Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 30 - Kuthumi - July 25, 1971


The Human Aura
The Purification of the Aura


Remember that your aura is your light. Remember that Christ said:  “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.” <1>  Remember that he left this timeless advice as a means of inculcating into the consciousness of the race the inner formula for the proper employment of the human aura.

How many men have misunderstood what the aura is and what it can do!  The aura is the sum total of the emanation of individual life in its pure and impure state. Often gently concealing from public view the darker side of human nature, the aura puts forth its most beautiful pearly-white appearance before men as if mindful of the words of God that have come down from antiquity “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” <2>

Occasionally the aura will momentarily turn itself inside out, and the more ugly appearance of a man’s nature will come to the fore and be seen by those who are sensitive enough to perceive the human aura. This shouting from the housetops of a man’s errors <3>ought not always to be deplored; for when the gold is tried in the fire of purpose, the dross often comes to the surface to be skimmed off.

Therefore, when from time to time some negative influence appears in yourself or in someone else, consider it not as a permanent blight, but as a thorn which you can break off and remove from the appearance world. The fact that the within has thrust itself to the surface is an application of the principle of redemption. And when properly understood, this purging can mean the strengthening of your aura and your life.

As a part of the blotting-out process in the stream of time and space, dear hearts, God, in his greater wisdom, often uses exposure to public view or to your own private view as a means of helping you to get rid of an undesirable situation.

Have you ever thought of that?  What a pity if you have not. Suppressing evil or driving it deep within, tucking it away as though you would thereby get rid of it, does not really do the trick. For all things ought to go to God for judgment—willingly, gladly, and freely.

Men ought not to remain burdened by the inward sense of guilt or nonfulfillment that the suppression of truth often brings. For the cleansing of the human aura of these undesirable conditions need not be a lengthy process. Just the humble, childlike acknowledgement that you have made an error and the sincere attempt to correct it will do much to purify your aura.

God does not angrily impute to man that which he has already done unto himself through the misuse of free will, for man metes out his own punishment by denying himself access to the grace of God through his infringement of the law. Therefore, the gentle drops of mercy and of God’s kindness to man are offered as the cleansing agent of his own self-condemnation. They are like a heavenly rain, refreshing and cool, that is not denied to any.

Fill your consciousness, then, with God-delight, and observe how the purification of the aura brings joy unto the angels. Have you never read the words of the Master “Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance”? <4>

Oh, what a wonderful world will manifest for humanity when the power of God literally rolls through the heart and being of man untrammeled, flooding the planet with light!  Yes, a great deal of instruction will still be needed, for there are so many things that we would reveal, not even dreamed of by the masses. And there is so much ongoingness in the Spirit of the Lord that my enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Yet mankind should understand that until they have prepared themselves for the great wedding feast to which they have been bidden, <5>they cannot fully know the meaning of the ongoingness of life. For the dark dye of human sorrow and degradation creates such a pull upon the consciousness that it is difficult for man to recognize the bridegroom in his God Self.

Alas, man, although heavenly by nature, has through the misuse of free will decreased the natural, God-given vibratory rate of his atoms to such a low point that even the body temple must be broken again and again in order to arrest the cycles of the sense of sin. This breaking of the clay vessel affords him the opportunity to catch glimpses of reality, which he would never do—unless he had first attained self-mastery—if his life were to continue indefinitely in one physical body. <6>

How deep and how lovely are the mercies of God!  How carefully he has provided for the gift of free will to man so that through the making of right choices man can find his way to the throne of grace and there receive the affirmation of his own God-given dominion, “Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.” <7> 

I am also reminded of the many devoted souls who through the ages have suffered the condemnation of their fellowmen as the result of the misunderstanding of their devotion to purpose. Like Joan of Arc and others who revealed a fiery determination for heaven to manifest upon earth, these great spirits have received little welcome from their peers and little understanding of their mission.

Let us hope together for the world that through the spreading-abroad of the balm of Gilead and the mercy of God as an unguent of healing, mankind will become unflinching in their devotion to cosmic purpose, even as we intensify our love through the student body. Tearing down any altars you may have erected in the past to the false gods of human pride and ambition and surrendering your momentums of failure to apprehend your reason for being, you will turn now with your whole heart to the development of the most magnificent focus of light right within your own aura.

Oh, I know something about the angstrom units, about the vibratory rate of the aura, about its impingement upon the retina of the eye and the interpolation of auras. I know about the subtle shadings that indicate gradations of tone in the thoughts and feelings of the individual which vacillate as a spunky wind or a frisky colt that has never been ridden.

But how much better it is when, rather than label these as typical of the life pattern of another, men see at last the original image of divine perfection which God himself has placed within the human aura. For in most people some light can be perceived as a point of beginning, as a vortex around which greater light can be magnetized.

How much better it truly is when men hold the immaculate concept for one and all and concern themselves not with the probing of the aura, but with the amplification of all that is good and true about the real man. I do not say that advanced disciples should not use methods of discrimination to discern what is acting in the world of another at a given moment or that the soul does not use these methods to give warning and assistance to other lifestreams.

Nevertheless, those who are able to discern the face of God in the face of man can retain the perfect image and assist the cosmic plan even while correctly assessing the present development of a lifestream. To hold faith in the purposes of God for another until that one is able to hold it for himself is to ally one’s energies with the omnipotence of truth, which intensifies both auras in the richness of cosmic grace even as it intensifies the aura of the whole planet.

I want to bring to every student the realization that just as there is the flame of God in the individual aura, so there is the flame of God in the aura of the planetary body. Every act of faith you perform adds to the conflagration of the sacred fire upon the planet, just as every act of desecration tears down the great cosmic fortifications so gently and carefully builded by angelic hands who join with men and masters in service to life.

Let all understand the building of the cosmic temple within the microcosm and the Macrocosm. The cosmic temple of the aura is an enduring edifice of the sacred fire. The cosmic temple of the world is made up of many auras dedicated to the indwelling Spirit of the Lord. Illumined thoughts and illumined feelings will enable individual man and humanity, striving together as one body, to cast into the discard pile those thoughts and feelings and actions not worthy to become a part of the superstructure of the temple of being.

Oh, be selective!  Oh, be perfective in all your doings!  For someone is assigned to watch and wait with you until the moment comes when you can watch and wait with others.

Just as the buddy system is used between soldiers in battle and between law-enforcement officers keeping the peace in your great cities, so there are cosmic beings, guardian angels, and lovely nature spirits of God’s heart who watch over thee to keep thy way in peace and security, unmoved by mortal doings. For immortality shall swallow up mortality as death is swallowed up in victory, <8>and light shall prevail upon the planet.

The strengthening of the aura is a step in the right direction. Let none hesitate a moment to take it.

Devotedly and firmly I remain wedded to the precepts of the Brotherhood.


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6. The Master is speaking of the death process, given to man as an act of mercy that he might have a reprieve from the vanity of this world and partake of the light and wisdom of higher realms between embodiments. Moreover, the forfeiting at birth of the memory of previous lives enables the hope of heavenly spheres to replace the seemingly endless records of mortal involvement.

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[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]



“Thou Mercy Flame”

Mercy is the grace of love
Forgiveness from above
Beauteous star-fire might
Falling rain of light.

Mighty God-caress
Freedom from distress
Touching mind and heart
With love’s divinest part.

Frees the soul from blindness
Ope’s the mind to purest kindness
Glorious Light, enfold all now
In heaven’s greenest bough!

Joy of nature’s band
God’s extended hand
Living flame most holy
Answers now the lowly.

No difference does he make
All his children who will take
His offered cup of love
Perceive his Comfort Dove.

No darkness in his motive
But only Light and Life
Behold the flaming votive
We share one common Light!