Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 24 - Kuthumi - June 13, 1971


The Human Aura
The Reading of the Aura


The trials of life that come to man are in reality his teachers, that is to say, they substitute for his teachers because he will not hear them. Yet it has been clearly recorded in the Scriptures and ancient writings that the time would come when man should see his teachers and that they should not be far removed from him. <1>

So many today are concerned with the facial expressions and appearances of the teachers without ever realizing the lines of character and soul reality that comprise the inner being of a man or woman. Let the true seekers be concerned, then, not so much with the outer beauty of appearances, but with the inner beauty that produces those manifestations in the human aura which bring the admiration of every ascended master because they are the fulfillment of the God-design.

If any of you have ever been judges in a contest of beauty, you will understand the difficulty in making a selection from among the manifold aspects of God’s beauty. In the case of the ascended masters and Karmic Lords, it is sheer delight that motivates them to pronounce their seal of approval on all that is the God-intent in those who aspire to represent the Brotherhood and to glorify God in their body and in their spirit. <2>

What a marvelous forte of possibility exists for every man!  I want our students to think of the richness of the natural, radiating, consecrating devotion that God has placed within man. The opportunity to express the perfection of the Holy Spirit, when rightly apprehended, enables man to fashion the wedding garment of his very Christed being.

Now, I know that through the years many of the students of the occult have stressed the ability of the advanced disciple to read the human aura, to interpret it, and, in effect, to see it. May I say at this time, and quite frankly so, that no psychic ability or even the ability to read the human aura denotes in the person who does so, that mastery by which the true adept overcomes outer conditions.

I do not say that adepts do not have this ability. I simply say that the possessing of this ability, in partial or even in total proficiency, is not necessarily an indication of the advanced spiritual development of the individual.

Also, it should be realized that those who profess to read the human aura may do so very poorly, in a confused manner, or in a very limited depth. In order to correctly interpret the reading of the human aura, one must be able to read the karmic record and to have some insight into the total being of a man.

I would far prefer that the students would consider the benefit that can come to them through beholding good in themselves and in others and through striving for the good, as my beloved cohort El Morya has said. For the fruit of striving may not always be apparent on the surface, even on the surface of the aura; but it stands behind the real life record of man’s attainment. This is why God has said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” <3>

Here at Shigatse <4> we concentrate on the sending-forth of holy wisdom. We concentrate on harmony and on true loveliness. There are times, of course, when man must perceive that what is acting in his world is not of the Christ. It is then that he must be able to disentangle himself from his problems and to recognize that neither his problems nor the unwholesome conditions that surround him are the nature of God. Therefore, the Lord does not require him either to prolong his problems or to be weighted down by his environment.

Might I add that by nurturing the divine nature, man finds that the aura will quite naturally resemble the Presence in its radiant perfection. This is the pattern that appears in the heavens of God’s consciousness and that can appear in the heaven of every man’s consciousness, for it flows out from the seed pattern of perfection within man even as it manifests in the Presence above.

When Jesus said, “I and my Father are one,” <5>he referred to the balancing of the divine radiance of the God Presence and Causal Body within the outer manifestation, which through his reunion with reality had become one with God. Hence the color rays which had been focused through the “coat of many colors” <6> now became the nimbus, halo, or radiance of the Christ consciousness around him—the seamless garment that he wore as the Son of God. <7>

We have tried to make apparent in this discourse the fact that ordinary human beings are not endowed with this sense perception of the human aura, and this should always be borne in mind. Pilate heeded the dream of his wife, who warned him to have nothing to do “with that just man,” <8> more than the testimony of virtue manifest in the one who stood before him. He could find no fault with Christ Jesus, <9>but he did not bear witness to his perfection, else he would never have permitted the crucifixion of Christ, nor would he have turned him over to the Sanhedrin.

The commonsense approach to the realities of God is to be found in depth in the being of man. Man is a veritable treasure-house of beauty and perfection when he returns to the divine image—and I know of no better way to produce the miracle of the star of divine radiance in the human aura than to become one with God.

This seemingly impossible hurdle is the panacea man seeks, and he shall find it if he seeks diligently enough and does not fear to surrender his little self. For all human ills will be cured by virtue of his becoming the Divine in manifestation.

More harm has been done in the world by fraudulent readings of the human aura and false predictions based upon these readings than man is aware of. What a marvelous thing it will be when man turns his faculties of perception to the beholding of the reality of God in his very thought and standard!

Now I must, in defense of some arhats and advanced adepts upon the planet, affirm the accuracy of those who are able instantly to detect in depth the vibratory patterns manifesting in the world of others. It is incorrect to suppose that these will always speak out concerning their discernments. Naturally, gentleness and the will to see perfection supplant darkness will guide their motives and acts.

But I solemnly warn here that whenever you are in the presence of a true adept or even an unascended being who has mastered many elements of perfection in his life, you should understand that if there is darkness of motive within you, he may see it or he may choose to ignore it.

By the same token, I solemnly warn those who fancy themselves adepts but who in reality have not overcome more than an iota of their imperfections and who have achieved in the eyes of God but a small portion of that which they imagine, to take heed that they do not incorrectly discern, in their so-called readings of the lives of others, some quality that may not even exist; for thereby some have brought great karma down upon their heads.

All should exercise humility and care in placing their value upon the development in the soul of the higher consciousness of the God Presence, for this is “without money and without price.” <10>  It is the invincible attainment by which men become truly one with God.


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[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]