Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 13 No. 15 - Saint Germain - April 12, 1970


Nature Yields to the Childlike Mind


The most important key we can release to the alchemist at this stage of his development is found in these words of Jesus:  “Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.” <1>  All of the pristine beauties of nature—the ethereal highlights whose gentle glow can be sensed by the budding spiritual faculties of the children of God—hold as their essential content the sweet creative longing of a child.

I do not wish to disabuse the minds of the children of men who have held such high and mighty opinions of the Masters of cosmos of any false glamour with which they have clothed our office under the Godhead, almost as a gilding of the cosmic lily. However, I do feel the need to point out, not only from my own experience but also from the experiences of those who are above me in the hierarchy, that the higher we have gone in our contact with the Deity, the more childlike, the more simple, the more beautiful has been his representation.

Therefore we conclude that the innocence of Nature herself is perhaps the greatest key to her potential for wondrous alchemical creations. We amplify, then, the need of the children of God to empty their minds of the dregs of turbulent emotions that have engaged their energies through the centuries and kept them bound to a senseless round of confusion and struggle.

The great barrier to spiritual progress has been that men confuse holy innocence and becoming like a little child with playing the fool. The highest Masters are childlike, sweet, and innocent. Nevertheless, when functioning in the world domain, they sharpen their “worldly senses” in order to execute judgment in human affairs.

The reason I introduce the subject of becoming “as a little child” into our study of intermediate alchemy is that every factor of thought and feeling impresses itself upon the sensitive matrices of alchemical manifestation. No thought or feeling, then, can be termed unimportant or irrelevant. Without hesitation, I declare that the most important of all alchemical factors in drawing forth the highest aspects of creation is the childlike mind—pure and guileless.

The child mind is the greatest mind because its innocence is its best and sure defense, because it is not surrounded by crowding concepts, and because it is free to develop symmetry, color, sound, light, and new ideas. In short, it is free to create; and its supreme goal is to spread happiness in all of its forms and manifestations, all the while maintaining the purity and harmlessness of the child.

Let me say, however, that the idea of harmlessness is applicable only to the world of human beings, for how can there be a need for harmlessness unless there first exist harm?  When you destroy harm, you no longer have need to create harmlessness. In the absence of harm or harmlessness, the innocence of childhood prevails, enabling the souls of men to commune gently with nature and nature’s God.

The vast drama that keeps the way of the Tree of Life, that guards the alchemical secrets, has also been born of necessity. Man’s disobedience to cosmic law, his hesitancy in matters of the Spirit, his gathering momentums of destructivity upon earth—these have necessitated the curbing of his activities in heaven.

In a very real sense, then, man has been confined to the earth to work out his destiny. Eden, the Garden of God, and the secrets of life contained therein have been denied him because he would not heed the divine injunction “In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die!” <2>

Now and always man must understand that when he partakes of the consciousness of evil, he becomes subject unto the laws of mortality. Yet God has always been ready to receive him again as a little child.

The compassion of the Christ toward those who had lost their innocence was apparent in his lamentation “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!” <3>  We come, therefore, before the court of innocence, and we plead for a communication to humanity of the flames of purity, truth, and cosmic innocence.

Among the greatest misconceptions that have ever been formed in the minds of men is that which concerns the nature of spiritual realms. Men either think that heaven is remote, unfulfilling, and lacking in the joys of this world, or they imagine that it is the ultimate goal—the reward of the faithful and their relief from the oppressions of a world of sin, a place where they will have nothing further to do and all progress will cease.

In both cases the fallacy is in thinking that the future will bring man something that is not available to him today. Life is abundant—here, now, and forever. Wherever you are, it needs only to be tapped.

May I say, then, that I have walked and talked with the elder gods of the race. I have met with the greatest interplanetary Masters, cosmic and angelic beings. I have attended ceremonies in the grand halls of the retreats and strolled the cosmic highways. In short, I have had the most wondrous experiences since my ascension, and with me still is the memory of all of my earthly experiences prior to my ascension.

But none of these are worthy—even the highest of them—to be compared with the experiences I have had in the mind of the Divine Manchild. Thus should the alchemist realize that neither heaven nor earth can give him that which he has not already found within himself.

Truly, “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” <4>  What a pity that more cannot shed this false sense of a far-off and future good!  The secrets of life are to be found here below as above. The changing of base metals into gold would produce only earthly beauty and earthly wealth. But the changing of the base nature of man into the refined gold of the Spirit enables him not only to master the world of the Spirit, but also to take dominion over the material world.

If all power in heaven and earth is given unto me, <5>then I can give it to whomsoever I will. Yet would I will to give it to those who would abuse and misuse it to the hurt and harm of their brothers?

Why was the flaming sword placed at the east of Eden? <6>  Why was the continuity of existence interrupted by death?  Why did illness, warfare, and brutality flash forth and take hold in human consciousness?  Why was anger sustained?  Was it not because people have been afraid of loss—loss of self-respect, loss of individuality, loss of relativity?  Actually, what have they to lose?  Nothing but their fears, nothing but their negatives. For that which is tethered to reality can never be lost.

Let men learn to empty themselves completely of their attachments to the earth; so shall they begin to enter into the childlike mind and spirit of creative innocence. The greatest angels who keep the way of the Tree of Life cannot deny those who have reunited with the wholly innocent mind of God access to Eden. How can they, then, deny it to the Divine Alchemist in man, who in honor reaches forth to take the fruit of the Tree of Life that he may indeed live forever?

The meaning of the allegory is quite simple. So long as man lives according to the “earth, earthy,” according to the concepts of “flesh and blood,” he cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, <7>he cannot sustain the heavenly consciousness. But when in childlike innocence he enters into the divine domain, he finds that all of the universe is his—for now he belongs to all of the universe.

This sweet surrender to the mighty currents of cosmic law and purity shows him the need to transfer from the higher octaves of light into the lower ramifications of self the power and the glory, the victory and the overcoming, the transmittal and the transmutation.

He must shed the glitter and the glamour; he must replace it by light and purity and do all things well. He must seek for the spirit of excellence; he must forget limitations and all things that are behind. He must have faith in that which he cannot yet see and know that Nature herself holds a cornucopia of loveliness and light waiting to be showered upon him when the magic word is spoken.

How beautiful then is the cloud—the cloud of witness. But how important are harmlessness and simplicity. How towering is faith!  How gentle!  Sweet yet mighty is the faith that moves mountains.

Because we are approaching a time of greater discovery, I have carefully prepared the mind and consciousness of the students for the most beautiful experiences in the world, but I have not kept them confined to the domain of temporal life. I am creating in you states of inner awareness that will assist you in evolving spiritually, whereby, even if the body were shed, the mind of the Holy Spirit would flow through you and teach you the way of the Christ, the way of the Helper, the way of innocence, and the way of happiness.

Humanity are bored, they are frustrated, they are ungentle. Through what you would call the “hoopla” of life, they have taken on the phoniness that the dark powers have created, spread abroad, and popularized as worldly sophistication—the antithesis of the childlike consciousness. “Ye are the salt of the earth:  but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?” <8>  We reiterate the Master’s statement because it reminds us that the essential flavor of living is in the cultivation of the inner sense of beauty and reality.

That which you receive from God is never denied to anyone; they only deny it to themselves in their ignorance. We all have a responsibility to encourage the light to expand in all people, but each one must open the door for himself. Each one must enter into the realization that the Divine Redeemer is the Divine Creator and that since man’s descent into the lower octaves of human consciousness, the Lord of Light has continued to emanate his radiance everywhere.


He is available yet hidden.
He is real, yet cloaked with unrealities
By the minds of men and their life experiences.
He is light sometimes covered over
With the darkness of men’s misqualifications.
He is the Great Supplier
Of every good and perfect thing.
He combines the green shoot and the crystal
He combines the ethereal in the sky that glows
With fiery sun from solar center.
His loving heart bids all to enter:
“Take upon you, precious child,
Garments of mastery, meek and mild.
Dominion need not bluster,
Yet dominion e’er shall muster
Each required grace
To help the world keep pace
With cosmic legions when facing senile
  moments. <9>
Youth and light appear when facing time’s
Shed, then, all your fears and glow,
Eternal fires of youthful cosmic innocence!” <10>


On the brink of discovery, we remain your faithful teachers of light and divine alchemy.

Saint Germain


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9. Saint Germain uses the term “senile” here to mean approaching the end of an age.

10.. Innocence: inner sense.


[Taken from the book version, Saint Germain On Alchemy]