Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 8  No. 4  -  The Great Divine Director  -  January 22, 1965


A Manifesto by the Great Divine Director

Part B


To Brothers Who Would Probe the Mysteries of Life Lawfully,
We Unveil the Word and Its Geometry in the Godhead
as the Foundation of Our Brotherhood:

Inasmuch as I have requested that last week’s Pearl of Wisdom be read before the commencing of this one, I restate the warning in advance.  For continuity is most important in this subject.

We have established that the Godhead was and is desirous of endowing man with the ability to create at will—will, the impulse of the Father/Mother God, being utilized so as to create beautifully and wonderfully.  The ancient statement “I AM fearfully and wonderfully made” <1> must be understood as “made with reverence.”  For it was with the deepest of reverence that God himself, by the power of his infinite love, did create form, substance, and soul and endowed them with holy attribute in the grandest of hopes as an enduring memorial of the great divine principle of holy truth itself.

Impersonal life but personal principle, sired by everlasting virtue, extends from Creator to creature every comfort which the mind of God could conceive in sustaining a spirit of pure happiness for all aeons to come without end.

Then cometh forth into manifestation through the power of free will individuals who, having once obtained an immortal inheritance and then subsequently abused it, have been karmically and mercifully relieved of holy vision and holy power.  These have received a curtailment of divine power and full faculty of memory until such a time as through merit they would deserve to know those wholly creative principles which God hath reserved for himself until child-man shall have exhibited the wisdom to utilize these principles in a proper performance and in a correct manner.

There are inherent within mortal creation, contrary to the opinion of some who would aver that no godly thing could come of the physical manifestation, many divine qualities which could not be utterly screened from the consciousness of mankind.  Filled with abundant curiosity concerning the mysteries of life and seeking ever to probe the unknown, man has discovered many laws governing the partial control and use of energy.  Likewise he has mastered in part simple manipulations of the power of mind over matter.

In both cases, men have used knowledge without principle and caused a betrayal of the covenant between the Father and the Son in order to wrest from the universe, by violence if necessary, the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

A clear example of the perversions which arise when partial knowledge is substituted for impartial wisdom is seen in the concept of the mechanical creation of man and in the mechanical creation of matter.  This idea is based upon the erroneous notion that man is no more than a well-put-together machine whose components may be duplicated through scientific processes known or discoverable.

When all of truth is known and the akashic records are laid bare, mankind will understand how the principle of mechanization—if it can be said to have principle—was used long ago in the Lemurian and Atlantean ages, prior to the flood of Noah, to produce monstrous human forms which posed recurring problems to the earth and its evolutions.  But the mechanistic concept has taken other forms as doctrine.  Religious cults and political philosophies have arisen which propound a mechanical victory for man.  These affirm that by the performance of a certain ritual or by the creation of a superstate, mankind will be assured of entering into the kingdom of God.

We must admit that the desire of the Brotherhood is for everyone to obtain Christ victory, but not at any price or method; for in the kingdom of heaven particularly we say, caveat emptor—“Let the buyer beware.”  The end can never justify the means, for the means of spiritual attainment are just as important as the goal.  This is why no mere mechanistic attitude toward the obtaining of victory in life could ever be a substitute for divine grace or for the Spirit of Christ light which is intended to be the mediator for every man between the outer evolving soul personality and the immaculate creation of God, the perfect Father image, or I AM Presence of God individualized for and in each man.

As we explore the mechanistic theory as pertains to the resurrection, let us here state that there are individuals who proclaim that a mechanical method is in existence whereby mankind can literally raise the dead or themselves be raised by artificial means without the understanding and use of the Spirit of the Resurrection and its divine processes.

Now, let no one here misconstrue our words to imply that we do not favor the use of the scientific healing arts as a form of resuscitation and continuation of life for mankind, but let all understand as well the use of true healing which should always have as its primary objective the reinstallation of divine harmony in the being of man rather than the mere temporary alleviation of physical distress by material methods which have come to replace the spiritually scientific understanding of the Spirit of the Resurrection.

Continuing our examination of the mechanization concept, let us point out the doctrine of the mechanical ascension whereby, through methods we may term “rote and performance,” individuals are guaranteed their ascension through the observance of certain ritual and the performance of certain mechanical acts.  Now, I realize full well that, to those who have not formerly considered such ideas, they may sound absurd; but when, blessed ones, you consider the vast realm of thought and exposure to which the mind of man may be subjected through the bombardment of false concepts, you can readily see that almost anything is possible from the level of human creation by the power of man’s imagination. <2>

Let me affirm, then, concerning the ascension, that while it is true—as in the case of the form of man himself and in the composition of matter—that electrons and atoms, cells and organs do play a part in the outer substance made manifest, it is the polarization of spiritual energies which assures the successful operation of the outer form.

Therefore, while it is true that the universe could be considered as a great machine or motor, it is also true that the currents of energy intelligently flowing through the outer form of that “motor” are derived from spiritual levels of universal love and power whose holy design can be found in the very Word itself—and, in this case, in the verb to geometrize. The g in the word is symbolical of God, the first and only Cause; e—the energy which emanates from that one Source; o—the output of that energy; met—the meter or unit of that energy; and ize—the automatic operation of that energy derived solely from the divine impetus of the love/wisdom of the Godhead.

Let men be aware, regardless of old successes in fields of mechanization or in the doctrine of mechanization, that the spiritual intelligence of the universe does not require the knowledge of men in the performance of God’s grace or in the outworking of individual salvation.  For it is the Greater which contains the lesser; and the formula for the successful completion of each man’s mission is inherent within the Godhead and may be secured therefrom by sincere application not as inherent in matter but in the soul and the Spirit which should control the material form.

When this energy and divine knowledge, the Divine Theosophia, has been metered out into the custody of the seeker, it is up to him to utilize in a correct manner all of the grace which has been dispensed to him, to summon from within the domain of his gifts and graces the fullness of the law of Life working in the members of his own finite kingdom as well as in the infinite capacity of the Godhead focused in his Presence—i.e., in the individualized God Presence of each man and the Holy Christ Self, which is the Light, sustaining and holding communion betwixt the immortal domain and the realm of mortality as the latter is transformed by the renewing of the Christ intelligence into individual immortal, shining, radiant life.

The fulfillment of the divine decree “I AM come that ye might have life and that more abundantly” <3> is no mere mechanical act but it is an action of ever-present grace whereby the Soul of God comes into consonance with the soul of man; and by divine congruency, an overlay of spiritual power, love, and wisdom utilizes faith in a Christlike manner to expand love wherever consciousness is, in order that the ultimate glory of God will manifest in every individual upon the planetary body and throughout the whole cosmos as the effusion of perpetual happiness and success God-identified.

I thank you and accept this done right now with full power for you all!

The Great Divine Director



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