Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 10  No. 39  -  Beloved Lanto  -  September 24, 1967


by Lord Lanto
“The Eyes of God Are upon You”


   To increase the perspective of mankind and to provide for an extension of his powers of vision is God’s will.  The vastness of the universe in the relative sense shows clearly to the discerning one that the minds of the men of the present age—and I refer herein to the mass consciousness—are not capable of grasping universal principles at this period of their evolution; for their every whim is gratified in preference to the expansion of the invisible but tangible nature of the soul within.

   We have searched through the stream of embodied individuals, hoping to find those receptive ones whom we can employ in the service of the Light.  In our council meetings, again and again, we ourselves (albeit we came from the evolutions of the Earth) are struck with the trivial decoys which the sinister forces and the entrenched social systems employ, often unwittingly, in order to produce profit for their coffers and attractions to enthrall the attention of men.

   Releases such as this one could be most efficacious in altering the trend of mankind’s decadent consciousness if we could secure the attention of enough individuals upon the planetary body.  But after all, those who are bound and enslaved, like poor yoked animals with blinders on their eyes, content with the fodder of passing satisfactions, are scarcely ready to receive the illumination of the brothers of light.  Those who have received it, who are fortunate enough to esteem the teaching, are the few; but it would seem that every arrow of earthly sensuality is flung against their endeavors.

   In one sense, it is as though the age were a microspeck upon the balance wheel of the great cosmic clock.  Moving to and fro in accordance with the yin and yang of cosmic epochs themselves, mankind’s attention to diversions seems to keep him wedded exclusively to the consciousness of his contemporaries and to a round of life and death that is subject to mortal frames of reference.

   In this glorious Temple of Illumination—now visited by so many tourists each year who are drawn by the magnetic tides of our holy temple, yet only the few being conscious of their significance—it is our wish that we might, through the outer kingdom of nature, the great mountain ranges, and vast cosmic dioramas of the universe, magnetize man’s attention to the invisible powers resident within nature and in the laboratory of the individual consciousness.

   Gazing upon the miracles of the trees, the four seasons, the reproductive systems of nature, the galactic and star systems, the myriad birds of the air, with their multicolored plumages, the subtle nature of the individual, the psyche of man, the powers of the mind within—extrasensory perception as men call it, intuition as women call it, a hunch as gamblers call it, and the natural extension and involvement of the individual with the universe as we would call it—it would seem so natural out of all of this visible miracle of creation for men to see, sense, and search for the glories of the invisible world, the world of primeval cause, of limitless beauty just behind the screen of nature.

   Men ask, “Which way is the age going, up or down?”  But the power of one man or woman to influence the age is seldom sensed.  And when it is, this power is too frequently used as the doorway for egoistic opportunity whereby one or more individuals can secure the attention that is often captioned, “The eyes of the world are upon you.”

   The difference between the teachings of our brotherhood and the concepts of mankind which revolve around the ego is quite simple—simple enough for a child to understand.  “The eyes of God are upon you” is the motto of our temple and the significant order of the day in our brotherhood.  We who understand the meaning of illumination are not so much concerned with rote—with the memorizing of earthly formulae, flights of fancy or poetry, a grasp of flora and fauna, or even an understanding of history itself.  Unless the motive behind the acquisition of knowledge be an exercise in the expansion of consciousness and memory in order that the finer and more subtle senses of the individual may become God-attuned for the purpose of cosmic revelation, the real purpose of academics is not fulfilled.

   Without cosmic revelation all men would be ultimately dead, for the goals of men (artificial and superimposed by society as they are in most cases) which they esteem so highly are played out in threescore and ten plus.  To create the fineness of mind and spirit which God has done, to create the glorious opportunities he has fashioned, would have but little meaning if life were but a merry-go-round whirl, its purpose lost among vast cosmic cycles, and the goal coming to a close as “terminus” is written on each individual chapter.

   The beauty of infinite life was captured in the Psalms of David and in his statement “Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, nor suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.” <1>  Thus all of the beauty of life without end was created for the joy and glory of the manifest son; and the eternal brotherhood serves only to release infinite directions to finite man as a means to effect his permanent liberation from the cycles of birth and death.

   Here in the Grand Teton Ranges the high and holy vibratory action of the sacred fire pulsates within our temple.  The pulsations of that flame of golden illumination are beamed every moment into the world atmosphere, and what we do here is done in every retreat of the Great White Brotherhood.  Outwardly our temple represents the Rock of Ages; within it represents the golden flame of illumination which the Rock of Ages really is.

   It has been said that “no man is an island.” <2>  Yet every man is his own gatekeeper.  At the gateway of the eternal temple he must free himself by knowing his real nature.  Just as man knows his outward nature and can psychoanalyze himself, giving a host of names to various situations in which he finds himself, so must he learn to know the man that is within, the man of the Spirit, the Infinite One who guides the outer man into the temple of divine experience and immortality.

   Without immortality, life has little meaning.  With it, life has all meaning.  The greatest problem in the world, then, is that men seek outer knowledge, motivated by the desire to outshine one another.  Inner knowledge, vouchsafed to man in the stillness of his own heart, does not expand the sense of self-importance which mankind in this era of mass effluvia crave.  All of these conditions are but lies of the carnal mind; they create wretchedness and unhappiness where beauty and security ought to manifest.

   We urge, therefore, that the youth of this time shall examine the old temples, built to the eternal consciousness; for their wisdom is ageless.

   For the glory of God in man, I remain for the brotherhood in the Royal Teton,



This Pearl of Wisdom was dictated near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at the foot of the Grand Teton Range.  Note:  On page 15 of the Harvest Class program reference is made to the dictation of the Goddess of Liberty given at the July conference and the dispensation for bringing the masters’ teachings to the world via radio and television.  As the spokesman for the Karmic Board, the Goddess of Liberty gave the official release of this dispensation at inner levels.  However, it was beloved Lanto who, in his dictation given later in the class, gave this information to the students.  The triune focus established by beloved Helios and Vesta together with beloved Liberty was intended to serve as the foundation stone for the entire expansion program outlined to the students by beloved Lanto from the Grand Teton Retreat.  Although all of the ascended masters are one, we wish to give proper credit for the services of each one which combine to make up the total activity of the Great White Brotherhood.