Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 23 - Kuthumi - June 6, 1971


The Human Aura
The Colorations of the Aura


The reality of your God-perfection, latent in all life, is continually releasing the current of its magnificence into your consciousness. Whenever an impediment blocks the flow of this magnificent God-energy, it is as though an object has opaqued the light of the sun.

As the sun has its corona, so there is always a spillover of the delightful radiance of the vital life forces in man, which are so easily subjected to his negative influences and misuse. This discolors the aura with negative vibrations and leads man to draw the conclusion that he is less than the perfection of God.

Just as men recall on a cloudy day that the radiance of the sun is behind the clouds and can be seen from an aircraft which penetrates the clouds, so man should also begin to develop and maintain the habit of constantly telling himself that the blazing, dazzling reality of the fullness of God is being released to him moment by moment as the master plan of eternal purpose. Thus he should develop the habit of counteracting all examples of shadow and misqualification by applying the principle of internal reality.

What is real?  What is real is released to man as he practices the ritual of penetration—of penetrating the light of the Son of God by the very power of the light that is within him—and thereby more and more of the divine radiance can infuse the aura in its manifest pattern.

Therefore, today the delight of the law of God will be in the mouth of the man or woman who will speak the living Word, <1> invoking from the heart of God that magnificence which he already is, claiming in the Word, I AM, the fullness of the Godhead bodily in himself <2> as a joint-heir with the universal Christ consciousness. <3>

Now, in the matter of the effects of one’s thoughts and feelings upon the human aura, we shall briefly touch upon the subject of coloration. As the intensity of the white and the violet light is increased in the aura, especially those shades that are pale and ethereal, one notes the enlarging of man’s perceptions and an increase in spirituality.

As the pale yellow—almost golden—light floods through the mind, the very fingers of cosmic intelligence manifest as interconnecting light rays, enabling the mind of man to contact the universal mind of God. By amplifying in the aura the beauty of pastel pink—vibrating fire of the cup of universal love—man is able to spill over into the world the very thoughts of divine love.

As so many know, the color of violet, vibrating at the top of the spectrum, is transmutative and buoyant. Born to the purple, the man who so infuses his aura is cloaked in the invincibility of the King of Kings. This royal color is the cosmic fire of the Holy Spirit which, when blended with the azure blue of the will of God, manifests as divine love in action in that holy will.

The green light, eternally new with abundance, charges the aura of man with the power of universal healing and supply. To seal all in the will of God is to drink from the goblet of that holy will. In the electric blue of the ascended masters, it denotes both purity and power.

Now, not all of mankind see the aura, and for some it is perhaps a misstatement to say that they do. What happens in most cases is a sensing, by the inner being of the reader, of the auric emanations of others and the interpolation thereof by the mind through the organ of vision.

The impressions of the impinging aura carried over the nerve pathway as a result of the extension of the reader’s consciousness into the domain of the magnetic emanation seem themselves to be seen, when in reality they are only felt. Vibrations of anger often register as crimson flashes, just as black is seen in the aura as the opaquing by negative thoughts and feelings of the otherwise natural release of the light of the Presence through the being of man.

Remember, beloved ones, that the tone of the divine aura is an extension of God, just as the mode of thinking and feeling is the extension of the human consciousness. The interference with the aura in its natural, pure state by the mortal consciousness and its misqualification of light create the negative colorations that are both seen and felt by the more sensitive among mankind.

The muddying of the pure colors of the aura occurs whenever there is a mingling of the emanations of imperfect thoughts and feelings with the pure colors released through the prism of the Christ. This marked change in color and vibration is obvious to the trained eye.

In this connection, may I say that one can learn to discern the thoughts and feelings of mortal men and to perceive what is acting in their world. The difference between momentary passions, consciously willed, and sustained deep-seated emotional trends must be considered.

How easy it is to see through the process of auric discernment that which is not immaculate in someone’s feelings, thoughts, or acts without understanding that only a temporary surface disturbance may have taken place. Much later, if that one is not careful to override such disturbances by retraining the mind and feelings and consciously governing the energy flow, an in-depth penetration may occur whereby auric contamination will reach subconscious levels and thus prolong the time span of man’s indulgence in negative states.

Great care should be exercised by all who desire to amplify the immaculate God-concept of others to see that they do not, by their incomplete perceptions, actually intensify those negative conditions which those whom they would assist may not be harboring at all, but are only entertaining momentarily.

Then, too, there is the matter of the projection of mass forcefields of negatively qualified energy which can become a patine, or layer of substance, overlaid upon the natural vibration of individuals. Although totally foreign to their forcefield, this overlay of darkness, if seen at an inopportune moment, may be diagnosed by the careless or untrained observer as an outcropping of the bedrock of his identity.

Always remember, dear hearts, that those who fall in the swamp may come up covered with mud; for the quicksands of life, by their very nature, always seek to drag man down. But man can and does escape these conditions, overcoming through the same glorious victory that brings forth the lotus in the swamplands of life.

I want you to understand, then, that by a simple act of invoking the light of the Christ consciousness, man can overcome the ugly chartreuse green of jealousy and resentment, the muddied yellow of selfish intellectualism, the crimson reds of passion, and even the almost violet black of attempts of self-righteous justification.

To see others clearly, beloved hearts, remember that man must first perceive in himself the beautiful crystal of cosmic purity. Then, casting the beam out of his own eye, he can see clearly to take the mote out of his brother’s eye. <5>  By the purification of your perceptions, you will be able to enjoy the entire process of beholding the Christ in self and others, as one by one the little disturbances of the aura are cleared up through the natural manifestation of the childlike beauty of cosmic innocence.

What is innocence but the inner sense?  And the poem of victory that God writes through man is already there in matrix and in creative form, waiting to be delivered upon the pages of life. Human density may have interfered with the manifestation of the Christ in man, but the light and love of the law will produce for him the greatest purification, making possible the penetration of the aura by the beautiful colors of the Christ consciousness.

I should like our students throughout the world to join with me in a determined effort to let the crystal-clear grace of the throne that is within you as the threefold flame (three-in-one, hence throne) ray out into your world such ecstatic, electrical cosmic energy that you will literally vaporize the darkened elements of your own aura and hence develop that magnificent seeing that will bring the joy of the angels and the light of God to all whom you meet.

Perhaps we shall become more technical, but I think in no way can we become more practical than we have in that which I have already spoken.

Will you follow the Christ of your being in this regeneration?


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[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]