Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 5  No. 32  -  Beloved Saint Germain  -  August 10, 1962


The Science of Self-Transformation

Chapter 7
Methods of Transfer


Light is the alchemical key!  The words “Let there be light” <1> are the first fiat of the creation and the first step in proper precipitation.  When man, who himself is a manifestation of God, desires to emulate the Supreme Father and precipitate, as a true son of Light should learn to do, he ought to follow those methods used by the Supreme Intelligence if consistent and worthy results are to be anticipated.

By examining the obvious methods of the Creator and by observing nature, you can deduce much of value if you will school yourself to think independently.  For it is necessary to bypass mere human syllogisms and to penetrate the limitless consciousness of God, who is the great Master Alchemist, in order to “go and do likewise,” <2> ever beholding your services as good.

When you have determined within yourself to experiment with the art of precipitation, first create a mind blueprint of the object you wish to produce.  This should incorporate definite size, proportion, substance, density, color, and quality in detailed picture form.  When the visualization of the blueprint within your mind is complete, it ought to be immediately sealed.  This is a vital step in its speedy and effective release into the world of Matter-form.

Do not misunderstand this step and think that by sealing your plan you are closing the door to the improvement of its design.  Such is not the case, for improvements can be made in subsequent models; but unless you release the blueprint to the elementals and builders of form as a finished work, they cannot properly bring it into manifestation.  The words “It is finished!” are therefore the second fiat of creation following “Let there be light!”

Now that you have created a thought matrix and sealed it against the intrusion of impinging mind radiation from others, set up either consciously (in some cases through jealousy or ego) or unconsciously by the mass mind’s collective resistance to progress, you must observe the third rule to protect your creative intent and “tell no man.”  This, too, is a law of precipitation—one that allows you to circumvent concentrated beams of human thought and feeling patterns which can be most disturbing to a successful alchemical experiment unless certain safeguards are activated.

Avoid, then, the dissipation of energy by the intrusion of a multiplicity of minds, except where two or more individuals are specifically cooperating in joint precipitation.  Those who are of a scientific nature and are familiar with Coulomb scattering and Rutherford’s law will understand how thought-energy, as waves scattering other waves as if composed of minute particles, can set up a penetration of great enough intensity to break down the field of magnetic thought-energy focusing the specific pattern of the creative matrix.

Each student should recognize that geometric figures such as the square, the triangle, the circle, the ellipse, and the parallelogram are employed almost universally in creating within the macrocosmic as well as the microcosmic three-dimensional world.  Although higher forms of creativity are found in the mathematical world of algebra, calculus, and trigonometry, the highest symbology of all known to us at inner spiritual levels is the science of engrammic rhythms. 

This study deals with the control and release of energy, with engrams (which term we use to refer to the causative key behind the effects observed by worldly scientists and called by them engrams), with the use of mantras, with the storing of fohatic energy, and with safeguards activating principles of demarcation between the evolutions of the human consciousness in the planes of Matter and the world of perfect divine order that exists in the planes of Spirit.

When contemplating this science, one should bear in mind that even the infinite, omnipresent consciousness of God, as it extends itself into the realm of the material creation, moves through the gamut of creative expression from simple patterns to those of increasing complexity.

The student of alchemy should consider the memory, when employed as the instrument of the Higher Mind, as an invaluable adjunct to his experiment; for the processes of the human memory are remarkable indeed.  And when these are coordinated with the mental body, superlative action is always forthcoming.  Thus there are a number of individuals who can memorize and execute an entire symphony without noticeable flaw.  Mathematicians, too, demonstrate marvelous faculties of mental control in their calculations which approximate infinite precision.

Let each student of alchemy, then, recognize that he has within himself a Higher Mind that is capable of holding patterns of infinite dimensions.  This Mind functions independently of the outer mind without human restriction of any kind.  Hence, as the vehicle of the Higher Mind, a purified memory body, feeding as it does the impressions of that Mind to the outer mind, is indispensable to the alchemist.

Let the sincere student who would ponder and practice methods of mind and memory control, which are the methods of God himself, acquire the habit of consciously giving to this blessed Higher Mind, or Christ Self, the responsibility for designing and perfecting the embryonic ideas and patterns of his creation.  For many of these patterns which at first appeared to be consciously conceived by the alchemist frequently have their origin within this higher portion of the blessed Self.

Remember, twenty-four hours of each day your Higher Mind is active in expanded dimensions.  This blessed Comforter, unknown and unexperienced by you outwardly, waits to be called into action and does function free of ordinary space/time limitations.  Employ your Higher Mind, then, both as your apprentice and as your teacher; for the Holy Spirit of truth moving therein can lead you into all truth! <3> 

I would like to call to the attention of the students that if they so desire, they can immeasurably assist themselves in the alchemical arts through outside reading.  Care must be exercised in this, however, so that the byways of technology and scientific theory do not serve to divert the mighty flow of alchemy as the greatest science into byways of materialism where the ends are said to justify the means.

I realize full well that many related subjects would not only be boring, but also beyond the comprehension of some of our students.  Desiring not to limit the masses of mankind from having the blessings of alchemy, I have deliberately stated many of these points in such a way as to make them easily understood.  Let no one feel, however, that all knowledge can be reached through a single approach or without effort and study.

I suggest for those wishing more technical information to augment the course that they study wave propagation, the mechanics of the quantum theory, elementary and advanced chemistry and physics, seismology, astronomy, geology, and related subjects.  These studies, together with courses in the humanities, the world’s religions, and the Shakespearean plays, will be of immense value as you are guided from within and also by your personal tastes.

Let none feel that the pursuit of such extracurricular subjects is absolutely necessary or the mandate of the Masters, for the teachings of greatest importance are included herein—albeit in some cases between the lines.  Let God guide; and to those who do not recognize his reins, I say, fortune is as fortune does!

I am a bit hopeful that material science will not look too much askance on the control of Matter by the power of the mind and spirit.  I doubt that religion could justly deny the so-called miracles which demonstrate (if they are to be believed) that individuals who have lived upon earth have been able to practice transmutation, which is simply changing one form into another, such as water into wine; <4> amplification and multiplication of the atomic and molecular substance, such as multiplying the loaves and fishes; <5> and precipitation of the elements, such as calling down fire from heaven. <6> Equally wondrous feats performed by masters unascended and ascended indicate a most exact science of control over Matter and energy.

I myself have never questioned the truth of these matters, simply because I have always retained in humility my faith in the power of Good to endure forever.  Moreover, I am active in demonstrating the laws of alchemy which make of the entire process of the control of Matter and energy an everyday affair.

I realize that the uninitiated or those who have never seen these so-called miracles for themselves may easily question their authenticity.  Alchemists of God, I do not now ask you to believe alone.  I ask you to begin in some measure to demonstrate these truths for yourself!

A few students of higher law have been able to externalize successfully one or more visible objects directly from the Universal such as a rose, a precious stone, or a cup of liquid essence quickening both mind and body.  Naturally, we are anxious to see people achieve the power of producing anything and everything directly from the Universal.

Yet such secrets can hardly be written down or spelled out in full, for we cannot upset the present economic system until greater justice is established by mankind on earth.  But neither can these secrets be justifiably concealed from the worthy.  Hence we have included marvelous keys in this total course which, to the eyes of the faithful or those who would strive to become so, will open many a door of progress.

Every Ascended Master has these powers to precipitate at will, and therefore he never lacks for any good thing.  Let unascended mankind ask themselves this question:  How long will you spend your energy struggling to eke out a bare existence from Nature’s cupboard, which to some seems bare indeed, when all your needs can be met by mastering the cosmic laws which Christ Jesus and other great teachers have demonstrated by their own lives in the past?

The use of the term light in alchemy includes light in its known visible aspects as well as in its invisible characteristics, some of which are yet unknown to physical science.  When I produced rare gems and precious stones by means of alchemy, the methods I used could not have been easily applied by the average person who had not by discipline, faith, and meditative quietude established the necessary mind control.

These methods are known to every initiate; and only an initiate could be so tempted of the dark forces as Jesus was, who, aware of his alchemical power, rebuked the temptation to use alchemy during the period of the testing of his faith.  Rather than relieve physical discomfort by commanding “these stones be made bread,” <7> as he might have done, he rendered his allegiance to the supreme God Presence and the Word of God and acknowledged these as far more important than the demands of his physical body.  This enabled him to pass his test and to prepare for the disciplines which gave him his victory on the cross and in the tomb and carried him upward from Bethany’s hill into the arms of God.

However, the alchemy of spiritual progress seems less important to many who prefer the more spectacular modes of psychic phenomena to the attainment of those transmutative changes which will make them Godlike.  Little do men dream that the assurance “All these things shall be added unto you” <8>includes the power of control over wind and wave, of substance and energy, once man has made the kingdom of God his first and most important objective.

Yet, balance is needed, and I am delighted once again to tell the students that the use of alchemy to work change in the physical octave is not inordinate in the least if it is properly used.

The methods of alchemy can be simply stated and easily absorbed, but its precepts require the practice of a master artist.  Nevertheless, results can come forth in diverse ways if the student will at least begin and try.  There are many methods of precipitation, but here I shall outline just one of them in part.

First design a mental matrix of the desired object, then determine where you wish it to manifest.  If you know the material substance of which it is composed, memorize its atomic pattern; if not, call to the Divine Intelligence within your Higher Mind to register the pattern for you from the Universal Intelligence and impress it upon your memory body and your mind.

Recognize that light is an energy substance universally manifesting on earth, thanks to the sun center of being, the focal point of the Christ in this solar system.  Call for light to take on the atomic pattern you are holding, to coalesce around that pattern, and then to “densify” into form.  Call for the multiplication of this atomic structure until molecules of substance begin to fill the void occupying the space in which you desire the object to appear.

When the total outline is filled with the vibratory action of the fourth-dimensional substance representing the desired manifestation, ask for the full lowering of the atomic density into three-dimensional form and substance within the pattern established by the matrix of your mind; and then await results.

Do not be tense if your manifestation is not immediate or if after a reasonable length of time it appears that results are not forthcoming.  Remember, blessed ones, despair destroys the very faith upon which your experiment is built.  For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, <9> and you must hold your faith as you hold the gossamer veil composing the mental image.

If you have spent years in the grip of human emotions absorbing the discord of the mass consciousness and the doubts and fears by humankind, these records must be consumed by alchemical fires to make way for these nobler ideas and forms which you would image forth.  To your new ideas you must give your time and your energy.  Thus you begin to weave a web of fruition dedicated to spirituality, to the spiritualization of the material consciousness, and to the materialization of heavenly concepts right here on earth where the kingdom of God must come into manifestation.

I would like to point out that the scanning method used in the projection of television pictures, whereby an electronic stream effect fluoresces on a screen and the electronic particles sweep in a horizontal linear pattern to create within a microsecond an eye picture, cannot be successfully used in alchemical precipitation, but is most suitable for the projection of mental pictures at a distance.  In precipitation, a rapid expansion of the light rays in three dimensions must occur; and in the screen method, the optical image is on a flat, single-plane dimension.

A study of cytology and embryology will provide the student with some understanding of how a single cell multiplies and reproduces.  When you are dealing with instantaneous manifestation, the velocity and intensity of light must reach startling speed and power.

It must be realized that the exercise of such control over Matter by the mind is no ordinary process.  While I do not say that ordinary people cannot master the technique of executing these laws and that the most humble individual cannot be invested with or invest himself with such authority within the inalienable rights that God gives to man, I do not wish a sense of frustration to arise within those who may attempt to precipitate and then feel discouraged because they apparently fail.

I say “apparently” because the law does not fail.  In most cases where direct precipitation does not occur, if the effort and the technique be pursued in full faith that the call compels the answer, an indirect precipitation will sooner or later be brought about whereby through one hand or another the desired manifestation does take place.

Remember, this is divine artistry of the highest type.  It is also co-creation with God and, as such, is best used by those whose purposes parallel the divine.  Thus, when the will of man is aligned with the will of God, the light of God does not fail to precipitate that will in the full-ness of time, space, and opportunity.

I have devoted six lessons to this subject, dealing with practical methods for assisting the spiritual scientist in obtaining greater personal happiness each day through the merger of the person with the patterns of Principle itself.  Both inner and outer peace and a sense of personal well-being are required for the successful development of one’s spiritual powers, albeit some individuals may thrive in the midst of conflict. I admit that upon earth courageous leaders in many fields are needed to unfold and develop the type of society which could be considered to be designed by the gods.

In addition to the alchemy of instanta-neous precipitation, the alchemy of preparation is needed, whereby the use of one’s energies and opportunities is planned in an intelligent manner so that Life does not receive a hit-and-miss return on its investment of energy in an individual lifestream.

I am hopeful that my readers thus far have not been disappointed in the homey use I have made of their time and attention.  I humbly submit that the rereading of this material may further enlighten you, each one, in the true depth of my perceptions, which are calculated to exalt those of various social and religious strata into areas of greater usefulness to themselves, to mankind, and to God.  If, when the course is complete, I have in some measure accomplished that or augmented its possibility, I shall be content.

Some of you may desire my personal guidance as you attempt your first alchemical precipitation.  I shall gladly assist all who will silently request my aid, providing the motive be right and the desired change beneficial to your life plan and providing you exercise care and prayer in seeking that God’s will always be done.

Let me suggest, then, that you attempt as a first effort the precipitation of an amethyst in the form of a Maltese cross.  You see, this would be most excellent, for I have personally used alchemy to make many experimental models.  And I am most happy to add my momentum to your own!

From the simple to the complex, from the dawn of the beginning of the use of Light’s ray to the noontide zenith of progress, let all move in the byways of life as in a caravan of faith.  Let each would-be alchemist aim at the mark of achievement.  You build in the eternal day right now.

I AM dedicated to your success,

Saint Germain

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[Taken from the book version Saint Germain on Alchemy]