feelings are regenerating the patterns of the Ancient of Days; that his mind, imbued with the matrices of the Christ, is thinking the thoughts that beat in rhythm with the Heart of Universal Love, the Mind of Universal Love, and the Being of Universal Love!

Devoted to this eternal Principle, I remain

Paul the Venetian


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