Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 14 No. 21 - Kuthumi - May 23, 1971


The Human Aura
The Perfecting of the Aura


As we commence these auric studies, let it be understood that the combined manifestation of body, soul, and mind creates around the spinal column and the medulla oblongata those emanations called by some the human aura and by others the magnetic forcefield of the body of man.

Let it be understood by all who read that each individual in whom is the flame of life reveals himself as though he were to shout it from the housetops—all that he really is, all that he has done, and even the portent of that which he shall be—right in the forcefield of his being and in the magnetic emanations surrounding his physical form.     

The reading in depth of the human aura is no ordinary science. Those who would undertake to do so should understand that by a simple change in thought the fountain of the human aura, which pours forth from its own orifice, can change its color, its emanation, its magnetic affinity—its complete identity. Yet at the same time it may retain beneath the surface the capacities to poison the atmosphere of the individual or the auric emanation within, by virtue of his failure to cleanse himself in heart.

“Blessed are the pure in heart:  for they shall see God” <1> is more than a beatitude issuing from the mouth of the living Christ. It is a fiat of strength shining, promised to all who behold it.

We have pondered the great need of humanity for purification, and we advocate above all the purification of motive.  But when individuals do not see clearly just what their own motives are, it becomes exceedingly difficult, by reason of their own internal blindness, for them to purify themselves. Therefore, the purification of the faculty of vision has been given top priority by the masters, because it has been our experience that when men learn to see as God sees, they perceive the need to correct their problems and in most cases do so without further delay.

In the matter of our Brotherhood, those unascended devotees who wear the golden robe of cosmic illumination, who in truth are illumined concerning the many subjects ordinarily hidden from the average seeker on the path, are expected to perform more advantageously in directing their lives according to the instructions issuing from their lips. A good example is the best teacher.

Now, what is the object of humanity’s desire to read the human aura?  Is it simply to satisfy some quality of human curiosity, or do they find satisfaction in perceiving the wrongs of others without correcting their own?

All who undertake this study of auric emanations and of the human forcefield as it pours forth into space should recognize the creative nature already existing in mankind.  By the misuse of the creative nature, men have fabricated in countless lives undesirable and unwholesome conditions which plague their young, disturb their elders, and in no way contribute to the growth of the quality of human life as originally envisioned by Almighty God.

The hope of the world as the light of the world is to be considered. The world today emanates an aura not at all resembling the Christic aura of the universal Christ consciousness; and the bulk of the people remain in ignorance of the simplest cosmic truths because the powers of darkness that are in the world have accomplished the distortions of the Scriptures which they desired long, long ago.

Man’s interpretation of his relationship to the Divine involves itself in pagan, anthropomorphic concepts. God is seen as being appeased by sacrifice. Even so, men fail to understand the true meaning of sacrifice.

In the case of the Master Jesus, because of the perfection in his nature, which he clearly perceived, he did not require any propitiation for sin. Yet he is portrayed as one who is able to save to the uttermost those who believe in him.

Those who understand the meaning of God, Christ, and life from a real standpoint see that there is no difference between the divine nature in Jesus and the divine nature in themselves. They understand that there is no partiality in heaven. All can equate with the image of the beloved Son.

The ninety and nine must be forsaken, <2> for they already possess the strength within themselves to perceive this truth. And the one who is lost, caught in the brambles of confusion, blinded to his own reality and the inward radiance of the divine image, must now forsake the false doctrine of the blind leaders of his blindness. He must heed the voice of God and return to it.

Through our auric studies that we are releasing herewith, we anticipate that many shall find their way back to the Father’s house. There they will perceive that they must present themselves a living sacrifice unto God. It was never the Father’s intent to collect penance from humanity nor to exact a form of sacrifice as appeasement of his wrath. For the only wrath of God that is valid in the cosmic courts of heaven is that karmic recompense, that weight of sin which imputes to humanity the darkness they have created, acceded to, or acknowledged.

In reality man lives in a universe of light and purpose. To veil that purpose from man was never the intention of God. For he has clearly said, “That which has been hidden shall be revealed.” <3>  In this sense, then—the higher sense of releasing the divine knowing within man, who in reality is both the knower and the known—do we finally establish the reality of God within the consciousness of the individual, thus producing right there in man the perfection that he craves.

It is amazing how by ignorance men are thwarted in their attempts to understand life. Simply because they do not know, they do not find out. Therefore, as our beloved Master once said, “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given and he shall have more abundance:  but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.” <4>

He spoke of understanding. This most precious treasure we shall attempt to bequeath to you in our releases on the studies of the human aura. All who read should bear in mind that we cannot increase the knowledge of those who do not first invoke it from the throne of grace.

It is of utmost importance that the student understand that there is a process whereby every observation of his five senses is transmitted automatically to subconscious levels within himself, where, by inner hieroglyph, events he has witnessed or matters which he has studied are recorded. Thus the entire transmittal of data from the external world to the internal lies in the akashic records of his own being.

The process of recall, while quite involved from a technical standpoint, is almost instantaneous. Out of the storehouse of memory, man quite easily calls forth these treasures of being. Unfortunately, not all events are benign; not all recordings are examples of perfection.

The sorting and classification of these records is the responsibility of the body elemental and the recording angel of the individual lifestream. You will find mention of the recording angels in the words of Jesus when he spoke of the little ones, “For I say unto you that their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.” <5>

Each individual has such an angel representing the purity of the infinite God, assigned to his lifestream by divine decree from the very foundation of the world. This angel has the ability not only to read the life record of everyone upon the planet but also to commune directly with the heart of God, “to behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”  Thus the intent of God to reveal himself unto the angel of his Presence, attached to each of his children, operates through the Holy Christ Self in perfect harmony with the divine plan.

How unfortunate are those who, while always perceiving the height and depth of man, are never able to become impersonal enough in their approach to endow “the least of these my brethren” <6>with the quality of the living Christ. Men find it not at all difficult to believe that the fullness of the Godhead bodily dwelleth in Jesus, <7>but they do find it difficult to believe that it also dwelleth in themselves.

Yet this God has done. He has in the bestowal of the Christ flame placed the fullness of himself in every son and daughter. When the divine nature is properly understood then, how easily humanity can bring forth the antahkarana and thus begin the process of correctly weaving their life manifestation.

Now, as man studies the science of perfecting the aura, he should also understand that through the misqualification of thought and feeling, many undesirable traits are brought into manifestation. Most dangerous of all is misqualification in the emotional body of man, in the feeling world, for thereby the heart is touched and in turn often sways the whole life record of the individual into a miasma of doubt and questioning.

I do not say that the sincere student does not have the right to question or even to doubt. But I do say that once the truth is clearly presented to him, if the door of his heart be open, he will never doubt and never question the truth of the living God. He may not leap over the hurdle, but he will clearly perceive that it can truly be, that he will be able, yea, that he is able to realize more of God than that which his present awareness allows. Let us free humanity by right knowledge from all that has bound them and blinded them to their own great inner power, to the treasure-house God has locked within their consciousness.

Now I want to make very certain that all understand that misqualification in the feeling world—such as anger, self-righteousness, fear, hatred, jealousy, condemnation, and resentment—gives a certain leverage to the power of amplification. This is similar to the transponder system on your large aircraft. When the transponder button is pushed by the pilot, it triggers a signal from the transponder which causes an enlarged blip to appear upon the electronic board of the airport traffic controller, thereby enabling the plane to be easily identified.

Thus do the emotions of mankind often falsely amplify misqualified thoughts and feelings to the point where a dominant position is assumed by these misqualified feelings. Although this takes place without the consent of the real being of man, nevertheless, darkness does, then, cover the earth. Yet Christ has said, “I AM the light of the world.” <8>

I have given you many thoughts in this my first release on the studies of the human aura. The Brothers of the Golden Robe will joyously respond to the depth of his wisdom which we shall release in the completed series. From the archives of the Brotherhood our love pours forth.


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[Taken from the book version The Human Aura]