Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 6  -  The Great Divine Director  -  February 7, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part D

To Planet Earth—An Emancipation Proclamation to Free
Mankind from the Monstrous Mechanization Concept
by Christly Discrimination through the Law of
Exact Manifestation:

The carnivorous appetites of mankind, deemed a necessity by contemporary man, stem from his long and successive engagement with material substance and from the so-called natural habitat of man and his correlated development of behavior patterns.  The present quality of adaptability inherent in nature is the direct result of the original divine plan patterned in the beginning.  Man, in his attempt to wrest control from nature, either by direct intent or through ignorance, has confluently altered that original pattern.

Contemporary men find it most distasteful to consider that they are imbibing the content of a poisoned draft, but this is the direct result of their own contamination of nature in ages past; for most individuals presently embodied on earth have at one time been a part of this alteration of which we speak.  This discomfiture is understandable when viewed from the level of mankind’s comfortable and accepted concepts, which vary from Occident to Orient.  However, it is our studied opinion that the selfsame various dissatisfactions with current accomplishments or lack thereof have caused contemporary man to search for new vistas of the Spirit and for a greater understanding of the manifold mysteries of divine grace.

When viewed casually, life discloses only its most obvious secrets.  And yet, often the heart of a child has possessed greater wisdom than that released from the mouth of a sage.  Did not the prophet Isaiah declare:  “And a little child shall lead them”? <1>  Woe, then, to those who are lured by mortal concepts to a state of unnatural quietude wherein they are content to mechanically accept conditions as they are, particularly when those conditions are representative of unfortunate habits which do not give to mankind his God-intended freedom.

It must be borne in mind that the reason behind this release of our words and the substance of divine love we send herewith to the planet Earth is to send forth into the world of form an emancipation proclamation for and on behalf of the spiritual energies of mankind which shall free them from matrices of wrong thought and feeling.

I cannot deny that an old and familiar situation may seem most comfortable to the outer man, nor can I deny that of necessity various so-called unpleasant sensations or situations may be encountered when man’s spiritual eyes are first opened.  But after all, blessed ones, would you prefer to live in the hapless debris of unregenerate energy when by a little effort you might drink the draft of ascended master love, receive the compassion of the enlightened ones, hold in divine truth the hand of the risen Christ, and ultimately free yourselves from the monstrous millstones of civilization, learning thereby to enjoy the pathway of holiness in a proper manner while teaching others also to find the way which leadeth unto eternal life? <2>

One of your poets has said, “They cannot die, for they have not yet lived.”  And I think that it is in this sense that men ought to begin to live:  by discarding mechanical patterns of behavior which result in their disenfranchisement of spiritual power and freedom.

Now, the merciful ‘karmic deferment’ practiced at times by the Karmic Board has caused some recalcitrant individuals to take license for a continuation of their bad conduct.  Beloved mankind!  The mercy of the great law does not always bring immediately to the doorway of every man the full impetus of his wrong acts.  A certain portion of most men’s negative karma likewise is restrained or deferred by the hand of mercy from reacting fully upon them as a cumulative release.

The Lords of Karma prefer to level off the karmic peaks and bring up the karmic valleys so that every retribution may become a contribution to the well-being of man.  However, the mercy of the great law is often not reckoned with nor is it recognized by mankind who, heedless of this blessed law, continue to quickly pursue the path of downward action.

It is true, blessed ones, that dispensations of a personal nature have occasionally been vouchsafed by the Karmic Board to devoted individuals serving the light, enabling them to have greater freedom from past karma in order that they might more quickly win their freedom and then, if necessary, pay those karmic debts from higher levels and dimensions of service to mankind and the earth.

Simply because some individuals seem to escape from the adjustment of karmic law ought not to embolden any to act in an improper manner.  For the law is very just and very exact in its requirements; and I tell you, blessed ones, there is no portion of energy so minute that when it is qualified either with negation or the blessed power of positive good does not return to the feet of the one sending it out for blessing or redemption.

Now, this discussion poses to mankind the problem of the mechanics of nature and the mechanics of cosmic law.  We do not attempt to deny but rather do we affirm the action of cosmic law not as mechanistic but as the Law of Exact Manifestation, possessing the quintessence of the five acts of essential divine grace:  mercy, justice, compassion, consolation, and wholeness or completion.

It is here that we draw the razor’s edge across the mechanistic concept and call to your attention that, in nature as well as in nature’s God, inherent grace embodies many of the qualities of God, such as the discrimination of Christ-intelligence and the great purity of the law.  The Lords of Karma are able, therefore, to bestow upon the soul of the thirsty and the needy the water of life and the garment of white linen, the vestments of spiritual purity, and at last full attainment. <3>

Beloved ones, the mind of God is alive, electric, vital.  This is the Father’s business referred to by beloved Jesus in many of his statements.  “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” <4>  To be about the Father’s business is to be free from the sense of a mere mechanical action or of the thought about following a prescribed rote of the law.

To act in harmony with the Father is to emulate divine grace.  It is to possess the faculty of engaging one’s being in the so-called battle of life (the struggle for the survival of the light of the soul submerged in the density of matter) by following the path of righteousness for His name’s sake, I AM, and walking through the valley of the shadow while steadfastly holding on to the staff of your own attention upon the Divine One and maintaining an awareness of the common needs of both God and man.

The needs of man are for divine grace and the needs of God are for a channel through which to express that grace.  This is never a mechanical action but is ever an action of divine love whereby the very Soul of God embraces the soul of man.  And in this enclosure, this spiritual cloister, this consecrated spiritual marriage, a Divine Manchild, born of this holy union, will set the temple of God in perfect order.  It shall be done!

I AM lovingly your exponent of heaven’s enfolding grace,

The Great Divine Director


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