Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 13 No. 8 - Saint Germain - February 22, 1970


Spiritual Alliance


Little does the beginning alchemist realize the need for a spiritual alliance. If men are critical of the appearance of oppositional aspects in religious endeavor such as struggles among the brethren, their ungodly attitudes, their criticism, condemnation, and judgment of one another, let them realize that that which is below is not the product of that which is Above, but remains a part of human creation which is no real part of God.

It is to genuine spiritual brotherhood, then, that we would direct your attention, for the alchemist who seeks but his own unfoldment can never manifest aught but a relatively weak potential. Those who ally themselves with the Brotherhood of Light are utilizing the functional power of the Great Alchemist not as a mighty ocean pouring through a narrow inlet, but as the great ocean roaring to the perfection of itself. Thus in all true striving, the hand, aware of the head, blesses the feet that march in progress toward an appointed goal.

Freedom, then, is a name and a game, but the stakes are very high. The Great Alchemist demands absolute obedience from every adherent and from all who would practice the game of victorious becoming.

Man is a limited creature. He is limited by the mesalliances he has formed, often in the bane of ignorance. Therefore, we must commence by literally turning the being of man upside down and inside out. We must ferret out the little tricks that have been employed by the finite self in maintaining its own sovereignty over the lives of others, for it is the sense of struggle that has actually created a struggle in the lives of countless millions.

But when they shed that sense, when they perceive that the universe is a harmonious working-together of light serving light, they will hasten to be about the Father’s business of transmuting the shroud that covers the earth, the shroud that is composed of the elements of mankind’s own insanity and destructive emotional patterns.

The sacred fire has been distorted through the misuse of sex, and sacred music has been aborted through the introduction of astral and voodoo rhythms. The new moralities of the people must be seen for what they are—simply the old and sordid outworkings of Sodom and Gomorrah come again. Children are taught to pay homage to personalities, and thus they follow after rock ‘n’ roll idols who themselves are the victims of the demons of darkness. The brutal noises of these pied pipers jar the fine sensibilities of the soul and destroy the inner electronic machinery that would enable the youth to attune with the Spirit of God and to decipher the tongues of angels.

The game now is to draw the youth into a spirit of rebellion before they have the opportunity of developing a correct understanding of life and of their destiny <1>as heirs of God. But I cannot honestly say that their elders have excelled in virtue, nor do I find that the power of example has been spread abroad in the world as it should.

The ancient proverb “Train up a child in the way he should go:  and when he is old, he will not depart from it” <2>has failed of expression in many generations. Nevertheless, we must not destroy the foundation of hope in the world; for although there have been failures, there have also been numerous successes, many of them unchronicled in the annals of the race.

And so whereas we do indeed, and rightly so, condemn mankind’s increasing lack of morality, their licentious spirit and struggle for ego-expression, and whereas we do condemn the violent and indiscriminate overthrow of institutions and standards long upheld by the Brotherhood as guidelines for the working out of karmic imbalances, we also accede that an enormous amount of God’s energy has been misqualified in this and past ages. Therefore, the trends toward misqualification must be challenged at the same time that they are being reckoned with as karmic factors by those who are determined to override man’s density and to bring into manifestation the long-awaited kingdom.

Have men failed in the past?  Then the record of that failure is a magnet to draw them down, and strong counteracting forces must be kindled. The power of heaven must be reharnessed and men must turn from darkness toward the light.

There is, then, a purpose for spiritual alchemy. But before I go into it enough to enable you to draw forth greater measures of cosmic energy and to learn how to qualify this energy correctly, I must show the relevance of this study to the present age.

The destructive energies which poured through the Beatles and entered the subconscious minds of the youth, popular though they were in the world of form, are gradually working their way to the surface, revealing their true colors and Satanic origins. These unholy emanations have drawn many young souls into the mistaken belief that the taking of drugs, the practice of witchcraft, and illicit sex can give them freedom from all imposed limitations. Instead, these indulgences have held them in bondage to the legions of darkness.

Would it not be, then, of greater value and virtue if the resurgent power of regeneration were allowed to come forth through many hearts as a great cosmic flow?  The forward movement of this flow is able to engender in men a spirit of willing acceptance of cosmic beauty, which in turn brings about the flowering of hope in the youth—hope for a greater measure of inward satisfaction, hope for a greater measure of attunement with the realities of the universe. For the tides of reality continually pour through the cosmos whether man is aware of them or not.

The certitudes of life are often unknown by the young in heart who, while they are borne upon the tide of human events, are seldom able to compass those events with a relevancy that would give greater meaning to their lives.

I am therefore advising all to eschew the evil and darkness that enter the forcefield of the four lower bodies when the attention is placed on the jangle of modern jazz. I advise all who would truly be alchemists of the Spirit to seek out the classical music of the world’s greatest composers—of Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Haydn, Handel, Wagner, Liszt, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Mahler, and many others who have been commissioned by the Brotherhood to bring forth the music of the spheres.

I advise all to learn to seek in meditation those peaks of cosmic elevation that will enable them to understand and interpret the language of the angels. I advise all to take the time to learn what is real and to develop passions of genuine love toward humanity. But let not these passions take the form of mere devotion to communal efforts or to the raising of one segment of life into a more advanced state of economic development; rather let them take the form of raising men to new levels of spiritual appreciation of their own divine potential as sons of God.

Only by this form of devotion shall their hearts, touched by the hands of the Infinite Creator, be imbued with such reality and love that they will move with precision to execute the divine will. Thus shall men behold the outworkings of a Providence that has for so long yearned to find greater expression in mortal affairs, that those affairs might become truly guided by the power of Life from on high.

Then shall liberty live in human lives. Then shall freedom in honor raise men to a state where they can invoke, by the creative power of the Spirit, a golden age that will transcend the age of Pericles and every other golden age that the earth has ever known. This shall come about through the establishment of a fountain of living flame-power, -wisdom, and -love. <3>

That fountain shall inundate the souls of men and drench their garments with so much of the essence of freedom that they will perceive spiritual alchemy as the means to every cosmic end. And the glory of the threefold flame, now saturating their consciousness with a fiery brilliance, will evoke an equal response in the very heart of God.

The bond thus established between earth and heaven shall raise this star to a position of greater brilliance than the Star of the East that heralded the approach of the Master Jesus two thousand years ago, for this light will signify the victory of the Christ consciousness not only in one Son of God, but also in all mankind.

I am the exponent of freedom for this age, and in revealing these facts about the science of alchemy, I cannot restrain myself from voicing these sentiments as apropos of the struggles of the times. Are men filled with idealism?  Let them turn that idealism toward the Light where divine ideas flow out from a central fountain of living flame. There let all kindle and rekindle the torches of being, and let the fires of their minds be saturated with new hope for a new age born of the Spirit.

Life was never meant to be a cesspool of defeat, but a pillar of victory whose crowning laurel speaks of a living abundance. Blooming within the soul, that abundance extends itself out of the lonely room of self into the larger domain of the universe.

The Ascended Masters’ consciousness is a vital power which will assist the devotee in performing a more than ordinary activity of genuine service and renewal. For we are about the Father’s business of renewing the consciousness of men—not by applying old patches over old patches, but by renovating the entire garment of consciousness.

As we prepare, then, to make the would-be spiritual alchemist more effective in performing the Father’s will and in enhancing the value of freedom, let us say unto every man:

The Lord is your shepherd. You shall not want <4>—if you will only understand that he longs to guide you correctly, if you will only understand that whereas evil has no real existence, its shadowed veil has been the means through the centuries of binding man to the earth. And you shall see that by cutting the bonds of evil and by acknowledging the power of Good, you will no longer strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, <5>but you will enter straightway into the City of God, into the consciousness that transcends the world and its options by recognizing the spiritual options that lie as a gift in your hand.

Man is the Divine Alchemist in physical form. In his right hand the gift of life lies beating. It is the pulsation of cosmic effort. Without acknowledging the gift, man fades away as a vapor upon the glass. By acknowledging it, the cosmic breath strengthens the manifestation of self until death is swallowed up in victory <6>and Life stands forth transcendent and splendid to every eye.

Onward we move progressively toward freedom in action.


Saint Germain


1. Destiny: Deity established in you.

2. Prov. 22:6.

3. The establishment of a fountain of cosmic light over the city of Los Angeles was announced by the Great Silent Watcher at the Class of the Angels on September 21, 1963, “for a period of one hundred years or as long as the Great Law will permit.”  This tripartite etheric fountain extends thirty miles in diameter. The outer ring is composed of a blue fountain of cosmic faith rising one mile high above the city; the next ring, one mile within the blue, is a golden fountain of cosmic illumination twenty-eight miles wide and one mile and a half high; and in the center there is a pink fountain of cosmic love twenty-six miles across and two miles high. After the announcement, Mighty Victory said, “We are laying the foundation stone here tonight for mankind’s cosmic victory.”  Such a fountain of cosmic light may be established by the hierarchy with the assistance of the angel devas and builders of form wherever students faithfully invoke and visualize the fountain described.

4. Ps. 23:1.

5. Matt. 23:24.

6. I Cor. 15:54.


[Taken from the book version, Saint Germain On Alchemy]