Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 6  No. 14  -  Beloved Jesus Christ and Kuthumi  -  April 5, 1963


Corona Class Lesson 37

“Be Ye Therefore Perfect...”


To Those Who Would Return to the Eden of Conscious Immortality—

The rite of immortality, the goal of every man who retains the great truth of illumination’s golden flame within his heart, is a ceremony of eternal purpose released into a time-spacial dimension by the Light of God that never, never fails!

Entrusted to the children of God are many mysteries wearing the disguise of simplicity, yet these stand as pillars of Truth to reveal the most profound laws governing immortal manifestation.  When ignored by men, these great laws nevertheless continue to act, for they are living Truth.  The penalty for unbelief or inattention to the laws of God is a false sense of existence, entertaining drudgery, mortality, oppression, and darkness—quite the reverse of the God-intent of the soul’s exaltation unto the glory of eternal Life!

Let divine knowledge be increased concerning the heart and intent of spiritual mastership.  At the same time let gratitude be expressed by all who are the conscious recipients of each petal of loving Truth which forms a carpet of fragrant reality beneath the feet of man’s own real identity.  The passions of restless minds are best stilled in the rapture of Godliness; therefore, the eternal search must go on and none must ever turn back from pursuing the wonders of God’s love for man.

Mighty spiritual power may be expressed in a childlike way with sweetness and uncomplicated simplicity, but in the eternal Christ-man it is always expressed through the wholeness and maturity of immortal concepts.

Thousands of years ago, in ages dimly recorded in the archives of men and all but forgotten in their subconscious memory, events were forged in iniquity which drove men from the Eden of conscious immortality into the thralldom of the senses and the thorny pangs of death, sorrow, and parting.  Never, no, never in all the chronicles of heaven has one iota of divine intent ever predestined the sons and daughters of God to the fearful events precipitated upon the screen of life by mortal disobedience and doubt.

The events preceding the descent of the sons of God from their abode in the etheric octave to dense bodies of flesh were directly related to the betrayal of the Great God by the fallen angels and their corruption of the race of Homo sapiens which populated the earth.  This led to mankind’s misuse of the power of free will, their discovery of the misuses of the sacred fire in sorceries and miscreations, and an evil imagination <1> working all manner of vileness, untethered to the mighty power of divine Truth.

Is it any wonder that the blessings of immortality are so intimately related today to the golden flame of illumination—to the use of that flame (through the reopening of the crown chakra—the spiritual center focusing the all-knowing Mind of God) and to the recognition by man that he is a son of God descended from on high, a pilgrim in a darkened world?

When faith grew dim in the hearts of mortals (mechanization man), they kept a pseudofaith, a cult of superstition according to their changing needs of the moment.  They knew not the one God but only the relative good and evil of their supergods (Nephilim).  They identified with the shifting sands of time, place, and season without realizing that their attention upon error was being transmitted and absorbed even by Nature.

Imperfect concepts, rooted in the subtle logic of Serpent and his seed (a pseudonym given to a band of fallen angels who on Lemuria and Atlantis became the archdeceivers who rivaled the sons of God and betrayed the children of Light), gradually built up a mounting pressure which finally gave way and was unleashed upon life as the harshness of loveless fear, decay, and terrifying diseases, which wrong thought and feeling always bring into manifestation.

In those long-departed days of perfection, communion with the wonderful Source of all had made the happiness of the sons and daughters of God supreme, enabling earlier root races to fulfill the purposes of higher octaves uncontaminated by human reason.  Life unfolded like a flower of Edenic beauty, and the obedient ones, children of the Light, basked in the sun of eternal happiness.

Meanwhile, error was taking form in the depths of the astral plane like a giant squid, poised to poison the clear waters of the earth Mother, bedim the truth of being (the Sun behind the son of manifestation), and destruct the embryonic civilization and path of individual mastership which was gently blazing in the temple of an infant lifewave upon this dear earth.

I AM come today in this Corona Class to speak to all who yearn to teach and know the fullness of merciful, transmutative love and to find their way back to that glorious state of perfection they once knew.

Life, immortal Life, is within all.  It exists as a tiny flame of perfection, fanning hope into a bright beacon in the minds of many devotees of Truth, but bestowing upon the divinely perceptive few the living way to overcome the last enemy, which is death. <2>

Your dedication, precious hearts of Light, joined with my own, to destroy this death (and the hell that is the abode of the godless dead) does clear the way for immortal Life to take command, dominion, and control over your lifestreams from the threefold flame enthroned on your hearts’ altar.

By God-direction and only thereby, man returns to the state of grace whereby heaven is secured in the present rather than postponed by doubt or uncertainty.  The laws of man’s destined immortality and living grace can never be broken except in the life of the individual who woefully abuses the precious gift of free will.  Therefore each obedient one, by cosmic law, does come to a place of comforting inner awareness—the long dark night is past and the dawn floods the soul with peace and the restored hope of return to heavenly grace, attainable here and now.

All who break the law of eternal Truth in outer consciousness, by diverting their attention away from Life (fixing it on the ways of death portrayed in the mass media), do not do so with impunity; and the day-to-day frustrations encountered by men are visible proof of this law.  It is so well known in our octave as to be elementary that the Godhead desires only to deify man (“to glorify as of supreme worth,” i.e., to make man Godlike by his complete soul-identification with the Spirit of Deity) by giving him his full release and freedom from oppressing circumstances (of karmic retribution).

Unfortunately, those who most need the assurance of this comforting knowledge are just the ones who find the divine ideas least comprehensible.  The people of earth have absorbed much of the pseudoculture of the Cain civilization, whose standards have far too often been set by men of lesser objectives seeking material success without the Spirit and popularity without Truth, and consequently never making a ripple upon the waters of the Mother’s cosmic achievement.

The magnificent backdrop for reestablishing world order, for mending the ills of the body politic, and for reinstating masterful and Godly self-control by every man, woman, and child is so much hidden behind a useless clutter of debris of ageless feuds and vendettas.  The view men have of the future often seems too nebulous and far away to be of any consequence, with the exception of the thin slice they claim as their allotted span of days, though they know not from moment to moment their tenure of office in their houses of clay.  Still, the hearts of the few have in every age responded mightily to the impetus of divine love, eager to use the many avenues of heavenly service open to them for the blessing of their fellowservants made in the likeness of God!

I am convinced that the hope of the world lies in expanding the victory of those comparatively few God-illumined and God-seeking individuals who in every age have moved ahead spiritually.  Fortunately for themselves but not so for the world, many of these do graduate from the earthly scene and obtain their freedom and ascension.  This creates a seeming vacuum at the top of the spiral and makes the ratio of the illumined compared to the mass consciousness seem to be a figure of diminishing returns in contrast with the “broad way.” <3>

However, the ideals of every Ascended Master and the devotees of Ascended Master love have kept earnest and God-illumined beings anchored to the earth and its atmosphere as an act of grace and mercy whereby from the ascended octave, the Master offers his highly spiritualized endeavors for the freedom of the whole “I AM” Race.  These are the lost (marred) sheep of the house of Israel <4> unto whom I am sent and unto whom I send my disciples.  These are of the seed of God-Reality—the spiritual descent of the Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara), also referred to as the seed of the Woman <5> (the Divine Mother).

You see, beloved ones, it is necessary for us to maintain personal representatives as focal points for our Word (Alpha) and our Work (Omega) who will cherish the spiritual energies of heaven and enshrine them in a holy atmosphere on the altar of a consecrated life, disseminating our teaching, love, and light creatively in multifaceted ways.  We must have embodied lifestreams willing to publish abroad by love a true understanding of the laws of God and the full complement of instruction for the path of the ascension.  (We know only too well that, by definition, this involves some personal sacrifice to accomplish.)

Our outposts thus fulfill the cosmic law which decrees that on earth man is the authority for his world.  Except under extraordinary circumstances or through a life already surrendered to God’s will, heaven does not intervene or intercede in mankind’s affairs without his freewill, prayerful request or that of a devout representative whose upraised chalice of conscious receptivity is constant to contain the divine outpouring.

Thus, our call goes forth for ministering servants to serve under our jointly held office of World Teacher.  We are in search of disciples who will teach men the Way while they are still a light in the world.

In no heart is this Truth so well received as in the heart of the one who is lovingly determined to obtain the state of immortality by assisting others to win their freedom from the curse of Edom.

Remember always, I AM the Way.

Lovingly, I AM

Jesus the Christ


“By Faith Enoch Was Translated...”

by Kuthumi


My Brothers and Sisters Putting on the Breastplate of Faith—

The earnest endeavors of the faithful who seek to obtain their victory over death may not be fully recognized by those who remain after the ascending one is taken up from them, but the skepticism of the mass mind does not affect the illumined who rocket skyward on the power of that divine grace which they have faithfully invoked.  However, the impediments of unbelief do attach to unbelievers, acting as a deterrent to their own manifestation of immortality and victory.

To win a state of consciousness charged with vital faith is a major step to obtaining the deathless state.  How this is so can be understood by sincere followers of the Light by noting the effect of faith upon the spirit of man.

Lift up personal faith in immortality, and life becomes worthwhile.  Life becomes a kingdom of sharing and achievement where the entire family of the Lord’s Body finds hope, loomed by love, keeping the flame of eternal comfort blazing in the consciousness of the Community of the Holy Spirit.

I can note in my own spiritual journey the wonderful advent of renewed faith—how like a lodestar it drew me onward and upward, teaching me through the victory of beloved Jesus how God intended me to make his victory my own. It is wise, ever so wise, blessed ones, to relate Truth to one’s self.  Only by drawing God into manifestation in yourselves can you find renewed hope and the means to overcome human despair by Divine Love.

Questions on the origin of Life are best considered by the finite mind in terms of a round of cycles having neither beginning nor ending.  These traverse the Infinite and aim progressively higher in dimension and wonder.  A straight line seems to have a beginning and an end, but a set of cycles or spirals goes ever onward and upward as the God-intent decrees, manifesting daily in a blessed unveiling of Infinity to the joyous heart of the child of God.

Beloved Jesus and I intend to bring you in these Corona Class Lessons a greater awareness of immortality and of how you can achieve your personal victory over death.  With fond hope we shall inform the students of means to accelerate faith.  And faith herself will generate a greater understanding of the science of Being, which when applied will alleviate much distress and fear from the mass consciousness and enable our beloved chelas to be of significant service to restore the earth to the golden Edenic state referred to by beloved Jesus.

We dedicate this series to this purpose and decree that angelic hosts bear limitless blessings of immortal assistance that shall manifest in the world of every sincere student of this Light of God which does not fail.

 To the victory of Love

I AM dedicated forever,


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[Taken from the book version Corona Class Lessons]