Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 22  -  The Great Divine Director  -  May 30, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part T


To America and to Thee, O Shining World, Why Will Ye
Tarry!  Accept Thy Mantle of Leadership and of Challenge
to Deliver to the People of God Freedom and the Message
of the True Manchild—the Christ Image of Every Man
by Which All Things Were and Are Made.  Rise Then
to the Grandeur of Your Noble Birthright and Throw Off
the Mechanical Yoke!

Of thee I sing!  As we survey at inner levels the magnificent concept held by your beloved Saint Germain for America, we are reminded of the great vision of the ascended masters’ councils for the earth and her evolutions.

Of thee I sing!  O shining world, how great is God’s concept for thee.  With what hope wert thou issued forth from the great dayspring to be as a natural planetary home, part of a vast galaxy system, part of cosmos.  To thy halls, to thy rocks, to thy plains were destined to be brought the wondrous powers of celestial beauty and harmony.  Thy civilizations, stretching from pole to pole, were intended to manifest the harmony of universal love.  The high road of adventure and comradeship was imparted to thee by the sons of God who came to thee.

The messages that were uttered by the many avatars of God who have visited and carried out their missions to the earth have been varied in expression.  Some uttered the law in thundering tones.  Others spake gently or taught by the silent power of example.  No sure mold, no single way, has expressed all of the attributes of God save the swaddling garment of the Christ which revealed for all time to come that the Christ image of every man is the universal Christ image of God—the Son of God.

The words uttered by John “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made” <1>referred to the Solar Logos—the Son of God—the Christ image that “Before Abraham was, I AM.” <2>

Why, then, will ye tarry?  This question brings to mind the tarrying of man upon the cross of matter and form.  So frequently have men asked, “How long, O Lord?”

The sands of time flow gently downward at times as softly falling snow and then again harshly as though driven by a stinging wind.  They seem to maintain no evenness in their flow.  The consciousness that beholds life is the interpreter of the relative descent of time.  In the eternal, all-loving mind of God, the wondrous parade of the stars dances forth from his bosom of infinite fire, carrying a message of universal love that inspires men concerning the unfettered vastness of eternity as it manifests in moments of consciousness.

Men are inspired by the sun as they gaze upon the explosion of an atom of substance, as they look within the cup of a tiny violet or a billowing violet cloud at sunset.  In all the moving forces of universal love beheld by man, there is a Spirit, a Master Presence, that colors all life with grandeur, with beauty, with logic, at once in time and infinity.  We know and we have become one with that Spirit—which is God.

Your Presence conveys to you the answer to the unknown.  It is mirrored in the very heart of being.  The echoes of eternity, the resounding of the voice of God, is heard within the mind and heart of man.  Out of the silence is heard the voice of God:  “Why will ye tarry?”

There are many reasons for the seeming delays toward mankind’s perfection.  Some of these may be remedied by mankind, and some are dependent upon the great, eternal fullness of time.  A cosmic event waiting to happen is born because it is ripe or overripe, but the mechanical patterns of mankind have but sustained the recalcitrance of the race—the cold denial of the power of invisible love.

As I speak the words “invisible love,” I know full well that whereas the wind may not be outwardly perceived, the effect of its blowing upon the trees can be.  Therefore, the power of God’s love upon the spirit of man is evidenced in countless faces and eyes, mirrored there for all to behold who can rightly read.  And thus the glow of Infinity—builded upon mineral, rock, dust, and star, flowing in fire and water and thought, surging in feeling and fountain from the depths of being—wells up in Saint Germain’s vision of freedom for America as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

What tarnish the centuries have brought to this noble vision so lately externalized in this great land, America.  With the swirl of mechanical progress, the soul of man has been dashed downward into a maelstrom of destructivity and the whole world has jealously sought to keep pace with America’s rate of progress.

Now then, let us affirm, the dream need not be broken.  For out of the crucible of the past few decades, the hopes of contemporary men for peace, for victory, for freedom can still be realized.  Your constitution and your history, O America, are replete with examples of sacrifice and unselfish struggle.  As I conspire with the hosts of light as to how to deliver this great land from its bondage into the fullness of its dream born in the mind of God, fortified by Saint Germain, and loved by many of his chelas throughout the world, I recall that with God all things are possible. <3>

Let us by truth counteract the mimicry of the mechanical hordes.  Percentagewise, the creations that we have termed “mechanical man” are few in proportion to the number of individuals in the world who are the true creation of God and a part of this planetary evolution.  They who have a threefold flame burning within their hearts are the many, and the misguided and misguiding miscreations are the relative few.  Unfortunately, however, by reason of their mechanical brilliance and their knowledge of the manipulation of matter and men, many of them are in positions of power; yet I would never do despite to the many in such positions who are honorable and just and true.

I would point out to the world and to America to awake and to realize that the purity of El Morya’s program as propounded in his Encyclical on World Good Will <4>is very great.  Yet all that we release to mankind in worded expression can come alive only in the field of action through the response of divine grace in the hearts of our hearers.

Therefore, pause to consider the vision of Ezekiel in the valley of the dry bones. <5> Recognize that vitality must be poured into the heart of America and the world and that that vitality must be God’s life, God’s grace, and God’s purity.  The essence of true being must sweep the world!

Now, even right action when wrought by men whose hands are sullied with the vestiges of human filth cannot create a perfect work.  In the field of art, there are many who produce from a sullied spirit a work of intricate and relatively beautiful symmetry; yet there is a wretched etching behind the canvased scene, behind the screen of appearance, which transmits itself to the sensitive and reveals such art, although acclaimed by the world, as lacking in true spiritual grace.  By a like token, that which is imperfectly executed may be but the manifest effort of some who have not yet attained the fullness of the technique but, because the spirit is pure, noble, and grand, there is a touch of heaven in all that they handle.

Let me reference the story of Midas, who turned to gold all that he touched.  Would it not be well to cultivate the Spirit of God and his grace within mind and heart, within thought and feeling, so that the Lord might work his works of spiritual grace within you that his hands through you might touch all life, changing all to golden-age love, law, and liberty?

If mankind would only realize that the great I AM is the only doer (as well as the open door), they, too, would know the depth of understanding which was imparted to the King Nebuchadnezzar which caused him to exclaim, “And he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth:  and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?” <6>

This is the answer for the freedom of man from mechanical stagnation.  Thus as thy day is, so shall thy strength be. <7> Thus shalt thou mount up with wings as eagles to attain some portion of thy eternal victory.  For unto thee have I given my promise of old:  Thou shalt run, and not be weary; and thou shalt walk, and not faint. <8>

To America is given leadership, to the world is given challenge!  The people of every land must rise to the grandeur of their noble birthright and throw off the mechanical yoke!

For progress, I AM

The Great Divine Director



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