Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 29 - Kuthumi - July 18, 1971


The Human Aura
The Protection of the Aura


Beware of those who by intellectual argument or religious dogma seek to destroy your beautiful faith in the gossamer-veiled protection of the angels!

By his unbelief, man has failed to realize the magnificent protection that the human aura can receive from the angelic hosts. By his lack of recognition and his lack of attunement, he has allowed himself to pass through many harrowing experiences that could have been avoided by a simple cry for assistance to these beings whom God ordained from the foundation of the world to be his swift messengers of love, wisdom, and power.

Have you thought upon the love, wisdom, and power that the angels convey?  May I suggest that you do it today. For over the track of your thoughts and the extension thereof into spiritual realms, over the swift and well-traveled pathways of the air, these infinite creatures of God’s heart, serving so gloriously in his name and power, fly on pinions of light to do his bidding and to respond to your call.

What a pity it is that some men lack the sweet simplicity of heart and mind that would allow them to speak unto the angels!  By their sophistication, their worldly-wise spirit, their hardness of heart, and their refusal to be trapped by the “plots” of heaven, they literally cut themselves off from so much joy and beauty; and their lives are barren because of it.

Will you, then, begin today the process of initiating or intensifying your contact with the angelic hosts as a means of fortifying your aura with what amounts to the very substance of the outer corona of the flame of God’s own reality directed and glowing within the auric fires of the angelic hosts? 

How they love to receive the invitation of mortal men who desire to align themselves with the purposes of God!  And do you know, these powerful beings cannot fail in their mission when they are invited by an embodied flame of light, a son of God, to come and render assistance!

Once mankind understand this fact—that the angelic hosts will respond to their calls—once they understand that these emissaries of heaven are bound by cosmic law to respond to their pleas and to send assistance where it is needed, they will also realize that even Christ availed himself of the ministrations of the angels throughout his life. Standing before Pontius Pilate, he said, “Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?” <1> 

The angelic hosts are the armies of God, the power, the service, the perfection, and the strength of God, flowing from the realm of immortality into immediate manifestation in the mortal domain, establishing the needed contact between God and man.

Consider for a moment how the Master employed the angelic hosts, not only in Gethsemane but also in his healing ministry, how he remained in constant attunement with them, acknowledging their presence in a spirit of oneness and brotherhood, esteeming them as the messengers of his Father. By startling contrast, the spurning of the angelic hosts by an ignorant humanity has caused many to fall under the negative influences of the dark powers that hover in the atmosphere, seeking to destroy mankind’s peace, power, and purity.

I cannot allow this series to terminate without sounding the trumpet of cosmic joy on behalf of the angelic hosts. Many of us who are now classified as saints by some of the Christian churches <2> invoked the angels when we, as spiritual devotees, offered ourselves unto Christ in the service of humanity, knowing full well that of ourselves we could do nothing.

Therefore, we looked to the assistance of the angelic hosts as God’s appointed messengers. We did not expect God himself to come down into the everyday situations we encountered that required some special ministration from heaven, but we knew that he would send legions in his name, with the seal of his authority and power, to do his bidding.

How tragic it is that some men, through the puffiness of human pride, will speak only to God directly, thereby ignoring those whom God has sent, including the ascended masters and the sons and daughters of God upon the planet to whom is given a special ordination of conveying the message of truth unto humanity. It is so unnecessary for a distraught humanity engaged in numerous wars and commotions betwixt themselves to also launch an offensive against those who in truth defend every man’s Christhood in the name of God.

To go forth with his power and in his name is a calling of considerable magnitude. May our protection abide with the Brothers of the Golden Robe serving at unascended levels, who in wisdom’s gentle name would teach men the truth of the ages and thereby receive within their auras that celestial song that is the glory of God in the highest and the peace of God on earth to all men of good will. <3>  The message of the angels that rang out over the plains of Bethlehem at the birth of Christ has since been heard by the few in every century who have communed with the angel ministrants; yet the light of the angels is for all.

How could it be that we would so carelessly forget, as mankind have done, the service and the devotion of the angels directed from an octave of power and beauty interpenetrating your own?  Will you, then, consider in the coming days and throughout your whole life the blessed angels—not only the mighty archangels, but also the cherubim and seraphim? 

For there are many who will reach up to the great archangels, such as the beloved Michael, Chamuel, and Uriel, without ever realizing that even they in their great God-estate have their helpers who, in the performance of their novitiate and in their own aspirations to rise in the hierarchy of angels, will do almost any divine kindness on behalf of the children of God on earth when called upon by them to do so.

All should understand, then, the need to make the request. For heaven does not enter the world of men unbidden, and the tiniest angel in all of heaven welcomes the love and invitation of men to be of service.

The information I have given you can help you to consummate in your life the building and charging of an aura with a radiance so beautiful that as it sweeps through your consciousness, it will sweep out the ignorance of the human ego and replace it with the light of the Christ.

Wherever you move, God moves, and his angels accompany him. Let your auras be charged with such purity and determination to do the will of God and to be an outpost of heaven, that if your shadow should but fall upon another whom God has made, healing, joy, beauty, purity, and an extension of divine awareness would come to him.

You belong to God. Your aura, the garment of God given to you, was designed to intensify his love. Do not tear it. Do not carelessly force it open. But as a swaddling garment of love and light, keep it tightly wrapped around you.

For one day, like the ugly duckling that turned into a swan, the aura will become the wedding garment of the Lord—steely white light reinforced by the divine radiance that no man can touch—that literally transforms the outer man into the perfection of the Presence, preserved forever intact, expanding its light and glowing as it grows with the fires of home and divine love.


1. Matt. 26:53.

2. Kuthumi was embodied as Francis of Assisi (c. 1181-1226), founder of the Franciscan order, canonized 1228.

3. Luke 2:14.


[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]



In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, my very own beloved Holy Christ Self, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Archangel Michael, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth! I decree:

  1. Lord Michael, Lord Michael,
    I call unto thee—
    Wield thy sword of blue flame
    And now cut me free!


    Blaze God-power, protection
    Now into my world,
    Thy banner of Faith
    Above me unfurl!
    Transcendent blue lightning
    Now flash through my soul,
    I AM by God’s mercy
    Made radiant and whole!

  2. Lord Michael, Lord Michael,
    I love thee, I do—
    With all thy great Faith
    My being imbue!
  3. Lord Michael, Lord Michael
    And legions of blue—
    Come seal me, now keep me
    Faithful and true!

“I AM” Affirmation: (recited three times)
I AM with thy blue flame
Now full-charged and blest,
I AM now in Michael’s
Blue-flame armor dressed!


And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (three times) right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!  Beloved I AM!



Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind,
Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left,
Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below,
Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here!
I AM his love protecting here! (give entire decree three times)


Note: You can recite these decrees to invoke the protection of Archangel Michael, Prince of the Archangels. The abbreviated “Traveling Protection” decree can be used at any time but especially while traveling. Give this decree in full voice when you are driving your car and softly on public forms of transportation. Visualize Archangel Michael and his legions sealing you, your loved ones and all other vehicles on land and sea and in the air in an invincible wall of blue flame.