Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 27 - Kuthumi - July 4, 1971


The Human Aura
The Expansion of the Aura


Coalescing around the spinal column are little portions of magnetic energy which I choose to call pieces of human destiny. As a man thinks, so is he. <1>  As a man feels, so is he. As a man is, so goes his relationship with God, with purpose, and with the whole domain of life.

The fabric of a man’s being is composed of minutiae. The fabric of a man’s being is composed of thought, and thought is indeed made up of the same substance as that faith once delivered unto the saints. <2>

Now, as we recognize the need to let the sense of struggle cease, we want the students to develop in their consciousness the living tides of reality that flex the muscles of true spiritual being, enabling it to take dominion over the earth.

Just as Christ walked upon the waters, so humanity must learn the way of the possessor of light. It has been said that the way of the transgressor is hard, <3>but those who possess the divine potential and exercise it in the divine way are in contact with the cloud of witnesses that from spiritual realms extend the energies of the purpose of God to the earth.

There is a time in the lives of most children when heaven seems very near. Their journeys through the portals of life and death reveal the celestial truth of soul-knowing often forgotten with the passing of the years. Contact with heaven through the reestablishment of the threads of light between the heart and being of man and the living Father is beautiful and necessary if the world is to mature into an age of renewed innocence and tenderness expressed by mankind toward one another.

Grace is a very special quality of God that charges the aura with a buoyant and joyous expression of heaven’s beauty and wonder continuously expressed here below and continuously expressed above. There is neither boredom nor unhappiness in the celestial state, but only a joyous sense of ongoingness that knows no defeat of sordid thought nor shame in its reflections.

The miracle of eternity is caught in the web of time as man momentarily understands the power of his influence at the courts of heaven—as he realizes through oneness with his Christed being that he is the maker of his own destiny.

How much help is given and how much help can be evoked from the Universal is a subject in its own right. Yet I feel the need to assert on behalf of the students everywhere their friendship with those who dwell in the ascended master consciousness, in the Christ consciousness—a friendship maintained through the liaison of the angelic hosts and God-free beings and even the tiny elementals who are involved in the very outworkings of physical manifestation.

The words of the Psalmist “For he shall give his angels charge over thee...lest thou dash thy foot against a stone” <4>are intended for every son of God. Yet the temptation to command that these stones be made bread, for the purpose of assuaging mortal hunger, is very great. Nevertheless, every son of God must be prepared to overcome this temptation as the Master did when he rebuked the lie of the carnal mind with the words “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” <5>

Just as the world has its conspiracies practiced against the sons and daughters of God by those conspirators of Satan whose lives are literally snuffed out without their ever knowing the end from the beginning, so heaven has its own conspiracy of light. And its emissaries are conspiring to evolve the wondrous God-designs which the Father hath prepared for them that love him. <6>

Now as the celestial bower is momentarily lowered into view, the shape of things to come is revealed


When God does do his perfect work as planned
To right the wrongs of men by soul demand
And newly bring to view the hopes the ages sought
But never understood—
  the love and sacrifice he bought
To gather sheep and consecrate all lives
To higher goals and drives
  they little understood.
He vowed the plan to sweep from man
That hoary dust of ages overlaid,
To make men unafraid.
By love he showed to them
  that they should understand
The power of the pen
  that’s mightier than the sword
And teaches all that I AM casting out all fear
From those who call upon me, far and near.
My light beams like a star of hope,
Dimension’s newest opening
  upon the words I spoke;
For there is hope for all
Beneath the sun and star, or even moon.
For all things neath thy feet
Reveal the way complete
Is ever found within my Word,
The precious bread I broke;
For thou art mine and I AM thine—
Our living souls awoke.
Oh, see the magnet purpose,
  glorious connecting chain,
Eternal joy revealed as love does ever reign!


Devoted ones, the pathway to the stars is found in the thread of light anchored within the heart whence the individual auric pattern expands naturally. Man has so often been concerned with the concepts and the many manifestations of the human aura—how to protect it, how to direct it, how to increase it, how to see it, how to interpret it—that he has seldom taken into account these simple words Jesus long ago revealed, “Let your light so shine before men.”

This light of which he spake is the light that can be magnetized through the human aura, for it is the human emanation which heaven would make divine. Therefore, “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” <7>

In our studies of the human aura, which are given to those who journey to our retreats as well as to you who are fortunate to receive our instruction, we seek to promote the same understanding that Jesus imparted to his disciples—sometimes through parable, sometimes through objective analysis of themselves and their contemporaries, sometimes through direct teachings on the law which he read to them from the archives of the Brotherhood.

His entire effort was to demonstrate what man can do and what man can be when he unites with the God flame. And I say to you today that it is to be, it is be-ness, it is to understand that you are a ray of intense light that cometh from the Central Sun into the world of form. This is the key to creative mastery.

You must understand that you can draw forth renewed magnificence and devotion to the cause of your own immaculate freedom, and that this freedom can be a crystal river flowing out from the throne of God through your aura—which you have consecrated as a vessel of the Holy Spirit—and into the world of men.

You must understand that wherever you go, your opportunity to let your light—your aura—shine goes with you, and that because you are, because you have being and are being, you can take the sling of enlightened fortune and fling into the world, with almost delirious abandon, your cup of joy that runneth over in simply being a manifestation of God.

You must increase your understanding of the magnificence of flow—the flow of the little electrons in their pure, fiery state that seem to dance with total abandon and then again to march like little soldiers in precision formation—now disbanding as they assume what at first may seem to be erratic shapes, now regrouping in their intricate geometric patterns.

Purposefully man pours out into the universe the healing balm that is his Real Self in action. Its flow is guided by the very soul of the living God, by an innate and beautiful concept of perfection steadily emanating to him and through him.

Does man do this?  Can man do it of himself?  Jesus said, “I can of mine own self do nothing; but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” <8>

Understand that the inner fires banked within yourself by the fire of the Holy Spirit can be expanded by your own desire to be God’s will in action. Understand that these fires will act as a divine magnet to increase the flow of perfection into your aura and thence into the world. Understand that you must therefore wax enthusiastic about daily expanding your light through your meditations upon the Holy Spirit.

Because it is our belief that men would do better if they knew better, we have written this series even as we long ago dedicated our service to the enlightenment of the race. It is our desire to teach men that the human aura need never be a muddied sea, but can ever be an eternal seeing into the streams of immortal perfection whence cometh each man’s being.

One of the facts men should understand is that along with the pollution of their consciousness with impure thoughts and feelings and the emanations of the mass mind, which seem to take possession of the very fires of being and entrap them within imperfect matrices, is their desire for self-perpetuation.

Hence, often the little, pitiful, dark-shadowed creatures of human thought and feeling will clothe themselves with a sticky overlay of qualities and conditions calculated to preserve the loves of the little self—thereby gaining acceptance in the consciousness bent on its own preservation. This is done in order to obscure the light of truth and to impugn it by reason of its very simplicity and perfection.

Do not be deceived. The light is yours to behold. The light is yours to be. Claim it. Identify with it. And regardless of whether or not men may mock simplicity, be determined in your childlike efforts to mature in God.

One day the Divine Manchild will come to you, and the aura of the living Christ will be yours to behold and to be. To follow him in the regeneration is to follow him in the sun tides of the light that he was, that he is, that he ever shall be. You cannot cast yourself upon the rock and not be broken. But this is preferable to having the rock fall upon you and grind you to powder. <9>

There are more things in heaven than men on earth have dreamed of, <10>yet wondrous threads and penetrations have occurred and many have come home.    

We await the redemption of the world and we need in our Brotherhood those who, while having fallen in error, can simply trust and place their hand in ours as in the hand of God. For then the shuttle of the highest cosmic workers can move to and fro, from above to below, to carry greater instruction to the race of men, to the fountain of the individual life, where the shield of the aura is esteemed for the wonder God has made it.

Next let us talk about the shield of the aura. God be with you each one.


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[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]