Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 7  -  The Great Divine Director  -  February 14, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part E


To Students of the Subconscious Mind, the House of Rakoczy
Strikes a Blow for the Freedom of Man As It Wields
the Sword of the Sacred Word and Separates Truth and
Error in the Great Chamber of Subconscious Knowing:

The current dangers to the banner of freedom for mankind cannot be denied, yet the survival of the spirit of freedom takes precedence even over the establishment of the outer symbol.  By the power of right thought, the House of Rakoczy strikes a new blow for freedom and for the Lord God of Hosts!

As we continue our dissertation concerning the mechanization concept, studying how the mechanical sense can be avoided and the infinite creative grace of God expanded as a mighty fiat of life in the consciousness of the individual, we are firmly aware of many of the pitfalls to be avoided by the aspirant.  Hence, we must point out the dangers of automatic reflection from the subconscious to the conscious mind; for the conscious mind does ever implant its thoughts—whether outworn, transient, or deeply engraven—into the great chamber of subconscious knowing.

The wondrous functioning of the internal world of mind in the individual, then, goes on, completely oblivious of outer interference.  And this action takes place in all, with or without their conscious approval or disapproval, and thus are established the inner records of each individual man.  The continual inflow of thought and feeling from the outer active consciousness creates matrices of record which, when linked to approved desire, are very powerful in amplifying either the good or bad tendencies in mankind.

Now, when an undertone of ideas or concepts infiltrates the consciousness, while their rightness or wrongness is yet undetermined by the individual, they can tend to influence action without the conscious awareness of the individual.  Safeguards, therefore, ought to be instituted by watching the thoughts and feelings to uproot on the instant all that which is spiritually unethical, inflammatory, desultory, or degrading to any part of life.

I cannot condone wrong thought or judgment about a part of life, whether or not the individual is guilty of the implied wrong action.  It must ever be borne in mind that most individuals would do better if they knew better; therefore, it is the bane of ignorance that perpetuates wrong action, and it is ignorance itself which must be combated.

I will here acknowledge that there are a few individuals whose warped concepts, regardless of the level from which they stem, are hostile to Divinity itself, rebellious and resentful of all that which would carry out the divine design.  But at this point in our instruction, I am not interested in dwelling at length upon this phase of life.

However, let it be realized that there is, in addition to outside influences bombarding the mind of man, a continuous automatic deflection from the realm of the subconscious into the conscious mind of impulse, desire, and direction.  Some individuals are, of course, more discerning than others as to the source of their so-called guidance.  Others, less illumined, find that they must stumble a bit ere they recognize that they have left the well-marked trail of the Christ for that of the libidinous energies of the human ego.

Now, none of our instruction in this dissertation is designed for purposes of condemnation, not even of the erring ones, but it is purposefully conceived as a directed study for the freedom of man.  Now, when the being of man approves of a thought or feeling (whether it be inherently baneful or good), that thought or feeling then flows into the subconscious realm and creates a more powerful matrix by far than when it is not approved by the outer mind.  Thus, thoughts and feelings consciously and willingly imbibed can automatically reflect from the subconscious into the conscious mind at a later time and influence action for good or for ill.

It is not an easy thing, beloved ones, from the standpoint of the human, to sense the multitudinous pressures of existence and to be able to determine accurately which impulses to accept and which ones to reject.  One of the reasons your beloved Saint Germain and beloved Jesus have so often stressed the keeping of your attention upon your Divine Presence is because such untrammeled heights of being hold no thought whatever of imperfection within them and they, therefore, are a harbor of great safety for the unascended consciousness.  It is, however, a present factor of man’s curious nature to explore many avenues of consciousness.  And hence your beloved Saint Paul, now the great master Hilarion, so often admonished the early Christians to “put on the whole armour of God” <1> as an effective deterrent to the forces of evil.

I think it goes without saying that the heavenly consciousness itself is the best defense against iniquity.  But when men are not content to abide in the consciousness of God and its higher upreach, choosing of their own volition to move through lesser avenues of natural existence and being, they must recognize that the attendant perils which they encounter must be guarded against lest they find themselves bereft of their eternal treasures by the depredations of mere thieves and robbers.

Those who desire to simplify the study of existence by separating realities into black and white may find the perfect solution to their problems in steadfastly abiding in the consciousness of God and his perfection, yet these frequently do not take into account either the laws of karma or the mastery of the domain into which the consciousness of man has been projected.  They overlook the temporary magnetism of personal momentums which so often exert their pull just when the possibilities of the joys of heaven are becoming so apparent.  These human tendencies, which must not be ignored, rudely thrust forth outer realities which can momentarily disturb the progress of the soul unless they be guarded against.

Your freedom, precious ones, must be won upon earth, where your freedom was lost.  You cannot expect to carry into the higher octaves of light either soiled garments or the consciousness of imperfection; but you must resolve your crises here in this octave, that by the power of your example you may inspire others who are caught in the web of delusion and intellectual brittleness to extricate themselves therefrom and to see the pathway of light and its mighty upward spiral as a manifest token of the constancy of heaven.  I think, then, that the subconscious being of man, which is, after all, but the basement level of his memory body, ought to be properly trained in many ways so that the power of the subconscious may ever be used for the blessing of mankind.

Unfortunately, individuals who are not completely oriented around divine truth sometimes submit to an attempt to utilize the power of hypnosis in order to accomplish seeming miracles through the power of the subconscious.  As your beloved ascended friends of light have told you so often, you ought never to submit your being to the control of any person or hypnotist, even for seemingly benign purposes.  Nor should you practice so-called autohypnosis; for the energies required to perform this type of action, while seemingly innocent enough, actually diminish the power of the soul of man; and while they may seem productive of good for a time, the ultimate long-range effect is not freedom, but bondage.  “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” <2>

Some may ask, then, “What method shall we use in order to free ourselves from unwanted conditions or to call forth new direction from the realm of Being?”  My answer here must remain simple:  Ask, and ye shall receive. <3> The power released through simply asking your God Self for grace to achieve all ends must not be diminished through any other form of ritual or supplication.

The use of your energy in well-formulated decrees, when properly given forth with the heart’s devotion and with a sense of the magnitude of divine grace, is magnificent in the power to accomplish.  The ancient words “Thou shalt decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee” <4> must be understood as a fiat from Almighty God.  When individuals assemble together with others or when they commune in solitude with their Divine Presence and give the spoken request according to the great law for the release of the required immortal substance into the world of form, then that precious substance, in its outflow as tangible light rays, will draw to them the requirements of every hour.  For they are making the most powerful demands upon Life that can ever be made.

The issuing-forth of the spoken Word formulated in response to the call of the heart and its power of regeneration is a creative action wholly separate from the mere mechanical tracings of old, unregenerate energy which often occur in prayer given by rote.  Yea, this is true re-creation, or recreation, which mankind today crave so much and yet never really seem to find.

The great game of life is best played, then, by those who understand the eternal will of God to bestow divine dominion upon man.  Life is an outflow of the power of God into the matrices of his own design, which are stored in the very substance of the soul of man.  There is no higher destiny than to draw forth the inherent creative design implanted within the being of man and to expand those designs in the individual domain.

Let the rugged individualists continue to conform to patterns wholly of their own making.  Let them feel that they epitomize freedom in so doing.  When the sun has set upon their day, the judgments of heaven will clearly reveal each fissure of imperfection in the structure they have selfishly created in the consciousness of separateness.  I remind all of the power of strength in union.  Yet I also adjure each one to realize that I would rather see godly individualism than a mere physical union where the soul is divided against itself.

Remember that the Soul of God manifesting as the Infinite Ocean has been mercifully sprinkled upon the consciousness of the many; yet the many do not always respond to pursue the narrow path that leads to the narrow gate <5> where the pure matrix of life and the holy kiss of God’s deepest love is pressed to the mouth of the terrestrial creation in order to infuse life with strength, fervor, and brightness of spirit and form.  When life is understood by the creation as a gesture of infinite compassion, when the heart of man in diastole and systole is cognized as the rhythmic ebb and flow of the creative power of God, the use of energy will be more cherished, and abundant life will more swiftly manifest.

Behind the screen of our spoken words there is a throbbing affinity with the being of every man.  All of the outer gaiety and wit of mankind can never compete with the vibrant strength of the soul.  Hence, I urge the avoidance of what we may term the blind acceptance of the mere mechanical action of the subconscious as the controlling factor of your being.

Men say they are creatures of habit.  Be it so, they can also be creatures of good habit.  Let us affirm this power and cause the subconscious realm to become peopled with beings of light who shall flood the internal kingdom with the light of God that never fails.  And let the miniature microcosmic creation of man be in truth a reflection of the kingdom of God so that every responsibility given to man may be discharged with Christly aplomb.

You do not know at this time the depth of this release.  I could not convey it in a simple manner and still impart the depth, heighth, and breadth of divine mastery; but as you stretch your soul to receive the full measure of Christ attainment, your being shall win its cherished raiment of light.

I am arrayed in shining immortal substance, as one day you also shall be.

The Great Divine Director



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