Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 13 No. 6 - Saint Germain - February 8, 1970




When the Great Alchemist’s Spirit breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life, the fire of creative Spirit filled the clay tabernacle. An embryonic god was born.

The practical aspects of alchemy are to be found in manifestation only in the one who has developed the power to execute the design of freedom. Whatsoever bindeth is not the friend of the alchemist; yet it is the goal of the alchemist to bind the soul to its immortal tryst in order that the pact of life might be sanctified even as the precious gift of individual identity is accepted.

Now, the identity of the alchemist is to be found in the mandate “Create!” And in order that he might obey, the fiery energies of creation are dispensed to him each moment. Like crystal beads descending upon a crystal thread, the energies of the creative essence of life descend into the chalice of consciousness. Neither halting nor delaying in their appointed course, they continue to fall into the repository of man’s being. Here they create a buildup for good or for ill as each iota of universal energy passes through the recording nexus and is imprinted with the fiat of creation.

The fiat reflects the intent of the will of the individual monad. When the fiat is withheld, there is an idling of the great cosmic furnace as the talent of the descending chaliced moment is rejected by the consciousness and becomes an opportunity lost. Where there is no qualification, no fiat of intent, the energy retains only the God-identification of the talent without the stamp of individualization; and thus it falls into the coffers of the lifestream’s record without having received so much as an erg of qualification.

The creative process, then, is of little significance to the individual who does not recognize the mandate to create, for by his nonrecognition he forfeits his God-given prerogative. As a result of man’s neglect of his responsibility, the fiat of God was given that is recorded in the Book of Revelation:  “Thou art neither cold nor hot:  I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” <1>

The fiat to create must be heeded, but let us pray God that men heed well the sovereign responsibility that Life has given them to create after the pattern of the divine seed. Well might they emulate the elder gods of the race and the royal priesthood of the order of Melchizedek in their creative endeavors, that they might convey upon the energy chain of life that peculiar and fascinating aspect of cosmic genius that is the nature of the eternal God.

So long as individuals allow themselves to be kept in a state of constant fear, so long as they deny themselves the great benefits of universal hope, so long as they fail to take into account the meaning of the promise “His mercy endureth for ever,” <2>so long shall they continue in ignorance to deny themselves the bliss that exudes from the rightful exercise of spiritual privilege.

To belittle the soul of man, to cast it down into a sense of sin, frustration, and self-condemnation is the work of the princes of darkness. But it is ever the forte of the sons of heaven, of the Ascended Masters, and of the cosmic beings to elevate that supreme nobility which is both the fabric and the content of the soul into such prominence in the life of man that he might hear the dominant word of the eternal God in ringing tones, “Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.” <3>

Man must enter into a pact of universal trust based on his own inner commitment to the grace of God that will not prohibit him from exercising the power of the living Word to emulate the Masters, to emulate the Only Begotten of the Father, to emulate the Spirit of comfort and truth. And when he does, he will find opening to his consciousness a new method of cleansing his soul by the power of the Lord’s Spirit. Then he will come to understand the meaning of the statement made concerning Abraham of old that Abraham’s faith “was imputed unto him for righteousness:  and he was called the Friend of God.” <4>

And so it is “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts,” <5>that man accomplishes the alchemical feat of transmuting the base metals of human consciousness into the gold of Christed illumination. Human might and human power can never change man’s darkness into light, nor can they deliver humanity from the sense of struggle that bans from their lives the acknowledgment of the God-given potential that lies within the domain of the self.

The victorious accomplishments of the Master Jesus, together with the “greater works” which he promised that the disciples of Christ would do “because I go unto my Father,” <6>remain in this age, as in ages past, a fiat of universal freedom. Thus the works of the alchemists of the Spirit beckon the souls of men to forsake their attitudes of self-condemnation, self-pity, self-denegation, self-indulgence, and overreaction to the errors of the past. For when men learn to forgive and forget their own mistakes, their hearts will rejoice in the acceptance of the word from on high “What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.” <7>

Recognizing, then, that the potential of every man rests in his immersion in the great soundless-sound stream of living light-energy from the heart of the Universal Christ, we say:  Let the power of the Holy Spirit, worlds without end, exert its mighty cosmic pressures upon the soul of the would-be alchemist until he emerges from the fiery furnace pliable, whited, and pure in the willingness to obey the fiat of the Lord to create first a clean heart and then to renew in self a right spirit.

God is a Spirit; and as the Supreme Alchemist who has the power to work change in the universe, he is able to convey his passion for freedom to the soul of any man who will accept it. His is the passion which produces in man the miracle of unfoldment through a sense of the real. His is the passion that will drive from the temple those money changers and bargainers who would literally sell the souls of men in the marketplaces of the world.

We are concerned with creating in the student of alchemy a conscious awareness of the power of the Spirit to convey the transmutative effect of the Universal Alchemist into the lives and beings of embodied humanity. It is through this awareness that they shall be exalted in a manner which they have never before experienced, for at last they shall have recognized that within themselves the cosmic key-seed of universal potential lies literally entombed.

To resurrect, then, the Spirit of the Cosmic Alchemist means that we must seek before we shall find, that we must knock before the door shall be opened. We must, in the ritual of true faith, be content to commit ourselves to him who is able to keep and to save to the uttermost those who believe in his manifold purposes. These are centralized in the one purpose of unfolding the consciousness of the stone which the builders have rejected, of the Christ that is the head of every man. <8>

In the concept of the abundant life is to be found the radioactive principle of the expanding God consciousness into which any man may drink without depriving his brother of one iota of his inheritance. There is no need, then, for jealousy or a sense of struggle to function in the lives of the true alchemists; and wise are they who will submit themselves to the pressures of the divine law, who will seek to purge themselves of all unclean habits stemming from mortal density and of doubt and fear, which are the root cause of man’s nonfulfillment of his destiny.

Those who dare to submit to the will of God will come to the place where their souls can at last welcome, face to face, the overcoming Spirit that makes possible the transfer of the consciousness of the Great Alchemist to the consciousness of the lesser alchemist. Through this transfer, hope is amplified in the microcosm of self and the miracle of emerging chrysalis is beheld. Then the soul, feeding upon the living Word which throbs within, finally understands its raison d’etre in the fiat of the light “Create!”

It is incumbent upon each life, then, to create according to the patterns made in the heavens. <9>He who can produce the miracle of these patterns in his life is also able to have all things added unto him; for by his seeking first the kingdom of heaven, the earth herself yields to his dominion. <10>

In this series on intermediate alchemy, I am, in the name of Almighty God, creating in the consciousness of the disciples who apply themselves to this study a spirit of inner communion. Through this spirit—a focus of my own flame—the Most High God and the hierarchy of Light shall focus, by the power of universal Love, a climate within the consciousness of the student that shall enable him to obtain his rightful place in the divine scheme. Then the kingdom will flower and men will perceive that they need not engage in struggle or seek by violent means to obtain that which God is ever ready to give unto them.

The lingering fear in the worlds of men is of the dark, whereas faith, hope, and charity are the great triune bearers of light who exalt Reality and lead men toward the light.

Ready for action,

I remain the Knight Commander,     

Saint Germain


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[Taken from the book version, Saint Germain On Alchemy]