Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 6  No. 9  -  El Morya  -   March 1, 1963


The Grail of the immaculate concept is the fount of healing for the earth.  The search of each heart for fulfillment, for perfection and for reintegration with the Eternal One must be consummated in the passion of the Christ to heal the ills of a suffering and groaning earth.  It requires only a minute act of love to set into motion within the human heart the mighty determination of heaven which fulfills in the great universe the expanded fiats of divine love and the longing which plays upon the resonant strings of the heart that, in truly loving, never forgets!

How can men to whom so much has been delivered, to whom opportunity has beckoned so gloriously, fail to pursue the High Road leading to the attainment of the Power of Heaven to heal and exalt one another in the fullness of love?  This is a moot question which God answers by loving more, and to which man responds in an undefined understanding of that love, never equivocated but equated in right action.

While the mounting population roars its ephemeral disapproval and approval of human conduct, the divine fiat thunders from the heights of the eternal presence, hovering over each heart “cupped” to receive its blessing.  In showers of healing love, often unperceived at a given moment, the divine mandate spells out the emancipation proclamation to the human soul who seeks to serve a cause, a nation, or a living divine principle.  God disposes free men from the need of human approval, makes them taught by inward truth, and lovingly bestows upon the seeker who is undaunted the fullness of the inner law of healing.

Mere physical healing is palliative; like opiate in the hands of a skillful physician, it keeps the senses unaware of the manifesting effects and their causes, but it does not effect a final cure.  True spiritual healing takes into account the causative wounds of the psyche of man imposed by life in response to the law of the circle.  Its purpose is to instill in men a just sense of balance which trusts in the mighty God Self to provide the fullness of Salvation to the patient by reason of that forgiving love which takes dominion over all outer manifestation and raises that manifestation to its purest expression.

To heal without bestowing understanding is an act of divine mercy in which many indulge without the censure of heaven.  The healing given with illumined understanding concerning the cause and core of the dis-ease enables the one healed to go forth and “sin no more.”

The Christ established the mission of healing the nations (“...and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” <1>) and of healing men from every dis-ease of body, mind and soul.  This mission remains the responsibility of each follower of the Ascended Masters who is willing to engage his energies to establish and sustain causes outside of himself which will go forth into the world to create a climate of hope everywhere.

Those who would practice spiritual healing must make certain that they understand the Great Law if they are performing healing without being requested to do so or for an individual who in no way manifests interest in self-help.  In such cases the responsibility for this action is magnetized back to the world of the one performing the healing, thereby making him responsible for some time to come for the lifestream to whom he renders the service.

This does not mean, beloved ones, that men should draw fear from my statement and elect not to pursue this path of service.  After all, God has entrusted men with being their brother’s keepers and he has entrusted each lifestream on earth with being a keeper of the flaming radiance called life within himself as well, to qualify it with every good intent and magnify and bless life daily with all the good which the individual can possibly draw into manifestation.

Nevertheless, it can be understood that although God does not act arbitrarily, man has the free will to do so.  No matter what the evidence may appear to be, God always heals when called upon; but it is strictly the responsibility of man to consciously and persistently invoke the flame of healing truth until the outer manifestation patterns the immaculate concept held.  The law of resurrection and regeneration is as fixed as the morning star.  It will transfigure every disciple who has the courage, patience, and faith to invoke it until the whole man is made whole.

It is not necessary to respond to each need for healing observed, for some individuals are learning lessons which can be terminated only when there is a fulfillment of the Law’s requirement.  However, for your own protection and the elevation of the consciousness of the needy, the immaculate concept, no thought less than perfection, should be held at all times.  Thus the matrix for ultimate healing is intact and will fortify and illumine mankind when, through their own free will, they choose to embody, in the fullness of faith, all good that is the divine intent for their lifestreams.

When attempting a virtual alchemical transmutation in the world of another, the law of balance as it is applied in healing must be observed.  The requirement that Christly discrimination be exercised by the healer is made in order that the disciple’s precious concentrated momentum of spiritual energy be not dissipated upon fallow, unhallowed ground.  When Jesus sojourned among unbelievers “he did not many mighty works there...” <2>  Christly discrimination in healing obeys the mandates of karmic law through a higher law of love than that which manifests as human sympathy.  By practicing this discrimination one’s powerhouse of spiritual reserves is ready to respond instantly to the call of a brother.  For when an individual requests assistance, every Ascended Being and every chela of the Great Ones should be willing and able to respond on the instant with alacrity to render transcendent service in the name of God and mercy’s blessed ray—the call compels the answer.

The healing arts are directly under the blessed, skillful attention of beloved Hilarion and I do not presume to invade his domain except to touch upon those aspects of healing which apply to the release of human thought and feeling into the chalice of the will to do, and the protection and faith of that blessed will of God.

Now, however, the need remains for complete healing of the planet earth and of all people thereof.  Beloved Mother Mary and myself desire to see a renewed release of mighty healing action upon earth that shall cleanse men from the folly of human design, improve their outlook and make of them instruments through which shall flow an unprecedented action of healing Christ love.

To this we dedicate our future—to the mastery, skill, and consummate love which becomes the healing hands of the radiance of God’s will assuaging every vestige of mankind’s grief and showing them the way to behold life in joy, discovering by spiritual curiosity the unlimited wonders behind the ever receding vision of the future’s parting veils.

I AM good will in transcendence always,


1. Rev. 22:2

2. Matt. 13:58