Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 11  -  The Great Divine Director  -  March 14, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part I


To the Devotees of Wisdom Who Seek the Hidden Mysteries
of Identity, I Reveal the Ascension as a Goal Attainable
by All Men and Expose the Erroneous Doctrine of the
Mechanical Ascension:

Now the time is upon us when, in examining the false opinions of mankind about little-known subjects—i.e., little known to the multitudes of the earth—I must dispel the fog of human concepts for those who seek to progressively attain greater wisdom about hidden things.

The beauty of the ascension demonstrated by the great Master Jesus from Bethany’s hill did stir the five hundred who witnessed it as nothing before had ever quickened their souls and consciousness.  When the ascension is understood by mankind as a goal attainable by all men, it puts an end to the fears and uncertainties of mankind as to their reason for being and brings to the doorstep of their hearts an awareness of God’s infinite care for each manifestation of consciousness which came forth clothed upon with the very identity of God-being.

From earliest infancy upon this planet Earth, mankind’s training occurs through the avenue of the five physical senses whereby there is builded into the consciousness almost complete dependence upon outer sources for the attainment of wisdom.  The comparatively few have the misunderstood gift of genius, and yet God did create all men equal in the sense that all have equal opportunity to attain the crown of Life <1> and then, with that attainment, to go onward into infinite excellence.  In the spiritual realm there is never any competition, for the very nature of attainment itself precludes the very possibility of competition. 

Returning to the examination of the mystery of man’s being, let it be clear that the avenue of the outer senses as the source of knowledge is the primary way in which mankind derive a sense of identity.  From age to age and from epoch to epoch, the identity of man does itself undergo manifold changes in the individual realm.  Therefore it is not easy for mankind to categorize the marks of the Infinite, living as men do for such a short period upon the earth.

World history possesses intense fascination for mankind; yet cosmic history, untold and unrecorded, contains true knowledge which, while accurately recorded by cosmic historians upon the akashic records themselves, is little understood or available to mankind simply because they lack either the means of probing the records for themselves or have some measure of distrust in those who do.  Whether or not this is justified is not so important as it may seem at first, for the key to the attainment of the ascension—the God-intended gift to every man—is the key to all knowledge and can be attained with or without probing every cosmic secret.

Love itself is the great master key, but love is a word bandied about by many but understood only by the few.  Men refer to selfish love and unselfish love yet I ask you, can Love be selfish? 

Yet it is not the part of wisdom to give one’s self away where nothing in return can be brought about as the result of this giving.  God himself, as revealed by Christ in the parable of the talents, <2> indicated the intent of the Deity to derive from the stewardship of creation the fruit of the talents he has given to man.  The impediments of karma, or the law of cause and effect, have withheld from mankind for generations their soul freedom as well as their escape from immersement in ceaseless karmic rounds.

As the purpose of incarnation is to ascend back to the heart of God after the manifestation of victorious overcoming, unless this purpose be served, mankind continue to reap the effects of their own sowing, which are usually cumulative in the sense that more discord is created than balanced in any given period of time; therefore, there is always a balance of payments required, necessitating their return to the planet Earth through the ritual of reembodiment.  The continual extension of the mercy of God to man through the ritual of reembodiment becomes a necessity, and it is the opportunity for those who try and try again finally to succeed.

Those who succeed, then, in the kingdom of God to balance the accepted portion of their debits to life find the natural expansion of the great flame of Life pouring through their flesh forms, through their consciousness, through their thoughts and feelings, until the Spirit of the Resurrection, penetrating the universe with the power of the Sun behind the sun, draws the mighty light rays of the Presence of God into the physical form and the consciousness ascends in ever-expanding awareness.  These find, as did Elijah when caught up into heaven in the chariot of fire, <3> that the very atoms and tiny electrons composing their being begin to draw forth from the Godhead increasing radiance, and their form and four lower bodies are literally transfigured.

The transfiguration often leads directly to the ascension in this day and age whereby the body of man becomes so full of light, which is God in Christ, that the return of the form to the formless is inevitably accomplished as it is recorded, “And a cloud received him out of their sight.” <4>  This cloud of glory, the abode of the Father, waits to receive every individual to bring him to a state of God-dominion wherein he is no longer subjected to the ills and imperfections of the flesh.  He is no longer required to go out from the temple of God-being.  He no longer dwells in the city of the night, as beloved John declared on the Isle of Patmos.  For the Lord God shall be their light and there shall be no night there, neither sorrow nor crying, for the Lord God shall wipe all tears away from their eyes. <5>

In the state of the ascension there is never any question of happiness or its pursuit, for the pursuit is finished and attainment is established forever.  Let it be made clear that the ascension is also a beginning.  For initiations and opportunities for service are many after the ascension, yet man is never again required to go back into the world of form density and be subject to the ills of the flesh.  The biblical recording “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God” <6> comes into better focus, then, for mankind.  With the advent of Easter, men appreciate the thought of many resurrections occurring daily in their worlds, all of which lead to the attainment of the infinite blessing of the ascension in the light.

Now you may wonder why I have spoken of a mechanical doctrine involving the ascension and of the great error in this doctrine, but I shall attempt here to put it into focus for you so that you may be on guard to maintain a correct understanding of the ascension.

For thoughts, precious ones, are indeed things, as one of your poets has said, <7> and the treasures that we would have you gather are the treasures of victorious accomplishment and divine truth.  Error has no power except that to which mankind dedicate themselves, supposing that they serve the cause of truth and freedom.  Jesus referred to this when he said, “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” <8> I am come to expand the light, and this we seek to do here concerning the ascension.

The statement beloved Jesus made long ago concerning the kingdom of heaven reading thus, “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force,” <9> enters into many areas of doctrine.  And therefore, I would interpret to you that the mechanical sense of attainment is usually behind the violence of mankind who seek to force their way of spiritual grace and their unfolding divinity through the erroneous supposition that the secrets of the universe can be mechanically mastered, including the ascension itself.

Now, I am certain that you recognize that a carpenter may master the art of construction, that an electrician may direct on the pathway of wires the flow of the current to do the bidding of man, that the construction of matter and substance may be understood by the physicist, that the employment of this material substance may be directed by the wise among mankind and knowledge disseminated to those having lesser wisdom.

In the religious field the comparatively few actually circulate the doctrine of the mechanical ascension at the present time, but I am interested in having our students well rounded in their understanding of truth.  There are times when it is wise to point out the doctrines of error so that the sincere are not led into byways of delusion where loss of time and energy occurs and the karmic responsibilities of misleading others also enters into the picture.  For usually when individuals become tethered to wrong thought they are not aware of the nature of the thought and thus presume it to be light and truth.  Believing thusly, they do not hesitate to impart their knowledge to others, who may have less comprehension than they do and be misled to a greater degree, all of which could become a karmic responsibility of the one who misleads the other.

Let me clearly indicate to you the power of divine grace and how mankind, through infinite and holy prayer—an “infinite prayer” being the great inward groanings of the soul, and “holy prayer” being the conscious implorations to Deity made with the purity of right concepts—may draw forth from the Godhead the grace that is sufficient for every hour, that will expand the light and consciousness to such Christlike proportions as will literally draw God-awareness into the individual focus of consciousness, enabling each one to rise, not only through the balancing of karma—through overcoming error—but also spiritually through the attainment of the fullness of God’s gift of divine Sonship, the right-you-all (or ritual) of the ascension whereby the Sun-ray of individual being is drawn up the ladder of light to the Great Sun Source.

I do not deny that some have attained to the powers of the kingdom of heaven through an attempted action of rote and what we might term partial elements of cosmic science.  Yet in all such cases, because the grace of God is greatly absent and the power and pressure of individual attainment is utilized rather than “Thine is the power,” such a one must sometime, somewhere painstakingly retrace each stitch of partial accomplishment until all is properly placed, by divine grace, in the garments of the High Priest (True Being).

Let all recognize, then, that mere mechanics are not the prime requisite in the knowledge of God, but the pure power of love is the perception of the Infinite.  The Creator’s expanding love will enter into every area of life, when invited, until the temple is flooded with such ineffable light as will automatically raise every facet of your life into its victory and freedom.


The Great Divine Director


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