Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 10  -  The Great Divine Director  -  March 7, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part H


To Men and Women of Progress, I Outline the Interplay
of Subtle Forces of Religious and Political Thought
Whose Impinging Vibrations Ultimately Produce
the Discordant Mechanical Sense That Can and Shall Give
Way to Harmony by Your Invocation of the Violet
Transmuting Flame:

Precious ones, it cannot be denied that just as there are many areas of harmony in human affairs, so there is in the realm of human thought and feeling a great variety of diverse opinions about a multitude of things, some of which are diametrically oppositional to other segments of human thought.  Quite naturally, the vibratory rate of empathetic thought is similar, whereas that which is contrary sets up an opposing vibration.

Many may recall that several years ago a major air disaster was occasioned because one of the motors of the plane set up what we may term an off-center vibration which was transmitted to the motor on the other side of the plane.  This acted as an amplifier of the epicentric vibration, and then in turn transmitted it back to the originating source where it again was built up and transmitted to the other side until the plane literally came apart from the action of vibration.

The frequent outbursts in clashes among various groups of people quite naturally take their toll in human affairs producing seeds of distrust, unhappiness, and doubt, which in turn take many forms.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the religious field, where through the centuries mankind have actually perpetrated all manners of injustice in the name of God.  Those who should have stood shoulder to shoulder with one another in the support of cherished ideals have, either in the realm of human personality or doctrine, stood at sword’s point.

Mindful, then, of the great weakness of the human ego and its desire to achieve recognition for accomplishment, it is self-evident that competition which seeks to harm or disturb another part of life in an unjust manner is a karma-making action which returns a great deal of unhappiness amplified to the one sending it out.

I raise these concepts here in order to bring about a greater recognition of the interplay of subtle forces in the atmosphere which I discussed in my last release.  For religious thought and political thought functioning in these aforementioned grids and forcefields—joined by the numerous frustrations and feelings of inadequacy which take their toll upon mankind—do result in an action of human discord which is almost suffocating to the cause of progress.

You may ponder as to what occurs when a number of these forcefields do themselves begin to set up a mere mechanical clash in the sense that the electronic rate of vibration causes them to impinge upon one another.  The end result is usually mass confusion, for many sensitive people do pick up the electronic release which, like subtly invisible atomic radiation, does have its effect upon those in proximity to it.

Now, the original transmitted secrets involved in what we may here and now term the divine rite of kings (stemming from the original anointing of the great prophet-priest-kings of ancient civilizations) was such that they had imparted to them many marvelous methods for their own protection in that era of history when mankind en masse were far less illumined and when the laws currently governing mankind and protecting their freedom were not in vogue. The nobility and so-called landed gentry did through dint of force hold in check the masses of mankind.  However, as history so clearly records, this did not avoid clashes between the rulers themselves and the many kingdoms under their jurisdiction.

What with court intrigue being intense and the rulers often subjected to assassination, it was essential that they establish and maintain their protection.  Hence, the Magi who served to protect them did also assist them in the development of the violet cloak and the cloak of invisibility.

Now, this is far more than a myth.  For in the very old kingdoms, the violet-transmuting-flame cloak was used as a repelling action, which was the divinely vested rite of kings, assisting them in transmuting or changing unwanted conditions in their own world as well as repelling the vicious thoughts and feelings of others.  The value of using the power of the violet transmuting flame <1> as a daily outpouring can never be overestimated.

When beloved Saint Germain of the House of Rakoczy did release this knowledge to the general public many years ago it was at first, of course, well received because it was new to many people and they actually entered into the spirit of the release with gusto.  Like so many other things which become mechanical, hence boring, many individuals began in their own mind to downgrade the efficacy of the work itself and doubt crept in as doubt was expanded rather than the proper use of the flame.  The actual externalized benefits, then, evaporated with the increased lack of faith of the individual.

The current series which I am writing, then, is designed to enter into many aspects of the mere mechanics of creation, and so I am reminded now of the blessed statement of the Master Jesus who, when queried as to the use of the sabbath as a day to honor God, told the people that “the sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath.” <2>

Hence, taken in the larger sense, it ought to become increasingly clear that an understanding of the mechanics of the universe may be both interesting and beneficial.  But an understanding of the mechanics of the universe should also reveal that mankind do often become mentally entangled and identified solely with the mechanics, thus developing what we may term a mechanical sense about everything while losing sight of the great spiritual values of being.  Thus mankind fail to apprehend that the universe was made for man as a manifestation of God, not the being of man for the mechanical structure of the universe.

The creative powers in man will thus expand in the golden age through the shedding of the mechanical sense and the recognition that all power in heaven and earth is given into the hand of man—the manifestation of God—in order that he himself might be perfected thereby and might by right action perfect all things. <3>

Now, man is often driven inward to seek retreat from outer turmoil, but the great microcosmic/macrocosmic interchange of forces is not intended to be a mere explosive release of energy or even an implosion.  A masterful balance of outflow and inflow can be achieved whereby divine grace expands in a limitless way in the outer and inner life of an individual.

This life is God.  And this God—good, expanding from the individual out into the world of form, taking dominion over all things—also becomes in man the great spiritual sense of God, the great feeling of oneness and attunement whereby, deep within the consciousness and being of the individual, divine awareness brings about identification with perfection.

Now, let the way be increasingly plain that doctrines themselves, while having some worthwhile purpose in the codifying for mankind of the ranges of human thought, are of far less value to the unillumined who take for granted the accepted thoughts of other men but spurn the great spiritual gnosis stemming from the voice of their own soul consciousness as God seeks to impart to them his secrets.

Ponder this release deeply, for it is also the beginning of greater wisdom.

I AM dedicated to your progress in the light,

The Great Divine Director



1. violet flame: concentrated energy of the Holy Spirit; a tangible emanation of spiritual fire.  Through prayer, meditation, and the science of the spoken Word, the violet flame can be applied to the accumulation of karma in the subconscious.  The flame—intelligent, luminous, directed by the mind of God—strips atoms and molecules of the dense overlay that results from our past misuse of the sacred fire.  The violet flame is therefore called the flame of mercy and forgiveness.

2. Mark 2:27.

3. Matt. 28:18.