Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 19  -  The Great Divine Director  -  May 9, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part Q


To the Living Souls Which the Lord God Has Implanted
in Man, I Address the Subject of the Quest and Your Love
Which You Pour Out from the God Flame of Your Heart
to Every Part of Life—for That Love Is Your Freedom
as Nothing Else Can Be:

There is a questing, a longing that fills the soul of man at times to the point of overflow.  The memory of God, intertwined within the heart and soul of man, is not easily forgotten and can never be erased!  The erstwhile imagery of the sensual world, the whole mechanical sense which mankind have externalized, can neither challenge nor overthrow one precious thread of the divine memory.  Thus the tapestry of life upon earth is interwoven, darkened threads upon the bright ones.

The tendency on the part of mankind, however, to accept almost mechanically whatever circumstances come their way as being the will of God does not shew forth a correct understanding of his law.  The law is not punitive but exemplary, seeking to show mankind by the power of example that seeds of evil origin and thoughts of negation do not produce except after their kind.

Oh, how great, then, is the potential for good which the universe exudes.  The “living soul” <1>which the Lord God has implanted in man within the Eden of his consciousness must be tapped by tuning the self, or the soul within, so that it might resonate with the vibratory action of the harmony of God.  This is not an easy task, and countless individuals upon the planet who are dashed hither and thither by forces they do not comprehend ought to learn a lesson from their lack of mastery and seek to avail themselves of our instruction.

Ascended master law is a compendium of knowledge, greater and superior to all that men have upon earth, to all material sense, and to all mechanical systems.  It is unthinkable, then, that the very short attention span of those among men who are impatient should be the criteria by which they judge the value of pursuing the spiritual path—simply because they have not derived the rewards they expected in the time allotment which they deemed sufficient to master the cycles of the ages.

I shall be forthright.  I shall be honest, O mankind of earth.  In view of the prevalent rate of self-deception, it is certainly good and proper that we should continue the dissemination of that truth which will make you free.

Mankind study for hours, years, and an entire lifetime to master techniques of the physical sciences or the development of a system that can be used for the attainment of fame or wealth.  Some men turn to our teachings and after a span of five, ten, or even fifty years consider that they should have achieved complete self-mastery.  Let them take into account the numerous embodiments they have had during which their attention has been given to outer things and the mastery of materiality.  Some have even been slothful in manifesting a physical rate of comprehension and have sought leisure not so much to expand the soul as to permit the indulgence of consciousness in the questionable business of doing nothing.

In the temple of Serapis at Luxor, the beautiful Ascension Temple, are given those disciplines calculated to give man his victory over the material senses and past momentums of negation.  Some men feel disposed to cringe at the thought of coming under the discipline of Serapis or even of myself.  Others would shun even the gentle Kuthumi.

Well, let me tell you, blessed ones, that the world is a more harsh guru and teacher, and the laws of man are far less lenient in their correction of mankind’s deeds and in their instruction to the soul than the ascended masters ever would be.  This is the case of human bondage leading to greater human bondage whereas the ascended masters may impose upon you or assist you to impose upon yourself a certain discipline for a period of years which ultimately will give you your immortal freedom.

Looking backward from the mountaintop after the climb, the way seems less arduous.  But gazing upward from the base, fear of unknown chasms and of unheard-of dangers may intrude itself upon the mind.

I would generate in this series a strength, with those able to bear it, that shall grant a new measure of grace to those who desire it.  This leads me to the subject of the importance of the Quest.  To escape from the current crises of the world would be easy enough if men were to seek only for personal liberation.  But when the hierarchial plan is honored and men consider themselves to be a part of the divine caravan, there is a certain innate quality which you call love that affords the release of tender care and concern for the evolutions of this planet.

Now, I do not say that those whose every tendency is evil should be pursued.  I do say that love should be expressed toward all in the same vein, that is, according to the golden rule <2>—the manifestation of a high standard of conduct toward all parts of life, regardless of whether or not these individual parts or even the collective whole seem to respond to the love you pour out.  For the love which you pour out is your freedom, as nothing else can be.

I do think, however, that wisdom would direct that your real attention should be to those who respond to the ministrations which you seek to impart and the service you wish to render.  It is folly to permit yourselves to be trampled upon by the world.  The almost ruthless sense of mission which imbued the Christ, exalted the God in man, and was the miraculous concept that he expressed—it is the freedom of his concepts and the concepts of the Brotherhood that must pour through you the divine radiance which overcomes the world.

Make no mistake about it, the world must be overcome.  This world of which we speak is not the earth and her evolutions—it is not the forces of nature and the beings of the elements—it is the mechanical civilization known as society.  This is a passing ephemera, a glittering miasma, a nonentity if I ever saw one!

Yet the Spirit of the Christ, more alive today than ever, is diffused through the very physical roots of the kingdom of nature.  There has occurred this year during the Easter season a longed-for rejuvenation within the heart of the earth.  A greater hope and sense of freedom is rapidly spreading across the face of the terrestrial globe through the ministrations of the elementals.  These tiny intelligences whom God has utilized as caretakers of this precious globe which is your planetary home, destined to radiate so much light, actually hold the balance of harmony for the earth as against mankind’s discordant creations.

The beloved ascended masters, countless angels, devas, builders of form, and cosmic beings have literally showered their life upon the planetary body.  Unascended mankind have also poured out a magnificent dedication.  As I gaze upon the conglomerate offering upon the altar of Almighty God, I am reminded of the destiny of this planet and its people and I say again:  The Quest must continue!

In the boldness of the Spirit, in the illumination of Christ-good, in true brotherhood, in the pursuit of peace which honors God and the divine ideal of action is the fulfillment of the questing soul.  It is no less marvelous when I tell thee that the answer to all lies within the God flame of thy heart.  It is no less magnificent when I tell thee that thou shalt one day become the fullness of all that God is.

It is perhaps true that I would antedate the hour of the full appearing of victory in the souls of all men and end, if I could, the senseless struggle and the long night of shadowed intrigue.  This I cannot do to the fullest without the complete cooperation of many unascended ones.  I refer here to that complete cooperation which comes from hearts yearning for more of God and his understanding—humble hearts, yet unafraid.  I see, then, that the pure sense of God’s own creativity must hold sway in those who would emulate the ascended masters’ consciousness.

To be willing to be led to greater purity of thought and feeling, to be willing to change as God would have men do, to be willing to seek and continue to seek over every human despair is to release the blue lightning of good fortune within the finer bodies of man.  In this manner, niche by niche, from crevy to solid rock, the faithful rise upon the holy mount of attainment.

I remain

The Great Divine Director



1. Gen.  2:7.

2. Matt.  7:12.