Pearls of Wisdom

Vol 14 No. 31 - Kuthumi - August 1, 1971


The Human Aura
The Star of the Aura


The garment of God is the most transcendent man can ever wear. It represents the highest echelon of life, the development not only of the love nature of God and of the wisdom of God, but also of the element of power. This so many seek without willing first to make the necessary preparation in the refinements of love and holy wisdom in manifestation within the soul.

How easy it is for individuals to accept primitive as well as intellectual ideas that rationalize the thrust of ego upon ego, without ever analyzing the attitude and the aura of the masses, who are saturated with the concept of oneness as the blending of human personalities. The oneness men should seek to understand and manifest is that of the individuality of God reflected in man. Oneness in Spirit is ever consecration in the Gloria in Excelsis Deo—the Glory to God in the Highest.

Through the linking-together of the great and the trivial in human consciousness, mankind defeat evermore the manifestation of true spiritual transcendence. The ongoingness of the nature of God as it manifests in man is a study in individual development. As one star differs from another star in glory, <1>so by the process of linking together the mediocrity of man and the sublimity of God, the latter is compromised beyond recognition.

But only in the human consciousness does the ridiculous detract from the sublime. By the splitting of divine images and by the subtle process of image distortion resulting in the redistribution of the soul’s energies according to astral patterns which nullify the original spiritual design, man begins to feel that the magnificence of cosmic ideas is in reality too far from him and the gulf between the human and the Divine too great. Thus his consciousness remains in the doldrums of mortal experience.

Wise is the chela who guards against this invasion of the mind and heart, who recognizes those negative subtleties that seek to stealthily enter the aura and turn it from its natural brightness to darkening shadows of gray and somber hue.

The strengthening of the bonds of the aura with light and virtue will enable the soul to leap as a young deer across huge chasms of erroneous ideas separating man from God when once the esteem of the immaculate concept is given preeminence in his consciousness. To involve oneself in the distractions of the world and to love the things of the world, <2>being consumed by them, deprive one of the magnificent occupation of seeking to become one with God, a cosmic occupation of permanent reality.

There may be a time to plant, to water, to love, and to die; <3>but we are concerned with the abundant life, which is nowhere more abundant than it is in the magnetic shower of Cosmic Christ power that pours forth to the individual from the heart of his own God-identity when he fixes his attention upon the Presence and understands that herein is his real, eternal, immortal, and permanent life.

As long as he, like a potted plant, sits in the limited circle of his own individuality, he remains tethered to its ranges. But once he allows the power and the pressure of the divine radiance to descend from the heart of his God Presence, he becomes at last the recipient of immortal life in all of its abundance and unlimited outreach.

The illusion of the self must remain an illusion until the self is surrendered. Therefore, men ready and willing to be delivered from the bondage of a self-centered existence into the infinite capacities of the God Self must surrender unconditionally to the Divine Ego. Then there is not even a sense of loss, but only of gain, which the soul perceives as cosmic worth as he increases his ability to develop in the aura the consciousness of the absolute penetration of the Absolute.

Physically, the very atoms of man become drenched with a shower of cosmic wave intensity—the drinking of the elixir of life, the magic potion by which a man is transformed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the trump of true being sounds. <4>  This is God, and no other will do.

The carnal mind cannot remain in command of the affairs of such a one. A Christ is born, a nova upon the horizon, one willing to follow in the footsteps of cosmic regeneration. Thus the purity and power of the Presence strike a new note, and old things truly pass away as all things become new. <5> 

The domain of destiny is all around us. As man evolves, so cosmic beings evolve—wheels within wheels, leading to the great hub of life and to the reality of spiritual contact as the antahkarana is spun, perceived, and absorbed.

How beautiful is contact with hierarchy, with the hand of those brothers of light whose garments are robes of light, whose consciousness, reflecting the anticipation of spiritual progress, is joyously attuned to those God-delights that remove from the mind of man the sense of the comparable or the incomparable.

The world of comparison diminishes; the world of God appears. The aura is drenched with it—no sacrifice too great, no morsel too small to be ignored, no grasp too significant not to find its own integral pattern of usefulness.

And so the domain of the human aura is lost in a sea of light, in the greater aura of God. The windows of heaven open upon the world of the individual, and the showers of light energy resound as an angelic choir singing of the fire of worlds without end.

The anvil of the present is the seat of malleability. All things less than the perfection of the mind of God mold themselves according to progressive reality, plasticity, the domain of sweetness, the chalice of new hope to generations yet unborn. The historical stream, muddied no longer, appears as the crystal flowing river from which the waters of life may be drunk freely. <6>  The monad makes its biggest splash as it emerges from the chrysalis of becoming to the truth of living being as God intended.

Sensing the human aura as a star, man gains his victory as he sees the universe flooded with stars of varying intensity. By comparison his own auric light glows more brightly, for the fires of competition fan the flame of aspiration.

But all at once he staggers with the realization that he is in competition with no one, for the incomparable mystery of his own exquisite being is revealed at last. Questioning and doubts as to the purpose of life no longer engage his mind, for all answers are born in the ritual of becoming. The fascination of truth envelops him, and he weans himself from the old and familiar concepts that have stifled the glow of perpetual hope within his soul.

He is concerned now that others shall also share in this great energy source of reality flowing forth from on high. Naught can transpire with his consent that God does not will, for the will of God and the will of man are become one.

When each man consents to this victory, the struggle lessens and then is no more, for faith in the fatherhood of God reconciles men through Christ to the fountainhead of their eternal purpose. The glow of a new hope, infusing all, lends direction to the expansion of the auric light. The forcefield is magnified, and in the magnification thereof the star of the man who has become one with God shines on the planes of pure being as the angels rejoice.

A new life is born—one for whom the expectancy of life will continue forever. For in the endlessness of cycles, the aura, as a glowing white-fire ball, a summer radiance of the fruit of purpose, continues to magnify itself in all that it does. God is glorified in the auric stream.

We shall soon conclude our dissertation on the human aura. The richest blessings of our Brotherhood be upon all.


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[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]



I AM no blight of fantasy—
            Clear-seeing vision
                        of the Holy Spirit,
Exalt my will,
                        desireless Desire,
                        flame-inspired fire,
I will be the wonder
                        of Thyself,
            To know
                        as only budding rose
                        presumes to be.
I see new hope
                        in bright tomorrow
                        here today—
            No sorrow lingers,
                        I AM free!
O glorious Destiny,
                        thy Star appears,
            The soul casts out
                        all fears
And yearns to drink
                        the nectar of new hope:
            All firmness wakes
                        within the soul—
I AM becoming
                        one with Thee.