Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 11  No. 17  -  Kuthumi  -  April 28, 1968


Meditation upon the Rainbow of Light’s Perfection

Blessed Disciples of Holy Wisdom,

The miracle of attunement is many-sided.  Our beloved Jesus has emphasized continual prayer.  I have been asked by the brothers of light of the Darjeeling Council to discourse on the subject of meditation.  Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight. <1>

Jesus and I desire jointly that the words and deeds that men do should be Godlike.  Prayer and meditation are like twins framing the pathway to holiness and delight.  Just as prayer or entreaty makes contact with God, drawing down into the world of the seeker the rays of divine intercession, so, meditation lifts up the Son of man that he may be bathed in the radiance of the Eternal.

Meditation is an aerating of the mind, a flushing-out of silt and misconception.  Meditation is for purification.  It is the thought of man about his Creator.  The dust of the world must be blown away, the threshing floor of the heart of man swept clean.  In prayer man makes intercession to God for assistance; in meditation he gives assistance to God by creating the nature of God within his own thoughts and feelings.

Many pray from the standpoint of the sinner asking forgiveness for sin.  But after forgiveness what?  After forgiveness for the sin must come the re-creation of the Divine Man.  As man was framed in the mortal image, so must he be formed now in the image of the Eternal.  It has not been enough that the image of God, from its lofty position, has been vouchsafed to every man.  The gift has not been received in manifestation.

Therefore, to meditate upon the gift is to draw the attunement of the soul toward the harmony of God realization.  If man has been a thief, now he becomes the giver.  If he has thought evil of others, now he becomes the mediator, the intercessor, the meditator upon their perfection as well as upon his own, reaffirming by his acts the mission of the Christ.  The universe is a many-stringed lute.  The infinite range of its harmonies can be enjoyed by all; but newness of sight and of hearing, newness of education, the schooling of the vision to transmit lofty thoughts and to transform them that they may come within the reach of the outstretched fingers of man—all of this man must make his own.  God has proposed; his laws have disposed.  Man has rejected; now he must perfect.

The admonishment of your beloved Hilarion, known unto many as Saint Paul, was “Think on these things.” <2>  To meditate, then, is to let the thoughts of God that flow into the heart rise into the head, that the Knower may also become the known.  Meditation is an exchange of man’s imperfect thoughts about himself and his Creator for the perfect thoughts held for him by the Creator.  Identifying now with the eternal God, who is his Creator, the highest in his nature becomes the joint creator of himself.  Thus, in a very real sense, as man draws the perfection of God into his world, he becomes the arbiter of his own destiny—a co-worker in the sublime—and he becomes as God is, self-created and creating.

The creative power of the universe that emanates from the highest Source is given to the earth beneath in order that man may learn through the alchemy of meditation to change, as your beloved Gautama has indicated, the dust of his world into the destiny of the Eternal.  The stars are your portion, as is the magnificent God flame within your heart.  The miniature sun of illumina­tion within is the golden pot at the end of the rainbow of light’s extension into your world.

Where light is, there God is, daubing the many colors of the pure white light into a kaleidoscope resembling Joseph’s coat of many colors. <3>  For of a truth, just as the seamless garment <4> of the Lord Christ Jesus was white indeed, so in his embodiment as Joseph he wore the coat of many colors.  The many became the one in the Christ, and out of that Christ light can be drawn forth the many colors of universal perfection.

In a like manner, those who would follow the Christ in the regeneration of the light within may meditate upon the relationship of the colors of the rainbow of light’s perfection:

Blue (the first ray) is the token of faith, of promise, of constancy, of power, of strength, of the earnestness of God.  It flows out of vast luminous reservoirs into sea and sky.  It is Tuesday’s blessing to the earth.

Yellow (the second ray) is the melding of the gold and the white as a golden radiance whose glimmer imparts illumination, the consecration of right knowledge, the service of right knowledge, the outshining of the Christ mind, and the establishment of the law of harmonious relations between all peoples and between God and all peoples.  It is the ray of the sun sent to the earth on Sunday.

The aurora of the dawn, pink (the third ray), is the symbol of divine love—a love that, as floral token, floods across the plains and graces the bowers of the imagination with a garment of trailing arbutus, the scent of a pink rose.  Love is joyous, buoyant, and beautiful.  Through the power of love, men learn how they may impart unto others the beauty and the compassion that they have received from God.  In the giving of this charity and beauty, there is no robbery, but only the fair exchange among all souls who are ennobled by the same love that God is.  Monday is imbued with this creative power.

The white of purity (the fourth ray) is a stellar radiance.  While composing all of the colors of the rainbow, it has its own gigantic sheath that, as a sea of liquid flame, holds before the children of men the longing to be a part of that which can never be contaminated by reason or by deceitful act.  Purity—the mind of God, the nature of God, the character of God, freedom from stain, freedom from blame, the triumphant merging of the many colors into the purity of the One, whiting man toward foreverness, celebrating man’s purifi­cation on the cross of white fire on Good Friday, the day of freedom when through purity man obtains his freedom from the bonds of limitation.

And what of the green (the fifth ray) imbuing all life with the perfect blend of the yellow and the blue, evidencing the faith and wisdom of God in nature and speaking of eternal newness?  The green, the wearing of the green, charges man with the healthful and health-giving chlorophyll of the sun—the fire of the sun and the fire of the power to create locked in a mighty omen of healing green, restoring man to the primal nature of God.  Endowed and endowing, the ray of green supplies man with every lack as it penetrates the earth on Wednesday.

The purple and the gold (the sixth ray) are the vestments that imbue man with the desire for cosmic service, emblems symbolical of the priesthood of true believers.  The purple speaks of the illumined fire of the soul.  This fire must assist every part of life to find reunion with its Source and with the golden law that God has dispensed to men.  It is the ministration of the Christ to his disciples, of the servant who is greatest.  This twofold action of God’s body (purple) and his essence (gold) bathes the earth on Thursday.

When it comes to synthesizing into action the rays of love and power, the pink and the blue, there is born the radiance of the violet flame (the seventh ray).  Also called the royal purple, it shows aborning within the consciousness the sense of the mantle.  God has caressed and blessed the individual.  Now he must wear the mantle of diplomacy, the robe of tact and of judgment.  He must mediate as best he can for lesser men, for those who have not yet advanced to his level of attainment.  Whether man, angel, or master, he must serve the cause of freedom, delivering men from the bondages they themselves have created.  No thanks must he expect, but only the holding in grateful heart of the feeling of gratitude for more service in order that tomorrow he may give in greater measure that which he has given in lesser measure today.  Saturday—the day to pause and consider the ritual of freedom. <5>

Transcendence, then, is the nature of the light; and as we draw our meditations into the light, we see that there is much to contemplate.  Let us aspire!  Let us lift up our heads, for our redemption draweth nigh.

From Wisdom’s fount may we drink.



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5. Those who desire to dedicate their lives to unbroken communion may wish to amplify the light of their worlds and their service to humanity by wearing the “color of the day” and by making special invocations on that ray. The daily order of the release of the rays from the heart of the sun should not be confused with the numbers of the rays (one through seven) or with the order of the rays depicted in the causal body of man.