Pearls of Wisdom

Vol. 5  No. 30  -  Beloved Saint Germain  -  July 27, 1962


The Science of Self-Transformation

Chapter 5
The Need, Power, and Motive of Change


The now of the present hour must be utilized as a chalice of spiritual opportunity.  Life must be indulged by its highest objectives, honored by the adoration of exalting principles, and merited by selfless service.  Beloved people, the power to change is within every man.  Prefer this power and venerate it above every limiting condition, and watch the alchemy of Self expand!

Transmute the lies of shadowed substance that arrest your spirit’s upward soaring.  Realize that conditions of human limitation are but ghosts that parade upon the stage of mortal existence, only to be laid to rest forever by eternal Reality.

Each man must become aware of his choices and select either freedom or fetters as he explores the chemistry of his present state, brings it into focus upon the mirror of truth, and then determines to alter each base condition, constructing within the crucible of the hour that hallowed progress which is born of eternal perception.

Destruct, then, the base and senseless mania of your origin in Matter consciousness, that possessive nature, the perversion of the Mother, which, failing to assess the fullness of cosmic possibilities, limits itself to the baubles and trinkets of temporal possession.  Let heaven use your consciousness to expand its window into the infinite, and then behold at last the beautiful possibilities present in the most dire outer conditions.  Give wealth to the poor in spirit, understanding to the rich, and compassion to everyone.

So often a lifestream may have in abundance the very qualities in which his neighbor is lacking.  Exchange your virtues by exalting the valleys of another, and trust Life to remove the peaks of his pride as well as your own.  Transmute the conditions in your own world that you do not want by determined and persistent effort.  Every divine being who exalts the life of God within you knows that the power to do these things is in your hands this very day, within the reach of your intelligence and spirit.

Construct those spires of attainment which compose the Celestial City, and enfold the world of physical substance, the conscious mind, and the feelings of your heart with the radiance of immortal spheres.  Gazing at the universe with renewed hope, behold the need to sustain the proper regard.

Vanity has held sway upon earth far too long.  Wondrous opportunities, like spirits in the night, have vanished with the dawn, resisted by the cold shackles that imprison the soul in a mantle of disintegrating moments descending in the glass of the hours.

The son of Elizabeth inquired of the Christ, “Art thou he that should come, or look we for another?” <1> The reply of the Christ referred to his miraculous accomplishments:  the deaf were made to hear, the blind to see, and the lame to walk.  The lesson contained in his answer urges each lifestream to accept the greatness of his own Reality.

All should see that life has brought to them its great and wondrous graces through the “I AM He” consciousness which must emerge from the cave of materiality.  The gross separation of the whole into weak and incomplete components—men’s concept of themselves as particles remote from their Source—obliges their struggle through human misfortune instead of their acceptance of the grandiose concept of cooperative oneness charged with the power of love and freedom unbounded.

Truth raises all and defeats no one save those enemies of righteousness whose shadowed misunderstanding makes them little more than savage animals in the jungle of human creation.  Even these are given more compassion by Life than they deserve.  This I know, because the record is laid before me.  Beloved Kuan Yin has called for mercy and given it freely to all without limit and without price. 

This is God’s great gift:  he always returns more love to life than life ever gives to him.  Selflessly, the magnitude of God sends forth a torrent of love when a few droplets would suffice and thereby sweeps mankind on the upward pilgrim way, regardless of men’s erroneous notions.

Now, looking to another is not the solution to your problems; nor will it win the intended fulfillment God holds for thee, blessed son of man.  As an alchemist enlightened by the torch of divine knowledge, aware of the magnificence of true Selfhood, you must summon the strength from the invisible realm and use the processes of transmutative alchemy within your own world and affairs to master daily all outer conditions by the spiritual means and physical appurtenances available to you.

To make bricks without straw<2> may not always be a requirement and may seem most difficult, but to the determined alchemist it is merely an obstacle to be overcome.

No one who occupies the earth at present should limit his recognition of the now-is-the-hour concept which mounts each wave of opposition and rides it forward into the crest of victory.  Everyone should see his life—at any age or time—as amenable to change for the better and himself as possessing the capability to surmount any condition at will.  Law and justice are natural factors of control, but the universe, guided by its own law, has the creative methods of transcending that law, approximating cosmic dimensions, and expanding geometrically into infinity.

Friends of freedom must disallow old ideas as quickly as they are able and discard outworn concepts as outmoded garments.  It was difficult for men to accept that the world was round in Columbus’ day; they dogmatically subscribed to the theory that the earth was flat.  Chemical formulas of basic and complex matter are simple to the chemist but to the unlearned seem but a jumble of symbols.

Our purpose in this course is not merely to confer knowledge, but to effect your acceptance of that knowledge by an almost a priori methodology.  This is needed because the categorical proof of alchemical laws is universally and necessarily seen through their action in man!

Let there be light within your personal orbit and within the sphere of your being.  Life is not an experiment, but mankind have experimented with it.  Humanity has ridden the tide of the peripheral world of effects while neglecting the inner causative realm.  All unhappiness is rooted in basic factors of cause.  Mend the flaws and you shall be self-healed and self-revealed.

I am interested in bringing about a complete reversal of deleterious human attitudes and replacing them by such right methods and concepts that each life can quickly rise out of the human forcefield with its heavy, gravitational magnetism that hinders mankind’s progressive ascension. 

By transmutation let every would-be alchemist first act to transform himself here and now and gain thereby an inner peace and a sense of outer accomplishment—especially at the close of each life’s term.  Surely, unless both an interior and an exterior focus be maintained where Good is accented, one’s concentration of positive control which has the power to alter substance within and without cannot manifest the blessing God intends all to have and exercise each day.

Beloved ones, a life lived for reward or punishment is not a raison d’etre.  The destiny inherent within life has escaped the intelligent comprehension of many on earth and is anchored in but a few.  Thousands daily take pleasure in the sweepstakes, the races, or games of chance, hoping against fantastic odds to become a winner, whilst they ignore the most certain of all laws:  the cosmic purpose.

Those who deny God or life itself do so out of a dearth of genuine experience.  They have not witnessed the dawn of pure reason in themselves.  They prefer to accept those popular ideas associated with “non-gullibility”!

Well, the losses of such as these are legion.  And while I do not expect to change every such individual, I do repeat my admonishment here that all might be inspired to keep on keeping on.  The search is worth all effort.  I know the law; the alchemy of action is its own proof. 

Those who desire to enter into debate to prove the nonexistence or the nonessentiality of a First Cause may not wish to lose the transient pleasure of so doing.  But if they accede to the divine logic, the golden grain of truth will replace the husks of pride in the stifling, airtight systems of the human intellect which disdains the verification of any knowledge not experienced by the physical senses.

Frequently individuals like to think they are en rapport with hoary heads of wisdom.  Now, I think that the centuries I lived before my ascension and those which have since transpired have entitled me to some distinction in this respect.  Neither ego nor human motive would inspire me to write this series.  I am aware only of the deep love I feel for the earth as a unit of cosmic progress, and I desire to impart herein something of the sweet simplicity of that love and the wisdom that is guided thereby.

Let us see now how reasonable it is to suppose that enough people serving in harmony can change the most calcified condition and create an influx of love that will sweep the hills and valleys with an inspired movement to heal the breach between the realities of eternal alchemy (the all-chemistry of God) and the artificialities which rise from the caves of base error.  Then the emerging gold of personal integrity and personal integration will be a gift equally shared by all; individual man will reflect pure genius and the social order will reflect the kingdom of heaven.

The forces that would bind mankind to their past errors and thus prevent the flame of peace from being released in the present must themselves be bound as in heaven, so on earth. <3> And mankind must arise to sound the death knell of these forces here and now ere war shall cease.  Freedom from confusion can be found only in the true understanding of life and the alchemy of being.

Step by step, I am leading you to the right understanding of alchemy.  In the first lessons I reminded you of responsibility—your responsibility to prove the law of your being by the right use of alchemy.  Now I am reminding you of the need to effect changes in yourself where change is desirable.  Finally, I shall instruct you in the art and practice of precipitation.

A prerequisite to applying the methods of precipitation is knowing what you want to precipitate.  It was this truth which Jesus taught in the Lord’s Prayer and when he said, “Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” <4>

The will of God, the will of the Higher, is the will of your Real Self—the most important part of you.  Because the lesser you, although it retains through the soul the capacity to contact this Higher Self, is but a bundle of impulses crowded with bits of human knowledge, I am advocating that you become acquainted with the Reality of yourself.  For this Reality is the genie (genius) in you that can give the Aladdin (symbolizing the alchemist who rubs the lamp of pure knowledge) the right desires of his immortal being.

Ponder now the need to change (Thine is the kingdom), the power to change (Thine is the power), and the motive to change (Thine is the glory), and evolve out of the passing flame of earnestness the permanent sun of renewed hope.

Graciously, I AM

Saint Germain

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[Taken from the book version Saint Germain on Alchemy]