Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 13 No. 13 - Saint Germain - March 29, 1970


What Alchemy Can Mean to a Decaying World


The moon rules the night side of life and is the lesser light, the reflective light of the solar energy of God. In its reflective state it exerts enormous control over the tides and over the water element.

Luna, the moon, the great whirling satellite that rules the night, governs in part, then, the emotional body of man and can easily become either his greatest enemy or his best friend. For when properly harnessed, the energies of the moon (being put under his feet <1>) can help him to achieve alchemical control over his emotions (over his energy-in-motion). Let us see how this is so.

The moon reflects the astral body of earth. When dealing with the moon, then, we deal with the reflected light of the sun. When the astral body is under the dominion of the Christ, its power becomes limitless. When its purified energies are magnified in turn by the moon, which is nothing more than a giant reflector, their power is multiplied in almost infinite proportion.

But until such time as the mass consciousness is ruled by the light of the sun instead of being ruled by the night, the moon will reflect the astral effluvia of the planet. Thus men will continue to be the victims of their own horrendous miscreations, and that to an even greater degree during the cycle of the full moon.

Now, the alchemist uses his purified consciousness as a reflector of solar energies much like the moon reflects the light of the sun. The waters of his mind reflect the light of the day and the night even as the waters of the sea reflect the golden pathway of both the sun and the moon. But the Christ consciousness, the prism of purity like the “sea of glass,” <2>filters out the impurities of the moon even as it refracts the light of the sun.

All energy being God’s energy, the humanly misqualified energies reflected by the moon (sent back to the earth from whence they came, according to karmic law) may be freed from the impositions of the carnal mind through the process of transmutation. They may then be used to create, in the tradition of the Great Alchemist, more perfect works of art until the patterns in the heavens transform the patterns in the earth and the moon becomes a golden orb of rarefied power.

Most of you know only too well that when your emotions become disturbed over outer conditions, feelings, or concepts, there is a moment when you are yet able to wrest control of your energies from your own emotional body. Subsequently, if these energies are permitted to continue to rage unabated, that moment of control is lost; and then it is easy for people to do, to think, or to say that which they will one day regret.

Conversely, most of you are aware of the great joy and peace that has come to your souls when you have been able to accomplish something for someone else. This happens because deep within yourself there is a loving desire to serve your fellowman.

This desire is what prompted the descent of the Christ, the sun of David, in his role as the Messias of old. The shepherd king, a man after God’s own heart, communed with God and prepared himself for greater service as he tended his sheep. Nowhere was the luster of his soul more apparent than in the beauty of his meditations upon the Spirit of the Lord recorded in the Book of Psalms.

One of the most skillful ways in which the tired businessman or executive, the frustrated mother or wife, the confused young man or woman can find integration and wholeness for themselves is to develop the discipline of being able to direct their emotions to do for them exactly what they want. Such discipline will completely change their outlook, for they will then face life with joyous expectancy, not with dissatisfaction.

For example, if it is love for another that you would express, then you must always guard against that love which is selfish, which would exact from the beloved the expectancies of your own mind and heart without ever understanding the givingness of love. In order to love as God loves, you must first give freedom to all parts of life, including yourself; and then you must place your trust, as does a nestling bird, in the heart of God, in the heart of goodness and mercy.

Having given all, you will then receive the most joyful, eternal gifts from God that you could ever imagine—and some even beyond that which you could imagine. These will come not only through the chalice of your own heart, but also through the hearts of your compeers. If, then, you would truly love, you must learn to discipline the base emotions of selfishness, envy, jealousy, resentment, stubbornness, and ingratitude.

We urge, therefore, at this juncture in our alchemical studies that the control of the emotions be considered, for the emotions will play a very important role in the creative cloud action which we are considering and out of which we are functioning.

The only way to be truly happy is to give oneself totally to the universe and to God, at the same time being aware of and expecting from God the return gift of one’s Real Self. One of the greatest dangers in the religious quest has been brought about as men have given themselves to God, thinking that that was all they had to do. Not understanding the responsibilities of free will, they then acted the part of the nebulous ninny. Having no will of their own, they would flip and flop back and forth, blown by every wind, obsessed with what we will call the law of uncertainty. “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” <3>

Men should understand that although their surrender to God be complete, following surrender they must wait for the fiat of bestowal that is pronounced by the God Presence as a restatement of the blessing given by God at the birth of his offspring:  “Thou art my beloved Son:  this day have I begotten thee.”  This takes place when one has relinquished the control of his four lower bodies to his Christ Self, thus enabling his True Self, the Christ, to obey the fiat “Take dominion over the earth!”—the earth being one’s own footstool kingdom, the four lower bodies.

Remember that even Jesus the Christ came to the moment of his anointing. The Holy Spirit descended and the voice of God renewed the ancient covenant “This is my beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased.” <4>  This is the timeless fiat of creation uttered from the foundation of the world, reconsecrating the soul who has pledged to renew in service his vow taken at inner levels to do the will of God.

Therefore, when man’s right to function as a son of God is restored, the moment of creativity is born because he has once again recognized the power of God’s love to forgive his sins (to set aside his karma until such time as he has gained enough self-mastery to stand, face, and conquer his human creation). Now the bond of life within itself weds him to the highest purposes of alchemy and that, mind you, without ever robbing him of his true identity.

What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world through the use of alchemy and lose his soul? <5>

We ask the students to understand that gaining control of the soul (of the energies composing one’s identity pattern) is one of the most essential functions of alchemy and that this control is gained through surrender and through humility. When the Christ entered the Holy City riding upon “a colt, the foal of an ass,” as we mentioned in our last lesson, his mien was one of utter humility; yet he was crowned by God and man with the highest honors.

And so it is essential that we develop in the students those same Christlike qualities that will make them pillars in the temple of God that cannot be moved by human emotions, no matter what their guise:  criticism, condemnation, judgment, self-pity, gossip, treachery, tyranny, or human deceit. The alchemist must be oblivious to all human conduct yet not unaware of worldly thought to the point where he plays the fop. To him the fulfillment of the fiat “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves!” <6>is the order of every day.

But we are concerned with the sinews of mission, and the mission is freedom for all. If we would have freedom be the joy of all, then we must give freedom to all, for then none can exclude freedom from us. It is therefore to the passions of freedom that our experiments in alchemy must be dedicated. We must rise to emotional control; for when God said, “Take dominion over the earth!” He meant individual dominion over one’s energies, consciousness, and one’s four lower bodies.

Collective dominion comes about when the contributing spirit of the group, the nation, the planet—recognizing all that it has received from life—joyously offers itself and all that it has received to the Great Spirit of life. At that point, man the individual and man the collective unit ponder the enrichment of the Real Self and the true mystical identity of the group through the increase of individual talents. These gifts of God, when multiplied, are like stars in the firmament of being that glow in the grand design of universal destiny.

When man becomes one with God, he realizes that he truly is God. This is not blasphemy, but the fruit of total surrender. The return gift of Life’s own identity, as God gives himself to his son, is far greater than the token sacrifice of mortality left on the altar by the beloved son. Nevertheless, it is typical of the Deity to be the Great Giver and thus to precipitate the highest alchemical manifestation—the prism of the Christ consciousness. This must be and always is the reward for the relinquishment of human error and the full realization of the divine life in every man.

All nature then trembles within the cup of the Christ mind. The heart of the Christ is brimming with the creative essence which pours out the unifying experience that identifies him with life, him with the alchemist, and the alchemist with him. Who can hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain? <7>  Who can aid in all the holy mountain of God?  Why, every atom, every electron, is a rushing unto God!

“And a cloud received him out of their sight....Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven?  This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.” <8>

The Second Coming of Christ is antedated by the fulfillment of the prophecy “One shall be taken, and the other left.” <9>  For when one is taken and another is left, it denotes that the world lieth yet in wickedness and that only the few have accepted the kingdom. But when the Second Coming of Christ comes to the quickened world, it will be because the nature of the Divine has become understood as a priceless gift of freedom to every man.

When this miracle of Christ-love is produced in the world, it will be because the students of alchemy—whether known by that name or any other, whether in the churches or out of the churches, in fact whether in the body or out of the body <10>—are expressing universally the radiance of the Christ-design. Imbued with the fires of the Holy Spirit, their minds will then become a cosmic reactor, a central furnace of universal ideas for freedom and for the breaking of the chains of bondage that a recalcitrant humanity have forged.

Now we reveal in this eighth lesson what alchemy can mean to a decaying world, what it can mean to slaves in bondage to the senses, what it can mean to the self surrounded by confusion and chaos as it becomes an ordered, purposeful exhibit of universal grace expressing through the forcefield of the individual identity of man.

Do you see now why El Morya and Mother Mary and all of the Ascended Masters are offering their energies freely for the good of humanity?  Do you see why the creative cloud invoked by us, literally an individualized cloud of witness by day and a pillar of fire by night, <11>enables man to understand that the crucible of identity, while it may at first be nothing but an experimental test tube, can become a radiant altar of Reality?

Faithfully, I AM

Saint Germain


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[Taken from the book version, Saint Germain On Alchemy]