Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 12  -  The Great Divine Director  -  March 21, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part J


To Followers of Christ I Say, Beware of the Denial, Yea,
the Harsh Judgment of Your Lord in the Person of His
Servants, Lest Ye Be Denied and Judged of Him before
Your Father.  Wherefore Rather Confess Him before Men
and Take the Immaculate Concept of His Mother and Use
It to Behold the Inherent Good in God’s Children:

The magnificent statement “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” <1> when applied, becomes a great safety valve of protection to the user.

Countless followers of Christ audibly support his great admonition, but when it comes to daily practice they continue to express criticism, condemnation, and judgment in a most brittle, mechanical manner.  They do not take into account the recorded debit to their lifestream for such acts and the resulting energy which can become an oppressive weight when it returns to them for balance.

Efforts made by students of the light to overcome this propensity to be critical of others, when successful, have many rewards.  Thus the ascended masters have from time to time discussed this teaching so that the student might gain perspective in the practical application of this great law.  I cannot tell you how much the willful neglect of this law and the consequent wrong use of energy have hindered the seeker on the spiritual path.

Many students know that some individuals, in ignorance, do not hesitate to criticize the Godhead and to impugn the motives of heaven.  Be not surprised, then, if some will seem to take pleasure in unjustly criticizing or judging you.  Remember that the ascended masters aim for the highest expression of blessing to mankind; therefore, our actions always pivot around light and cannot support the shadowed concepts of the mass mind, no matter how acceptable these concepts may seem to be.

Saint Germain has tried for centuries to make all people aware of true freedom; yet to the present, the recoil of their own error is experienced by those who affirm for themselves the freedom to act while denying the same privilege to others.  Mankind’s double standard of judgment would be most unwelcome if those who practice it were to become the victims of this duplicity.

Let it be known that wherever we establish a focus of great light, wherever there are true, dedicated chelas whose thoughts and actions are providing avenues of service for the ascended masters, sinister arrows of negation derived from psychic levels are projected against these focuses to hinder the expression of truth and to deny mankind the full benefit of our intent to expand the flame of freedom.

The Tall Master from Venus, in his great service to life, has continually poured out from the energies of his heart the God-victorious flame of freedom.  It is unfortunate that many take the energies of heaven and color them with human concepts and shallow attitudes.  If the ascended masters were to manifest physically and to appear in human form to mankind, many of the very ones who claim to be our chelas would totally reject us.  Such as these admire us from afar as if peering at a distant star through a telescope of their own creation; but, unknown to them, they could not take us in proximity.

I understand this dichotomy, having functioned in your dimension, but I cannot condone any attitude that will not win you your freedom.  The Master’s statement “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” <2>ought to be applied by all separatists who consider themselves our brethren and receive our messages, acknowledging the truth thereof while denying our messengers who offer the physical vehicles through which we function.

Mankind are prone to stereotype one another and sometimes, when students do not personally know our messengers, they place them upon a pedestal of high spiritual attainment.  When they later come in contact with these blessed ones and note that outwardly they have an appearance similar to their contemporaries and perhaps no exterior posture which would serve to gild them with the image created, students sometimes devalue our representatives and shatter the towering image which they had held previously.  (Remember the Roman legions required Judas’ service in order to distinguish Jesus from his disciples in Gethsemane’s garden.)  Not desiring to accept responsibility for their own fluctuating assessments, people have often transferred their disappointments and disaffections to those whom they once glorified and subsequently cast down as broken idols when their own uses were not served.

Let it be clear that it is not in the outer realm that men and women of goodwill ought to make value judgments concerning their fellowmen.  I think that I have no difficulty in distinguishing between the true and the false, hence I can easily perceive the degree of spiritual radiance in all its glory pouring through their flesh forms.  I think, however, that even presently I should cringe at the thought of being judged, and yet I am sure you realize this is not fear of man’s criticism or opinion but rather solicitude for the individual who is guilty of this error.

You may wonder just how all this fits the mechanical dissertation which I am engaged in.  In a very real sense this discourse fits quite nicely.  For mankind have developed a deep set of stereotyped and acceptable values which they carefully preserve as in a closet, drawing them forth periodically and inserting these “hardbacked cards” into a stereopticon for recurrent viewing.  Thus criticism has become a parlor game in which men amuse themselves at the expense of others, not realizing that by so doing they widen the moat that separates them from the great divine realities of life.  Why review evil when you can amplify the power of good!

Stereotyping has become very mechanical.  Civilization finds it only too easy to assassinate the character and service of our best servants.  We have noted in cosmic history that wherever we have established focuses for the freedom of man, the powers of intolerance have attempted malicious devaluation before men.  This includes the circulation of partial truths, lies, and fabrications.  And the struggling few, not always securely rooted in an understanding of the dangers in the battle of life, are sometimes unhorsed.

Now, I could tell you of a number of individuals who have received great healings and blessings to almost defy description through the radiant Word delivered by our messengers.  Some of these individuals have been released from what we may term astral states so fearsome as to be more awesome than the descriptions in Dante’s Inferno. Yet when some of our most dedicated channels were under vicious attack from the forces of darkness, some of our modern disciples, as did those in the time of Jesus, have in effect denied their Lord by desiring anonymity before men.  These would not stand up and be counted on the side of righteousness and truth for fear of earthly censure.

Let me remind you here and now of the Master’s statement “Whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father.” <3> You do not think, precious ones, that this was a threat made by the Christ.  Nay, rather was it a statement of the great law itself.  At times the law may seem to be almost mechanically harsh, yet I assure you it is not.  For as the sweetest promises of God, the mighty law stands to protect the soul interests of the obedient, who garner from the opportunities daily afforded them a greater measure of service and benign karmic credit because they have determined to retain the immaculate concept of man, sustained in the image of his Creator, in all they do, say, or think.

Now examining the statements of Christ still further, you will note that he also said that those who would confess him before men he would confess before the Father! <4> Confession of Christ, then, is the use of his immaculate eyes in beholding the inherent good in God’s children.  Mother Mary specifically trained Jesus from childhood on in the sacred visualization of good for every part of life.

The seemingly innocent practice of holding wrong concepts about others, of judging others, of assessing their level of attainment or possibility is all a part of vain competition and results in grave misunderstandings.  You see, when the hidden hungers of the soul for advancement remain unsatisfied, they sometimes burst out as unbalanced energy which takes the form of gossip and the downgrading of others as a substitute for inner God-security.

It is most unfortunate that this battle of the human psyche is carried over into the science of religion, for men expect perfection in their religion and its followers.  Herein lies the very subtle activities of the brothers of the shadow who seek to impugn the pure in heart by drawing down the pall of ignorance, confusion, and questioning about the person and character of another.  Some of this is like taking out old photo albums and prints reflecting earlier immaturities and showing these “snapshots” or “snap judgments” to others and saying, “See how they really are!”  While the great divine opportunity called life moves onward, men attempt to methodically yet mechanically thwart the progress of another soul and, by the law of returning karma, do but hinder their own progress.

Let go, precious ones, for all time of this seemingly innocent but deadly game.  Those who will may practice it, but they will reap the full results of their acts.  Men use a mechanical, stereotyped image for others but not for themselves.  I am sure that the wiles and snares of Satan, so-called, will be apparent to those who can attune with our level of thought.  We would institute for mankind a new era of freedom from this practice that will encourage the use of the immaculate concept, thus drawing into a state of spiritual elevation many priceless souls who hunger and thirst after righteousness.

Let them be filled, then, with the germinal realities of life that will bear spiritual fruit.  Let them draw upon their great spiritual resources and rise into the arms of Divine Hope.  Let these captives of human illusion go free and find no further barrier to their attainment.  Let the blot upon the honor of spiritual organizations cast by these evil practitioners be heeded no more and let it be replaced with the shield of faith in the integrity of the Creator of all who, beholding his creation, saw that it was very good. <5>

Many of the statements I am making may seem simple, but they hold the sacred keys to your freedom, precious ones.  I have in readiness revelations far up the ladder of soul advancement, and I am awaiting the opportune moment to release them.  But the great gap in achievement for all organizations seems to be in the clouds that obscure at the personal level the summits of Olympian heights, the great snow-crowned peaks of godly virtue and benevolence which should rightfully be the inheritance of every aspirant.

“With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” <6>Why will men then presume that the Deity desires to mete out evil to any?  Is it not clearly recorded, “I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked”? <7> Then, height nor depth nor things present, nor things to come, nor any creature shall be able to separate man from the love of God which is in Christ, the Light of the world. <8>

Precious ones, your ascension is not always achieved in one dramatic moment wherein the form is transfigured and you rise into the arms of God.  Attainment is often a matter of the conscious practice of daily entering into the heart of the Father and thinking his thoughts, dreaming his dreams of benevolence, partaking of his life and breaking the bread of his holy covenant with your brethren so that their hearts may also burn within them as the disciples experienced upon the way to Emmaus. <9>

Charity begins at home.  And therefore, I say to all, let us by grace develop the acme of cosmic virtue in all as we discard mechanical ignorance.

Lovingly, I AM

The Great Divine Director



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