Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 25 - Kuthumi - June 20, 1971


The Human Aura
The Intensification of the Aura


Man thinks of himself as solid. He lives within an envelope of flesh and blood that is penetrated by his consciousness. Consciousness must be regarded as man’s connection with his Source, and its flexibility as man’s greatest asset; yet when wrongly used, it is his greatest weakness. The consciousness of humanity today is so easily influenced by banal and barbaric doings that the magnificent cosmic purpose heaven has prepared in the creation of man is seldom recognized even minutely.

Man so easily becomes involved in the trivial manifestations of the footstool kingdom. And his indoctrinations, being what they are, make him believe that the divine purposes and the doings of the ascended masters would not be to his liking. The singing of devotional songs, the chanting of holy mantras, the engaging of the mind in spiritual conversation and prayer to the Almighty are regarded today by the sophisticates as a milksop endeavor which could not possibly produce any good for them, but is reserved only for the weak-minded.

May I challenge this concept in toto and say that the greatest strength, the noblest ideal and truest valor, is to be found in the aspirant who ultimately achieves first his adeptship in his fulfillment of the divine plan, and then his eventual mastership in the ascension. Men erroneously think that only Jesus and a few other notable figures from the biblical centrum have ascended. How they would change their minds if they could see the cloud of witnesses above them in the heavens! <1>

It is time that men understood the effects of their consciousness and their thoughts upon the human aura. I would go so far as to say that even their opinions have a strong influence upon them for good or for ill.

I suspect that many have decided that I do not intend to discuss the negative aspects of the human aura. Perhaps they are right—we shall see. I am interested in stressing how that grandiose aura of the Christed one, surging with light, radiates out a divine quality in its very emanation that carries healing, nobility, honor, and cosmic strength to all who come in contact therewith.

This aura of which I speak is not and never can be the product either of man’s environment or of his social involvements. It is produced by divine doings, by entering into the cosmic consciousness of God through involvement with universal purpose, and especially by contact with our Brotherhood.

There is still too much vanity, however, in the whole business of God-seeking. There are times when we would gladly chasten men because of our great love for them, if doing so would stimulate a greater involvement in the only and true purpose behind the manifestation of their lives.

Remember, the light shines in the darkness; and whereas the darkness comprehends it not, <2>those who do begin to open their understanding because this is their desire will find an absolute intensification of the light taking place within themselves. Hence a great deal more spirituality is involved in the God flame within the heart of each individual than he at first realizes.

In this very flame man has a catalyst posited right within himself, a spark plug that can motivate him to make such attunement with his Presence whereby the magnificent influences of our Brotherhood can shine through his aura and he can become the outpost of heaven upon earth.

Whoever said, and who dares to say, that any one person has the exclusive possession of this quality when it is the divine plan for all to radiate the one light?  Just as man and all things were made by one Spirit, so the one Spirit expects all to enter in at the door. The door of the Christ consciousness literally trembles with anticipation of the moment when the individual will joyously enter into the sheepfold of his own reality. <3>

Probably some of you may wonder just what I am driving at and why, when I have offered to you studies on the human aura, I seem to be going around Robin Hood’s barn. I can understand that, and I feel that now is the time for me to tell you that by this method I am seeking to develop a special quality in all of our students. That quality, which is of the Christ, will enable you to develop the kind of an aura that I will call self-proving, because it can be consciously intensified to do the most good.

In effect, man’s aura is literally a broadcasting station for God’s energy and his cosmic rays. Energies of light and the very thoughts of God himself and of the ascended masters combine with the benign thoughts that emerge from the very life plan of the individual and are then beamed or broadcast in all directions into the world of form.

Those who are sensitive and can attune with these waves may perceive their nature and their origin, while those who do not understand cosmic law may become beneficiaries of these wondrous energies without ever knowing their source. It makes little difference. We are concerned with overcoming the preponderance of human darkness that is abroad in the world today by literally flooding forth more light through the auras of many souls who shall dedicate their lives as outposts of cosmic regeneration to the planet.

Christ said, “I AM the light of the world:  he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness.” <4> When we speak of the light of the world, we speak of the light of the aura, and we are talking about a tangible manifestation.

It is difficult for me to restrain myself when I hear the thoughts of individuals who carelessly read my words and then say, “What a nebulous concept he brings forth!”  Contrary to their opinions, my concepts are incisive and they are given with a very definite purpose in mind and directly in accord with the one law of God.

I say this because I am talking about permanent manifestations of universal grace, and withal I am trying to impress upon your minds the great fact that the law of God—the law of his love—is very much involved with the human aura. What is the human aura if it is not an extension into the world of form, into the universal web of the sum total of what the individual really is?

Well, then, if a man manifests a whimsical attitude, working his own or another’s will without discrimination—sometimes good, sometimes bad or indifferent—can this be compared with the one who is literally harnessed to the divine dynamo and whose aura can be seen by those who truly see, as beginning to vibrate with the universal purpose?

Not only do I know that these states of consciousness cannot be compared, but I know that one day in the changing consciousness of humanity the former will cease to be altogether. For God will win; of this I am certain. And those who follow the way of darkness because of the consuming of the thread of their own identity will ultimately be extinguished altogether by the very fires of creation. <5> For God is the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer, and we have seen him in these and many guises.

In heaven’s name, from whence cometh energy?  What is it that beats your heart?  A wish obviously not your own, or it would not so suddenly terminate. Instead, the will of God, the desire of God, beats your heart. Men’s lives would not be paltry, then, if they also let him determine their consciousness and their thoughts.

Now that we have created a certain measure of understanding in many of our students about the factors that influence the human aura, we shall begin to show in greater detail the processes involved in broadcasting the qualities of the Christ so that great good can flow from your being out into the world in these troubled times and create in the brilliance of the sunshine a new awareness that fulfills the destiny of the children of men under the cosmic teachers for this age.

Extending my love to each of you, I hold the chalice of holy wisdom to be of special value in creating a new future out of which shall be born a greater summoning of understanding and its use. For knowledge must be correctly used and appropriated by transcendent magnificence rather than consumed on a few short years of sense pleasures without purpose.

The Brotherhood beckons to the many. The many can respond. If only the few do, I am certain we shall take delight in opening the curtain for them upon a new era of possibility. Let the weaving of regeneration begin anew the spinning of the tapestry of heaven’s deepening involvement in the raising of humanity into the folds of the Brotherhood, into the delight of revealed purpose.

I remain firmly established in that purpose.


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[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]