Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 20  -  The Great Divine Director  -  May 16, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part R


To Men and Women Who Would Become God Oriented,
I Would Speak on That Reality Which Frees from
Mechanical Reason and Experience Criteria and
Will Bring You to the Feet of the Master Presence of
Your Being, Free at Last from the Enslavement of the
Finite Self:

Let us now deal honestly with reality, that we may cast aside the unwanted and the unreal.

As the ladies and gentlemen of this twentieth century take such simple objects as the dishes from their tables and place them in an electric washing machine, they are completing with relative ease and in a most practical way a task which for generations has been most undesirable.  The mechanical contrivances of this age have freed mankind from many undesirable tasks, and the future holds promise of even greater freedom.

Now, I do not think that there are many who suppose that we, in our releases, would propose man’s abandonment of these aids and assistances, and I feel certain that most individuals have grasped, at least in part, the message we have sought to convey.  However, as I begin to discuss reality, I wish to make certain that all understand that we seek to free mankind from the mechanical sense itself and not from mere apparatus.

May I ask you, then, if men should attain to the stature where, at a wave of the hand, the dishes would disappear from their table, to reappear when needed all washed and clean (as recounted by Saint Germain in some of his previous writings), if this process would not be a superior method even to the electrical machine itself?  Certainly the modern appliance is an improvement over the hand method, but I think the spiritual method is superior to all!

The evolution of human thought and feeling, the progress made in the distribution of energy, and the acquisition of new sources of power upon the planet have startled those who have been caught, timewise, on the edge of the age where older methods are fading and the newer ones are beginning to blossom.  As incoming youth accept the current modes of civilization so naturally, there is less wonderment at the marvels of the mechanical age.

Now, there are two forces at work which relate to scientific mechanization, both of which could have ill effects upon mankind.  The one is the complacent sense of taking all achievement for granted without appreciating or analyzing the tremendous efforts men have made to improve their lot.  The other is complete absorption with mechanical concepts whereby all is seen through the outer examinations of physical science, which attributes both cause and effect to the material universe.  This I consider to be likened somewhat unto a man gaining the world of mechanical ideas while losing his soul-sense that needs, as the greatest of all talents, to be nurtured and expanded.  As Jesus said:  “What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” <1>

I often use the direct statement to expound truth and the law, for it cuts through all human equivocation.  Men may toss aside the most beautiful jewel with the wave of the hand and deem it but glass or claptrap; but if the sparkle within the stone is significant of its true value, then no amount of human attempt at devaluation can rob the object of its cherished quality.  Let us, then, first take the direct line into the realm of appraisal and evaluate now some of the conditions existent in society today.

The purpose of life is definitely not for the attainment of name or fame or even the accumulation of the world’s goods under seal of temporal power.  But if it were, in order to successfully accomplish this goal it would be necessary for men to seek their fame from God.  Surely he who sees all the inward purposes of mankind would unmask those who might seek to attain a place in his kingdom without the use of his virtue and purity.  And this would be done quickly if Wisdom had her perfect way.

The impact of the idea of personal advancement in a statused society is very great today, and the forces of education have been deployed around mortal attainment whereas the attainment of immortality plays second fiddle, as mankind would say it, to the pure purposes of the reality of man which are undermined by the unreal human miasma to which mankind pay allegiance.

The tremendous accent which man and society have placed upon personal advancement has only reinforced the human ego and made mankind vulnerable to a host of psychopathic diseases, most of which stem from an exaggerated sense of self-importance and the frustration of nonfulfillment.  There is, however, a definite weakness in the link between universal society and the individual.

This lack of identification with universal purpose and almost total involvement in the mesh of self frequently manifests as emotional hysteria.  The impact of overwrought emotions on the unstable mind oriented around self-attainment creates out of the unreal a false sense of existence.  Like a rat caught in a maze, the human nervous system collapses and men’s hearts fail them for fear <2>because of the tensions this hour has generated upon earth.

Long ago we released the words “From the unreal, lead me to the real.  From darkness, lead me to light.” <3> The light of reality is always God-oriented, and it is just this simple—that God is light.  The imprisoned splendor of his light, fragmented from the pure white multiprismed rainbow beams, diffuses itself in substance, as in society, as a potential of the first magnitude.  When men become God-oriented, they find that reality which frees them from mechanical reason and experience criteria and brings them to the feet of the Master Presence of Being, free at last from the enslavement of the finite self.

Let none suppose that we do not understand and recognize the need for order and discipline in the world of form.  We recognize the need for law and the codification of law.  We also approve of the training of the young in a properly directed manner, but we deplore the increasing tendency of society to train by rote while ignoring the awful exposure of young lifestreams to the infectious delinquencies of the age.

Some may take exception to me and suppose that society does not ignore these things.  But I think that the self-centered orientation of many parents, with their tendencies to slough off their responsibilities to their children upon others whenever and wherever they can, has caused them to utilize their offspring for the support of their egos and prideful exhibition.  While the nurturing and overseeing of the expansion of Christlike qualities is ignored, many children are not taught how to relate their identity with their spiritual goals nor are they taught how the domestic world of form is a schoolroom to prepare them for fulfillment in the cosmic universe of spirituality.

I view with mixed emotions mankind’s spatial explorations, perceiving both good and bad possibilities for mankind.  Certainly the higher councils of the universe do not approve of the distortions in life practiced upon earth that bring about war, pestilence, inharmony, and disease.  To export these commodities, or attempt to do so, to other systems of worlds would be a disaster for all concerned.  On the other hand, man’s attention being turned toward space can provide, if it is kept in proper balance and check, at least some expanded awareness of the universe.  We hope this awareness will not provide a mere escape from the human snarl but that it will be integrated into the thought patterns of men in a constructive fashion so as to bring the greatest benefit to the planet and its people.

Man’s religious theology needs to be revised in the light of the expanding knowledge of the universe.  This has never been a problem for us, for we have been continually subject to that revision which the continual unfoldment of the soul, known as expansion, necessarily entails.  The word re-vision connotes this process.

Precious ones, I think it almost trite when I ponder upon all that I have released in this series that I have actually drawn out for you that which is real and that which is unreal.  Like a child having a random pile of many colored straws before him, you are challenged to extricate the one straw that is unique without collapsing the total structure of human thought systems.  A simple hook of the mind, in most cases, will prove efficacious in removing the one concept which is the key to all future understanding.  Having once extricated the key straw, all others may be eliminated if they do not fall into pattern.

Mankind ought to find little difficulty in discerning truth if they base their deliberations upon the two criteria I have outlined in my discussions on that which is God-oriented and that which is unreal.

I am real.

The Great Divine Director



1. Mark 8:36.

2. Luke 21:26.

3. From the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.